Saving Severus - A new Life

Chapter 4

4. Telling the Staff

In the afternoon they put some last finishes on the classrooms for school to resume on Monday. Severus was working with Filius and Bobbie with Minerva. About an hour before dinner Minerva suddenly said, "Let's get out of here!"

"Where are we going?"

"Diagon Alley. You need some nice robes for Saturday," Minerva answered.

"What do I need new robes for? It is only a small wedding," Bobbie protested.

"I realise that but a woman has to look good for her man." Minerva smiled.

"You're not going to let this go, are you?" Bobbie asked.

"Not a chance!" Minerva chuckled.

They walked outside the newly instated non-Apparation zone and after Bobbie took her customary deep breath Minerva Apparated them both directly to Madam Maulkins. After trying on several of the wedding robes they settled on an off-white robe, which looked more like a Muggle dress than something resembling witches' robes. It was just below her ankles and allowed for some high-heeled sandals, which they also bought. The material of the dress was plain shiny satin. It had spaghetti straps and fit Bobbie like a glove. For her hair Minerva found a garland headband of small white roses which looked stunning with her auburn hair.

Bobbie said while looking at the dress, "I am glad it is such a plain design. I can color it and wear it to other occasions also."

Minerva laughed. "Always a practical mind... You and Severus are perfect for each other."

Bobbie chuckled. "Thank you Minerva, also for going with me. I have to admit I would have just gotten married in one of my better dresses but you are right, I do feel good about having bought this."

"It will be perfect, Severus in black and you in white." Minerva said with a smile.

The women made it back before dinner. Bobbie went to her rooms to hang up the dress. She then walked over to Severus's rooms.

He was sitting at his desk going through the curriculum, which had changed. He would be the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, since Amycus Carrow was sitting in Azkaban - at least Minerva had told him he would teach DADA. He didn't know how she knew that, since he was still a wanted man as far as he was concerned. No one had told him otherwise but so far he hadn't been arrested yet either.

When he saw Bobbie he got up and said, "Here you are. I was just about going to look for you."

He kissed her and Bobbie suddenly got thoughtful. When Severus asked what was wrong she said, "I have thought about something. I think I need to come clean with some of the staff, just with the ones who stayed here. It is only fair. I know everything about them and they don't even know who I am, or what I am."

Severus looked at her in shock. "Please don't! What if anyone else is finding out? What if they tell someone they think they can trust and it is the wrong person? You will be hunted." Then he whispered, stroking her cheek, "I don't want to lose you..., I can't lose you!"

"Sev, nobody will say anything. I have full confidence that they won't from what I have seen in their flaschbacks."

"Somehow word had gotten out before when they tried to kill all of you," he argued.

"That was before the Grindelwald war, when we still were living amongst everyone. We just lived like Muggles. There were some, like Albus who knew all about our abilities and even asked us to help. But once the rumor made the round that we supposedly can deprive wizards of their magic, that is when we were hunted."

"Then why tell now?" he asked.

"Because I don't like lying to my friends, Severus. It will be okay, trust me. If it makes you feel any better I will omit the information about me seeing the past. That is what most people find disturbing, as you very well know yourself."

Severus still wasn't convinced that it was the right thing to do but he also knew he couldn't forbid her to let their colleagues know.

They made their way to the teachers' lounge for dinner. Severus saw Filius and told Bobbie he needed to have a short word with him and he would see her in a minute.

Bobbie walked over to Minerva and said, "I thank you for keeping this wedding small Minerva. Severus is bristling up because of all the attention already."

Minerva smiled. "I can only imagine. I was actually thinking about making the ceremony a little larger but I thought better of it. I could just see Severus escaping."

"I know you were and yes, he probably would have." Bobbie chuckled.

"How do you know?" Did Filius say something?" Minerva asked.

"No, he didn't, I just suspected. By the way I owe you all an explanation tonight about who I am." Bobbie said.

Minerva looked at her strangely but didn't say anything.

After dinner Bobbie said, "I hope you all have a little time for me to come clean about my heritage. I hate to keep you all in the dark and it is time to let you all know."

She looked over to Severus who was sitting beside her. He smiled at her apprehensively and nodded. She smiled back relieved that he was supportive even though he didn't think it was a good idea.

Bobbie first looked at her hands she had folded up in front of her on the table. Then her eyes met everyone head on. "I am not a Muggle as some of you suspected and I am not a Squib either. I am a Nevari, which some of you know as the 'Thieves-of-magic'."

She saw some jaws drop around the table as they drew back from her. She was surprised that Severus took her hand at this moment and said, "Obviously this is only a rumor."

Bobbie told the story about the Wizard and the Nevari and how the rumor started. When she had finished Minerva asked, "Basically you are immune to everything Wizard folk do?"

"Well, not everything. Potions work on me. I can side along Apparate and I can use Floo powder, as you know. But everything else, curses, jinxes, charms or spells don't work on me. I can see things hidden from the view of Muggles and walk through wards without even feeling them." She looked at Hagrid and saw that he just realized what had happened the first day she arrived.

Severus chimed in with a faint look of pride on his face, "She can open the wall from Diagon Alley to Muggle London just by touching it."

Then Poppy said, "And she can do Energy Transfers. She kept Severus alive until the house elves got me."

"I only can do this with my loved ones," Bobbie said.

"Well, as far as I'm concerned, this is where it counts most," Minerva stated with a smile. "You two are even more perfect for each other than I thought."

"I'll say!" agreed Filius. "Severus has the magic that Bobbie doesn't have but he can help her with potions when she is sick, and Bobbie can get the wards out of the way without getting hit by curses and protect Severus."

"Well, it isn't quite that easy," Bobbie said. "The wall in Diagon Alley is a different story than invisible wards. Albus told me that my grandfather used to walk through the wards while he and other Wizards had to remove them or get a curse breaker. I can't remove the wards. They are still there for everyone else."

Minerva just had an idea. "Would be interesting to find out if you could get someone through with you, if you would hold hands with that person. And what about the spells and curses, do they go through you or do you block them?"

"I don't know. I guess we could find out pretty easily. Interesting thought," Bobby said.

Severus looked from one to the other, "What is this? What are you two doing? I thought the war is over. I don't like you doing experiments like that."

"Severus, there are still lots of Death Eaters out there. I felt very useless during the war unless I was passing on your information. I really would like if I could be of help somehow. So far I am pretty much dependent on everything you do," Bobbie said. "I have no qualities that actually benefit any of you."

Severus pulled Bobbie out of her chair and walked to the door sternly saying to his colleagues, "Excuse us!"

Outside the lounge he said, "Who is maudlin now? You are not useless. You have no idea how much you helped and it is because of you that I am still alive and that I actually still want to be alive."

"Albus got me to exonerate you. I didn't even have to do that. Harry could have done it all by himself thanks to your quick thinking by giving him your memories," she said.

"I for one am grateful that you are here. My life has never been as good as it is now, and I owe it all to you. I never thought I would get married or even thinking about having a family. Please, don't say things like that." He picked up her head with a forefinger below her chin and smiled. "I want my cheerful fiancé back."

She finally snapped out of it and smiled back at him. He took her hand and led her back to the lounge and Bobbie said to everyone, "Sorry about that!"

Minerva waved it off and said, "Don't worry about it."

When they came back to Severus's quarters he looked around and said, "Maybe we can ask the castle to move our rooms together to one larger set-up on Saturday."


Next morning Filius pushed another newspaper over to Severus with a grin on his face. It showed a moving photo of protesters holding signs saying 'Free Severus Snape!'

Severus rolled his eyes saying with derision, "Can't they finally give it a rest? This is getting old very fast."

Minerva reached over to him and patted him on his arm saying, "This is a good thing, Severus. So far no one has arrested you yet. Maybe we can even get around a trial..."

Minerva then spoke to him and Bobbie, "If you don't mind, we will have the wedding in the rose garden. The weather is supposed to be favorable." She winked at Bobbie and said, "That would go well with your dress."

Bobbie smiled at her and then saw Severus's aghast look on his face, "You bought a wedding dress? I thought we only have a very small ceremony."

Minerva again patted his arm and said, "Don't worry, it is very small."

Then Bobbie said, "The dress I bought isn't really a wedding dress. It is nothing fancy. I just want to look good for you."

"You always look good. I didn't get any new clothes. I can't even leave the castle to buy any. I am still a fugitive."

"No problem!" Minerva said to Severus. "You can just wear some black dress robes and you will look just fine. There are only going to be Poppy, Hagrid, Filius and I. Well, and whomever is going to marry you two."

"You found someone with a current license?" Severus asked. "What if that person is turning me in?"

Minerva said, "Don't worry! Everything will be fine. I even have the wedding bands for you two so you don't have to leave the castle for anything."