Chapter 1

"Hurry up, Harry!" Draco yelled, "We can't be late!" He paced at the bottom of the stairs, his arms crossed.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," Harry called to him as he hurried down the stairs. His tie hung loosely around his neck, his glasses were sliding off, and his hair was... well, a mess, to put it kindly.

Draco grabbed him just before he was able to escape out the door, forcing his momentum to a stop. He carefully began to fix Harry's tie, taking his time.

"Now who needs to hurry up?" The raven haired boy remarked, yet kept still.

Draco glowered at him, "Do I need to remind you how important this is? If you mess this up, I swear..." He ran his hands through Harry's hair, trying to tame it.

"I know, Draco." Harry whispered, "I want this just as much as you do. I'm not going to do anything to screw this up." He met his eyes, which urged Draco to see how much he cared about this. This was the most important day of his life, there was no way that he was going to do anything that even had a slight chance of ruining it.

"You better not." The blonde retorted. He pulled his hands away from Harry's hair, which looked slightly tidier.

The two faced each other, staring into each other's eyes. Draco was the first to break. Smiling, he said, "We're going to be parents."

"We're going to be parents." Harry echoed. Thoughts were whirling around his mind at one hundred miles per minute. He was going to be a father. He was going to hold the responsibility of raising a child. He felt as if he had an unliftable weight on his shoulders. There was no way in hell that he was going to be able to do this. What if she didn't love him, or even like him? What if he messed everything up and ended up hurting her? A life was now in his hands. If he did something, anything, wrong, he would screw up the child for life. He couldn't do this, he couldn't deal with all of the pressure, the pressure of raising a child.

He turned away and rested his arms on the wall. "How are we going to do this, Draco?" He turned his head to look at his partner, "How am I going to do this?"

Draco gently rested his hand on Harry's shoulder, "Together. That's how we're going to do this. We're going to make great dads, you'll see."

Harry flung around, which caused Draco to jump back in surprise. "How?" He exclaimed, "You're the son of parents that, to be honest, were pretty crappy, and I'm an orphan that grew up with an abusive aunt and uncle! Neither one of us knows what good parents are! How can we possibly ever be good parents?"

Draco grabbed a hold of him, "Hey! Snap out of it!" He shook him gently, "We've had this discussion a million times before! We are going to make amazing parents." Draco lifted Harry's head so that his eyes met his, "All of that hurt and pain that you experienced is going to make you a great parent. You know what it's like to feel unloved, and I know that you would do anything to ensure that our child doesn't feel the same way. You're going make mistakes, we both are, but in the end, I know that you will love her with all of your heart."

Draco rested his hand over Harry's heart, "You have the biggest heart of anyone I know, Harry, and I have no doubt that you will be an amazing father. You'll be the best father in the whole world, because of this thing right here. You may have been through so much pain, but you also know so much love. Love that you will pass onto our little girl, and any other children that we might have in the future."

Harry smiled, "You're right." He said. He wrapped his arms around Draco and pulled him close. He rested his head against his partner's neck. "Except for one thing. I'm not going to be the best father in the world, you are. "

"That's true," Draco said, making Harry laugh. "Though I'll settle for a tie."

"Deal," Harry said, "We can both be the best dads in the world. I get to make the dad jokes, though."

"As long as I get to threaten any boy she brings home," Draco responded, pulling away. "Now do you feel better?"

"Yes," Harry nodded. He ran his hand through his hair, messing up any sense of tidiness that Draco had managed to give him. I'm still as scared as hell, though."

"That makes two of us." Draco murmured.

Harry slipped his hand into his, "Are you ready?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'm ready. Are you?"

"As ready as I'll ever be," Harry responded. And with that, they apparated away.

Both men, as terrified and as excited as the other, for, when they would return, their daughter would be with them.