Girl Power!

Chapter 5

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Parents and children were crowded saying their good byes as the children got onto the large red steam engine train. This was Platform 9 3/4, where it was hidden from the muggles from the other side of the barrier. The large steam engine was what took the children to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

All magical folk around Britain went to the prestigious Hogwarts. Many old pureblood families were well-known for their attendance for generations. It wasn't new to them, but was for the muggleborn students. Muggleborns were children born with their magical gene active from two non-magical parents.

This year, however, it was a tad different. Unlike the previous years, this year the famous Boy-Who-Lived was going to Hogwarts. Over the past three years, the Potters were ridiculed and mocked openly, their prestigious fame and honor smeared by what they did. Even so, the general populace decided that Daniel Potter wasn't to be blame for his parent's choices.

After that article of opinion, people began demanding that the Potter couple weren't fit to raise the Boy-Who-Lived and that someone else should raise him. That was when the chaos happened because everyone wanted to have the Boy-Who-Lived. James and Lily scared everyone away though, not wanting to lose another child and were quite fierce too.

Some said they saw him in the famous Diagon Alley, shopping for his supplies. The Potter Lord had run off somewhere along with his friend Lord Black, but no one commented on it as they were far too busy trying to get an interview from the legend himself. Daniel hardly ever left anyways.

The barrier shimmered and the photographers had already began taking pictures, but they all stopped and nearly the entire Platform went silent as they saw the new comer come through the barrier. This was not something they had expected.

In came a young girl of about eleven years old. Her hair black and her eyes green-warily reminding those of the Killing Curse. What she wore was what startled them. Her outfit was completely black. A black long sleeve shirt that fell off her shoulders and black jeans and boots of the same color.

She wore finger less gloves and a lot of make-up that when wit her pale face, made her look like a doll. She wore earring as well as a chain that was attach from her lip to her ear. She wore a lot of different earrings on both ears as well as rings on her fingers. To complete her look, she wore a silver chain around her neck.

The girl gave them a bored look and then went straight tot he train, never sparing them another glance. If anything she seemed amused, but her face was blank and unreadable, so they never knew.

"What's going on here?"

The loud questioning voice of Lord Sirius Black had snapped them out of their stupor and they looked at him. With him were an equally confused Potter family and Remus Lupin and the Weasley's right behind them. Seeing the Potters, they completely forgot about the girl and began taking photos.


Serena cackled.

It was the best prank she had done in a while. Small and simple. Nothing over the top and Flora got pictures! She loved the fact that her friend could turn invisible. It was an amazing trick.

Now she stared at the photos her little crime buddy-for she had corrupted her elf friend-and saw all the wonderful blackmail material. She never knew Lord Malfroy's mouth could hang so low.

Having changed from her Gothic chic out fit into some wizarding robes-because it was the wizarding world-she put the photos away into their album and looked around her.

Nu uh, no way. This cramped up place was not going to work for her. Especially if it took eleven hours just to get there. Good thing Flora could be anywhere or else she'd die from hunger and boredom.

Of course Flora wouldn't allow that to happen to her. She had a feeling the elf would find a way to bring her back from the dead if she needed to.

She was protective that way.

She pulls out some food and spreads it on the other seat. She has more, but she needs to fix the place. One thing people needed to know about Serena was that she eats when she was bored.

And given the fact she never grew fat due to her training regime, she could eat whatever she wanted to.

Except before meals or Flora would kill her.

And then revive her.

Before she could do anything, her compartment door opens up and twin red heads come in. She gives them a curious look as they both look at her. There seems to be a staring match between them and then one of the red heads spoke,

"You're the one-"

"that left everyone speechless-"

"and horrified-"

"by your outfit."

She found their twin talk amusing, if not a bit annoying. But it was okay. She didn't know why, but she felt like they would be great friends.

A shiver went down the spines of every Hogwart student and staff.

"I am. Come in. You seem to have something to say." she gestured them inside. Waving her hand, her food re-packed itself and then flew over to where she sat. She saw their bewildered looks.

"What?" she raised an eyebrow.

"You can do wandless magic." one of them blurted out.

"I don't quite see the problem." she frowned. "Many of the places I went to could do it." she said.

"Its not-"

"something common-"

"here in Britain." they explained.

"That's stupid. Anyone who wants to learn it can." she said and then shook her head, "You gentlemen came here for a reason?"

"We wanted to ask-"

"if your outfit was a prank-"

"and how fast you got out of it." they concluded. Serena shrugged and simply requiped to her gothic outfit.

They gaped.

"I knew of magic, but not the magical world when I was younger, so I had to rely on the books and shows. Materials I was in possession with at the time. One of the skills was this one." she explained. The twin boys looked at one another and then the girl in front of them.

When they first saw her coming in, as they were ahead of their family, they gaped and then began laughing when they saw her amused look. Everyone else seemed to miss it, but they didn't. It was the amusement of a prankster and they believed they found the perfect ally. Never had they thought that she could do never before magic just from muggle ideas and books.

"You guys wouldn't happen to be pranksters would you?" she grinned at them. They returned it with one of their own.

"Why only-"

"the bet pranksters-"

"since the Mauders-"

"our idols in Hogwarts!" they finished.

Serena rubbed her hands giving them her cackle.

She loved her cackled ever much so.

"Excellent~ Seeing by your robes your both in Gryfinndor. Perfect since its the house I want to get into. How about we team up. Haven knows some people need to lighten up." she smirked.

The twins exchanged looks.

"You've pranked before?" one asked. She smirked.

"Ever heard of the animated Statue a couple months ago?"

They were sold.

"That was you?!" they both exclaimed, making her laugh.

"Yup." she popped the 'p' with a smile.

"Why fair maiden-"

"let us introduce ourselves-"

"I am Fred-"

"and I am George-"

"but we'd rather go by Gred and Forge." they finished together, giving her a formal bow. Serena stood up, clearing her throat as she requiped into formal wizarding attire.

"Gentlemen its been a pleasure." she began, talking in a snobbish pureblood tone, making them snicker, "I am Lady Serena Dorea Potter of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter." she turned her right bowing hand a couple times before she bowed and sticked her nose in the air.

She looked back at their jaw slacked expression and changed into her previous attire. She knew they knew who she was now. She didn't regret that article though, but she knew it would cause her problems when she re-entered Magical Britain.

Before either of them could say a word, their compartment door was open by a blonde boy she identified as Draco Malfroy, the heir of the Noble House of Malfoy. Besides him were two of his bodyguards Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle.

He looked at the twins, who she knew were Weasleys and then looked at her briefly. He sneered at them and then closed the door.

She blinked a couple times. That was not what she was expecting.

"Strange." the twins said.

She shrugged.

"At least he didn't do anything weird." was all she said. Then she remembered what she was going to do.

"Are you guys going to stay or..." Because she really wanted to build her empire of relaxation for the next eleven hours.

Thankfully they shook their heads.

"Nah, we have to look for our friend-"

"-he's got a tarantula that he said he'll sow us."

She perked up a bit. She did want to see this spider, but her empire awaited her.

"Then I shall say good-bye for now then." she gave them a sorrowful mock bow, which they returned.

'Fear not out fair maiden-"

"-we shall see one another again-"

"-in the fearful and adventures-"

"-House of Gryfindor!" they finished together. Giving her one final bow and a kiss on each hand, they left.

Serena stretched a bit. It as time to get cracking. Before she had the opportunity to do so, she was interrupted. Again. She really needed to put up a Notice-Me-Not spell on her door.

This time it was a bushy haired girl, that seemed to be a bit bossy. Behind her was a blonde haired boy and a raven haired boy. Serena gave them a look.

"Do you mind if we sit here?"the brown haired girl asked, with a touch of bossiness.

"Knock yourselves out." she gestured them a sit and then paused, "You people won't be a nuisance will you?"

The busy haired girl looked offended and was going to retort, but the blonde haired boy quickly spoke up,

"No we won't. Thank you." he said and they sat down. The raven haired boy was creeping her out with the staring.

Then it clicked.

He had green eyes.

This was Daniel Potter, the 'Boy-Who-Lived'.

This was her twin.

"Ugh!" she cried out, rubbing her hands through her hair. She was quite sure she startled her fellow first years. They were exchanging looks.

Before she could do anything else, the door opened again. This was getting ridiculous and she was going to put up the spell right now.

"Hi, I hope you don't mind if we sit here."

It was two girl, a blond and a red head. She shrugged and let them inside. Immediately she put up the spell and then relaxed. She had to start now, or else she wouldn't be able to do her thing.

"Flora!" And her ever loyal friend pop into existence.

"Yes Serena I have gotten everything you needed for the next eleven hours on the train. Would you like me to change the room?" Flora began sarcastically. She grinned.

"Yes please. Oh and they'll I guess too." she shrugged towards them. The bushy haired girl seemed to break the silence first.

"W-What is that?" she pointed at Flora.

Serena snarled.

"She is not a that. She's Flora and she's my friend."

They were taken aback and she knew. House-elves weren't normal seen as such, she knew, but she didn't care. Flora was probably the only living being she trusted-and Shade, her shadow hound. She did not appreciate it when people pointed or said ill things about her.

Flora was positively beaming.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything about it." the girl replied shaken.

"Just talk shit about my friend." Serena shrugged and then turned to Flora, "Lets begin!"

Instantly the compartment was enlarged and the benched were replaced with soft bean bags. There was a television on the wall and a DVD player on the floor. Besides it was a shelve filled with movies.

"And the food!"

Different various junk food appeared. From butter beer and soda to chips and pizza. It was absolutely amazing!

Serena grinned at their gaping faces.

"Make yourselves comfortable and we'll begin watching a marathon. Flora will set it up while to talk. We never really did introduce one another." she said, sitting down on on of the bean bags.

The blonde female seemed to be at ease, like she had seen these things before and promptly made her friend sit two boys did the same and soon only the bushy haired girl was standing in shock.

"B-But electronics don't work in Hogwarts!" she exclaimed.

"Let me tell you a secret." Serena whispered, leaning forwards a bit, "This isn't Hogwarts." she ended. The others began laughing and some chuckled.

"I got my hands on runes and simply converted magical energy into electricity. I'm patenting it with the goblins if you want it." she shrugged.

"I never knew that. My name is Hannah Abbot and I'm a half-blood. I'm more in tune for the muggle world and I'd like to have some of my gadgets work around magic." the female blonde introduced herself.

"My name is Susan Bones a pure-blood." the red head girl introduced herself and Serena perked up.

"Are you related to an Amelia Bones?" and she nodded.

"She's my aunt." she smiled.

"She's my role model. A woman that has respect and ain't corrupt like the other Ministry idiots is good person in my books."

The red head-Susan-beamed, glad someone appreciated her aunt's work.

"My name is Hermione Granger, muggle-born." she wanted to say more, but stopped when she saw they had moved on.

"I'm Neville Longbottom, pure-blood." the blonde boy said shyly and Serena gave him a smile. All eyes was on the raven haired boy. He gave them a shy smile.

"I'm Daniel. Daniel Potter and I'm a half-blood."

She could literally see the entire compartment go silent. Granger-the talkative person she was-gasped and began telling him all the books she's read about him-

"None of those books are real. Their just fiction books, so please refrain yourself from thinking you know about me." his happy face turning cold instantly, making her gasp.

"Its a pleasure to met you Heir Potter, Heir Longbottom." Susan replies, Hannah doing the same. Daniel shakes his head.

"Please, its just Daniel and I'm not the Heir. That would be my sister." he said and looked directly at Serena.

The raven haired girl looked right at him and the others finally understood what was happening. Neville's eyes widen and the two girls put their hands on their mouth in shock. Hermione scrunched her eyebrows together.

"You're not a snobbish piece of shit are you?" she asked, ignoring the bushy hair girl's 'Language!'. Really that girl was getting annoying.

Daniel however, seemed amused-that was what she'd sen it as.


Serena grinned.

"I guess I'm last. Serena Potter and I'm a half-blood so to speak." and then looked at where Flora was finally finished setting everything up. "You guys have something specific you want to watch?" she asked. They shoo their heads.

"How does this thing work?" Neville asked, the first to speak since the great revelation. He knew Daniel didn't know what to say, but he was glad Serena wasn't moody-though she had every right to be.

"Hmm. Lets see." she hummed as she browsed through the different series and movies she had. she had. Her eyes sparkled as she saw Fairy Tail. It would show these people real magic.

"We'll watch this." she said, putting in the first disc. She was going to start from the begin. "Its called Fairy Tail. When I first discovered my mysterious powers as I called them-don't blame me I was four. I based them on these shows."

"On muggle shows?" Hannah asked skeptically. Serena grinned and then requiped into normal attire.

Their gaping looks was all she needed to see.

"This is called requip. You'll see one of the people there use it to fight." she pressed play. "Shall we begin?"

Needless to say, Fairy Tail became their most favorite show-for now.

End of this chapter. Daniel never really said anything to Serena because-he never had anything to say. There will be more interactions next chapter. Hope you enjoyed!