Girl Power!

Chapter 1

This is a FemHarry fanfic and my first HP fanfic. The Potters are alive and she'll have a twin. All fanfics that have them leave her at the Dursleys always make her as a moody person, not that I'm saying she shouldn't but this will be different. Elements of Fairy Tail, One Piece, Naruto and so on. I want her based on strong females like Kushina and Erza. Hope you enjoy!

Oh and she's a genius.

Serena Potter grinned. At the age of four, she looked much smaller due to the negelect she faced with her relatives, not that she cared. She might have been four, but she did have survival instincts. She just wondered why? Why exactly did her relatives hate her.

Now she knew.

They had spread nasty rumors about her and unfortunately, everyone believed it. Her teacher had already been mean to her and it had made her angry. She wished she could turn his hair blue and humiliate him, and that's what had happened.

Everyone laughed, but she looked intrigued.

So she tried another color, pink, and it worked. She had somehow-if she dare say magically-changed his hair color. She internally smiled, for showing she was happy in the Dursley house hold was a big no-no.

She rushed to the school library, where there were different books, but her favorite were always the manga. As a girl, the boys always looked down on her and she noticed that it wasn't only her, but males generally looked down on females.

The books she read always had a strong female with kick-ass powers that beat people up, like Erza from Fairy Tail, and Toph from The Last Airbender series. Now that she knew she had powers, she wondered if she could use those powers too.

First things she had to do was research.

Since no one really came to the library, no one used the computers. She had used them before, so it wasn't really that hard. She wanted to first find out the easiest way to access her magic. Looking through he different wikipedias, she came across the way shinobi in Naruto unlocked their chakra.

It looked fairly simply, so she wrote it down. She also realized that all the super bad-ass females were strong, so she decided to train her body. The wikipedias were a lot of help in describing the various ways magic could be used and how spells were preformed.

After that, she saw two main exercises that they preformed; Tree-Walking and Water-Walking to help increase their reserves, so she decided to work on those. She noticed that lunch was over and quietly left. She had work to do!

Three Months

Serena nodded as she looked though her very long list she had finally completed on what she was going to do. Her magic studies were going great and now she had all summer to do whatever she wanted.

The Dursleys had straighten out when she threw Vernon across the room and simply held her hand in front of Petunia. She was giving the second room and she made her own food. They had a rule now. They left her alone, she left the alone. It was nice that she had a good control over her magic.

She was able to climb the walls of her room and stick to the ceiling without falling. She could levitate things well too.


One of her favorite things.

She was now working on mind tricks, like she had seen in Star Wars as well as trying to access her magical dimension to store her items, like Erza could with her requip. That skill was wonderful and couldn't help but wanting to be able to use it very fast. The thought of changing her clothes with simply a thought was amazing in her almost five year old mind.

"Come on you stupid thing work already!" she growled.

Pop, the eraser was gone. She grinned and summoned it back and full out laughed as it materialized in her hand. Three months of hard work had really paid off.

'Now, on to bigger things.'

Three Months

"Pipiers had better..."

"..horribble curtains..."

"...better than the others."

Serena smiled softly to herself as she listened to the thoughts of the neighbors as she passed by. She could hear the thoughts and access the minds of those within a mile radius. She was just coming back from her morning run.

She was very happy with her improvement over the past six months. She had magic, the Dursleys didn't bother her, she was free to be herself, and did she mention magic! Power! She so badly wanted to learn everything in the books, but she knew it wasn't possible.

For now, she was focusing on her stamina. She had even gotten her uncle to sign her up for martial art classes at the community center-which was free, so it didn't really matter to him-and she was getting well on her way. She had put on some weight, but was still pretty small.

For her stamina training, she had decided to use her magic and channel it into her muscles. She noticed that she ran faster when she did that, but got tired easily. The more she did it, she assumed, the less of a strain it would be on her later.

Entering her room, she smiled as she went on the laptop she had claimed as her own. Her relatives-she would never call them family-had bought it for Dudley, but he didn't want it an actually threw it away, so she took it, but made sure they never knew. She really didn't want them to know.

As she browsed the various types of magic that was seen in Fairy Tail, one had caught her eye. She wondered why she had never seen it before, but shrugged. They had a lot of different types of magic and she would have wanted to learn Ice Magic, if she didn't know that she could when she started bending the elements.

Archieve Magic.

She cackled.

This would make things so much more easier.

Six Months

Healing magic was something that fascinated her. She had seen the way Tsunade and Sakura used it-and their strength-and wanted to do the same. She also liked how it was used in Star Wars.

Healing was important, so she burrowed books on the human anatomy, and medicine. A faint white glow emitted from her hands when she decided to test it on herself, after she cut her arm. She smiled as it began to heal immediately.

This also helped her when she decided to begin learning chi blocking. Ty Lee was very acrobatic, so she got herself signed up for gymnastics and it was awesome!

Six Months

Because she had to learn about the way the computer worked as well as the internet in depth in order to learn Archive Magic, Serena found out she had become a hacker.

And a damn good one too.

Couple with the fact that she could naturally change her appearance-something she learn when she tried the transformation justsu, when instead of smoke in gulping her, she could see the change-she created an identity for herself and as well as an account full of money.

Basically she was filthy rich.

Some might wonder if she cared about the fact she was stealing, she wouldn't care.

"All was fair in love and war."

And considering she had struggled for most of her life, it was war indeed.

Anyways, it made things easier for her when she wanted to buy things, especially if she was going to buy more books in order to finish her Archive Magic. She had many things down. but there were still a few missing components.

Oh well, she was still six, she'd figure it out.

Three Months

Serena gently began channeling magic into her eyes. She knew she could not have the sharingan thought it would be cool, but thought that she might at least see something if she did so. Right?

Right she was.

Her eyes changed to a golden color and she saw threads of different colors inside her. Her magic, she assumed. There were a lot, she realized.

Going downstairs, she looked at her relatives, Vernon and Dudley had a golden outline in their bodies, but no threads. Petunia, however, had both, but her threads were too small and tight.

Outside, the trees and grass and all living things had the golden outline. Chi, or life force energy, she had deduced. That was good. It would help her in her chi blocking exercises. Now she had to do more research.

Three Months

Meditation was something she had always done. It helped clear her mind, and she always remembered things faster. After a month of first doing so, she had actually found her mindscape and had began making a mental fortress.

It was awesome!

Of course as she now looked at the dark door in said fortress, she had realized she had never seen it before. Opening it with caution, she saw a huge library filled with books. But where did it come from?

She got her answer in the form of a black smoke-like wraith making a bee-line for her. She quickly closed the door and reinforced the locks as well as a barrier. That thing would stay far, far from the rest of her mind, even if she had to forfeit the books.

And just like that she had forgotten about it.

Three Months

Ah! The wonder of shadows clones.

Though she knew she had to be careful when she used it, it helped tremendously in her research and magical studies.

Haki was something she had decided to get a head start on. Observation Haki was first. She had found a little clearing in the nearby forest and had her clones though things at her. It was still a working progress.

She decided to work on the other two haki after she had a better grasp of her first choice. She did want to learn the Rokushiki, but deemed her chi blocking and mixed martial arts enough. Even without it, she knew she would be powerful.

Three Months

Now at seven, she had decided to start bending the elements. She didn't know if she could bend all of them, or just one. In Naruto, people could use more than elements as well as in Fairy Tail. She hoped she could.

This got the people in Little Whining, Surrey, to notice the Potter girl walking around with out any shoes and was barefooted. With a command though her mind magic, they ignored her. She was trying to feel the vibrations of the earth, just as Toph did. It was a work in progress.

Going to her 'special spot' as she dubbed the forest, she was going to fire bend. From what she understood, fire bending and earth bending had a similar 'flow', while the same could be seen between air and water bending.

She got into her stance and punched her fist forward. Nothing happened. She sighed as she had been having trouble with it for the past couple days, but wouldn't give up. That was not her. She wasn't a quitter.

Determination filled her as she gather her magic and imagining what she wanted it to do, she gave out a fierce punch, only to tumble down. She grinned as she looked at her flames.

Green was so much cooler than red.

Three Months

Astral Projection.

It was something so innocent and so seemingly impossible, that once it entered the seven year old's mind, she just had to do it.

Never mind the fact that her soul might never return to her body if she did it wrong. Nope, the seven year old only saw a new way to fly, besides the Aera Magic she learned a couple months ago.

Three Months

Serena had noticed that she had been slacking off in her non-magical studies. She didn't know why she even bothered with it. She had read through Petunia's mind about how her mother had attended a magical school. which she was obviously going to go to.

But she was seven-almost eight, so she wouldn't be going to said school for another three years. That meant she needed to put her act together. Thank god the teachers thought it was due to her gymnastic team's preparation for the nationals.

She couldn't use that excuse now seen it was over and they had won first place. She was planning on taking piano lessons, she was pretty good.

She sighed as she picked up her pencil, an idea forming in her head.

Six Months

Newly turned eight year old Serena hummed as everything was finally all set for her to take only classes from the Oxford university. This was a better arrangement for her as now that she finished her primary and secondary education, she only had to hand in assignments online, all due at the end of the school year.

She was glad and took Computer Programming and Engineering, as well as Politics, Law and Business Management. She put them away as she could now focus on her magical studies again.

Finally, after years of research, she had finished her Achieve Magic. It might have taken a long time, but it was worth it. She could now easily scan a book and pop, she knew everything. It also helped that she now had an photographic memory.

Not only that, but she could access the internet where ever she was and didn't need a Wi-Fi or internet cable-not that she could use cable mind you. This was something she took great pride in, probably due tot he amount of time she put in it.

Now, she was with her relatives, as they couldn't leave her home like usual and brought her along. The teachers had scolded them to get Dudley's marks up, since she had actually finished. They were now in a book store called Jackal Books.

There was something about the place that was different, mysterious...magical. She looked around the place, until her eyes caught onto a door. People were passing by it, having not seen it, but what caught her attention was the sign over it. 'Magical Area' it was printed in gold.

She grinned as she went inside and saw a few other people inside. She saw different books on different subjects. Transfiguration, Charms, was amazing! She quickly went to a secluded place and began scanning everything. It took her a couple minutes, but soon enough she had every book scanned into her achieve.

The 'Magical Area' didn't only sell books, but bags as well. It was amazing as she could place anything inside and it would never fill up or get heavy. It truly was 'bottomless'. She quickly paid for a black bag and was about to leave until a book rack caught her eye. All the color drained from her face as she read its title,

"Daniel Potter: The Boy-Who-Lived!"

That's a wrap! I've only given a basic of what she's done until she gets her first contact of the magical world. As I mentioned before, Serena will have a different reaction to her parents being alive and not dead than most stories. Hope you enjoyed!