Daily Lives of the Death Eaters

Chapter 2

Caterpillar Tongues

Written for Caesar's Palace Shipping Week with prompt anteater, as well as a personal challenge to myself to use the phrase "caterpillar tongue" in one of my stories.

Disclaimer: If I owned Harry Potter, Hagrid would have done ballet.

Rabastan had known before he even suggested it that taking Amycus to a Muggle zoo would be a bad idea.

He knew that if even one thing didn't go according to plan, they ran the risk of Amycus letting the animals out of their enclosures. There was a reason Death Eaters didn't take frequent trips into the Muggle world.

But from the minute Rabastan let the idea slip, Amycus's excitement was contagious.

It was easy enough to get in, and Rabastan was pleased to observe that Amycus seemed to be behaving himself nicely.

Except, of course, for the fact that Amycus would have stood by the anteaters all day if Rabastan let him.

Rabastan tried, but he couldn't understand what Amycus found so fascinating about them, so he asked him.

"It's their tongues," said Amycus, pausing to watch as one of the anteaters stuck its tongue out at the pair.

"I see the connection," Rabastan replied. "You like them because they have long tongues. Just like you."

"My tongue is not that long!" Amycus insisted.

"True, but it's not that much shorter. Not to mention that they both distinctly remind me of a caterpillar."

"So you're saying I have a caterpillar tongue?"

"No, I'm saying it reminds me of the anteater's tongue," said Rabastan. "Of course, that does look like a caterpillar."

Amycus looked offended as he stalked away from the anteaters, and Rabastan wasn't sure whether it was true offense or just Amycus trying to hide his amusement. Either way, at least it had enabled them to move on and see some other animals.

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