The Last Peverell

Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Jasmine was ushered into the Great Hall, the Marauders leading her towards the Gryffindor table with wide grins on their faces as they pointed out and explained the different seating areas, as well as casting spells subtly for the master prank to go off. She ended up sitting sandwiched between James and Sirius with Peter and Remus across from her. The Great Hall wasn't all that different in the past, there were still candles floating in a charmed ceiling of the night sky, the house tables were longer, but in the same space. It was familiar, a welcome change from being in the past where everything seemed utterly different.

She wasn't left to her thoughts for very long before they watched as hordes of first years were brought in and sorted.

She had never seen so many kids get sorted at once and she looked around the school, there were at least seven hundred students in the hall and the staff table had ten professors she'd of subjects she had never been offered.

If Jasmine had thought that this school had been magically powerful with only a third of student body and faculty, she had been severely underestimating how concentrated magic could feel with so many untrained witches and wizards in a single space could create.

The war had taken too many people, too many muggleborns children in particular. Wizarding Europe needed to keep this blood alive and she was going to need to be that propellent of change. She had to get her father's research out and into the open. She'd found some rather interesting theories in a journal before she had left and wanted to bring her findings out publicly. Jasmine had a feeling that this discovery was what had her father killed in the first place, though the research was supposed to have been destroyed in the "car accident" that had taken his life.

She'd change as much as she could, make the future a better and safer place, not just for her, but for all the people that were going to be born in, friends that she was never going to meet.

Jasmine would do it, she'd save everyone, even if it killed her. Voldemort was going to be stopped far before he could get a larger foothold into the wizarding world. She had around six and half years before he would attempt to kill James, Lily and their future child. Not a lot of time to build supporters, but she could do it. Jasmine had knowledge on the future, she had an advantage. The first step to dismantling Tom was to take away his funding, which would mean talking to the Malfoy family and Black families, since they were his staunchest, and wealthiest, supporters.

Dumbledore stood after the last first year took their seat at the Slytherin table. "Another year at Hogwarts has begun! Now, as you know there are a few rules that I feel are necessary to repeat, due to some rather rambunctious students continually breaking them," his eyes traveled to the Marauders, who saluted him. A few chuckles were given at their antics before the Headmaster resumed speaking, "to reiterate, no one is to go into the Forbidden Forest, it received its name for a reason. The next announcement is that Professor Flitwick is going to start up his dueling club again. He is going to hand pick four or five students from each year to practice, and compete in duels with other schools."

Dumbledore looked like he swallowed something foul after he made that particular announcement. Jasmine wasn't entirely sure why. This way he would know who the best duelists in his school were. He could then attempt to recruit them to his order. But, it didn't seem like he was interested in fighters at this point, just sheep.

Jasmine grinned rather lazily at the idea of knowing all the best duelists in the school. She could use some friends that had similar skill sets to her. "Now, without further ado, let the feast begin!" Dumbledore said, clapping his hands, signaling for the food to appear, but nothing happened.

James grinned.

Dumbledore tired again.

Nothing changed and Sirius grinned.

The Headmaster tried a third time and still nothing.

Remus looked like he was on the verge of laughter, Peter wasn't even trying to hide his amusement.

Dumbledore looked at the boys, raising an eyebrow. James counted down from three with his fingers.

The room rocketed with color a as soon as his pointer finger went down. There were startled shouts and some terrified screams, but as soon as the bright lights did the entire welcome prank come to fruition. All the tables had patronous like animals matching the house floating above each table in their house colors. Quite a few students were mesmerized by the impressive charm work that was needed to pull this off, while upper year students were becoming impatient, waiting for the Marauders to finish up their prank so they could eat. They sat above the table where the food would be and with a snap of James' fingers and a wave of Remus, Peter and Sirius' wands the animals literally vomited the food up onto the tables.

It sounded disgusting and looked accurate to how a lion, badger, snake and raven would vomit. Luckily, the food looked perfectly fine and just as delicious as she remembered. Though, many students seemed to be afraid to eat what was in front of them, but then the Marauders started to pull and pick food from the table and eat with gusto.

Jasmine took a peek at the staff table and saw McGonagall holding her fork so tight her knuckles were turning an unhealthy white. The boys really pushed the woman to her limit when it came to how much she was willing to handle for a prank. Jasmine could see the inner desire to take off house points, but refrained herself since it would put Gryffindor in the negative and no one wanted that.

It also didn't seem like Dumbledore was going to reprimand them for their creative introduction to new term at Hogwarts. Jasmine had to admit that it was interesting to watch, and the first years seemed to be utterly fascinated with the magic used in their prank. She somewhat wished the Weasley twins had been able to actually discuss pranks with Remus and Sirius in her futures. When she had spoken to her Godfather about the mischief they got up to in school he never mentioned things like this and they seemed like they were important moments in his childhood. She had assumed that all of their pranks were targeting certain people and bullying for the most part. She had been skeptical about this prank when it had been planned on the train since it seemed tame.

Jasmine was honestly still waiting for the Slytherins to have something horrendously wrong with their food that was going to make them sick or something. Luckily, it never happened.

Halfway through dinner Jasmine was tapped on the shoulder by a young blonde Gryffindor girl. She had a familiar round face and smile, but she couldn't put her finger on where she'd seen her. The Marauders opted to ignore her and continue to eat their dinners.

"Is there something that you need?" Jasmine asked politely, her fingers drumming on the table to alleviate some nervousness. No one had bothered to speak to her besides the Marauders since Lily's attempt on the train.

Her bright blue eyes lit up at Jasmine's receptiveness, "Yes! I wanted to introduce myself, I'm Alice Lancaster. Lily told me that you'll be sharing a dorm with us this year. I wanted to say hello before we all get sent off to bed."

Jasmine's heart jumped into her throat. This was Neville's mother. She had never gotten to speak to her Godmother before. Alice had always been too insane to understand her in the future. Neville looked so much like her that it hurt. Jasmine vaguely wondered where Frank Longbottom was, but she figured she'd find out soon enough.

Jasmine held out an, ever so slightly, shaky hand. She hadn't been this nervous to introduce herself to anyone in a while. She would have been nervous to meet her mother, had it not gone so wrong. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Jasmine Peverell."

Alice nodded, a stray curl drifted into her face. Jasmine's introduction seemed to confirm something for the fifth year Gryffindor that brought a friendly smile to her face. "That's what I thought. You made quite a stir politically when you claimed your last name on British soil. In a few more years your family's fortune would have gone to the Ministry."

Yes, Jasmine had heard something like that happened from Euphemia when she was still in the hospital. Most of the purebloods around Britain knew that a Peverell Heir had been found and their house reclaimed. Jasmine just hoped that there were quite a few Pureblood Lords quaking in their boots. She was still waiting for a complete bank statement from Gringotts for all debts owed to her family.

"I heard something along those lines," Jasmine replied with a wry grin.

"Glad to know that there are still people willing to stir the political pot, as it were, that aren't dark wizards. We need more neutral families back in the mix."

Jasmine couldn't agree more. "Glad that I can be of service."

"Yes, well if you ever need time away from these miscreants," she motioned to the gaggle of Marauders surrounding her, "you're welcome to come and sit with me and my friends a bit down the table. Merlin knows how you've put up with them for so long already."

Jasmine snorted at the slightly offended looks the boys sent her way. "It takes the patience of a saint, let me tell you."

Alice laughed, light and airy, a dimple became more pronounced on her left cheek. Her name was called from down the table and sighed. "Duty calls," Alice said and pivoted on her heels and turned back towards Lily and another girl that Jasmine didn't recognize.

"What did Alice want?" Sirius asked, a mouthful of what Jasmine thought was chicken and mash, but honestly didn't care enough to find out.

"Chew with your mouth closed, you mutt," she replied, swatting him once as he swallowed, "But, she just wanted to know if I was the Pureblood Heir she thought I was or not. The revival of the Peverell line has created quite a stir in the Ministry. There were quite a few pockets that were going to be lined with my family's money once it got into Ministry hands in three or four years."

James waved a fork in the air, bits of food falling off, "Mum was talking about that. She was furious that they were going after a line's money like that. It was line theft, plain and simple. The Ministry shouldn't be allowed access to family vaults, not even branch families, it wouldn't be right, not unless the last head declares it otherwise."

Remus frowned, "But then it would just sit in Gringotts forever."

"Not like the goblins would care all that much, but heirs to lines tend to pop up ever few generations after a line is thought to have ended. It's where the whole theory of muggles stealing pureblood magic comes from."

Jasmine rolled her eyes at the stupidity of the claim. "Except, if they check linage charts, all muggleborns are from squib lines that trace back to pureblood families."

Sirius bit rather viciously into a chicken leg, "Yes, but most pureblood burn off or never acknowledge that a squib is even born into their line. Their records are lost so they can claim that the muggles are stealing their magic."

Jasmine twirled her fork in thought before pointing in at Sirius. "The only issue with that claim is that the linage test gives the name and generations leading back to the pureblood line. They can't deny what is in front of them. The tests are drawn from goblin magic that deals in blood and that can't lie, no matter how dirty some purebloods may think certain kinds are," she commented. James, Peter and Remus were just watching the interaction between Sirius and Jasmine. It wasn't often that Sirius was actually, well, serious.

Jasmine seemed to know that right buttons to press to get him to use his pureblood upbringing. It made him sound knowledgeable.

A truly terrifying sight to behold.

Despite being one of the top students in his year, Sirius certainly didn't act the part and most forgot, until he'd talk about blood magic, politics or anything else that pertained to pureblood history and politics. He had been raised as the Heir to the House of Black.

Even though James had a similar upbringing, his parents had kept him out of a lot of the more serious political matters until they felt he was old enough to handle what was going on in the world. They had only just started teaching him the finer points on land dealings, business and politics. Sirius had been doing this since he could speak.

Sirius folded his hands out in front of him, "I've never heard of this linage test before. It could change the wizarding world if you could bring it out into the open."

"It would figure you hadn't. It is mostly used on unnamed attack victims, hence why it was used on me. They weren't sure if I was ever going wake up and needed to inform my family of either my hospitalization or my passing. Muggleborns would need to ask for the test to be performed and since it is so obscure not many would even know to request one. If I can information about the test then I could potentially change the political climate regarding muggleborns and squibs," Jasmine replied, tapping her fingers on the aged wooden table in front of her. Her mind was racing a mile a minute, trying to figure out what she needed to get done.

So much planning and so little time to get it all done…

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