I Am Serpent

Chapter 33

Chapter 33

"Hermione", Harry called out relieved when she stepped into the department.

He had his own department under control, but was having a hard time managing everything that was happening outside of it.

"Hermione...", he said uncertainly when he noticed the look on her face.

Putting his hands up to calm her down, he stepped from behind his desk.

"Hermione?", he asked when she was right in front of him. "What..."

She didn't even give him a chance to finish that sentence. Harshly she grabbed his arm and apparated them away. Harry retched and stumbled upon arrival.

"What the hell Hermione?", he grunted, "Why are we here?"

She still refused to talk and just pushed him to the Manor. Lucius was already waiting for them at the door.

"First door on your right", he drawled.

They walked in and stopped at the door to see what was happening.

Three aurors had their wands aimed at Draco, who was standing in front of Scorpius at the opposite side of the room.

Hermione wondered briefly where Narcissa was, but got distracted when the middle auror started talking.

"You better come with us Malfoy", he barked, the other two standing slightly behind him. "Head Auror's orders."

Hermione turned to glare at Harry, but he just shook his head that he hadn't ordered this arrest.

"You can't arrest a fourteen year old boy", Draco spat.

"Like hell we can", the man screamed back at him, "You were both spotted fleeing the scene."

"Obviously", Draco replied crisply, "I had to get my son somewhere safe, like all the other parents did."

"You must think you're all high and mighty", the auror fumed, clearly making the other two uncomfortable. "With your fucking Death Eater father back in a high position at the ministry. Bet he's fucking the Minister, like all of you did back in the war. I heard the rumours, fucking mudblood, Death Eater whore..."

"That's enough", Harry's clipped tone said from the door. The two other aurors paled at his appearance, the third one was too far gone in his anger.

"Don't worry Boss", he barked, "I'll get him..."

He raised his wand, but was enveloped by a red light before he could utter a single word. He wobbled slightly and fell to the ground face first.

"Harry", Narcissa said stepping regally through the portrait hole of a unicorn painting like she hadn't just petrified an auror, "How nice to see you again. Are you staying for dinner?"

"No thank you", he replied a little flabbergasted, "We have work to do."

Hermione smiled at him and nodded her agreement.

"Arnold, Bert, kindly take auror Bassett back to headquarters", he ordered. "I'll deal with him later."

The two sprung in position and hurriedly did as he asked.

"Malfoy", he continued addressing Draco, "Can you please come with me to record your testimony?"

Draco gave him a curt nod and turned to his son.

"Go help Madgy unpack your things okay?", he said to Scorpius, "I'll be back for dinner."

"Alright", Scorpius answered shakily and with a last glance at Hermione he walked out.

Harry and Draco followed him quickly, the latter giving her a relieved smile and a wink before he walked past her.

"Well, that auror was right about one thing", Lucius said lightly, "If there would be a Minister of Magic I'd fuck, it would be the current one."

She rolled her eyes. Leave it to him to make some crude remark like that.

"Charming", Hermione replied drily. "I should get back too, happy holidays Narcissa. Lucius."

Stiffly she walked out, unaware of Lucius watching her retreat.

"What?", he asked innocently when he noticed Narcissa icy glare.

"No Lucius", she practically growled at him.

"I was just trying to lighten up the mood", he said, "You see, the past ministers were all old and ugly, mostly males too, so..."

"She is your boss Lucius", she spat at him. "We worked so hard to get back to an acceptable position in the Wizarding World and your foul mouth is ruining it!"

"But Cissy...", he tried.

"But nothing", she said, advancing on her husband. "You get your arse to your study RIGHT NOW and write a letter of apology. I hope for your sake that she doesn't fire you!"

"Yes Dear", he mumbled and walked to his study.


"Greg!", Hermione called when she saw him with his arm bandaged up, "Are you okay?"

"Fine", he nodded, "Just a nasty slicing hex. It'll heal, I just gave my version of the events to the aurors."

"What happened", she asked, "Beside the fact that there was an attack, I know nothing."

Greg followed her to her office and closed the door behind them, warding it in the process.

"The aurors are sceptical", he said, "But I think they were aiming for Draco."

"What?!", she all but screamed at him.

"The shit went down, right after you left", he told her. "The first curse barely missed him, he was able to block a second and then he apparated Scorpius out of there."

"Did you get the attacker?", she asked sharply.

"No, and there were three of them", he shook his head. "A woman and two men, all with blood red masks. After they lost Draco, they started firing hexes all around, I couldn't reach them. They disappeared in the chaos."

"Thanks Greg, you get home to Tracey", she told him, "I've got to talk to Harry."

He nodded and she apparated right into Harry's office. Draco had just signed his testimony of the events and looked up to her.

"Did Draco tell you they were aiming for him?", she asked Harry.

"Yes", he confirmed, "As did Goyle. I'm not sure though..."

"Did you hear about the masks?", she asked him urgently. "This could be the same men that attacked me."

Draco tensed and looked at Harry expectantly.

"Interesting", Harry mused. "So, it would be more likely that they weren't aiming for Malfoy, but they were looking for you. Draco stood in the way, you left, so they tried to take it out on him."

"But Harry", she argued, "I'm not sure..."

"It's the most logical explanation Hermione", he interrupted her. "There is no logical reason why someone would target both you and Malfoy. There is no connection between you two."

"Right", she said uncertainly, brushing her hair back and glancing at Draco. "I'm going back to my office to write a press statement."

She turned on her heels and walked out.

"I should be going too", Draco said quickly, "I promised to be home by dinnertime."

He followed her out and closed the office door behind him. The moment they were out of sight, Hermione grabbed his arm and apparated them both to her office.

"You should take Greg back to bodyguard you", she said seriously.

"No way. Are you fucking kidding me?", he snapped. "You need him to guard you."

"I have a whole department to guard me!", she screamed at him.

"And they're doing an awful job!", he roared back.

It was a good thing that she'd soundproofed the room.

"You need protection too, so you take him back", she hissed angrily, "That's an order!"

"You can't order me", he growled back, standing nose to nose with her now. "I don't work for you, I'm not my father!"

They're little tiff was interrupted by a familiar great grey owl tapping on her window. She contemplated making it wait, but it was cold and raining outside, so she didn't have the heart to.

"That's Nestor", Draco commented, "Father's owl."

Like I didn't know that...

With a huff she pulled away from Draco and opened the window. The owl hooted happily and when she took his letter, he flew up onto the cabinet. Clearly, he wasn't planning on leaving in the ghastly weather. She smiled and cooed at him, fishing a few cookies out of a drawer to feed to the bird. Draco's heart melted when he saw her cuddling the gigantic thing.

Hermione just ignored him and opened the letter.

Dear Madam Minister,

Dear Hermione,

I wish to inform you that I deeply regret what I said to you today. I meant no disrespect and I hope that I can make it up to you.

Please accept my sincerest apologies, I grovel unworthy at your feet.

Your Head of Finances


She rolled her eyes and Draco looked at her quizzically.

"Speaking of your father...", she muttered and handed him the note.

"Oh damn", he cursed when he'd read it, "Why did Mother make him write this, what did he do?"

She told him and watching with amusement as he cursed again.

"I'm sorry Hermione", he said seriously, "He let loose completely after the war. Sometimes I think that his brains were damaged at Azkaban or something, or maybe it was the crucios..."

She giggled and the look on her face warmed his heart.

"It was actually kind of sweet", she giggled, "In his own twisted way."

"You're going to make him grovel so hard, aren't you?", he grinned.

"Obviously", she drawled.

She took out her quill and wrote a reply. The owl seemed to sigh that he had to get back out there, but he held up his leg patiently for her.

"You should go", she said when she'd closed the window again. "I still have to write that statement for the press and you are going to be late for dinner."

"This isn't over you know", he told her when she led him to the door. "You seriously need to be careful."

"Yes Daddy", she mocked, but the words did strange things to his insides as she kissed his cheek. "Bye Draco."

Before he could reply, she'd closed the door behind him.


Back at the Manor, Lucius opened the little note tied to Nestor's leg.


You can start with a full report on the budget possibilities to supply all office heads and preferably the whole auror department with muggle smartphones. They need to be adapted to magical surroundings, obviously.

I want it on my desk by the time I get back to work on January 2nd.

The Minister of Magic


"Agh, that little wench", he cursed under his breath.

At least Cissy would be happy, but this was going to take ages. So much for holidays... He decided to get on with it and opened his computer.

He thought for a moment, opened the Google and wrote what is a smartphone in the search bar.