Semper Amare

Chapter 1

Author's Note: This story is being written by myself, and a very good friend of mine, BaconLord 1115. We will be collaborating with this story and make sure it gets updated quickly.

Disclaimer: We don't own Harry Potter, those rights belong to J.K. Rowling. We are just writing the story on how we wish it would have been.

Chapter 1

Hello, my name is Hermione Jessabelle Black. I am the twin sister of Sirius Orion Black. I am about to start at one of the most prestigious schools ever made. Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Though I'm not as excited as most people would be. My mind is elsewhere. I'm nervous about what is about to come.

Today is Sirius and my birthday. This year is the year our marks will appear, you see as purebloods on our eleventh birthday a mark appears signifying whom we are to marry, they are our soulmates.

For girls our mark appears on our forearms, while for guys it appears on their shoulder blades. So now Sirius and I are both waiting patiently for them to appear, we were born two hours from now.

Hermione's POV

"Don't be nervous dear children." Mother tells us as we sit there fidgeting around nervously.

"I'm scared mother." I admit as a single tear falls down my cheek followed by another. "What if he doesn't like me?" I say quietly looking down.

"Everything is going to be alright Hermione, I'm sure of it." Sirius said solemnly. "If he doesn't love you I will make him regret being born." Sirius said with such a deadly look in his eyes I gulped visibly not daring to even reply for fear of the answer. I'm beginning to feel my forearm heat up, it burns. My mark is slowly appearing…

"Oww!" I yelp in a surprised tone. I didn't think this would be painful. I look over to Sirius who bears the same look as me.

"This hurts!" Sirius says grimacing. Mother and father walk up to us. Father kneels down next to me, he then grabs my arm and pulls up my sleeve, we both look down at the swollen angry red rash appearing. Father then pulls out his wand. He whispers some type of incantation. My arm starts to cool down and the pain fades away. I look up at my father.

"Thank you." I say genuinely, I look over to Sirius whom is still grimacing in pain. But father makes no move to help him. I suppose it's because I'm the girl.

"That was so painful mother, why didn't you tell us it would be painful?" Sirius said looking hurt. He undid his robes and peeled it back to show his shoulder blades, which were a dark red. His was so hot that you could see his robes had started to change color.

I look down at my arm. It can't be…. I think as I look down and see a crest with a name in the center of the crest. Salazar Slytherin it says. Oh Merlin.

"Father!?" I half yell half whisper to shocked to do anything. Father then runs over to me.

"What's wrong my dear child?" He asks worriedly. I decide to keep this to myself.

"Nothing father just a bit shocked at whom I'm betrothed to." I say looking up with a forced smile.

"You don't have to tell us yet. You are of course entitled to your own privacy." Father says with a knowing smile. I then look over to Sirius, he turns around.

"What does it say Mione?" He asks nervously as he turns around so his back is now in clear view.

"Lyra Andromeda Malfoy." I say happy for my brother. We are both friends with Lyra and Lucius. Sirius now begins to smile ear to ear. As he's always had a crush on her. He runs over to me and spins me around.

"Mother, can we be excused?" I ask politely and formally. "Of course dears." Mother says with a small smile.

Sirius and I walk up stairs to my room. Once we get inside Sirius grabs my wrist and attempts to pull down my sleeve. "No!" I shout as I back away.

"But why? I've shown you mine it's only fair Mione." Sirius says hurt that I won't show him.

"We leave for Hogwarts in less than an hour. I promise I will tell you, just not yet." I say praying he understands.

"Fine, I'll leave you alone about it for now, but I wish to know who it is eventually." Sirius says with a sigh, then he smiles a small smile as he walks out to his room.

Just then I hear mother and father yell for us to get our luggage, we've already went to diagon alley the other day and got our wands and supplies. I use a spell to shrink my luggage, we're not supposed to use magic outside of school but being a pureblood has some advantages.

I walk out of my room and meet Sirius at the top of the stairs. We go down stairs and see our parents waiting on us.

"It is time to go children, your first year at Hogwarts." Mother rambles as she burst out in tears.

"Mother don't cry, we'll be fine. I'll make sure Sirius doesn't get in too much trouble." I say hugging mother.

"Grab on to our arms children and I'll apparate us to the train station." Father says. We all grab on to fathers arm and with a pop, we open our eyes. We are now at the train station. Yeesh it's hectic, everyone's running around trying to board the train.

"We love you both children and we have complete faith that you will make not only us proud, that you'll bring honor to the most noble and ancient house of Black." Father says as he embraces us both, mother frowns as though saying this is improper but oh well, she joins in.

"Goodbye Mother and Father. We must leave now the train is about to take off." I say with tears in my eyes. "We'll both miss you." I say giving them both one last hug.

"Write immediately after getting sorted and let us know how it went." Mother shouts as we board the train.

"Come on Sirius, let's try to find Lucius and Lyra." I say as Sirius's face lights up when I mentioned Lyra. I frown then look down. My soulmate is dead. He's been dead for three-thousand years.

We walk into the compartment where Lucius and Lyra are. "Hey guys!" They say. We sit down and begin our journey to Hogwarts.