Harry Potter - LGBT edition

Chapter 1

A/N: Ok so...

I respect J.K. Rowling a lot. Her books were pretty good for their time but unfortunately the books aren't progressive and don't live up to the modern standards that we live up to today. This is 2018 and we have all kinds of people: Gay, Trans, Lesbian, Gender Binary, Asexual, Gender Fluid etc. Unfortunately, members of the LGBT and the fellow generation will disregard the HP books, considering them offensive and sexist and transphobic. This is because the Harry Potter series alienates them, forgetting to include the LGBT altogether and only focusing on gender norms and traditional sexual preferences. Harry, despite his close friendship with Ron, falls in love with only girls throughout the book, again an example of pushing straightness on us. It's always been the biggest mystery on why she never included any character that wasn't straight and anyone that didn't identify as the gender they were born with in her stories. As a prominent member of the LGBT, I intend to fix this and help the newer generation get into the Harry Potter series. This is my own story, through year 1 to year 7 of Harry's journey, that gives the LBGT community a voice that Rowling refused to give us back in the day. Of course, characters and plot points will change dramatically in consequence around the change. I might bump up the rating from T to M if the story demands it.

Although this obviously is recommended for members of the LGBT+, I think that non members need to read this to truly understand the problems, the violence and harassment we receive every day. Chapters, and similarly the story, will be quite long but this should be expected as the books were long as well. My name is Jessica and I identify as a transage (I identify as a 19 year old, not 18.) non-race female. Please respect and use my pronouns when addressing me as I respect all my readers.

I don't own Harry Potter. J.K Rowling does. I don't own the LGBT. This chapter is short because it is the prologue. Now let's begin this awaiting journey...

The moon's glow emphasised the fear on Harry's face, the stomping above him made dust slowly cover his poor quality pyjamas. He was used to his cousin and his rampaging antics but of all days to be an irritating buffoon, the raven's birthday was definitely one time he wished it would all stop for just a second. It's not like anyone but him would remember the occasion but it reminded of the days to come. When he was older, his first priority was to travel as far away from the Dursleys as humanely possible. Preferably somewhere where he could practice his artistic talents in peace. Sighing, Harry opened the door and entered the hallway. Unlike any normal child, Harry lived under the cupboard under the stairs just like how the LGBT live under the crushing expectations of society's view on gender and sexuality. Harry knew all about this. In fact, he was homosexual as well. Proud and righteous, he never tried to hide the real him and instead made his inner feelings known to everyone and expectedly people were not happy. Dudley taunted him endlessly about it, mocking faces and cruel insults being his specialty. His aunt and uncle were distant and fearful however, they knew something darkly secret about him and they would never dare inform him of his mystical powers. Harry entered the kitchen and Vernon glared at him with a grinning smirk.

"Hey! Boy! Get me some pancakes! Fag!" he demanded. Petunia chuckled slightly at the evil request and Dudley was giggling watching his favourite television show: Scooby Doo. Harry refused to respond, knowing the punishment that he would receive if he tried. The Dursleys were strict Catholic priests, often declaring and giving speeches at the local church in which Harry was forced to attend. Laying the plate of pancakes on the table, he then began to clean up the dishes as it was on his daily chore chart which of course, was completely filled with things to do. The abuse and psychological damage that they had inflicted on the magical boy was very disheartening but the tables would be turned very soon in his favour. Vernon and Petunia walked over to the table and scanned Dudley's report from school, shaking their heads and scoffing at what they were being told.

"Surely Vernon, these people are nutjobs. Dudley would never bully anyone! He's such a good boy." she said in disbelief.

"I never wanted a pansy, cowardly son anyway." muttered Vernon, his voice monotone and nasally. They didn't even bother to check Harry's report, assuming it terrible and awful from the start. The assumption came from the fact that their nephew was very flamboyant, confusing people into thinking he was in love or attracted to them. As any straight white male would know, you should never act in any way that would single you out, make you special or let you express yourself. That's why they all hated Harry. He was real with them. Girls understood him a bit more because they were also oppressed, due to the wage gap and the countless sexual harassment they have received due to their gender such as mansplaining and the patriarchy itself. However they still held some dislike against Harry due to the way he dressed. For example, today Harry was wearing a V-cut crop top, black and white striped stockings and denim shorts. The teachers got offended of course but some people cheered him on and rooted for his self-esteem. The casual homophobia that society thinks is alright to not ban or make illegal is the reason Harry is outcasted and doesn't have any friends. Petunia hugged Dudley immaturely and looked at Harry in disgust.

"Dudley's going to Beauxbatons this year, a famous and prestigious school for young boys. You... You're going to St Brutus' school for criminally insane boys because gayness is something that should be made illegal and should be given the death penalty! If you weren't our nephew, I would have traded you into the jail cells for a pack of cigarettes immediately. You know it's forbidden in Catholicism to practice homosexuality yet you still live here and act like that! After all the bones we've broken to feed you and care for you, you just backstab us again and again. You're broken!" Then Vernon stood up enraged.

"Boy! If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is put on them. Levitcuts Chapter 18 to 20. You will burn in the fires of hell and your soul will be tied to four horses and they will run in east, south, north and west." He was shouting ever so loudly but Harry blocked it out by thinking about the pride festival coming up this March. Then, after Vernon had decided to stop screaming nonsense and get a cup of coffee, the door erupted in the sound of knocking. Vernon growled and snarled at Harry then pushed him side and opened the door. A huge giant was waiting there, clutching a humourlessly out of place umbrella by his side.

"Hello there! Nice seeing you Vernon!" the giant said and Vernon moaned effortlessly. Vernon had to let the giant inside his house because the giant was middle eastern and grew up on the streets and never had a family while Vernon lived in a rich white family and his race of people were never oppressed while middle eastern people are always fighting in wars and battles and bombed by them so in an attempt to not be racist or giantphobic, he couldn't tell him to go away.

"Hagrid, you illiterate mouse-looking son of a gun!' screamed Vernon angrily and Petunia and Dudley ran upstairs in fright. Harry stared at the situation eagerly, wandering what was going on.

"You know why I'm here. To take Harry personally." said Hagrid seductively, clutching his beard and stroking it. Vernon softly chuckled, turning around to look at the feminine boy standing by the stairway.

"Finally. Wondering when you would take the dirtbag away. I already know about the wizarding crap. My wife told me personally. He'll never be like his father and you know it. When Lord Voldemortess massacred his parents three years ago, I was the one who personally gave her directions to the Potter's house. Wizards are not like us. They're dangerous and not understanding of our culture. That's why I wanted him dead." explained Vernon joyfully, his eyes widening like a madman. Hagrid brushed him of, staring down at the short plump man.

"I know all about you're despicable deeds you sickly swine. Dumbledore knows all about 'yer slimy betrayal." Hagrid explained, his eyebrows descending as their conversation continued. Harry walked up to Hagrid, confused and shy.

"What's going on?" asked Harry innocently. Dudley was cowering in fright behind Vernon who was clutching his shotgun closely since he kept it by the door just in case someone intruded on his property.

"Harry. You are a wizard." Hagrid exclaimed happily.

"It can't be." said Harry in shock. Was this some sort of dream.

"Dumbledore told me to come get you. Knew these ungrateful trash wouldn't drop you off at the station so I'm here to escort you." explained Hagrid. "We'd better get moving. There's stuff we need to buy in Diagon Alley and the train leaves during eight at night so we only have around nine hours to do all of it. Don't bother bringing anything since we can get all you need at Gringotts." Hagrid told him sternly, getting out a pipe and beginning to smoke. Harry walked outside to his clutches, refusing to wave goodbye at his horrible relatives. Vernon, Dudley and Petunia stood at the door side by side, glaring at the two with suspicion and pure hatred.

"Harry. When you come back here for the summer holidays, we are going to personally make your pathetic life a living hell!" threatened Dudley fearsomely but neither Harry nor Hagrid was intimidated.

"Lets go Harry. I know a shortcut to Diagon Alley." whispered Hagrid and they set off, Harry eagerly awaiting what was the upcoming life this giant was leading him into. He smiled to himself in gratitude as his torturous life began to fade away, the house of horror slowly disappearing away from his memories. He'll make sure to forget it.

The journey didn't feel that long to Harry, even if his legs had began to ache because of all the walking. They had gone through a portal to arrive at the wizarding world, found in a local pub, and immediately Harry was caught off guard. A wizard was flying on a broom above him, shops filled with magically infused items and strangely dressed people walking right past him. Hagrid noticed his discomfort and gave him a pat on the back. Diagon Alley was nothing like home.

"It's 'k 'arry. They'll all like you. Anyway lets go to Gringotts firstly. There's a surprise waiting for you there." reassured Hagrid kindly, very unlike of him if one assumed his personality and background just from his appearance, a tactic that society likes to implement in our every day lives.

"Surprise?" Harry asked sadly and confusedly.

"You'll see." and they walked into Gringotts calmly. The place was very strange all things considered. It was very dark and black, metal chandeliers hanging from the extremely high-up ceiling. Elf-looking creatures bombarded the desks, some wearing types of monocles and glasses. It seemed to be some sort of bank to Harry. They stood in line behind an elf and human couple who were holding hands. Hagrid smirked at the two, rubbing his waist with his belt. After the line began to die down, a elf wearing a business casual suit, two sets of nose rings and blue crocs came up to them with a disgruntled grunt, no hair present on his head at all. Despite his appearance, he reminded Harry of those squares that worked at the Bank of England who never treated him like an equal. Then again, no one ever treats homosexuals as equals anyway.

"Hagrid? You here for the..." but Hagrid cut him off quickly.

"Shh. No one ain't 'pposed to know about it." he said harshly and the elf nodded in understanding.

"Ok. Follow this girl down to the dungeon. She'll guide you to cell 321 and 168. Go on! Hurry." the goblin spoke carelessly and a girl walked up to them. She was beautiful. She had long brown braided hair, a piercing above her lips, red lipstick, turquoise blue eye shadow, a split tongue, a nose ring, hoop earrings and was wearing some suspicious red robes. Harry eyed her and raised his eyebrows, unknowing of who she would turn out to be for him.

"She's beautiful." Hagrid whispered in Harry's ear yet the girl looked offended at the compliment, tears falling down her slim face.

"Oh Sorry! Hagrid's a bit out of touch with us normal folk." Harry said in an outrageous tone in order to try to calm her down but the girl turned away.

"It's just that... I've worked here for a long time and... The goblins always call me by... I'm not..." she stuttered, crying immensely. "My parents are muggles you see and they told me I had to work here to pay off all my clothes and school books. They always did hate me. You see... I am a non-binary individual and when people call me 'she' or 'he', it makes me feel undermined and useless. You could never understand how it feels or what it means to not identify as a masculine or a feminine human being. My parents called me 'she' every day of my life and it hurts. It really hurts. I did everything to try to stop them. I fought against them. I called the cops. I ran away from home. Please just don't be like them. Please call me by my proper pronouns which are 'them' and 'your'. It's may be nothing to you but it is to me. Learn some respect! Clearly none of you have ever understood what it feels like to be outcasted by everyone you ever loved. My boyfriend broke up with me because of it and when I was attending the riots in Florida (Real life issue), I was mercilessly beaten with a baton and sprayed with pepper gas by straight white cops over there. It's not fair." After she had finished her heartfelt emotional speech, both Hagrid and Harry were also crying tremendously. Now they knew what they had selfishly done to her, they began to apologise profusely but she stopped them. "It's fine. You guys didn't know. Just don't do it again." Harry breathed a sigh of relief, thankfully not getting arrested for his completely disgusting behaviour as this was an actual law in Canada but luckily they were both in Britain. Hagrid rolled his eyes, sighing angrily.

"Whatever." said Hagrid with a self-righteous tone.

"It's ok. I understand what it's like to suffer. I'm gay." admitted Harry kindly, gently holding out his hand to the middle sized girl. She hesitated for a second but then shook his hand and stared into each others eyes longingly. She seemed to calm down after the brutal assault they had just given her a few minutes ago.

"Don't worry! I didn't know you and me were in the same community. You're going to Hogwarts too huh? My name's Hermione and you are?" Hermione spoke with a gentle tone.

"I'm Harry. Harry Potter."

"It can't be. The famous Harry Potter? The only one who has ever survived an attack by Lord Voldemortess? It just can't be." she said in amazement.

"Yep. My scars here as well. Never healed. I'm not really a big fan on this famous thing though. In my mind, I'm normal. We all are."

"Yeah I agree. You seem like a nice guy and I'd love to be friends with you. Wanna go get all our school stuff together?" she asked questionedly, rubbing her eyes triedly and the goblins were giving her male looks, judging her on her attractiveness and appeal and generally being quite sexist. "Those goblins do this all the time. Constantly promoting normal beauty standards for woman."

"It's not like most men don't act like that though. Anyway I'd love to go with you. How about after we get our stuff from the vaults?" Harry asked nicely and Hermione nodded joyfully.

"Absolutely! Cool! Just jump on the wizarding trolley and we'll go to the vaults." Hermione commanded woefully and they all got on the stone trolley. The place itself was dark and cramp, light completely void of meaning. The first stop was 321, Hagrid's vault. He pushed Harry back when he went to get off, telling him to wait with Hermione on the train. Despite this suspicious behaviour, Harry obliged since he knew it was by order of Dumbledore and not a prejudice thing instead. Hermione glared at the giant, thinking him as crazy sociopath when Harry knew rather differently. He was a kind thought provoking man, regardless of his stature.

"What's he acquiring from the vault?" asked Hermione with interest.

"Dunno know but whatever it is, it can't be good." Harry warned her.

After Hagrid had returned an hour later with a small sack, they went to Harry's vault which was the number 168. Hagrid smiled at him and stroked his back.

"Open it Harry."

The door opened slowly and Harry gasped, a mountain of gold coins were centered in the room, Egyptian statues covering the area. Hagrid giggled.

"Didn't think you're parents would leave you with nothing ey 'Arry?" he said and Harry gasped. No way!

After buying all their things in Diagon Alley (which included an owl, a wand, books and robes), both Hermione and Harry entered the train willingly followed by Hagrid. They tried to go inside one of the compartments but two girls blocked their paths. They were black.

"Um... Excuse me. We got here first." Harry raised his hands defensively, knowing that because of white privilege he wasn't going to argue or push past them so they went to go somewhere else. They weren't alt-right like some people... They settled on the compartment two seats away from the drivers seat. Hermione grinned happily.

"I've studied all about magic at home. I pretty much know all the spells and history of magic. Don't expect it to be that difficult." Hermione boasted and Harry nodded, knowing he didn't feel the same way.

The compartment door began to knock loudly and they both turned. In came a ginger looking boy with freckles, black robes and a measley brown jacket that looked very old and poor quality. His shoes were fading in black and dirt covered his once clean clothing. He looked bullied and embarrassed.

"Could I come in? My brothers are teasing me about... Nevermind." asked the boy, tears falling down his eyes. Hermione rolled her eyes.

"No. We're saying this seat for Cho Chang. Sorry." but Ron came in anyway, shoulders colliding as they embraced.

"My name is Ron. Ronilda Weasily."

A/N: Short but obviously because it's the prologue. I'm trying to satisfy all the readers so if you get offended, go fuck yourself.