Chapter 3

Writing Club

Disney Challenge - Jafar - Write about someone manipulative.

Book Club - Julie Lawry - (character) Pansy Parkinson, (word) poison, (word) information

Showtime - Dancing Through Life - (dialogue) "It's clear we deserve each other."

Days of the Month - Pluto Day - Write about someone who is often overlooked or forgotten

Count Your Buttons - (dialogue) "We all know it's true.", (word) fruit

Lyric Alley - 28. As life breaks new ground

Liza's Loves - Widow's Kiss - Write about someone moving on

Jenny's Jovial Quotations - 10. "I once dated a guy who was so dumb he couldn't count to twenty-one unless he was naked." - Joan Rivers

Other Challenges

Femslash February - 46. GinnyPansy

Serpent Day - Green anaconda - (object) apple

Insane House Challenge - 940. (restriction) Only two characters

Genre: Romance/Friendship


"It's clear we deserve each other."

Ginny pauses, her teeth buried in an apple. "What?"

"We all know it's true," Pansy elaborates. "I like you, you like me."

"I thought we had already clarified that." Ginny extracts her teeth, leaving two symmetrical bite marks in the fruit.

"I know we did," Pansy says, her eyes focused on her nails as she painstakingly paints them. "But we haven't made it official yet. I think we should."

Ginny gazes at her. She likes this girl, the opportunities she offers, the alluring poison in her smile. She's not the prissy girl everyone thinks she is, she actually has substance. She's manipulative and clever, and Ginny has found herself under her influence on a multitude of occasions (willingly).

"I don't know if we should," she says. "It's a dangerous time. I'm a Gryffindor and you're a Slytherin. We're at the peak of our rivalry right now."

"No shit, Sherlock," Pansy deadpans. "So what? You decided to defy that the moment you started fancying me. What's the point in stopping now?"

"I suppose you have a point," Ginny sighs. That's another thing she likes about Pansy- her sharp tongue. Sometimes, she thinks they both could've been Sorted into Ravenclaw.

Pansy smiles. "I know."

They sit in comfortable silence for a few minutes. Ginny continues eating her apple, and Pansy's eyes flick back and forth between her nails and Ginny's lips.

"You know, you're not like any other guy or girl I've dated," Pansy says. "You're someone who actually has a brain."

"All people have brains, Pans."

"I could contest that," Pansy snorts. "I once dated a guy who was so dumb he couldn't count to twenty-one unless he was naked. What I meant was, you're someone who I can war with intellectually. Someone who appreciates my dry humor and returns it back."

Ginny, ironically, has nothing to say to the near-compliment. "Er, thanks?"

Pansy sets down the bottle of nail polish and blows on her nails. "And another thing: it would be useful to have information from both sides of the war, right? You associate with the light side, me with the dark side. We don't have to tell anyone we're involved. That'll be our little secret."

Ginny ponders this. She's always relished the idea of sneaking around and being in a private relationship. Ever since she'd left Harry, it had been the talk of the school for several days and she was often accosted by people in the corridors, asking for the details of their breakup (which she was less than inclined to disclose). Furthermore, Ron and Hermione had been giving her numerous dirty looks in the halls. Apparently, Harry was upset and inconsolable and they were condemning her for that.

(In her opinion, he had more pressing matters to worry about, like defeating Voldemort.)

Granted, she'd been pretty distressed herself, but unlike Harry, she had moved on. She had "clicked" with Pansy not long after, and the two had been meeting up multiple times a week, under the guise of acquaintances.

(The school is gullible, Ginny thinks wryly. It's plenty obvious they're so much more than that.)

She and Pansy worked well together in most circumstances, which would've been a surprise but Ginny's endured more surprises than she can count, being the youngest and the only girl from seven children in her immediate family.

"That sounds brilliant," she agrees. "I think we'll benefit more from that kind of partnership."

Pansy smiles, danger and promise mixing to form a deadly concoction. "I like the way you think."

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