Sex at Hogwarts

Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

They were back at Hogwarts. For their 5th year and the Gryffindor's and Slytherin's were waiting outside the dungeons, for their first potions lesson of the year. Hermione rushed into the corridor, evidently worries she'd be late for class but when she saw the rest of them waiting outside she started to walk. She looked up and saw through the blur of faces moving and shouting a face she'd never forget. He started at her lovingly, his hair brushes casually in front of his eyes. He stood about a head taller than the rest due to a growth spurt over the summer holidays. She walked over to Ron Weasley. He looked down at her face and winked at her.

"Hi Hermione" he said as he gave her shoulders a squeeze

"Hi Ron, Harry" Hermione said excitedly

They started talking about their summers and how exited they were to be back. But their convination was short-lived. The potions classroom door opened suddenly and everyone fell silent. A black figure slid out the door and stood in its frame, fixing it's deathly stare on the students one by one.

"Welcome Back" Professor Snape drawled

One by one they filed past him and took their seats in the dark and dingy classroom. Hermione, Ron and Harry sat at the back. Once everyone had sat down and settled themselves the door opened again. This time a classmate swaggered in. His hair slicked back perfectly and his skin looked smooth and beautiful. Hermione turned to look at his face, but her eyes were drawn to the giant bulge at the top of his trousers. She started imagining it uncovered and got turned on. She told herself not to but she couldn't draw her eyes away. Finally she looked up to see his face and the hate she had once had for him flew out the window. He was hotter than she remembered. His muscled showed through his white shirt, his six pack clearly visible. What Hermione didn't know was that he was looking directly at her. He couldn't comprehend the size of her breasts; the buttons on her shirt revealing a slit if her amazing body.

"Sit down Draco" came a drawl from the darkness

He sat down at a table perpendicular to Hermione's, in between his cronies Crabbe and Goyle. As the lesson progressed they kept looking at each other, blushing when they made eye contact.

Later that day Hermione was waiting in a broom cupboard for Ron to walk past. As he did she grabbed him by the arm and pulled him in. They were face to face, Hermione's breasts pushing up against Ron's chest.

"Hermione?" Ron asked

"It's been a long summer and I haven't seen you since last year...I wanna havn't in ages" Hermione whispered to him

"Look Hermione you've got a...beautiful body...but your no good at sex" Ron replied


"I wanna girlfriend who can pleasure me properly and makes me begs me for mercy when we fuck, and you don't so that"

"So your saying?"

"I'm breaking up with you...until you learn how to please me proper good" Ron said as he pushed the door open

"Ron wait!"

"No I've said what I need to now leave me alone...but we can still be friends!"

Ron left Hermione stood in the cupboard, alone, contemplating life. When there was a in at the door, it opened and in stepped the boy from potions, Draco Malfoy. She gasped as he stepped in, he locked the door behind him and stood in front of Hermione, in the place Ron had stood only minutes before.

"Why so sad Granger?"

"It's nothing"

"Not what I heard"

"You heard?"



"Now then do you wanna get better at sex or not?"

"I suppose"

"Meet me in the library tonight- 9pm sharp, don't talk to me just follow me"

Hermione walked into the library at 9pm, she wore a shirt that was obviously too small for her, but emphasised her breast size and a tie that hung loosely round her neck. She wore a very short skirt that nearly showed off her ass to the world, her ass was a great size, it filled her skirt perfectly, pulling the bottom up ever so slightly so that the bottom of her ass could be peeped. She wore knee high socks, and little slip on shoes. She spotted Draco straight away. He darted off around a corner, she looked around and followed him. She came to a bookshelf, but it was slightly ajar like a door, she pulled it open and stepped inside, closing it after her. She stepped into a dimly lit room, with a four-poster bed in the middle. There were lamps mounted on the wall, the bed covered in a deep green linen, with black patterns bordering the fabric. There was one wall with a gap in the middle, which Hermione found strange. A table sat opposite the bed, with nothing on top. Draco lay on a sofa, which rested neatly against the wall. He beckoned to her and she walked over to him and sat at the end of the sofa. He wore just his boxers and trousers this time, no shirt was covering his muscles. His bulge had grown in size and was itching to get out. Draco sat up and stared at Hermione in wonder.

"You ready?" he asked

"Yes" she replied confidently

She sat down at the end of the sofa, nervous about what was coming. Draco edged nearer to Hermione, itching to feel her lips against his. He caressed her face with his hand, then let it slowly slide down her body, past her boobs til it rested on her ass. She looked at Draco, her eyes full if longing. Draco leant in until his chest pushed on Hermione's breasts and his lips were less than a centimetre away. He stopped for a millisecond then planted his lips square on hers. Hermione started to kiss him back and soon they were kissing passionately and Draco occasionally squeezed Hermione's ass making her squeal even through the kiss. Draco suddenly stuck out his tongue and put it into Hermione's mouth, Hermione followed his lead and did the same. They swirled their tongues round each others mouth, exchanging spit and massaging the others tongue. Hermione reached her hands round and grabbed Draco's face, she kissed it more passionately than before, enjoying every moment of it.

"Mmmmhhhmmmm" Draco moaned as Hermione stuck her tongue down his throat.

Another 5 minutes passed and they kept kissing, enjoying the feel of the others mouth. Finally they pulled away.

"I better be getting back!" Hermione said as she left Draco alone in the room.