When It Was About To Go Dark

Chapter 1

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It had been a while since they had seen their father.

They had done their fourth year examinations well, Vikram Maurya mused, as he looked out of the windows to contemplate the beautiful gardens in front of him. He was certain of his decision to send his granddaughters to England to visit their father, though their Nani wasn't that keen to let them go anywhere. That had been a point of argument between him and his wife for weeks, before she finally relented. After all, their mother had had her trips at their age; why shouldn't they?

Granted, the twins got into trouble wherever they went, but this time, he had everything arranged and done properly. He had hired guards to keep a lookout for them at the IMOM, the apparition point, the British ministry of magic, till they were with their Granddad, Septimus. It wasn't going to be a problem at all.

It was a surprise for the twins, so when they found out, their grandfather was nearly tackled to the ground by two very excited girls who couldn't just stop themselves. After all, it had been quite a while since they had been to Great Britain and seen either their Granddad or their father.

Their father had just left to spy for the Order when they were to be born. It was a hard time; both for his daughter and for him but both of them were somehow in contact with one another even after he went away. He told Vikram and his wife of the horrors he had to face as being a spy against that group, and that he cannot have his family under such an environment. He never told Amisha of this as she would be worrying for him endlessly. So he promised them that he would come and visited them when he could.

Even when the war had ended, he had simply resigned from his teaching post and came back to India. He just couldn't take things anymore, what with the press, the public, the Old Minister of Magic, Gabriella James, the Death eaters and Dumbledore hounding him. James was another troublemaker altogether. When Amisha had found out, she had the woman 'removed'. Lucius helped her with that.

After that incident, the days were peaceful, till Severus got a letter from the meddlesome codger, Dumbledore, to come back and start spying again, because HE was still alive and was hiding somewhere. He had to go; he just couldn't do anything. He had vowed to him that he would ensure Harry was safe, at all costs.

But then, three years after he went off, Amisha was murdered. The circumstances were mysterious, but it had happened. His little girl was gone.

It had shaken everyone to the core, but it was Severus who had suffered the most. He just….. changed, after that, like he wasn't able to let her go. Let go of that pain. Like he was working through his day with that pain.

He still came to meet his daughters, but he barely had the time, what with his job and spying. Whenever he did come to meet them, he always looked haggard, tired, and very busy. His insomnia was getting a worse day by day. But he tried his hardest to spend as much time with the Twins as possible. It was an unspoken rule between the family members to not speak about his job to anyone. The twins understood from an early age that their father had to be somewhere and they couldn't be there with him. So they didn't trouble him much about that.

He had no problem raising them both, being the youngest potions master of India and a member of the Royale 15. He was also well known in the muggle world, doing humanitarian work and helping control the poverty and lack of jobs as much as possible. He also set up a group of companies to ensure jobs for the jobless.

His chain of thought was broken by his granddaughters' voices calling him.

"Nana!" Anusha and Anya spoke together. They were very different from other youngsters of their age. Both of them were a bit quiet, bookish, and clever for their age. They were a perfect mix of both their parents - average heighted, with shoulder length hair, black eyes and lean frame just like their father's and facial features just like their mother's. But both of them had their own personalities which made them unique. But they always stuck together, no matter what.

"Nana, we're ready! Can we leave now?" Anya asked, excitedly.

"Yes, but your Nani is coming to say goodbye. You know how angry she gets when you both run out of the house without saying goodbye."

"Yes, in fact, I have the right to, you know," came a stern voice. They turned towards the source of it and smiled.

"We were not going to leave before saying goodbye, Nani," Anusha said exasperatedly, rolling her eyes.

"I know. Now, remember, the portkey's password will be given to you. Make sure you remember it. And it is enchanted to only be activated in your voice. I know that you can take care of yourselves. So be careful, Okay?" she said in a gentle, slightly strained voice.

"Okay. We understand Nani," They said together.

"Keep calm."

"It's just a portkey." Vikram said helpfully, quickly averting his eyes as his wife glared at him fiercely.

"Oh, hush, you! I am worried enough, as it is! I'll have a talk with you about this, just you wait! Have lots of fun, you two," She went back to talking to her granddaughters, much to Vikram's chagrin and the twins' amusement.

"It is going to be quiet around here without you both, you know," Nana said.

"I'll miss you both. Come back soon, okay?"

"For Merlin's sake, we aren't actually settling down there! We'll be back in, like, a few weeks!"

"You both better be back to me. My Bacchas." She said, pulling them close to her.

They both chuckled and hugged their grandmother. Levitating their trunks, they shrunk them and kept them in their pockets and apparated to the Ministry with their Nana, after the goodbyes with Nani. They were given the portkey and the password.

Anusha said, "I'm saying the password-"

"No! I am. My turn. Give me."

"Alright, then. You better say it clearly; we don't want an incident like the last time."

"Hey! That was an accident."

"If you say so. I for one would never want to get to see the Minister's personal secretary like that ever again. And I really don't know about you."

Anya shoved her gently, and took the portkey from her. Nana rolled his eyes and smiled at the girls' antics.

Anusha then turned to their Nana and said, "Okay then, Nana. I'll miss you."

He laughed and said, "I will miss you too. Both of you. Come back soon and remember, Raman would be there to help you out if you want. You just have to use the diary."

"Of course, Nana. We will remember." Anya said, slipping an arm around Anusha's shoulders.

They held the portkey, which was a pendant around their hands. Anya said the password, and they felt the familiar tug at their naval. In no time, they were in the British Isles. But they did not land in the ministry. Instead they had landed on the outskirts of a small magical town. They were a little puzzled as to why, before Anya sighed.

"Well, there have been complaints given by people who landed in the areas which was on the opposite end of where they wanted to be. It seems like it has not been rectified. Remember Mrs. Sharma was talking about to Nani that day about this?"

They remembered coming home from their classes one day to find their Nani talking to the elderly lady. She was telling about how she and her husband had ended up in an alleyway in France, instead of the French Ministry of Magic.

Anusha said, "Yeah, I think so too, sis. Looks like we're going to have to find a place to stay. Thankfully, we have money for that." And so, they walked to the entrance of the village and looked around. The people were going on with their everyday jobs. It was very peaceful and quiet out here, the Twins noted as they looked around.

Suddenly, they heard multiple Apparations at once and screams of fright from the people. They looked around to find that people were running away from a group of men who were wearing masks and black robes. They became alert when one of them pointed a wand towards a woman who was clutching her child. Anya quickly took out her wand.


The man was thrown away laughing from the mother and child, who stood and quickly ran away. But it turned the masked men's attention on them. Two of them started dueling with Anya, who skillfully dodged and shielded against the spells, but she was straining herself. Anusha sighed and took out her wand and started shooting spells at the men, knocking one of them down.

And here we go attracting trouble again… Dad would certainly say 'I told you so'...

"You had to go and do that, sis?"Anusha called out to her.

"Well, he was hurting them for no reason!" Anya shouted back. Anusha shook her head, and went beside her twin to put up a front and coordinate.



"Petrifus totalus!"

They were good, but it was getting a bit straining to keep on fighting with so many at once.

Just then, another group of men apparated there and started shooting spells on the masked men too. One of them, a gruff looking man with grizzly hair and a distorted face strode towards them and said, "Kids, it is dangerous for ya both to be 'ere. You have fought and disarmed the Death Eaters. Now let the Aurors handle the situation. You both are too young for this."

The twins gave him a look which made him chuckle.

Just then, someone shouted, "MOODY!" and shot a purple colored spell at the Auror. Anya, knowing that the spell would disintegrate every bone in the old man's body if it ever made contact, quickly countered with her shields and looked over to the man who looked shocked and livid. She smirked and shouted, "Carmina Fulgur!" A thunder bolt shot out from her wand and it hit the man. He was thrown back with a scream. Anya looked at the Auror and raised an eyebrow as if to say, 'You were saying something?'

The man was surprised, but nodded, "You've been trained for situations. That's nice and proper!"

Just then, one of those men shot a curse at Anya and she was thrown back, who wasn't looking at the time. She became unconscious courtesy of a deep wound that she now sported. Blood slowly came out of the wound and drenched side of her face and the ground.

"Anya!" Anusha shouted, and turned her attention to her twin. But that distraction proved to be bad for her, as she too, was knocked over by a blue light directed towards her. She fell on the ground, and she felt a sharp pain in her head which rendered her unconscious.

Anusha woke up with a feeling that she had been hit by a truck. She sat up on the bed with a groan. Oh gods, she thought, what happened? She touched her head and winced. She could feel the bandage wrapped around her head. A head injury from the way her head was spinning. No wonder she was feeling like this. She looked at her hands. Her right hand was broken. Any movement was rewarded with a sharp pain in her upper arm. She groaned and tried remembering what had exactly happened. It then hit her, coming to visit Papa and Granddad, landing in a small magical town instead, being attacked by masked men, Aurors (or whoever they were) arriving, getting hit by one of the masked men, then black.

Well, now that's how I'm sporting a bump on my head with a side order of a concussion, free with a hand fracture. Fantastic, just fantastic….

She looked around to find rows and rows of cots in the room and being seated in a cot herself. Looked like an infirmary from the surroundings and the sterile and fresh smell. She turned to find her sister in a cot a few feet away. She looked fast asleep. She rolled her eyes and shook her head. Trust her sister to be at ease sleeping god-knows-where.

"Don't be a hypocrite, Anusha. I saw you doing the same when you were asleep." Anya said, still half asleep. Anusha's face turned pink at that admission.

"Oh shut up! Go to sleep, I'll take in from here. We'll talk later." She ordered her twin gently. But the girl was already asleep.

She sighed and looked out of the window in front of her. The rays were pouring in from the window and giving an orange-ish glow to everything as the sun set in the horizon. The scenery was beautiful and calmed her mind a lot.

What a way to end the day…. Portkey in the morning, fight in the afternoon, and infirmary in the evening….. Life is such a bitch…..

Just then, she turned her head away to see a woman wearing Matron's robes came bustling in, muttering something that sounded like 'no young kid should fight those men' under her breath. She looked at Anusha and smiled. Anusha smiled back politely.

"Ah, my dear! Thank goodness you're awake! How are you feeling?"

"I feel fine, thank you. Could you please tell me where I am, ma'am?" Anusha asked, as the lady put a diagnostic charm on her. After a few moments, she hummed and said, "You are suffering a concussion, my dear. Also, the wound will take a while to heal. You need rest, lots of rest. Now, as for your question I'm sure Professor Dumbledore will answer it for you, my dear. He's waiting outside. I'll send him in."

Anusha perked up at that name. She remembered the name from somewhere, but her Head injury almost made it impossible for her to remember where.

Professor Dumbledore? Why does that name ring a bell?

A man with a long white beard came in. He had baby blue eyes which seemed to be twinkling constantly, a crooked nose and a smile on his face. He looked at her and his already twinkling eyes seemed to twinkle more. She smiled a small smile, politely nodding at him.

"Ah, good evening my dear." He wished her.

"Good evening."

"How are you feeling?" He asked kindly, in a grandfatherly way.

"I feel fine sir, thank you. Can you please tell me where I am?" She asked, keeping a neutral expression, ready to jump to action all the while looking calm on the outside.

"You are at Hogwarts right now, my dear. We brought you both here after those men escaped. Apparently, you and your sister put up quite a fight against those men, as told to me by Auror Moody."

But Anusha had long stopped listening, as her eyes widened at the mention of 'Hogwarts' and her brain went to autopilot.

Wait, Hogwarts?! If this is Hogwarts, then that means that-


She turned wide eyed towards the sound of her father's deep voice.

"Oh shit!" She muttered, putting her hand on her mouth in shock as she heard the voice.

"I'm here, Severus." Professor Dumbledore said, turning a little to look at the end of the screen.

A man in black robes entered the area. He had shoulder length hair, obsidian eyes, a sharp face and thin lips. He had opened his mouth to speak to the Headmaster, but noticed Anusha sitting up on the cot and his eyes widened.


Anusha's face wore a guilty and nervous expression as she laughed awkwardly.

"Hi, Papa."

The men just looked on at her, shocked.