Granger's Anatomy

Chapter 1

Author's Note

PLEASE READ. Readers, please note that hence the title this is a medical based story with Dramione in it. I am NOT a doctor but a writer so medical facts, procedures and situations are not 100% accurate. Please don't be too upset if you notice an error or mistake because I do a lot of research for each situation I write and I hope not to make glaring mistakes but also don't expect accurate events. Also, all rights belong to JK Rowling and Shonda Rhimes. On another note, this story is not intended to be exactly like Grey's Anatomy but was inspired by it, things will be similar (resident drama, bar down the street, narrative intro/closing like Greys, Gossip Girl..) plots are all completely original. Please enjoy and leave comments!

Nobody likes a change in routine. Or an imbalance in everything you thought was set in stone. But nothing is ever really set in stone is it? Imbalance knocks you off course, it rocks your boat, it ruins everything you built for yourself. It does lots of things, except help you. Nobody likes being that kid that lost their balance in gym class or that one person who had it all then made one stupid, damn, little choice that made your balanced life...imbalanced.

"Medium french vanilla, extra caffeine?" a voice asked coming up from behind Hermione. She turned around to see Draco Malfoy grinning knowingly as he handed her the cup. Hermione rolled her eyes at his smugness of knowing the way she took her coffee by heart but took the coffee nonetheless.

"Are you ready?" he asked matching her stride as they neared the doors of Hogsmeade General.

After the war, St. Mungos was so broken and damaged they decided to open two more different hospitals in the area. It was at Hogsmeade General that Hermione had met the infamous Draco Malfoy again during their internship and residency. They had both been so broken by the war in different ways, it was the strangest thing but they found comfort and strength in each other. He had turned out to be a completely different person than she originally assumed and had quickly become one of her best friends.

"Ready to kick your ass? Hell yeah since first year." she said bumping into his shoulder as the elevator doors opened. A simple touch sending a shock up her arm.

He laughed throwing his head back as he leaned against the rear wall. A beautiful sound coming from his mouth. And his smile, so rare and so perfect. He glanced at her raising his eyebrows. "What? No vomiting like first year residency and first day of internship? Or second year - ?"

"Okay, so I haven't had the best track record for keeping things down when I'm nervous but it's not totally uncommon." she argued refusing to look at him.

"You know what is becoming way too common? Lack of sleep. I'm exhausted, my damn interns don't know a bloody thing, so when they screw something up, I have to come running to fix it. One moron woke me up from my nap because they weren't sure whether to do a central line by wand or hand." Draco grumbled.

"My intern dropped a kidney for a transplant when were operating." Hermione laughed sipping her coffee. "I swear they get worse and worse each year."

The elevator door dinged open and in stepped Alec Stanforth and Leila Bellsan chatting animatedly. Alec was the polar opposite of Draco. Sandy brown hair, tanned complexion and completely modest and humble. Leila was a petite little thing, with long strawberry blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes.

"Did you have a good shag for good luck last night?" Draco quipped watching as their necks turned bright red. "I take that as a yes."

"Don't tease them Draco," Hermione admonished. "Like I didn't see you in the on call room with that slutty nurse." The elevator burst into laughter as Draco muttered under his breath.

"Have you done any?" Leila asked in a much peppier mood than usual. Sex did that to a girl.

"Oh God don't talk about it like it's a homework question waiting to be completed." Hermione shuddered as they changed in the resident's lounge.

"Only you would make a comparison like that." Alec snarked pulling off his shirt. Lelia's eyes followed setting herself up for more of Draco's taunts.

"The night before our first day as 3rd year residents and you had sex?" Hermione said with disbelief. "Your going to intubate someone up the nose."
"Relax 'Mione, if I do, you won't be far to fix it." Alec said his eyes wandering to Leila. "Besides, it was worth it." making Leila smirk knowingly.

"Somebody hand me a ten gauge needle so I can stab my eyeballs." Draco said looking at them with disdain. "I'm reporting you both to the psych ward."
"For what?" Leila asked looking amused.

"For being addicted to sex." Draco replied eyeing them both. "Your horniness will affect the quality of health we strive to give our patients - "

"Malfoy, Bellsan move it, we've got a 23 year old female trauma coming in 5!" Dr Persephone Foster hollered speeding down to meet the emergency apparators.

Like an ambulance, the emergency apparators apparated into the hospital and disapparated out of it to retrieve the ill/injured.

"I wish she'd move it to hell." Leila mumbled as she and Draco followed after her at a run. Draco almost slammed into Aaron Mathews who came skittering in with his clipboard in hand, late as always. Aaron was a nerd, no other way to put it. He had curly brown hair, glasses and had a tendency to be clumsy and late.

"Watch it Mathews, I'm actually going to save lives." Draco called over his shoulder. Aaron growled angrily as he flipped the page roughly.

"Don't worry Aaron, he's just jealous because he didn't win chief resident." Hermione assured pulling her lab coat on.

"Mhm," he murmured with disbelief. "Kravic, Granger your on Putton's service and Stanforth you and I are on neuro. Where's Kravic?"

Brittany Kravic a permanently grumpy girl stood from the corner of the room scowling as usual. She always had a frown etched on her face which made her tight features look even sharper. Her platinum blond hair always pulled severely back into a bun looked even crosser than usual to see Aaron Mathews.

"Good luck," Aaron muttered as he left with Alec. Then Hermione was left alone with Brittany who looked completely miserable to be there with her. Hermione had tried to befriend her in their close knit group their first year of internship but she was totally resistant and uninterested. The others had quickly formed a strong bond making them feel even more awkward when Brittany was left out.

"Don't slow me down Granger." Brittany said offhandedly as she lead the way to the patient's room. Hermione inhaled sharply reminding herself why she was here. She was here to save lives and Brittany Kravic could go to hell for all she cared.

"What do we got?" Persephone Foster asked as the emergency apparators came flashing in levitating a bleeding and screaming women followed by a panicky tall man haphazardly dressed.

Draco began reading the EA's charts quickly before shoving them to Leila who glared and took them, scanning them quickly.

"23 year old female, suspected broken hip bone from fall but we're not sure why she's bleeding or complaining of severe abdominal pain." the EA said wincing as the women's foot made contact with her gut.

"Okay, Ms. Adams I need you to tell me what happened." Leila said feeling her abdomen for rigidness. Her only response was to scream in pain as her eyes began to droop.

"She's crashing!" Persephone cried counting for them to transfer her from gurney to observation bed. She used her wand to summon the defibrillator which she attached to the women's chest. "Clear!" the women's body jerked with each shock delivered and finally her heart came back.

"Talk to me sir," Draco said setting up an ultrasound for her abdomen.

"We were...we were...uh we were shagging at the top of the stairs when she suddenly hunched over in pain and she kneed me there by accident so I knocked her accidently down the stairs. I heard bone snapping and she was complaining of abdominal pain." the man stuttered clutching the door for support.

"The stairs? Seriously man?" Draco asked motioning for someone to escort him out.

"Malfoy!" Persephone warned watching the ultrasound as he moved it lower. "Merlin you didn't tell us she was pregnant!"

The EA confusedly reread her charts unsure where she went wrong.

"She's having an ectopic pregnancy, we need to get her to an OR now." Draco said meeting Persephone's eyes and she nodded yelling for everyone to clear the way.

"What happened?" Dr Thomas Sharman asked bursting into the room, snapping on a pair of gloves. Leila rapidly recited her stats, the stairs story and her injuries. Dr. Sharman felt around her hip and shook his head running alongside them as they sped towards the elevator. "Definitely a broken hip."

"She's pregnant?" the women's counterpart shrieked chasing after them. "We didn't even know!"

"I'm Dr. Foster and this is Dr. Sharman from ortho, we're her healers and we're going to take care of Ms. Adams." she said as the elevator doors closed on his astounded face.

"I'm Dr. Putton and this is Dr. Kravic and Dr. Granger, we'll be performing your coronary artery bypass." Elizabeth Putton said introducing them to their patient. "Dr. Kravic?"

"John Chadwick, 39, felt extreme chest pains last night. He was taken for an EKG and the reports came back with signs of severely clogged arteries." Brittany summarized, her face perfectly smooth and unreadable.

"Meaning Dr. Granger?" Elizabeth asked turning her attention to Hermione.

"Mr. Chadwick you have plaque build up in your arteries potentially due to smoking, high cholesterol and high blood pressure." Hermione responded.

"I TOLD you to quit smoking, quit smoking but you refuse! I warned you, I called it, I TOLD you Johnny, that this muggle smoking stick would only harm you!" his wife screeched from beside him. "I told you didn't I?"
"Yes m'dear you did. But I'm a stubborn man and those muggle smoking sticks are amazing." Mr. Chadwick replied smiling fondly.

"I told you this wouldn't end well but no, you continued and now look! Surgery for something so ridiculous." his wife admonished.

"Dr. Kravic and Granger will prep you for surgery it should be a smooth 4 hour procedure but we should get you in sooner rather than later because you're at risk for a heart attack." Elizabeth smiled before stepping out of the room. Hermione and Brittany followed her out closing the door to poor Mr. Chadwick being scolded by his know it all wife.

"I want you to monitor him like a hawk. He's at high risk for a heart attack and I don't want any failing hearts before we even step into the OR. He better be alive by 1:30 this afternoon." Elizabeth warned before leaving the two of them with his charts.

"That's the kind of wife I imagine you to be. A know it all." Brittany said mildly. "That is if you ever find a man who's willing to put up with you for eternity."

"You know, I don't understand why you hate those who try to show compassion to you. We tried, we all tried, hell even Draco tried but you. It was always your resistance that shut us out." Hermione snapped.

"I am a surgeon. I am a healer who saves lives. I don't have the time or patience to put up with all your crap." Brittany sneered savagely tearing a paper off.

"Well maybe one day, someone as equally rude and stubborn will stumble into you and you both be miserable together for the rest of eternity!" Hermione retorted.

"Uh...healers! Somethings wrong!" Mrs. Chadwick cried. Hermione and Brittany shared a heated glare before sprinting into his room to access the issue.

"He's crashing!" Brittany said shaking her head as she glanced at the monitors.

"Charge to 200." Hermione ordered placing the defibrillator paddles on his chest. "Clear!" John's body lurched as the shock delivered itself. "Page Putton and push one of epi!"

John's heart rate showed no signs of recovery and Hermione grit her teeth as she glanced at Brittany. "Charge to 300. Clear!" The heart rate started going flat and Hermione felt her own increase. "Brittany check for blockages!" she distinctly heard Brittany mutter a spell to observe his arteries.

"Plaque is everywhere, we need to get him to an OR!" she yelled.

"Well his heart needs to revive first. Clear!" Hermione shouted with one final surge of power, John's heart came back.

"Was I not clear when I said I didn't want any failing hearts?" Elizabeth Putton demanded after exiting the patient's room. Brittany and Hermione looked down shamefully. "Get him to the OR now."

Hermione and Brittany shared one more hateful glare before taking opposite routes to the OR.

"Look I understand your concern but I can't risk affecting the other working parts of his brain." Dr. Kimberly Wellington head of neuro said placatingly.

"He's our baby boy. He's only 7, he needs a normal life. We're wizards for merlin's sake. There's no spell to remove it? Vanish it?" Mrs. Harrison asked.

"The tumour is very clever and has wrapped itself, latched rather very tightly onto Jacob's brain. If you want your son to live, I can only remove part of it." Kimberly explained with more patience than humanly possible.

"We want you to just take your best shot and remove all of it. We know there's a chance it could nick an important part of his brain but it's worth the chance it won't." Mr. Harrison said seriously.

"I highly don't recommend - "

"Just do it, Dr. Wellington. Our son is dying. His best shot at normalcy is removing all of it." Mrs. Harrison said wiping her nose.

"What about his best shot at life?" Aaron asked, his parents heads turning in his direction. "Life or potential normalcy. That's really your only options here."

After repeatedly insisting for the entire tumour to be removed, Kimberly Wellington condeded and lead the boys to the OR.

"Ridiculous, idiotic, moronic parents. They just signed a contract for their son to be murdered on my table." she muttered turning on the sink. In an hour Jason Harrison was open on her table and they had made the first incisions.

"Clamp?" Dr. Foster said as they reached the 3 hour mark in the operating room. Even as wizards, some things were better done without a wand. Dr. Lucille Armstrong of OBGYN was here assisting Persephone Foster as they worked to remove the fallopian tube.

"There's no salvaging it?" Leila asked from where she worked with Dr. Thomas Sharman on fixing her hip bone. She was muttering complicated incantations with her wand as they sewed up.

"None. The embryo can't survive in the fallopian tube and it burst. She has another healthy one so she can still have kids." Lucille said reaching for a forcep. "She's lucky to even be alive. It became an emergency especially dangerous because she didn't even know she was pregnant."

"She'll have scarring." Draco remarked as they continued working. "She'll lose the baby too."
"Malfoy you're good in trauma." Persephone commented watching as he sutured neatly and precisely. "You're quick on your feet and move fast."

"Thank you Dr. Foster." Draco replied feeling his heart soar. He wasn't all charm.

"Dr. Bellsman and I are finished here, we'll go update her partner." Thomas said removing his mask. Leila followed looking pleased with her work.

"I wonder if she even wanted the kid." Draco said applying suction.

"Her partner seemed awfully surprised." Persephone replied. "I don't think they were trying."
"Like they weren't trying to fall down the stairs after they shagged on top of the stairs." Draco snorted. Lucille and Persephone laughed as they imagined the strange scene.

"They couldn't just wait a few more minutes to reach the bed?" Lucille chuckled.

"It's called passion ladies. In the moment, hot, heated, fiery passion." Draco smirked suturing up nicely, causing them to laugh again. Stair sex, hot.

"Retractor." Dr. Putton said after making the first incision down the middle of the chest.

"Dr. Putton I would love to clamp the aorta when we get there. I've been practicing." Brittany eagerly said applying suction. "Dr. Granger can update the wife, she relates quite closely to her."
Hermione glared over the top of her mask. "Well Dr. Kravic can update the little kiddies at daycare. Her maturity levels relates quite closely to them."

"Both of you can get out of my OR now." Dr. Putton instructed.

"Dr. Putton - "

Elizabeth looked up her green eyes piercing into them. "If the pair of you can't be mature enough to handle this case and collaborate together despite your differences, I don't need you on my service. Now please, step out of my OR."

Hermione angrily stormed out shoving her scrubs into a bin before yanking off her mask. Brittany followed looking equally as pissed.

"Now look what you've done." she sneered making Hermione's blood boil.

"I didn't say a word to you. But you just had to make some smart ass comment didn't you? Now we're both out of her service." Hermione said feeling her patience grow thin. Without another word, she left the sterilizing room in anger making her way to the cafe.

"I'm going to grab a 10 blade and shove it up Brittany Kravic's eyeball." she grumbled after buying her lunch and taking a seat next to Leila.

"I'll help you." she said idly flipping a page of the Daily Prophet.

"She's driving me insane." Hermione said shoveling food into her mouth. "Where are the others today?"

"Aaron and Alec are with Sharman on neuro cases, Draco and I were on this ectopic pregnancy/broken hip trauma case." she said glancing at her watch. "Do you think I'm doing the right thing, having sex with Alec?"

"Oh you did not just ask me that." Hermione said wrinkling her nose. "I can't really answer that. Is it good sex?"
"The best sex. Alec is always so closed off and quiet, it's hard to know what he thinks. Except for when you elicit a moan or something, then you definitely know." Leila smirked biting a carrot. Hermione laughed crossing her legs and leaning back in her chair.

"Alec is a good guy. He is one of the only gentlemen I've met in my entire lifetime which is a really depressing thought and says something about the men of our generation." Hermione said watching Leila. "If he makes you happy and he's good to you, I think it's the right thing."

"He does sex good to me." Leila said a sly grin spreading across her face. "I wonder if he's in surgery right now, I know a few empty on call rooms."

Hermione gave up talking to lusty Leila and moved to eat her salad. A group of interns squealed loudly from the back of the cafeteria making them all turn their heads in irritation.

One of them had eaten a canary cream and was squawking very angrily. The others were laughing stupidly tossing it food to eat.

"It's like watching a show at the zoo." Hermione said turning away in disgust. "It's like working with a band of mildly educated monkeys."

"That little manipulative bastard." Leila broke off pointing to the cafe line. Draco was talking very animatedly with head of trauma, Persephone Foster. "He's going to get in on all the good trauma cases if he manages to pick her up."
Hermione watched as he made her laugh before nodding and joining the other attendings. Draco then turned to make his way towards them.

"You like him," Leila accused pointing her fork at Hermione. "Oh my God, you're jealous." she said waving her fork with more enthusiasm.

"That's rubbish." Hermione blushed sipping her coffee. "He can sleep with whomever he pleases."

"You should tell him, before he rides off into the sunset with a pampered pureblood princess." Leila said seriously.

"I like things the way they are," Hermione said as Draco came closer. "We're best friends and anything else will just change everything. We hated each other for so long but now we don't and I'd like things to stay that way."

"Don't tell me the famous war heroine, Gryffindor queen is afraid to share her feelings." Leila said raising her eyebrows.

"Shut up," Hermione hissed as Draco reached their table.
"My patient is stable and awake. Dr. Foster said I would be good in trauma." Draco said sitting down opposite Hermione.

"Of course she did," Leila said innocently sipping her drink. Draco looked at her strangely before continuing to graphically recount every little detail from his surgery with Persephone.

"Malfoy is going to be one to watch. He's a snake, riding low for now but in the OR he's gifted." Persephone said pouring herself some more coffee from the attendings' lounge.

"Granger would be amazing if she wasn't so hot tempered, I kicked her out of my OR today for arguing with Brittany Kravic." Elizabeth Putton added from where she was laying on the couch.

"I don't like any of them." Margaret Mallucci of peds shrugged. "They all think they're so good. Alec Stanforth is the most humble of them all."

"Aren't you supposed to be in on that massive brain tumour Wellington has?" Elizabeth asked raising her head.

"I'm not going into that OR where his parents have forced her to chop off healthy parts of his brain." Margaret said simply. "It's ridiculous, poor Kimberly can handle it."

"It's strange how despite the fact we're wizards/witches we still don't have cures to illnesses. We don't get normal coughs/colds but we still fall ill like everyone else." Persephone said propping her feet on the table.

"I guarantee you, it will be a wizard who finds the cure to cancer. Muggles are all hopeless." Margaret agreed.
"Aaron Mathews has a nice ass." Thomas Sharman said striding into the room. "Very geeky face but a firm ass."
"Did you check?" Persephone asked raising her eyebrows.

"I can tell." Thomas said firmly.

"You're sick." Elizabeth said shaking her head. He winked at her before leaving the room. "We are not sleeping with residents." she said pointedly looking around the room.

"The surgery went well. Dr. Putton was able to graft a vein from your leg, everything went smoothly with little complications. You should be up and out of here in no time." Brittany said to the Chadwicks.

"See, I told YOU everything would be fine." Mr. Chadwick said looking smug. "But you didn't listen to me."

His wife gaped at him like a fish out of water before muttering something about coffee and leaving the room.

Mr. Chadwick chuckled turning to face the two healers. "It feels good to say that to her. It was a chance not knowing if the surgery would work."

Hermione smiled warmly. "Get some rest, Mr. Chadwick."

Hermione and Brittany filed out of the room and without another word to the other, parted ways half of his charts in hand.

"This is a terrible, horrible, very stupid idea." Kimberly Wellington said shaking her head as she observed the massive tumour. "The parents are letting their desperation take over their common sense."
"You think he's not going to make it?" Aaron asked glancing up at the gallery where the chief of surgery herself, Elizabeth Putton, Lucille Armstrong and Thomas Sharman were watching.

"We never say that in the OR Mathews." Kimberly said taking a deep breath. "Stanforth resect the tumour from the very bottom up. One clean motion. Use your wand or hand, whichever is most comfortable." Kimberly said nodding at the wide eyed Alec. He took the tool and began resecting slowly vying for his hand as he slowly inched it up.

"Slowly," Kimberly instructed. "One smooth motion don't move the position of your hand just the location. Good, nice work Dr. Stanforth."
As soon as the words came out of her mouth the patient began to crash. Aaron rushed to the patient's chest and began resuscitating. Come on, live he thought desperately as he pumped up and down on the little boy's chest.

"Stanforth do not move your hand one inch!" Kimberly yelled moving her hands quickly. "One move and you'll kill the patient."

"Push one of epi!" Aaron called sweat appearing on his brow as he continued exerting a strong push on the boy's chest. Flatline. Jason Harrison's heart began to fail as the line went flat.

"Come on Jason!" Aaron ground out as he pushed repeatedly.

"Call it." Kimberly sighed removing her headlight. "Mathews, call it."
"Time of death 5:43." Aaron said removing his hands with resignation.

Without a word, the three of them cleaned up and headed to meet the parents. This felt like a major 'I told you so' to the parents and in a way it sort of was.

"Mr and Mrs Harrison, I am so sorry. Jason didn't make it through the surgery." Kimberly said solemnly. Mr. Harrison fell to his knees sobbing embarrassingly as he clutched onto Mrs. Harrison whose face was into total shock.

"The tumour was too big and we tried to resect the entire thing like your requested and he just couldn't pull through." Kimberly said looking very pained to have to say all this. "I'm so sorry, for your loss."

Aaron worked hard to keep his face straight as he helped Mrs. Harrison sit down, losing all circulation to his forearm as she crushed it in her grip.

"I'm so sorry." he whispered.

"We lost Jason," Aaron said staring out the window into the darkening skies. "He could have lived if his parents had allowed us to resect part of it."
"My patient is alive, healthy and chatty." Draco said changing his shirt. "I almost wish she wasn't so I wouldn't have to hear her yap."
"I have a solo appendectomy tomorrow." Hermione said happily walking in. "Head of general just gave it to me."
"I hate you," Draco said watching as she strode across the room. She grinned back digging in her bag. "I'm on OBGYN tomorrow. All I'll get is pissy, needy pregnant ladies." he grumbled.

"The parents were just so insistent and stubborn. They handed their son's brain for us to chop up." Aaron said glumly.

"I got general." Leila said walking in with a bag of chips. "I'll be scrubbing in on the chief's gallbladder operation."

"Damn wanna trade?" Draco asked tearing open a granola with his teeth. Leila looked at him with apprehension.

"For pissy pregnant ladies? No thanks." Leila smiled sweetly sitting down beside Alec.

"Jason could have lived. Even if it was for a few more months." Aaron said in a monotone voice.

"Come on, you love babies." Draco chided chewing his granola.

"Yeah babies out of the mom not still inside." Leila replied. "Plus don't you always say women love you?"

"Not married, grumpy, hormonal raging ones in no mood for a shag." Draco exclaimed shoving his scrubs in his bag.

"He could have lived longer with speech and memory nevermind his life." Aaron said morosely. "My patient died."
"Will you stop saying that?" calm headed Alec exploded. "My patient died too but I'm not moping about what could have happened. It did happen and there's nothing we can do to fix it."

The room fell silent, Aaron gaping at Alec stupidly. He grabbed his stuff and promptly exited the room, Leila looking after him with uncertainty.

"Who's on call tonight?" Elizabeth Putton asked sticking her head inside. "Meet me at the emergency apparators pit we've got two incoming traumas. Some idiots wanted to tangle with a hippogriff."

Leila and Aaron tore after her, dropping the bag of chips as they ran.

Hermione turned to face Draco. "I seem to remember a particular idiot who tangled with a hippogriff too."

Draco tied his laces looking passive. "I have no idea who you're talking about."
Hermione grinned before leaving the room. She made her way to the Chadwick's room to double check his vitals before leaving for the night.

Brittany was changed and standing there staring through the windows at the Chadwicks. Her face was passive as always but her eyes followed the heart monitor with sharp laser focus. It seemed like both of them didn't want to give Dr. Putton another reason to hate them.

"Your a good doctor." Hermione said moving to stand slightly apart from her. She heard Brittany sigh in annoyance and exasperation.

"If this is a motivating crap speech I don't have time to hear it." she said crossly.

"Well shut up and you'll find out it's not." Hermione snapped reigning in her temper. "We're both good doctors. But we'd be even better if we could agree not to bicker. At least not in the OR or with a patient."

Brittany pursed her lips before finally turning to face Hermione. "You stay out of my way, I'll stay out of yours." she said before walking passed Hermione.

The corners of Hermione's lips quirked up, that was likely the best she'd get out of Brittany Kravic. With one last glance at the Chadwicks, Hermione left.

Doctors say it all the time, you need a balanced lifestyle between healthy eating and exercising to live a healthy life. Teachers too, balance between school and play. Balance between work and family.

Hermione found her way to the courtyard located at the very heart of the hospital. Trees and flowers of magical variety sprouted everywhere, a fountain at the centre of the courtyard and benches placed around the area.

She perched on the bench closest to the fountain and watched the water fall out in gushes.

So when things go wrong, and your life becomes imbalanced, it can be scary as hell.

"Hey, what're you doing here?" Draco asked moving to sit beside her. He had changed into his civilian clothes, some beard starting to grow on his face.

"Pondering life's great mysteries." Hermione answered crossing her arms. Draco snorted and stretched out his arms and legs. "What are you doing here?"
"My patient coded and I needed to resuscitate because one of my idiot interns can't tell a healthy heart beat from a weak one." Draco yawned.

"We were idiot interns once." Hermione reminded turning to look at him. "If I remember correctly, you got the appendectomy and your patient died."

"We were also strange little first years at Hogwarts once and if I remember correctly you became a cat." Draco said raising his eyebrows.

Hermione laughed not even feeling the slightest urge to defend herself to him. That was how much their relationship progressed. He turned to look at her, his grey eyes studying her.

"And now your one of the best healers at Hogsmeade General." Draco smiled, lacing their fingers together. "Not better than me of course, but you're getting there."

The thing about the mistake that imbalances your life, is you never know it's a mistake until after it's made.

Hermione laughed again feeling her mood improve drastically just by sitting here with him. Then with the soft breeze and the setting sun she leaned in and pressed their lips together. Draco's lips parted immediately, like he was ready for her and wrapped his arms around her pulling her closer. She'd never felt so complete, so perfect all at once than all of a sudden she did.

His lips were soft as they moved against hers slowly. His hands were warm as they rested on her side, she moved hers to tangle in his soft, silky blond hair.

They drew apart, breathing deeply, his penetrating grey eyed gaze meeting hers warmly. A door opened somewhere in the distance but Hermione found she didn't care.

"Are you ready for dinner Draco?" a voice called and high heeled feet made their way towards them. They broke their intense gaze looking up and Hermione felt her heart stiffen when Persephone Foster approached them looking absolutely stunning.

Draco turned his gaze back to Hermione looking conflicted, his eyes lingering on hers. Persephone's voice snapped them back once more.

"I got us a reservation at Felicia's, with a lot of talking and flirting but it's in 10 minutes so we should get going." Persephone said completely clueless to the two dumbfounded by their own daring.

Draco stood uncertainty and she moved to take his hand leading them towards the door. He turned back giving Hermione one last look before they disappeared through the doors and into the night.

"Can I get another mimosa please?" Hermione asked raising her empty glass to Madam Rosmerta at the Three Broomsticks, who hurried over to pour a glass.

Aaron slid into the seat next to her motioning for a beer. "I hate our job."

"You hate our job when someone dies." Hermione corrected sipping her drink.

"We're not supposed to let our emotions show. We're not supposed to care about who dies and who lives. At least from an emotional aspect." Aaron said swigging the bottle back.

"We're human, we can't help but care and that's what fucks up everything." Hermione said bitterly. Aaron turned to look at her but didn't ask.

"I'm getting the impression we're no longer discussing the same thing." he said swishing his bottle around idly. "Remind me why we do this."

"Look Aaron," Hermione said feeling adrenaline from the strong alcohol. "Today, you had to tell someone their kid died. Tomorrow, you might get to tell someone that their kid will live. That is why we do this."

Aaron was not a heavy drinker and was already swaying slightly in his seat. "Preach Dr. Granger." he said taking a long gulp of his beer. "Who knew life could still be complicated once you left school."

"No one taught us that in school or med school." Hermione agreed staring down at her drink.

"But we come to the bar to forget our problems not discuss them." he said nodding for another beer.

"Cheers to that," Hermione mumbled clinking glasses with Aaron.

It's funny how one split second decision you make can cause a tremendous, instantaneous amount of regret. When everything you've ever known comes crashing down, you have no one to really blame but yourself.

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