Chapter 4


Assignment 3, Task #7 - Apollo, God of Music: Write a musician!AU

Library Lovers - Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell - (plot point) Misunderstanding, (plot point) Something coming to an end, (restriction) Feature a slash pairing

Insane House Challenge - (word count) 1000 words

Scavenger Hunt - 3. Write a slash pairing

Writing Club

Character Appreciation - (trait) Accepting of those that are different than him

Disney Challenge - The Sultan - Word Set: Hypnotized/short/happy

Book Club - Nick Andros - (AU) deaf-mute, (genre) friendship, (trait) intelligent

Showtime - I'mm Not That Girl - (word) steal

Count Your Buttons - (character) Remus Lupin

Lyric Alley - 7. I'm a little bit nervous

Restriction of the Month - (Song) Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

Liza's Loves - Death by Chocolate - Write about Remus Lupin

Genre: Romance/Friendship

Summary: Sirius moves in next door to a musician. Not only is his music beautiful, but so is he...


Remus's fingers fly gracefully across the piano keys, creating a beautiful melody that could be heard for miles around...

...or at least, in the next flat over.

Sirius Black is Remus's new neighbor, and he is unpacking his belongings when he hears the rich tune floating through the air. Hypnotized, he halts and listens to the music for a few minutes, wondering where on Earth it's coming from.

Almost as if he were in trance, he follows the sound, his feet moving of their own accord. He stumbles out of his flat and to the door of the next one. His body collapses on the door and Sirius snaps out of his daze, righting himself and clearing his throat loudly, and glances around to ensure there are no witnesses. Thankfully, with the exception of a lone pigeon, there are none.

He raises his fist and knocks on the door, first softly but when the music doesn't cease, a bit harder. No one answers the door no matter how many times he knocks, and by then his knuckles are raw from practically banging on the wood.

His next course of action is to try the doorknob, and to his surprise, the door is unlocked and swings open abruptly, causing Sirius to nearly lose his balance again. He steadies himself, making a mental note to tell the owner to lock the door, or at least install a security system.

His quest is easy from there. He wanders around the flat, admiring the sheer number of notebooks, novels, and sheet music stacked neatly in piles. Most of the rooms he passes are organized in a similar fashion, and he marvels that despite the small size of the flat, everything has its own place.

Finally, he arrives at the source of the music and his ears register the rise in volume as he opens the door, his heart picking up in pace.

It seems to be a bedroom of sorts, save for a medium-sized piano situated in the rightmost corner. A man is seated there, his hands moving fluidly across the keys. From his position in the doorway, all Sirius can surmise about the man is that he has brown hair and is a talented pianist.

Sirius elevates his voice above the volume of the piano, but apparently the man can't hear. He tries futilely once more, and then with irritation swelling, he taps him on the shoulder.

The music cuts off as the man spins around in his chair and the first thing Sirius sees are his gorgeous amber eyes, clouded with alarm. He is the most stunning man he's ever encountered, there is no refuting it. He stares, enchanted.

The man raises his eyebrows and Sirius coughs, jerking out his stupor, realizing that he has absolutely no reason to be here, and therefore has nothing to say.

So, he says the first thing his mind invents. "Your music is beautiful."

The man cocks his head, but says nothing.

Sirius is bewildered, wondering if the man didn't hear him clearly. "I said, 'Your music is beautiful,'" he repeats.

The man lifts his slender hands and signs something. Fortunately, Sirius is well-educated in sign language and is able to immediately translate.

I'm sorry, but I am deaf and mute, the man signs.

Oh, I'm sorry, Sirius signs back, his cheeks blooming with scarlet. I completely embarrassed myself, didn't I?

The man shakes his head and Sirius feels relieved. I'm Sirius.

They sign back and forth.

I'm Remus.

Nice to meet you.

Same to you. What are you doing here?

I heard your music.

Was it loud?

No, it was beautiful.

Thank you. Remus blushes. The redness in his pale cheeks makes Sirius smile.

Where did you learn to play like that?

Self taught. There aren't any instructors here who take on deaf and mute people.

Well, they are all gits to not have a brilliant student like you.

This makes Remus crack a small smile.

Thank you. I have another question.

Ask away.

Are you my new neighbor?

In the flesh.

Since you're new, I think I'll play a special song for you.

Remus turns back to the keyboard and his fingers start gliding across the keys, and complex notes start pouring out of the piano. The result is not the same song as before, but a different piece. Instead of stealing his breath, it fills him to the brim with something akin to happiness. It is a warm sensation that uplifts Sirius's spirits.

He is also awestruck. It must've taken him ages to compose it, which makes Sirius realize another thing: this man is not only a gifted musician, but he is intelligent. It strikes a chord within him.

(It's not easy to compose a song, and such a excellent one at that. Remus has a special aptitude, which makes him completely brilliant.)

It's a short song and it ends all too soon. Sirius claps, awed, and Remus turns to see an expression of bliss on his face.

That was amazing.

Thank you.

No, really. It's incredible that despite having two disabilities, you still manage to brighten someone else's day with your music. That's the most selfless thing I've ever seen.

Remus has evidently has nothing to sign to that, but it's blatantly obvious that he is flattered.

And as a bonus, you're attractive.

Crimson stains his cheeks as Sirius grins charmingly, but he is nothing but nervous inside. That was a bold statement directed at someone he barely knows, but it feels like he can trust this man.

Remus signs something back, and Sirius squints to translate it before a dazzling smile breaks out on his face.

You're pretty good-looking yourself.

(He definitely has a future with this man.)

Remus gazes at him in a way that says the ball is in your court.

But Sirius already has something in mind.

Want to have dinner with me tomorrow night? My place, eight o'clock?

Remus nods, still flushed, and signs one word: yes.

1000 words