Girl Power!

Chapter 3

Hope you enjoyed the previous chapter. For those who think that Serena has learned too much, just a heads up, she hasn't quite mastered everything, she's still learning. But this is a fanfic, so anything is possible! Hope you enjoy this new chapter!

Lily Potter stared at the paper in front of her, not even trying to wipe away the tears that fell from her eyes. Alice Longbottom, her best friend, sat besides her comforting her but she didn't need that. She needed her baby girl.

When she had woken up this morning, she had seen her husband's shock and paled face as he was reading the newspaper, but didn't think it was much. Only doing so when the Longbottoms floo in, along side Sirius and Remus.

The article was about her daughter, Serena, the one she had intrusted her sister to look after, in fear of Death eaters targetting her because of Daniel. She had thought that Petunia would put aside her hatred for her and take care of her, but that wasn't the case.

A cupboard! Merlin, what had that bitch done to her baby? James had immediately ran out along with Frank, Sirius and Remus to go check up on her and bring her here. Daniel and Neville was upstair and Alice with her.

It wasn't like she had abandoned her like Rita said. She only thought she was doing the right thing because, much to her shame, Dumbledore had suggested it. Speaking of the old coot, he had floo over, but James had point blank placed his wand in his face and told him to bugger off.


Merlin he took it horrible. He didn't want to separate the twins, but she didn't want them in danger and pleaded that he listen to Dumbledore. She wouldn't blame him if he hated her. She hated herself. Why did she even listen to Dumbledore in the first place?

"Don't worry Lils, everything will work out for the best." Alice soothed her and she sobbed harder.

The floo flared up and the four men came in. Frank, Sirius and Remus had came over, but James didn't spare anyone a look and just walked off to his study, his magic cackling around him. Lily bit back a sob. He really hated her.

"How was it?" Alice finally spoke up. The two Marauders shook their head.

"For once, Rita actually down played it." Frank sighed, sitting next to his wife, an elf bringing him a drink. Alice winced.

"That bad?" Frank looked at the crying red head, who finally wiped away her tears.

"Please tell me." Lily pleaded, determined to know what she had put her child through. The three men looked at one another, until Sirius spoke up.

"We used legitimus on both. Petunia abused her emotionally and mental, calling her a freak. I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't know her own name until she started school. She was forced to do all the chores starting from the age of three. Your bitch of a sister would grab both of her hands and burn it on the stove if she burnt any food, or hit her head with a frying pan." he began, ignoring the horrid looks the women were giving him.

"Vernon would beat the crap out of her and usually throw her into her cupboard. He...tried to..." he struggled with his words, his furious face told them everything.

"He actually..." Alice whispered in horror, but they shook their heads.

"No, her magic pushed him off. She...looked really small, so I'm not sure which age she was. But once she discovered her magic she fought back with it. She got a room and they left her alone." he said and they sighed in relief.

"She wore over sized clothes and was way too small for an eight year old, but she looked a bit better over time when they backed off. The signs were so bloody obvious, but none of the neighbours did a damn thing. I'm just glad her magic flared when it did and she took control of her life." Sirius sighed.

"Where is she?" Alice asked.

"Gone. Left a couple days ago. The Dursleys are in custody and the boy lost in the system, his memories modified. The boy and his friends had actually invented a game that hunted her and they'd beat her up." Sirius finished.

"Did-Did she not have any friends?" Alice asked, seeing that her friend was in no position to ask questions.

"Serena is a genius. She already finished her muggle primary and secondary education and because of that others were jealous of her. She took piano lessons, where she won the national championship a couple months ago and she's on a gymnastic? They won too." he said with pride. He would have taken in his goddaughter, but as an Auror he had no time with the Death Eaters needing to be captured and all.

"They're going to go to Azkaban right?" a voice snapped them out of their thoughts as they looked at the two eight year olds, Daniel-who spoke- and Neville, who was with him.

The adults looked at them both in shock, as they didn't know they were there, or how long they were standing there.

"How much did you hear?" Remus asked quietly. Daniel looked at his uncle in anger.

"Enough to know that if you don't give me a good reason why you people lied about my sister having a 'normal' childhood, she won't be the only one missing." he spat with venom, startling them.

"Daniel..." Lily looked at her son, only for him to glare her, making her flinch.

"She was your sister wasn't she? Are you trying to tell me that she never spoke ill to you? Call you a freak?" he hissed, making her tremble.

"Daniel, enough." Sirius cut in.

"Shut up! Dad completely destroyed the duelling chambers. Yes, chambers. All three are gone, and so is half the Qudditch pitch. That was my sister, is my sister. My twin who is merlin knows where and believes everyone hates her and thinks she's a freak because of those disgusting filthy muggles!" he exclaimed, his magic exploding around him.

"Please Daniel, calm down. We were trying to protect her, the both of you from Death Eaters. We never thought that Petunia would be cruel to a child." Remus tried to calm him. The magic died down, and Daniel glared at them a final time before he left,

"Yeah well, I didn't know I had such pathetic parents either. What do you know?"

Daniel Potter might have been thought to be a snobbish and spoil prat, but that was far from the truth. Truth was he hardly left the manor at all and his only true friend was Neville Longbottom, his god-brother. Ronald Weasley was simply a nuisance he had to tolerate.

He had known he had a sister. A twin sister. He had actually had a sibling and for someone who was mostly alone-adults never counted-he was thrilled. But she couldn't be with them. He though it was stupid really, but then when he found out about the attacks, he felt bad.

They couldn't be a family because of him. Defeating a Dark Lord was not fun if he couldn't have his sister with him. They could have done so much things together, but because he was a target, they couldn't.

A year ago, when he began his magical studies, he felt a tad jealous of her. While he had to study and learn boring lessons, she got to have a normal childhood. He was even jealous of the fact that she might see their cousin as a brother, more than him.

Then he saw the article.

It was like cold water had been dumped on him. His sister was abused, beaten and no where to be found. His mother was a mess, his uncles, godfather and father had left immediately in the morning-it was evening now-to go verify.

The one thing he wanted of Rita Skeeter's work to be false, was actually true. 'Down played' according to his Uncle Frank. While he lived a fairly great life, his sister was hardly fed and worked as a slave.

And then the damn cupboard!

It was here he came to the conclusion that adults were very incompetent. What were the neighbours doing when they saw a smaller-than-her-age girl with oversized clothes walking about? Idiots.

Siting down on his chair, he pulled out some parchment, a quill and some books. Adults might be incompetent and untrustworthy, but he'd make sure his sister trusted him. They were twins, two halves of a being.

Who else would she trust if not him?


James Potter had quickly closed the door to his study-the one that usually belongs to the Potter Lord and quickly took out a couple instruments and a vile of blood-his daughter's blood. He was angry, yes, but he needed to find her first.

When the twins were both born he took a vile of their blood and stored it within the study just for cases like these. His sixth generation ancestor, Robert Potter, had created a tracking spell that would work for those with Potter blood.

Pouring seven drops of blood into the instrument, he waited for the device to tell him where his daughter was. Sadly, nothing happen. He waited for a bit until Location Unknown was had formed. That was a first, as even if she were behind a Fedilus charm, it would tell him.

Frustrated, he went into one of the Dueling Chambers and destroyed it and the other two in a fit of rage. He only calmed down, due to magical exhaustion, when he had reached the Quditich pitch. Only then did his frustration and anger turn into tears.

Serena Dorea Potter.

When the twins had been born, he had fallen in love with both of them, but as they grew, Serena had become Daddy's little girl. No, her first words weren't 'mum' or 'dad', but 'Pwongs' and he had leapt in joy.

She was more like him than Daniel was, even though they both had his raven hair and Lily's green eyes, Daniel wasn't as outspoken and cheerful as Serena was. She'd usually be the one to drag him to play, or in causing mischief.

Ah, how she loved riding the broom. Daniel wouldn't touch his first broom, but Serena...she'd practically tell him to go faster, even if he was already at the broom's fastest.

And the pranks they did!

Merlin, he had never laughed so hard when she turned Sirius's clothes pink and into a tutu, with pictures of swans, after he read her a book about it-his daughter was that powerful yes. Or when Lily would get her to say 'mum', but she'd only say 'dada' and say 'mum' when she had left.

But now...

Now she would no longer be like that. She'd be terrified, distrust everyone and *stab* even him, despite the fact she clung to him more than Lily. She wouldn't be her happy cheerful self, but introverted.

What kind of father was he for his daughter to turn out like that? He was against the idea of her going there in the beginning, but after the Death Eaters kept going after them-since Potter Manor wasn't repaired yet-he only had her safety in mind.

The Blood wards that they were using were for three people and Petunia had the same blood as Lily, so it would work. He would have used his blood, but he didn't have any living relatives. He suggested that one of them take a child, but they were short on aurors and he was of the few that weren't corrupted.

He didn't blame Lily, but he did blame Dumbldore. There was something shady about the man, always was there. He had suggested they use Peter and then the Blood Wards. No more was he going to listen to him for anything.

With a new found determination, Lord James Charlus Potter made his way to his family, determined to making it complete. Serena might hate them, might hate him, but he would live with that as long as she was safe and he'd work to earn her forgiveness.


Dumbledore frowned as he looked at the article once more. This was not how things were suppose to be. Serena was suppose to grow up weak and malleable yes, so that she would see him as her saviour and do whatever he asked of her and hate the Potters.

Serena was quite intelligent, even as a child he knew, and was a happy that she wasn't the prophesied one. Now he would be able to find the perfect person to take his position as the Leader of Light and Headmaster of the school.

Since Daniel was going to die at the end of his battle with Voldemort, he needed the Potter fortune somehow and which better way than marrying the Weasley's youngest male with her. He'd not only having their fortune but their votes too.

But no. Somehow Rita Skeeter had found out and now the Potters were ignoring him to the point they had banned any contact with him at all. He need to find her. Perhaps they'd feel indebted to him after that.

Yes, he'd do that. Then he'd train her to be his replacement and get her to stay with the Weasleys until the school term started. That way Molly would be the 'mother she never had' and feel more indebted to them.

With that, he plopped a lemon drop in his mouth. Ah lemon drops, they made all his problems go away.


People looked at the cackling twenty year old raven haired woman in fear, wondering if they should call the police, but she ignored them She had brought chaos in Magical Britain and no one would know it was her.

Now she had to make plans.

After she relaxed here in Hawaii, she would go for Japan to master different types of weapons, just as the goblins had advised her to do. They had actually gotten someone for her, a Master Arashi who ran a dojo. She was pleased.

Ah, she though drinking her coconut drink, life was good.

So, that was a look at the Potters and Dumbledore. And a small bit on Serena herself. I'm not sure what the next chapter is about, haven't started it yet. Hope you enjoyed this one though. And yes, Frank and Alice are not insane, making Neville a lot more confident.