Veela and her wolf

Chapter 1

So I haven't given up on my other stories, as always my updates are as much as a surprise to me as it is to you guys, but rest assured they will eventually be finished.

I recently have been introduced to the world of fleurmione and just can't help myself.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything…duh, if I did Hermione would have never ended up with Ron, I just don't see them being intellectual and physically compatible. Also I would make it wayyy more gay. This is a femalash fleurmione story, if you aren't up for gay pairings then this story isn't for you. I have never studied any French, so please forgive any mis spellings, as such I plan on using as little French as possible and instead I will be writing the words spoken in French translated but written in italics.

Plus the rating is M for probably cursing, sexual situations…ok let's be honest there will be smut…loving smut but still…probably some torture mid way through but no threat of rape, so don't worry about those triggers. This is written with the wizzarding war in mind so expect some death, and fighting

Look to Ron and Victor to be jerks, never liked either character for Hermione

This story will start at the end, then the next chapter will be the beginning…clear as mud? Ok then as long as we are on the same page

Also I do not have a beta tester, all the mistakes are my own, thousand apologies ahead of time

as a reviewer pointed out some aspects of my story may be OC, as I have tweaked some things to match up what I have working in the frame of this story. So don't be surprised if a few things don't line up with pottermore

Thank you JK Rolling for making the amazing world of Harry Potter, and especially thank you to the casting director whom gave us the wonderful gift that is Emma Watson. She is such an enchanting, beautiful , intelligent, and endearing woman that is an inspiration to young women everywhere.

Daughter of the dark and moon

hidden in mud

Will meet her match with a bird of prey

Their union will be realized in a fury of

Fur joining feathers.

Destined to turn the tide

of the greatest war

Their love will save us all

Chapter 1 the end at the beginning

On a sunny beach a beautiful blonde French woman sighed, laying between the bent legs of her brunette lover, cuddling into her lover's front and alluring scent. The brunette had a loose grip around her blonde, and was watching the waves as the sun set in the distance

'Iz eet really over?' – the blond said

The brunette looked down, squeezing the blonde tenderly and replied 'Yes my love, and now we have our together forever'

'You know Hermione, forever is a long time, you sure you won't get bored wiz me?' the blonde replied cheekily

Chuckling Hermione responded 'Probably…'

Instantly the blonde smacked the girl upside her head jokingly

The brunette rubbed her head and responded… 'Merlin...,don't get your feathers in a twist, I was only joking love, but seriously Fleur, you know what I said on our wedding night…take me as I am, all of me, I'm yours forever, even then I don't know if that would be long enough'

' what am I going to do with you ma Chérie?' Fleur said snuggling deeper into her brunette lover