Semper Amare

Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

"We better put our school robes on, we're about to be arriving." Lucius tells us. We then change into our school robes. Just then we hear a knock on our compartment door.

"My name is James Potter. This is Remus Lupin." A dark haired boy with glasses said.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Young Lord Potter, Young Lord Lupin." I say using my pureblood manners. I do a courtesy bow showing my formal manners. Lucius, Lyra, and Sirius follow my example and do the same.

"I'm Hermione Black, that's Sirius Black my twin brother, then there's Lucius and Lyra Malfoy. This is Sirius, Lyra, and my first year." I say excitedly. James face lights up in excitement too.

"This is our first year too!" James and Remus say both grinning ear to ear. "Would you care to join us?" I ask looking at the empty seats.

"Thank you." James says as Remus and him sit down. James and Sirius bonded rather quickly while I noticed Remus is quite shy as he pulled out a book and sat closer to the corner.

"He and I are gonna get along just fine." I think as I am similar to him.

"As you two know all Blacks and Malfoys are always in Slytherin." I say grimly looking down now sad.

"Potters and Lupins are always in Gryffindor." James says now sad too. "I don't want to be in Gryffindor!" he says angrily. "My parents want me to marry a muggleborn. While I'm not a blood purist I still don't want my children to be half bloods." he says looking down. "I want to be in Slytherin, with y'all."

"Our families are blood purists but we don't like the word mudblood. We're fine with muggles truly, we just believe that our family has worked hard for generations to keep our bloodline pure and we aren't going to screw it up by mixing our blood." I say genuinely.

"There is a way to guarantee you won't be in Gryffindor… The hat will listen to you. Just tell the hat what house you want to be in." Lucius says with an encouraging smile on his face.

I look out the window. We have arrived, it's strange I feel as though an empty space inside was just filled. "Come on guys, let's go get sorted." I say excitedly.

Professor McGonagall calls us first years to the great hall. "Attention! First years, you will come and sit on the stool when I call your name and the sorting hat will place you in your house. You will be in this house for the next seven years." She says.

"First off Hermione Black!" She says looking at me. I look at Sirius then walk over and sit down on the stool, she places the hat on my head.

"Why you are Slytherin's future wife. It will be my pleasure to sort you in the House you truly belong." The sorting hat says inside my head, then shouts out loud. "SLYTHERIN!" I smile and then get off the stool. The Slytherin house all claps for me as does Sirius, Lyra, James, and Remus.

"Sirius Black!" Professor McGonagall says as he walks over.

"SLYTHERIN!" it yelled, it wasn't even on his head for a second. I smile and clap loudly with the rest of Slytherin house.

Sirius comes and sits down next to me we both have a big smile on our faces. I look over, a few other students had been placed.

"James Potter!' Professor McGonagall yelled, he then walked up and sat on the stool it sat on his head for quite some time.

It then yelled..."SLYTHERIN!" I smiled brightly along with Sirius, Lucius, Lyra, and Remus. We all clapped loudly as he walked up and sat with us at the Slytherin table.

"I'm glad you were placed in Slytherin, we are happy to have you in this house with us." Lucius said with pride in his voice for the new housemate he now viewed as family.

~Kill… Kill… KILL!"~ a voice whispered.

"Did you hear that?" I asked Sirius

nervously. He looked over to me as the smile dropping from his face as he noticed my frown. "I just heard a voice that said kill, kill, kill…." I say shakily.

"I didn't hear anything sis…" he says looking at me worriedly. "Are you alright?" he asks now looking alert.

"I'm fine, I must have just been hearing things…" I say looking over to him giving him a small forced smile.

Professor McGonagall then yells "Remus Lupin!" I look over as Remus sits on the stool.

"SLYTHERIN!" The hat yells. We

all begin to clap loudly. He smiles brightly and runs over to sit with us

As dinner ends we are all lead to our common room. It's amazing. "Goodnight Mione." Sirius says before he walks into his new room.

"Goodnight y'all." I say to the boys as Lyra and I head up to our rooms.

"Eh it's alright no where near as nice as Malfoy Manor." She says in a snotty voice jokingly. We both laugh at her joke.

I then walk into my room, then I hear that voice again.

~Kill...KILL...KILLLL!~ The voice yells. But before I know it everything goes black...

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