Implications of a Silver Wolf

Chapter 1

A/N: I've always had this story somewhere in the back of my mind, and finally decided to put pen to paper. I hope you can bare the thought of Albus, Rose and Scorpius being one year above Lily at Hogwarts, it was really the only way I could write it as I needed them still at Hogwarts. It's been years since I last published anything here, and I am not a native English speaker (unfortunately), but I hope you will enjoy it!

Lily's patronus was a wolf. It wasn't the first animal that came to mind when thinking of Lily Luna Potter, nor the second, nor the third. As a matter of fact, it was questionable whether a wolf was even on the list of animals one could be associated with the small-built, sixth year Slytherin. However so, it was a large silver wolf that sprung out of her wand that afternoon in defence class. And while most of the class were taken aback by the size of it, no less the fact that the seventeen-year-old had conjured a full corporal patronus, no one looked more stunned than Teddy. The professor, that is. Her god-brother, best-friend (well, only friend to be entirely honest), and professor. Lily herself didn't know what to make of it. Not many things scared the girl, who was the black sheep of the family, and one out of only two Slytherins in the entire Weasley/Potter clan. But as a matter of fact, the shape of her patronus did scare her. It was well known that one's patronus was supposed to take the shape of their spirit, and Lily knew as well as anyone that her spirit animal was more likely to be a cat of some kind, or a fox. Naturally, there were situations when a patronus took a different shape, or even changed shape. Lily had heard of it before, ironically in stories told by the one person she wanted to run and hide from at that moment.

Lily was ripped away from her thoughts as the professor cleared his throat, and it seemed like a hoarse "well done, Miss Potter" was all he could muster, but to her surprise he continued speaking in that same voice.

"That's all for today, class dismissed" He sounded quite professorial (and perhaps a tiny bit rushed) and while the other students might have overlooked the slight glimpse of black in his eyes which he still struggled to hide entirely, and the ever so slight crack in his voice, it was clear as day to Lily.

Just like that, the sixth years from Slytherin and Ravenclaw were sent on their way to supper, quite a few of the latter murmuring enviously that the only reason she could conjure a corporal patronus was because she was the daughter of the Chosen One. Resorting to silence, Lily avoided the urge to tell them that being the daughter of the chosen one was nothing to be envious of.

Lily did not find herself alone with her thoughts again until that evening in her dorm. Supper was way too loud, so loud she couldn't hear herself think, courtesy of her many cousins barely seated at the other tables in the great hall. Her older brother attempting to discuss his upcoming NEWTs with her was not of any help either. In all honesty, it still made no sense to her that Albus had been sorted into Slytherin, like herself. He would have been much better suited in Gryffindor – which was not at all what she would've wanted to think of that afternoon in the great hall, but there he was occupying her very distracted mind. Later that evening, when she finally got to resort to loneliness and throw herself exhaustedly on the bed in her silent dorm, she finally managed to bring her childhood stories back to mind.

He had told her many times when she was just a child - a child refusing to go to sleep until Teddy told her the story of his parents. While Teddy had never really gotten the chance to know his parents, there were many people in his surrounding who were happy to tell him stories about them, and he was more than happy to tell Lily in turn. Teddy loved to talk about his parents, despite the greyish colour it reflected in his eyes and hair. Lily was the only one who seemed to understand that, while others often avoided the subject as to not make him sad. And while he loved to tell her stories, little Lily Potter loved nothing more than to listen to them.

Teddy's mum originally had a patronus in the shape of a jack rabbit, one which supposedly had suited her personality perfectly. But when she fell in love with Teddy's dad, her patronus had unexpectedly changed to match his patronus – a wolf. Naturally, Lily had also heard stories of her paternal grandparents: her namesake's patronus had been a doe, and James' had been a stag, as though they were meant to be, soulmates if you may. Harry had even told his children stories of Severus Snape, who had always loved her grandmother, and how his patronus also took the shape of a doe, presumably because Lily Evans had been the love of his life.

It would've all made perfect sense. That is, if Lily were in love with someone who had the patronus of a wolf. However, Lily Luna Potter did not fall in love. She was much more comfortable without that kind of commitment, without that kind of weakness. She was much more comfortable alone. Well, alone besides from the mandatory socializing at family get-togethers or her many discussions with Teddy. And besides from the parties after one too many shots of fire-whiskey, usually ending up in the head boy's dorm with a certain Malfoy, or in a broom closet with the son of her second namesake. Those nights were of a casual nature, although Lily was sure Lorcan would beg to differ if he had any say in it. But that was just the thing; he didn't have a say, nobody did. And that made her feel powerful, rather than the weakness she imagined would follow if she ever did fall in love. And weakness was not a trait she was very fond of seeing in herself, nor anyone else for that matter.

Her mind wandered back to the full corporal patronus she had conjured only hours earlier, and as she tried to make sense of it, there was a lingering feeling at the back of her mind that she already had done just that. Because Lily only knew of one wizard alive who conjured a wolf patronus, and that wizard was not only her cousin's ex-boyfriend. He was also ten years older than her, a Hogwarts professor, her best friend, and not to mention, her god-brother. Thus, Lily could not make sense of it. Because there was no way that Teddy Remus Lupin was her soulmate, and she was positively not harbouring a secret crush on him. She couldn't be. Because if she was, she had just involuntarily revealed a secret so dark that she was unaware of it herself, to half the sixth years at Hogwarts, and even worse, to the subject of that supposed secret himself.

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