Harry Potter: Lord of Darkness

Revelations & Alterations

Lord of Darkness

Revelations & Alterations

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"Daphne, my study please."

The Witch nodded curtly, before following her father into the designated room. The moment she caught sight of her younger sister, already seated, along with her mother she knew something was amiss.

"I have been contacted by Lord Nott in an effort to setup an arranged marriage between my eldest and his own son." The man began, as he slowly made his way around his desk, while Daphne herself took a spot on the couch next to her sister. "It was… a very well-argued reason and his offering was quite generous."

"Father I…"

A gesture demanded her silence, and the eldest daughter snapped her mouth shut, tension already filling her body. Seeing her compliance, the man continued, "He also made a counter offer for Astoria as well, to outbid the Malfoys perhaps…"

Beside her Daphne felt her sister shudder as well, apparently their father didn't know about the exchange that had already taken place.

"It would not be worth your while father." The eldest interrupted, earning the quirking of an eyebrow from the Wizard. "I have already secured Astoria's contract from the Malfoy's for her own keeping, and I lost my virginity some time ago."

Anger and rage flashed in the man's eyes as he rose in an instant, "And who" he snarled out, "Did you see fit to give such a thing to?"

She wanted to reply with 'whoever I damn well please' but knew better, especially with the way her mother had paled. "To my Lord, Harry Potter."

This statement seemed to change the atmosphere, though for what reason she could not quite tell. The man sat back down, thoughtful expression now adorning his face, "That does change things… if you had waited for me to finish, I would have explained that I turned Lord Nott down for the potential of a far more profitable deal."

Daphne's mind whirled, the Nott's, while not the wealthiest of families, were still from old money which could be matched by few save for the highest of echelons in Pureblood society. Had Lucius Malfoy offered to buy them both?


"Nothing is confirmed yet, but I have been told that the situation will be explained this summer and from there offers and opportunities will arise. I am hoping that both you and your sister will be considered. Change is coming, and our family would be remiss if we let such an opportunity slip by."

But the Slytherin in her wouldn't let such a question go unanswered, "Father who are you hoping that Astoria and I be chosen by?"

"The very same boy you have already given yourself to, Lord Potter."


"My Lord" a silky voice intoned as Severus Snape bowed at the doorway. A gesture from the boy answered the silent request to enter the room where he was seated, and the Potion master took a seat in a chair across from the boy.

He even managed to hide the slight smirk that threatened to form on his mouth as he saw the boy's seating arrangements. Apparently, the various girls had decided that Harry was in 'near constant danger', and thus were taking turns surrounding him, including sitting on his lap.

"I understand you are…" this time he couldn't help but give in and allow his lips to upturn slightly, "grounded for the next month."

Harry, shockingly enough, merely laughed in return, "Quite right professor, from anything even smelling like politics or giving orders."

Snape nodded, before clearing his throat and casting his gaze at Narcissa, who was busy in the kitchen with her sisters, but obviously near enough to overhear the conversation. "I simply thought you may wish to have an update on what has occurred in the week you have been gone."

"So long as it does not extend my…"

The statement was interrupted by a loud swear, followed by what sounded like someone kicking and chair and storming into the room.

Sirius Black was clearly angry and narrowed his gaze on the first 'safe' target present… Severus Snape. "How in the bloody hell do you get anything done with these morons!? I mean I have had to give Crabbe the same order four times now and he still screwed it up! How hard is it to go and pick up a list of potion ingredients!?"

Harry merely shrugged, before earning a silent scowl from Fleur, who was currently running her fingertips through his messy hair.

"What can I say, I am good with people. I did wish to ask permission for Severus here to…"

"Sure whatever, granted. Merlin, I swear if I have to babysit anymore of these idiots I'm going to turn into Bellatrix and just start Cursing the lot of them…" he muttered before storming out of the room, earning giggles from his three nearby cousins.

Turning back to the, now far more grinning, man Harry cleared his throat, "As you were saying sir?"

Snape's expression shifted into business-like in a heartbeat, "Dumbledore is still on the run, at least according to the Aurors. Hogwarts has been temporarily shut down pending massive investigations that are still underway. Classes are planned on starting up in the next month… if we are lucky. Every staff member is being interviewed by Aurors, backgrounds are being triple checked, and secrets dug back up. Slughorn has been put under temporary leave until his relationship with Dumbledore can be sorted out. McGonagall has been suspended, due to being the Deputy Headmistress when all the alleged crimes were taking place. Filius and Pomona will undoubtedly be removed as Heads of House."

Harry nodded, "And I assume you have been recommended as replacement Headmaster."

The various conversations halted, and the man across from him froze in shock. "H-how…"

"Logic," the boy easily replied, "you were the professor who was removed from his post when Dumbledore began his little crusade against me and my friends. Logic dictates that you undoubtedly spoke up against him and thus were punished for it. Your own actions against our so called 'professor' last year also shows you had no connection with his plans. Finally, you have a fairly decent history of teaching fairly… if a bit lenient on Slytherins."

Suddenly, a thought crept into the older man's mind, one that almost froze the blood in his veins, "You… you knew this would happen, didn't you? You planned it?"

"Whatever do you mean professor? Do you really think I would be so intelligent as to plan the complete downfall of Albus Dumbledore, along with his influence, while escalating your own in a year and a half? Don't you think you are giving me a little too much credit?" Despite his words Snape could see the misdirection as clear as day and shuddered to think what would have happened if he had not turned from Dumbledore when he did. The former Headmaster truly did not know who he was dealing with… perhaps none of them did.

After promising himself to think more on the revelation later, Snape continued with his report. "A new election is being set for Minister of Magic. Thus far the only candidates are Lucius Malfoy and Frank Longbottom, the latter only agreeing at Lucius' insistence upon having choices for 'democracy to continue'."

"Good, it looks like he is finally learning something." Harry idly noted.


"How are you feeling Harry?"

The boy shifted slightly in his bed, rolling out various limbs before nodding to himself, "Better, still sore though which is a rather interesting experience. I have never actually bled in such a way… quite exhilarating isn't it?"

Sirius fought the urge to scream at his godson that no it was not exhilarating and if the boy did such a thing again, he was going to find some way to lock him in a room for the rest of his natural life. Instead, he took several calming breaths to simply try and relax, "Not quite the word I would use but… there is something we wanted to talk to you about, Moony and I… he's off doing an errand so… well I just figured it would be better to tell you now."

"It always is," the boy-who-lived confirmed with a nod, "so what is the problem? Lucius being a prat again?"

"Rita Skeeter was found dead two days after you went under… the initial investigation shows she overdosed."

The emerald-eyed boy froze in his place, eyes widening in shock. "That… is unexpected…"

"I know that you did something to her a while back but…" His godson seemed to be staring at nothing now, eyes unfocused as he recounted his actions.

"It was an experiment, a test to see whether or not my Magic was becoming addictive and what the side effects might be… I knew there was something drawing others to me I just… I didn't expect…"

The Black Lord reached out and took the boy by his shoulders, focusing his attention back onto him, "You didn't kill her. She didn't die from you Harry, she died from drugs and alcohol. The levels in her system were well beyond toxic when they found her, and she has had a history of this type of stuff. It wasn't you, and that is not why we follow you. I go months without seeing you and I am not strung out or going through withdrawal, none of the girls are. Magic is intent pup, always has been. You do not want to hurt or enslave us, so you don't. Skeeter was a messed-up bitch way before she screwed with you."

A raven-haired head nodded, doubt remaining in the owner's eyes despite the speech.


True to his guess, Severus Snape was placed in the position of Headmaster upon the official reopening of Hogwarts in mid-March. Along with that several other major changes had been put in place by the school board.

The former Heads of House were all removed from their managerial roles but kept on as professors with strict oversights into their teaching habits.

McGonagall had also been removed as Deputy Headmistress and was replaced with a constant shifting of individuals ranging from Aurors to Wizengamot members. The purpose of the temporary change being to keep a constant watch on the conditions at the school, at least until the parents were sure their children could be safe.

Slughorn was kept as Potions instructor, at least until the end of the school year.

The various Head of House positions were filled with volunteers from overseas in order to avoid anyone who might be influenced by the former Headmaster.

All educational decrees had been suspended until a larger vote could be taken, which would include every parent of children attending the school.

On the day prior to the official resumption of classes the members of press, parents, and the board gathered for a speech scheduled by the new Headmaster, "Ladies, gentlemen, and most importantly parents. I am honored by the trust you have placed in me as the new Headmaster of Hogwarts." Severus Snape calmly spoke as he gestured for those assembled to take their seats while he stood before them. "I understand your concerns, your fears, and your hesitations when it comes to sending the most important gifts of this world back to our school. This year has been…" The man paused, obviously struggling for the right words. "It has been difficult in ways that it should never have been."

Here the former professor paused before taking a small sip of water. Those assembled before him were weary, fearful of bureaucrats, politicians, and even those with any semblance of power. Words and actions were going to be monitored far closer than ever before.

Clearing his throat, the Slytherin continued, "We have failed you, all of us have. Professors, leaders, politicians, Aurors… all of us have failed in our most basic of responsibilities and duties, the protection of the innocent, of children. None of us are free from blame in this situation, all of us are guilty. Through inaction we allowed monsters into Hogwarts, amongst children who were given no protection. We idly sat and ignored the signs, some of them for years, and yet it was not us who paid for these mistakes it was the children. It was teenagers who suffered and bled for our crimes, for our cowardice… but no more. You have placed your faith in me, and I hereby swear to not fail you again."

Dozens of reporters stood, calling out questions until a gentle gesture had them silenced and sitting once more, "All of you have received letters concerning what has happened, concerning the incident that many of us were forced to watch. Since then every teacher has been interviewed time and time again, myself included, on our potential relationship with not only Cornelius Fudge and Dolores Umbridge, but also Albus Dumbledore. The Aurors may have cleared us, but that does not mean we can continue as we did before. I have already spoken with the schoolboard, Auror department, and Wizengamot on having a heavier presence at the school, on having outside review and more open communication between parents and children. I would like to have no less than two weekends a month in which the school will be open for visitation and the students free to go home with parents or guardians. The events of this past year… they cannot happen again."

A member of the press leapt up and raised their hand, before being called on, "Headmaster Snape, what of the changes to the staff and faculty that have been announced? How will Hogwarts afford this?"

The man nodded, "Thanks to several very generous donations Hogwarts budget has been substantially increased for the next century. Not only this but a new program has been opened that will allow students normally unable to afford the costs to attain a free education, provided that they maintain grades and study habits. This will provide certain members of the Magical community that might have what we previously considered 'creature blood' to attend without stress or worries on their families, along with Muggleborns. Some of these include children had been previously denied by the Headmaster for his own personal reasons."

"And how will Hogwarts afford these scholarships? Did the donations cover this as well?"

Here the Potion master's mouth curled up in a smile, "Not quite, this was provided for by a… extremely generous donation. Several weeks ago, Gringotts finally pushed through the bureaucracy revolving around the destruction of the former Dark Lord, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. After this the reward money that had been building for decades was given to Mr. Potter, who immediately donated the entire lump sum to Hogwarts under the agreement that it be used for future educational purposes only… let us say that the amount was far more than most of us will ever see in our entire lifetimes, and could have easily competed with the largest of Pureblood fortunes."

This statement sent a wave of excitement through those assembled, as both parent and reporter alike began to raise hands for further questioning of the former Death Eater.


"Hey uhm Tracey, you have a second?"

The Slytherin nodded, before gesturing towards the empty seat next to her, "Sure Lavender, what's up?"

Upon sitting down, the Gryffindor shifted around a few times before blurting out her question, "Have you heard anything about Harry? I mean we all saw what happened and he was really hurt and then St. Mungos claimed he wasn't there, and he wasn't at Hogwarts and..."

Reaching out the other Witch gently grabbed the near-hysteric girl. "Lavender, calm down for a second okay? Harry is fine, he is recovering with his godfathers in an undisclosed location for his own safety but a few of his friends have begun spreading updates on his status. The plan is for him to be back in class before the end of the school year."

A weight seemed to be lifted from Lavender's shoulders as she slumped back slightly in her chair, "Thank Merlin, I... I mean we were so worried... you know in Gryffindor and all..."

Tracey sent her a knowing smirk, "Oh I think I know... you must be excited to see him again, maybe schedule some private time with him?"

A blush emerged on the other's face as she opened her mouth to comment, but whatever she had planned on saying was interrupted by her boyfriend's outrage.

"Lav, what the hell!?" The two girls turned in time to see the redhead stomping up towards their table. "What are you doing talking to a snake!?"

Said girl immediately crossed her arms as her eyes narrowed to a glare, the other stood to answer. "I was just finding out how Harry was doing..."

Ron scowled, "Who cares if he is okay or not? I don't want you talking to Slytherins anymore you understand?"

"She can talk to whoever she wants to Weasley," Tracey Davis growled, "you don't own her."

"Mind your own damn business, come on Val you should be spending time with me instead." With that he grabbed onto her forearm and began to pull her away, earning a hiss of pain from the Witch.

Tracey had, immediately, grabbed her Wand, but before she could help the other teen another grabbed the offender by the shoulders and pulled him off, "What the hell is your problem Ron!?" Neville demanded with a growl, giving his Housemate a push backwards for emphasis, and further distancing the redhead from the girls.

"What's yours Neville? You know that Slytherins are no good. I am just trying to keep Lav from falling in with the wrong crowd."

"Coming from the boy who has been acting like a huge prat and just gave her a bruise..." Tracey snapped, gently rubbing the other girl's arm.

Ron attempted to move around his fellow Gryffindor, only to have the Longbottom heir step in front of him, and between the others, once more. "You should walk away Ron, before you get in even deeper trouble."

A snort escaped the redhead's lips, "Oh yeah, how do you figure? In case you haven't heard I am a lead Prefect which means..."

"Not anymore, didn't you hear? Umbridge died trying to blow up the Wizengamot and Dumbledore is on the run from Aurors, it's over Ron, so I'll only tell you one more time, walk away."

The two boys stared each other down for another minute, before the youngest Weasley son scowled and did as he had been told, leaving Neville shaking his head in disgust.


"Come in Mr. Weasley," the voice intoned, earning a scowl from the redhead as he stood and stomped into the office where the other Heads of House, both current and prior, had gathered. The new Headmaster currently sat behind his desk and gestured towards the empty seat apart from the other staff members. "Please, take a seat. As you have likely heard we are currently going over the status of every Prefect, the Head Boy and Head Girl for the remainder of the year. There have been... allegations that many had taken to abusing their positions."

The teen snorted, "Funny coming from you. How many times did you take points from Gryffindor unfairly or give them to Slytherin without reason?"

McGonagall scowled at her student, apparently the rumors about Ron's behavior had not been overstated as she had originally hoped.

Surprisingly, Snape gave a nod of agreement towards the redhead, "Very likely Mr. Weasley, but I am not currently being judged for my actions, you are. Now based upon more than twenty reports you have been severely misusing your authority. I have here sworn statements of you bullying younger students, forcing them to do your work, making threatening statements, intimidation, and even sexual misconduct."

"That's a lie!" The teen shouted as he stood from his chair, "they offered to do my homework, and the girls willingly flirted with me first! They knew who was important, and still is!"

The former Slytherin Head of House merely quirked up an eyebrow as he clasped his hands on top of the desk in front of him, "And who would that be Mr. Weasley?"

"Me of course! Umbridge made me Lead Prefect, she guaranteed me the position of Head Boy next year with Dumbledore, the real Headmaster not some fraud like you are!"

"Ronald Weasley!" Minerva interrupted, a look of disappointment in her eyes, "Umbridge had no power to make such promises or appointments, and Dumbledore is wanted for attempted murder!"

The boy quickly shook his head, "No, you don't understand! Dumbledore is the good guy! Potter and the other Slytherins are evil, Umbridge told me so herself! How can you say that the greatest Wizard of all time is a bad guy! He was a Gryffindor just like us for Merlin's sake! We are the good guys!"

"I believe we have heard enough..." Flitwick muttered, earning nods from the others.

Severus Snape gave a deep sigh, before making a few quick notes on the parchment in front of him. "Ronald Weasley, you are hereby stripped of your status as Prefect and placed under probation for the remainder of the year. Normally such accusations would result in suspension or even expulsion from Hogwarts but due to Dumbledore and Umbridge's influence we cannot be sure that your actions were entirely your fault. I suggest, Mr. Weasley, that you spend the remainder of the school year studying and reflecting upon your behavior and the changes you need to make to your personality and actions. You are dismissed."

The youngest Weasley son promptly stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him in the process in fury.


Harry returned to Hogwarts on the first of March and was greeted in the Great Hall by a standing ovation, led by the newest Headmaster himself. The boy merely gave a grin before taking his normal seat and continuing as if he hadn't almost been assassinated in the same room months prior.

Save for the change in faculty the year wound down much the same as a normal one would have. Homework was given out, House Points rewarded and deducted, detentions assigned for misbehaving, although these often took place in the Great Hall with several adults present including at least one Auror.

Severus Snape himself was often seen making rounds during the hallways, taking a quiet seat in the back of various classes, and generally making himself physically known throughout the school day. There still existed a sense of foreboding, that Hogwarts had been a place of fear and mistrust, but the air was slowly being cleared and the atmosphere purged. Confidence was returning, not only for the professors and parents, but the children as well. Laughter was once more heard in the halls between class, lighthearted pranks begun anew, and grades improved.

Before long exams had been announced, with the Defense Against the Dark Arts canceled due to poor teaching. Weeks of studying followed, and then the school year was over.

Slytherin had won the House Cup, although for once most Gryffindors didn't seem to object, and the Quidditch Cup was claimed by Hufflepuff. With that the students once more embarked on the Hogwarts Express to return home to eagerly awaiting parents.

All was at it should, and for one Slytherin in particular, an eager smile dominated his face. Despite Dumbledore's failings he still had a chance. His father would be making the official announcement this summer, and Daphne would finally be his, would finally understand her place in the world as his property.

No matter how many setbacks occurred he would still come out on top, one way or another.


Aurora Sinistra gave a sigh as she watched the students depart in their carriages for the summer. She had wanted to speak with her young lover alone, but such a thing was impossible with so much security. Even asking him to stay over in class was a risky endeavor and was sure to garner attention from at least one other adult, or possibly Auror.

She had been overjoyed when he had returned, seemingly no worse for wear, but could not rid her mind of the images of him broken and bleeding on the floor, Albus Dumbledore standing over him with a Wand in hand. How could she have been so blind? She should have paid more attention to him than any other staff member, save for Snape, and yet she hadn't even noticed the former Headmaster taking any unusual interest in the teen.

Or maybe she had, and just couldn't put two and two together.

"Perhaps next year…" she muttered sadly before shaking her head.

"There is always the summer as well Professor Sinistra."

Her heart almost stopped as she spun in place, not having heard the approach of the current Headmaster. "Pr… Headmaster, I apologize, I did not hear you…"

But Snape merely waved her concern aside as he took a few steps forward to join her at the window, "It appears another year is over."

The dark-skinned woman nodded, letting out some of the hesitation and anxiety that had just filled her. "Yes, this one seemed far longer than the others though…"

A nod confirmed the man's agreement with her statement, "It did… I am sure you were concerned about Mr. Potter's health like the rest of us were hm? It has led to quite a few restless nights."

She nodded, "Yes, it has..."

"You are in a sexual relationship with him, are you not?"

"Ye…" The Astronomy professor quickly snapped her jaw shut, eyes widening at the confession that almost slipped from her lips. "O-of course not! That would be incredibly immoral and illegal!"

Snape responded with a mere chuckle, "Strange how such things seem to follow Harry around then hm? Do not worry Aurora, I am not going to turn you in or anything of that nature. Unlike others I can tell when such a relationship is mutual or not. I would be more careful with how often you stare at him during class though, others may not be as understanding as I am."

Sinistra nodded slowly, still waiting for the man to blackmail her or make some demand in exchange for his silence. Instead he merely turned and went to depart, halting only at an intersecting hallway for a moment, "Do remember though, despite his celebrity Harry is not watched nearly as closely during the summer as in the school year. It would not be uncommon for him to receive fan mail or even spend a weekend or two with friends from school."


"What do you mean, 'you're breaking up with me'!?"

Lavender Brown gave a sigh as she shook her head, in truth she hadn't wanted to do it like this, in such a public place. She had been trying to think of a way they could meet up in a more private place during the summer, but Ronald Weasley wouldn't just leave her alone. "I mean I am breaking up with you Ron."

"B-but why!?"

The girl fought the urge to roll her eyes at the question, that literally anyone else would have been able to answer, before shoving her trunk up into the luggage area of the carriage she had chosen for the ride back to Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. Why couldn't the boy just let them have a peaceful trip instead of trying to push the boundaries that had been setup.

"Really Ron, you have the nerve to ask me why? How about acting like a major prat all year long, how about harassing other students, how about the threats you made towards me, or trying to control my life, or acting like you are Merlin's gift to everyone!?"

So she had been a little pent up in regards to her anger? It wasn't like she had a safe way of dealing with it while Umbridge was around, and after the investigations had begun, she was too swept up in everything else to properly think about the 'relationship' she had with her 'boyfriend'. When everything had finally settled, they were all under so much scrutiny that there was the feeling that any remarks towards another person would get them heavily punished.

She wanted Ron to face consequences, but on her terms, not because of some psychotic bitch and a crazy old man had tried to kill someone.

The redhead, in the meantime, looked like a mixture of a boy who had been caught stealing a cookie, and one who had just turned in an essay but was told it wasn't good enough.

To summarize, he looked guilty, but not because he had done anything wrong, but because he had been caught. And at that moment Lavender realized there was no future with him. No matter what Ron had always been one who thought he deserved everything, that he should be given it all for nothing in return, that it was never his fault. Worse, there was no indication he was ever going to change. She would always be suspicious of him because he didn't care about doing wrong, only about being scolded for it.

Shaking her head Lavender let out a sigh of both defeat, and relief. "I can't do this anymore Ron, I won't. I deserve better, someone who cares about me in return, and you clearly don't."

"Yes, I do!" he argued back, "you know I care Lav, just give me a chance."

Her eyes narrowed before she crossed her arms, "Fine, what is my birthday."

The youngest Weasley boy blinked in surprise, clearly thinking she would either cave or ask for some big declaration of romance like before. "Uh, what?"

"What is my birthday Ron? Or how about my favorite color, or my favorite food, or even my favorite class at Hogwarts!?"

"Ummm well… I mean that isn't fair, you don't know any of those answer about…"

"Your birthday is March first, your favorite food is bacon, your favorite colors are red and orange, and your favorite class is Magical creatures because Hagrid lets you slack off during it."

The boy stood dumbfounded, before a stupid grin formed on his face, "See, you know everything about me, we are perfect together."

"No Ron, we aren't. You don't know anything about me while I was blind and stupid enough not to notice. I encouraged this type of relationship and it isn't healthy for either you or me… so I'm ending it. Now please leave."

Ron tried to stutter out another argument or two as to why they should stay as a couple, but came up blank and stormed out, muttering about how unfair life was.


Hermione Granger frowned as she looked around the room, most of Harry's 'inner circle' were present, along with a good portion of the lover's he had taken on a serious basis. The only one who seemed to be missing was their Lord himself.

Before she could remark upon this Sirius Black cleared his throat, quieting the various conversations that had started up, "Since we are all here, I think it is a good time as any to start. Our Lord is currently working on his summer project, so he will not be present for now. I have already spoken with him about this topic last summer but since he has enough currently going on, I am going to be handling this meeting myself.

Now, then, I am sure many of you have either been informed, or have made guesses based on rumors, about what the future may hold for the Purebloods, especially concerning my godson."

The bushy-haired Witch had long since decided not to hold her tongue when it came to information that pertained to her, and voiced this concern, "Not all of us do Lord Black."

Chuckling, while nodding in consent, the man turned to answer her question, but was interrupted by Lucius Malfoy, "Do you know what the definition of a Pureblood is miss Granger?"

She frowned, if this was going to be another talk about 'superiority' then she would be more than willing to tell the pompous ass where to shove his opinions. Seeing the annoyed look on her face, however, caused the man to quickly shake his head, "No, not like that. I mean the real definition. What our society considers a Pureblood."

"Someone with Magical ancestors going back at least five generations I believe."

Ignoring the nods from the less intelligent men and women in the room the man pressed on, "Not quite, you see it is far simpler than that. Every Pureblood family is defined by a single characteristic, their ability to trace their own line back to a single man… Merlin Emrys."

Her eyes widened in shock, earning a softer chuckle from the Malfoy Lord, "Quite a shock hm? That it is more than just bigotry that causes us to think of ourselves as superior? You see when Merlin began to explore his own power, he theorized that any child he helped conceive would be inherently Magical due to his own nature, and far stronger on average. He was correct, and from that single idea came the goal of continuing the Magical community for the good of all mankind, back before we chose to hide ourselves away from Muggles. Those Witches he would produce a child with were elevated in society and their descendants became the Major Pureblood lines such as the Malfoys and the Blacks. When he chose to mate with Muggle women instead, the product was still a Magical child, but they were seen as 'lesser' and thus became the Minor families, such as the Weasleys and Potters."

"But…" she stammered out, her mind trying to make connections to their present situation as quickly as possible, "what does that have to do with…"

This time it was Sirius who decided to step in, "Based upon how powerful we know him to be, and the fact we are still unsure of what he is capable of, we have theorized that Harry will be the same as Merlin. Any child he is part of conceiving will be inherently Magical and more powerful than the normal Wizard or Witch. Once this information becomes publicly known the results are going to be obvious, our Lord will be the start of the next generation of Purebloods."

By now most of the other younger individuals in the room appeared just as shocked, "That means…"

Remus nodded from nearby, "That there very easily could be a 'House Granger' in the Pureblood Directory a generation from now."

Hermione's mind finally stabilized, and she shook her head in a dismissive manner, "No… not Granger. I want nothing to do with that name anymore. If anything, I could just pass on the Potter name assuming…" she glanced in Hedwig's direction, earning a soft laugh from the white-haired girl.

"Do not look at me, I never thought I would be much of a mother and we weren't sure the results of my physiology being mixed with a human's. I am content with being an aunt several times over. How exactly was your conversation with Harry about this Sirius?"

Letting out a deep sigh the Lord Black gave a dry laugh, "Yeah, that was a fun conversation, 'hey Harry, just so you know a lot of women are going to want you to impregnate them in the next couple years so that they can form the next Pureblood Houses'. It was awkward and unpleasant for both of us, but he was at least open to the ideas and a few suggestions I had. For now, he is focusing on school and politics until he has graduated, at that point the talk about children will likely come up again."


Sirius Black slumped back into a rather comfortable chair, a glass of whisky in his hand as he thought back on the conversation he and his godson had gone through the summer prior.

Sirius had nodded at the teen's demand for information, "Okay, well ever since Malfoy told us about your technique during the battle with Riddle, we began to suspect that you were even more powerful than we thought. Merlin wasn't the only Wizard who could use the kind of Magic you showed against the Dark Lord, but he was the only one who learned it naturally. Even Dumbledore needed decades of time, resources, training guides, and God knows what else to reach that level... Harry you did it in less than fifteen years."

"Which implies an inherently strong Magic, especially since I am still growing stronger."

The older man nodded, "Exactly, look I don't want to throw something else at you when I wasn't completely sure but... well it is getting hard to ignore the facts. This might mean that any future kids are considered Pureblood by default, the next major 'generation' of them so to speak. Now obviously this isn't guaranteed, and hell if we don't say anything it might even go unnoticed… but with how popular you are and all…" the Black Lord gave a shrug.

"Okay, so who all have been considered thus far."

Sirius winced, before pulling out a, rather lengthy, list. "This is just from the direct followers, I think it is fairly clear that with all the marriage proposals you received..."

"Bloody hell..." the boy groaned, closing his eyes and rubbing at the bridge of his nose.

Sirius cleared his throat to try and break the tension, "Listen Harry... you know that you don't have to do this right? I mean it doesn't matter what the results might be of you having kids, it is up to you. If you don't want to have any Moony and I will support you, if you want to just stick with a few of the girls you are close to that is fine, if you want to impregnate every Witch who offers, then more power to you and I will pay for the statue they erect in the Ministry to your manliness."

His godson let out a laugh, "It certainly is tempting... there are a lot of pretty girls at Hogwarts after all..."

Sirius grinned, "And older Witches do have that... experience factor to them, plus considering their husbands are usually depriving them of the simple 'pleasures' in life means they are going to be very thankful."

"So... who is being considered from your point of view?"

It had been odd, at least to Sirius Black, for his godson to be asking him who the boy himself should be considering for a future mother.

"Well... I think that the core couple of girls are probably reliable right? Hermione, Ginny, and Luna all seem to want your babies like... right now. Then a few of your classmates as well, like Greengrass and Parkinson."

"I believe Pansy is marrying Draco." the boy corrected earning the shaking of the man's head.

"She will be but that doesn't really matter. Her obligation to him is one heir or heiress for the Malfoy name. If you shag her rotten and knock her up, then they could declare that child to be a Parkinson instead. That is how a family with only one daughter can continue their line even if she marries another Pureblood. It is also how we end up with a minor and major part of a house. For instance, I am the heir of the Black Family because I am considered the 'major' part of the line, whereas Narcissa and Bella are minor. Nothing to do with them being women, it is just how it ended up. That is why if you were with both Greengrass daughters they would split the kids into two different houses like that. Both would still be in the same family but distinctly different."

"So, if Pansy had a child and declared it a Parkinson... how is Lucius trying to weasel his way into the Malfoy's staying Pureblood?"

The marauder grinned before answering the question, "Oh that one is easy Harry, Cissa wants you to shag her rotten. She would have a Malfoy... although I am not sure if it would be minor or major at that point with Draco still in the family..."

Harry cringed at that bureaucratic nightmare, before continuing on with his questions, "And your own Padfoot? I assume you want the Black line to continue?"

The man waved the idea off, "Personally, I would be fine if it did die off, but based on the 'put a baby in me now' eyes that Bella keeps giving you... well that or Tonks if you want to go with the safer, less crazy route."

"Why does it feel" the boy muttered, as he took everything in, that every time one problem seems solved another two arise?"

The man laughed, "The good with the bad my Lord" Sirius teased, "you get your pick of crazy horny women... and you get the problems that come along with that."

The Animorphmagus shook his head, Harry had been surprisingly agreeable about the whole 'You might want to have as many children as possible' idea, not that he blamed the teen. If he had that many women chasing after him during school… Sirius paused, before letting a shiver run down his spine.

"Actually, being constantly harassed by women wanting to jump me at every waking moment sounds like a nightmare… good thing it is him and not me." He noted, a smirk forming on his face, "You sure have one hell of a son Prongs."


"I've decided" Tonks announced as she walked into the room Harry was currently working in and sat on the desk, directly on top of his papers and earning a quirk of his eyebrow.

"Oh? And do tell what it is you have decided upon."

The Metamorphmagus took a deep breath to try and calm her nerves, "I am not returning to the Aurors... I am staying as a reporter for the Quibbler."

He nodded, "I figured."

"Wh... no of course you did... not sure why I didn't just ask you to tell me what I decided before going through all the stress."

His gaze found hers, and she suddenly found it a bit harder to breathe with the intensity contained within them, "You needed to figure it out for yourself Tonks, it is your life not mine. Although I can assume what choice you will make it is still up to you to make it. Always has been, always will be."

The woman nodded, before letting out a sigh, "I just... am tired of risking my life for a government I don't give a shite about... plus rumor has it you are starting up a future 'mother' list..."

"Rumors hm? I must say if my followers have so much time for such childish things then perhaps they have a bit too much free time to begin with."

Tonks grinned devilishly, "Probably... but if you are taking applications..."


The woman nodded to herself, "I want in, I've always wanted to be a mom and... well it is another reason to take an easier job that isn't full of risks."

The boy-who-lived mused over the idea for a moment before letting out an overly-dramatic sigh as well, "I suppose that is acceptable. Do you know what family name you might want to take? As I understand it you could go with either 'Black' or 'Tonks'."

"Hmmmm, well my crazy-ass aunt might be in the running so not sure if I want to deal with that drama so maybe I'll just stick with 'Tonks'. Plus, how funny will it be when all those stuck up assholes have to deal with a Muggle name becoming a major Pureblood household in a few years?"


The meeting room was packed, with many being forced to stand alongside the walls rather than having enough space for chairs. They had been summoned, old and young alike, by their Lord. Brought together for an announcement that promised to explain the future of their world.

A door opened, and in walked a raven-haired boy with a smile on his face, moments later he stood at the very front of the room, with those in attendance falling silent in anticipation. "I am glad to see you all have arrived on such short notice, as mentioned in the letter you have all received prior to coming here I believe it is time to share with you my vision of the future. Before I go on, I wish to ask a simple question."

The teen turned to Lucius Malfoy, who expertly hid his confusion and apprehension.

"Tell me Lucius, when you were in Hogwarts, did you ever dumb yourself down to the level of those around you? Choose to make mistakes and errors for no reason?"

Blinking, the blonde shook his head, "Of course not my Lord, such a thing would be insulting to myself and my family."

Harry nodded, before gesturing towards Snape, "And you Headmaster? Did you ever mess up a Potion just so that others would not think you superior to them?"

The man snorted before shaking his head, earning a grin as the Potter heir turned once more, "Bellatrix, did you ever lose a duel on purpose just so the one you were up against would feel better about themselves?"

The woman cackled madly, sending shivers down the spines of those who had dueled her, as they could attest the Witch did not pull punches.

"No, no of course you didn't. We do not ask Miss Granger to fail tests so that those who are not as intelligent can think themselves smarter. We do not insist that those with a natural skill towards Charms lower themselves to the level of those who fail. We do not demand that the skilled and talented pretend to be those who are lesser… and yet we do. Every single day we all do, and we demand it of others. Every single day we choose to pretend that we do not exist, we hide away from over ninety percent of the people on this planet just because they are less capable than us."

Sirius' eyes widened in shock, "You are talking about the International Statue of Wizarding Secrecy…"

His Lord nodded, "I am, for over three-hundred years we have hidden away from the Muggles, living double lives in fear of discovery. Muggleborn Witches and Wizards lose their family and friends to join our society, and yet are immediately outcasts. We demand that mere children control the very part of them that makes them different just because we want to be separate."

"It isn't just because of that though," A Pureblood spoke up from the gathering, "the Muggles hunted us down, executed hundreds…"

Nodding the boy directed his attention onto the man, "Yes, they did… because people are stupid, ignorant, and terrified of anything they cannot explain, of anything that does not fit into their little corner of life they work so hard to build… but what if they weren't? What if tomorrow every Muggle simply knew about Magic… and were perfectly fine with it? If we could incorporate the Muggle and Magical Worlds together seamlessly?"

"But how? Muggles will never understand, much less accept our existence?"

The boy merely smiled.



The Nott heir quickly walked towards his room after he and his father had returned to their mansion. The thought of unifying the Muggle and Magical Worlds? Of Muggles accepting Wizards and Witches as superiors? It was folly.

It was madness.

The 'Lord of Darkness' would doom them all, would be the end of them if steps were not taken! Even worse was the announcement of the future shift in legacy. If Potter ended up being the creator of the next group of Purebloods, then his hope of owning Daphne and her sister would go up in smoke. Judging by the way that the older had been eyeing him, and the approval in her father's own expression, then he might lose unless steps were taken immediately.

The teen had to be destroyed, and his followers shamed. If such a thing occurred, then the balance of power could shift once more. Once the Greengrasses were outed as followers of a failed Dark Lord, and his own involvement in the victory over Potter revealed, he could offer the Pureblood house sanctuary and a restoration of honor through his own bloodline. Then he would achieve everything he had ever wanted, ever dreamed of. Two loyal, beautiful, women as his own. Family prestige, honor, power, wealth. Surely through his own actions he would be given a reward for bringing a future 'Dark Lord' down before his rise.

He quickly sat at his desk and began a letter to Dumbledore, the man had to be informed in order to escalate his actions. Hopefully this time the useless old Wizard could finish his job rather than failing to do so.


A cloaked figure moved through the dark, nearly abandoned, streets of a small-town miles outside of London, a Muggle town to be precise. It had been raining earlier but the weather had slowed to a drizzle, lining the street with puddles and helping to keep bystanders off the sidewalks.

Minutes later the man reached his destination, a nondescript house with only one of two lanterns burning outside the door. Instead of using the front entrance, the individual went around back passing through a small wooden gate and quietly opening the doors that lead into the storm cellar below.

Once there, and assured that his voyage had gone unnoticed, the Wizard entered the underground room, and glanced about at those few already assembled, none of which seemed happy to see him in the least.

"I think I speak for all assembled when I say this is the last of your favors. Now what the hell is going on Albus?" Flitwick growled, as the former Headmaster pulled the cloak from his head and let out a weary sigh.