A little friendly competition

Chapter 1

Premise: Ginny and Luna are chatting in the Gryffindor common room next to Hermione while she is doing homework. Luna implies herself and Hermione should swap houses because she believes herself to be far more daring while Hermione is boring and bookish. A challenge to prove who is more daring ensues. Takes place after the 7th book when Hermione and co go back to finish their last year. Those who would have done their last year in the 7th book are still attending as the war did not set students up well for exams. There will be characters in here that died in the last book but I wanted to add them and it's not real so I'm sure you'll forgive me. Chapter one sets the story up and then it is all smut from there. There will be same-sex things in here so don't get weird about it.

I do not own any of the characters in case you were unaware

Chapter One-

"I would like to understand how the sorting hat chooses though. I mean it makes mistakes all the time."
Hermione looked at Luna speaking to Ginny next to her, confused as to how she could claim such a strong magical object could be flawed. "The sorting hat was made by the founders of Hogwarts Luna. I think they knew what they were doing by creating the hat."
Luna turned to face Hermione while Ginny's eyes widened, knowing that both of her friends had an issue accepting others views on certain things.
"I don't deny the talent that the founders had Hermione," Luna started to explain, "I'm just saying that the formula obviously has its flaws. I mean look at you…"
"Excuse me? Hermione snapped. "What does that mean?"
"Oh, Hermione I'm not trying to offend you. I'm just saying Ravenclaw would have been a much better fit for you. I mean out of the two of us I think even I would fit better in Gryffindor."
Hermione's face burned bright and she straightened her back, trying to keep calm and not make a scene in the common room. "I don't see how you can say that after everything that happened last year. Harry, Ron and I went through so much just to-"

"Hermione I'm not calling you a coward," Luna patiently explained, "I'm just saying you prefer to take it safe. You don't like taking risks or making spur of the moment decisions like I do. Even the brave things you have done were never done without careful calculation. There is nothing wrong with that. I'm just saying it's not very Gryffindor is it?"
Hermione paused and started to think. She did tend to think things through, perhaps overthink even. But she was capable of being daring and doing things without overthinking the consequences right? "I can be more daring than you Luna, "she said firmly, "I am a Gryffindor and the sorting hat knew exactly what it was doing."
Luna's dreamy eyes had a mischievous glint behind them. "Should we have a friendly competition then?"

Ginny stood up so abruptly the other two girls got startled. They had been so caught up in their argument they forgot she was there. "Okay well, this is your business. I'm going to bed while you guys work this one out. Goodnight." She smiled and went up the stairs. Luna waited until they could no longer hear her footsteps before she turned back to Hermione.
"So Hermione. You're really up for this?"
"Of course," Hermione said firmly, "what do you have in mind?"
"We're going to have a little competition," Luna said smirking, "we each name a person and the other person has to do everything they can to fuck them."
"Luna, what the hell?" Hermione gasped. She was appalled that Luna would suggest something so outrageous. "You can't expect me to just-"
"You're right Hermione I didn't expect you to agree. I knew you would be far too uptight and scared to ever-"
"I'll do it."
"Wait really?" Luna was shocked that Hermione changed her mind so quickly.
"Yes." Hermione was sick of being seen as this prude and she was not going to let Luna tell her she was not a true Gryffindor. "So what are the rules?"
"We both name a person. We have 48 hours to get into bed with them. Whoever fails loses and has to admit the other is more daring."
"Fine. No sabotaging to make the other unable to have sex by using a jinx or locking them up?"
"Deal." Luna was still smirking. She had no doubt this challenge was in the bag.

"Okay, lets give our names…" Hermione looked around, her eyes set on a target. "Seamus Finnigan."
"Well, then your first name is easy. Dean Thomas." Luna responded.
"You're on." Hermione feigned confidence but she knew very little about Dean and had no idea how she was supposed to initiate anything with him.
"Well I'm going to get right to it then, 48 hours isn't long you know."
"Oh my God Luna right now?"
But it was too late. Luna had already walked over to Seamus who was sitting at a table practising Charms.
"Woah Luna is going to be some tough competition," Hermione muttered.