Girl Power!

Chapter 4

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Severus Snape looked at the young cloaked girl that was muttering the uses and effects of the potions she was picking up. What caught his attention was that she was probably a first year Hogwarts student and she knew the uses of ingredients of those beyond that of the normal standard.

He was brought out of his thoughts when said girl was staring right at him. Her eyes, he noticed were a beautiful green-something told him they were familar at the back of his head but ignored it.

"Can I help you with something sir? You've been staring at me for a while now." she asked politely. He had a small tint of pink on his check, showing his embarrassment.

"I apologize. I was merely impressed at your leverl of knowledge when you were saying the different uses of the potion ingredients." he said smoothing making her smile. He could only see her eyes as her hair was cover by the blood red cloak and her was shadowed. She also wore a simply dark red wizard robe.

"I love potions. Its by far my favourite subject...besides dueling that is. I'm actually debating whether or not I should go to Hogwarts this year." she said, making him raise an eyebrow.

"You're not planning on attending?" he asked curiously, as he'd already decided he'd love to teach her as she showed a geniue interest in the subject.

"Oh yes. See I'm self study. Started when I was eight after I fininsh my non-magical studies. Its a bit hard and I heard that Potion Master Severus Snape teachs. He said to be the youngest to gain the Potions Mastery. His actually the only reason I'm debating to go. It'll awesome for sure." she said excitedly and he could help but smirk.

"Oh? And What of the rumours that surround him?" he said as he knew very well many didn't like him, but that was because ofthe prejudice that the Slytherins normal had against them.

"Well he is the Slytherin Head of House and I know the rumours that are surround the house. Its pretty stupid really, I mean Merlin came out of that house. And then there is the fact about parsalmouths. I mean at this rate people will start calling 'latin' evil because of the dark curses." she shook her head and he coudn't help but chuckle.

"Agreed." Severus nodded.

They talked about a couple other potions ingredents and he told her about Hogwarts-not telling her he was a professor. Many didnt know but Severus didnt hate children as many believed but did like their lack of interest for such a fine subject.

"Well its a pleasure to have met you sir. I think you've convinced me to going to the school." she said as she got her paid ingredients from the clerk.

"I'm glad. I'll look forward to teaching you when you arrive next month." he smirked at her gobsmacked.

"Y-Y-You're..." she stuttered and then pouted, "You dont find me weird do you?" she asked.

He shook his head. He had geniuely liked his conversation with her. If it werent for the Gryfinndor red she was wearing, he'd be glad to have her in his house.

"Not at all. As you've figured out, I am Professor Severus Snape and teach Potions at Hogwarts."

"My name is Serena sir. I hope we'll meet one another in good health." she waved at him before she took.

Severus looked at where she had disappeared too until it clicked his mind.


As in Serena Dorea Potter?!

That was who she was?!

He sighed and turned to walk back home. He really needed a drink.


James Potter and his best friend Sirius Black tried to keep up with the girl that had just left their childhood nemesis turn ally. They had just spotted them and only heard the ending of their conversation, when she introduced herself and knew it was their girl.

It was times like these James hated the magical world. It was too damn crowded! Luckily, they managed to follow her all the way to the Leaky Couldron where she went into the muggle side.

When they saw her entering a large metal vehicle, they paniced but discreetly placed a tracking charm on the thing and a spell that told them when she got off. After waiting for a while, they were alarmed and instantly aparated there.

They were suprised to see themselves surrounded by trees. It seemed they were in a forest. Sirius immediately began taking off, but was stopped by his friend.

"Whats wrong James? We're losing her." he said.

"Dont you feel the wards? She might think of us as enemies." he said, impressed and proud his daughter had magical protection.

"Then what do we do?" Sirius asked.

James grinned in response and turned into a stag. Sirius, understanding turned into his animagus form, a large Grim. They trotted off, sniffing out her smell. It had brought them to a small cozy cottage. Looking at one another, they went up to it, only to find the door open.

Staring right at them was Serena herself. The girl wasn't wearing the red cloak she had on, but a dark red tank top with a pretty design, black shorts and black tights under, so not to show her legs. Completeing it, she wore black sneakers. What had changed thought, was that her raven hair was ruby red. That was different as they knew she had raven hair like James.

"Oh, its just animals. I though you were intruders." she said. Sirius, as Padfoot, barked up to her, happy to finally see his goddaughter after al these years. Serena giggled as she pet the dog.

"Aw, aren't you friendly?" she cooed and he ran past her. "Hey! Don't just run in." she yelled, giving him a stern look. Padfoot whined pitifully, wanting to stay, which seemed to work as she sighed, giving in.

James as Prongs didn't want to be out done, so gave out a small sound, nudging her lightly with his noise. His daughter seemed to understand what he wanted as she stepped aside and let him in.

"You guys had better not mess things up." she muttered, but he simply stared at the cottage.

It was very beautiful and cozy to begin with. There were some muggle things-he had a hard time saying the actually names. The house was well kept for an eleven year old as he was pretty sure she lived alone. He wondered where she got all the money from though but shrugged. She was living well and that was all that mattered.

"So introductions. My name is Serena and this my familiar Shade." she said and just as she finished, a large shadow hound came out of a shadow cast by the wall. Padfoot and Prongs were startled by its huge size. Shade-the large hound growled at them.

"Shade, be nice. They were lonely outside and wanted to come in." she explained and then padded the hound on the head, "I'll go get snacks." and then she was off.

"You too smell you human-shapeshifters. Why are you here?" Shade growled at them when she was gone.

"She's my daughter." Prongs said, surprising both canine. "I want to get to know her and she'll probably hate me in my human form." He didn't see the need for beating around the bush. Shade nodded in acceptance.

"And you?" he turned to his fellow canine.

"My goddaughter." Padfoot simply said. Shade nodded.

"If you harm her I'll rip you to shreds." he warned and then followed his human. Prongs and Padfoot looked at one another and mentally shrugged.

They stayed with her the entire day and was quite impressed by the various displays of magic she showed. They could safely say they had never seen magic like that before. Not only could she control the elements, but she could change her clothes and store items in a pocket dimension.

They had found out she was a metamophamagus after she turned her ruby red hair back to its original raven colour, something none of the men knew about her, much to their disappointment.

"You see," she began as she saw their startled looks, "I didn't know about the magical world until I went to this book store downtown. It has books on both muggle and magical things, though the magical books are in a different section and can only be seen by the magical people. And seeing that I learned I had magic when I accidently turned by teacher's hair blue when I was four" they both gave out a snort of laughter, "I had to rely on the books I read and the internet. It took me awhile and I'm still learning, but I've made progress and I'm damn proud about it." she grinned proudly at the end. Prongs snuggled into her, proud of his daughter and Padfoot barked in happiness.

"Yeah, it was awesome. The book store was actually where I found out my family was actually alive and all. I saw this book on 'The-Boy-Who-Lived'," This time they perked up, wanting to know what she felt about them.

Sadly, she stopped there.

"Lets watch a movie." she said and Padfoot growled, wanting to know. Serena gave him a raised eyebrow nd then looked at Shade, who communicated to her through their link.

"You want to know about my family?" At that, both canine and stag nodded. She sighed.

"There isn't much to tell. I was left with my aunt and uncle sometime after the attack on Godric Hollow. I lived a fairly abused life. I'm pretty sure they wanted to break me." At that they winced at the casual way she spoke and what she spoke of.

"After I discovered magic and practised how to use it, I wanted to defend myself. I had to do so earlier than I anticipated when my uncle was going to cross the line. I flung him away and then choked my aunt, telling her to leave me alone." Here she adopted a dark look that scared them.

"I will admit that I want to make them suffer for what they made me go through and even now I do, but I'm not going to become a murder or ruin my life because of trash like them, so I decided that if they left me alone, I'd leave them alone." she shrugged as she set up the movie she wanted to watch.

Prongs had to fight away the tears that were threatening to fall from his eyes. HIs daughter had ever right to do whatever she wished on those filth and he wouldn't even blame her for becoming dark, but she stopped herself and decided to enjoy life. He wondered how he could even show face to this wonderful person, when all he was apart of was her misery.

Padfoot felt the same about his goddaughter, and had a feeling that she would actually forgive them. For some reason that left a bad taste in his mouth, because they didn't deserve to be forgiven by such a thoughtful person. He snapped out of his thoughts when she continued.

"After that my life seemed to turn around. I was given a room and I could do well in class and not dumb myself down because of my stupid cousin. Finish my education at eight so I could focus more on my magic, I mean its magic! Who the bloody hell wouldn't want to learn it?" she exclaimed, happily, getting howls of agreement.

"Anyways, for my birth family, I felt betrayed and angry when I first found out. I mean magic was my heritage and they had no right to deny it to me. That and I found it sad that the fame had gotten to their heads. Don't know about my twin, if his snobbish and all, but I'd like to get to know them. For my parents, not sure about my dad but I heard he was a prankster, so we might get along...I'm not sure about my mum. I mean she's Petunia's sister. I found out Magical Britain bases people on where they come from. Like all Slytherins are evil because Voldermort came from the house and all. So Lily and Petunia came out of the same 'house', they grew up together, how am I suppose to know that she's not the same as her sister?" she asked curiously, not noticing the dropped jaws of the two animagus wizards.

The way she said it, it made sense as they alwasy believed it, but...this was Lily for Merlin sakes! She would never do such things. Then it dawn to them.

A Lily she knew nothing of, just as they knew nothing of the Slytherins they always bullied.

"Anyways, I'll show you my pranking collections with pictures. Now that I think about, the last time I did a prank was a couple months ago and that was animating the Statue of Liberty. I'm glad I wasn't caught." she muttered the last bit, but the heard.

Both animagus looked at one another and began rolling on the floor with laughter. They heard of that and to tink the culprit was right here! Both father and godfather felt extremely proud of her and decided that she would be worthy of carrying on their legacy.

The rest of the day was finished by watching movies-which fascinated them-and getting to know them more. They found out she had a house elf that she treated equally and responded to her more like a friend, which shocked them, but proud nonetheless.

Soon it was night and they had to leave. Giving her a little nudge, lick and snuggle, they dashed out the door and never stopped until they were near the city. There they turned back tot heir original forms and apparated away, both with delightful smiles on their faces.

That night, Serena went to sleep with a smile on her face as she thought about the grim and stag from earlier, her mind drifting to their original forms. With a fond smile, she feel asleep with a single thought,


So, that is a wrap for this chapter. Next chapter Hogwarts express and a little prank she'll play. See ya!