The Muggle Schoolteacher

Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: First Day of School

Miss Mayfield surveyed her room, looking for anything out of place.

All the crayon boxes were in the bucket.

The pencils and erasers in the bins.

Scratch Paper for her students who wanted to draw were on her desk.

The large pay mat that took up half of the room was vacuumed and cleaned.

And little name tags she made so they could learn each other's names were attached to her clipboard.

She double checked and saw that everything was place. She wanted everything to look nice, as this was her students' first day of school, so she had to make sure they enjoyed it or they might complain to their parents about how boring school was.

She was not a boring teacher, thank you very much.

She looked at the clock and saw it was 8:25. Five minutes until they come in.

She could hear some of the kids playing outside and knew some were going to be rowdy this year, but that was expected. They were six years old after all.

She looked at all the names of her students again so she didn't mispronounce them. Some kids got so defensive when she did.

It was a small class this year, only about seventeen this year:

Andrew Baylor

Chelsey Bensons

Dudley Dursley

'Dursley?' Mayfield thought. 'I remember something about that, but what was it?'

She rattled her brain for a few moments and went into such deep thought that she almost missed the bell.

She jolted up from the noise, almost knocking over the chair. She took a deep breath and went to the front door to let her new students in.

'Come on Juliet, calm down. It's just another year.' She told herself.

How horribly wrong she was about that last statement.

The boy was nervous. His aunt told him his name was actually Harry a few days ago so when the teacher called on him, he knew to respond. She said she 'didn't want people asking questions.' Whatever that meant.

He had to make breakfast this morning and was tired from all the chores he had yesterday. And after all that, Aunt Petunia took Dudley in the van to school before he could finish cleaning the table, forcing him to run to school. He got there with his ratty backpack and old clothes just before the bell rang. He walked to his assigned classroom exhausted, to see Dudley there with a smug face, standing next to his friend, Piers.

"You look alittle tired. You probably should have finished cleaning faster, then maybe mum would have taken you. Then again, she wouldn't want trash in the car."

Harry ignored him and tried to think about his new teacher. He heard that Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon gave her permission to punish him.

Does that mean she would hurt him? Give him chores here? Use a belt? He was so worried and was unsure of what to do.

Dudley and Piers didn't like that the freak was ignoring them and were about to attack when the classroom door opened.

Most of the students looked up, including Harry to see their teacher for the year.

Harry was stunned. She was beautiful. Way more pretty that Aunt Petunia. She had brown hair that fluttered in the wind and had expressive brown eyes. She was wearing a red dress with a long white jacket, along with white shoes with low heels and silver earrings.

She gave them all a genuine smile and it was enough to push some of Harry's worries away. Maybe this year won't be so bad.

Miss Mayfield pulled open the door to see a group of young face, some more enthusiastic than others. She gave a warm smile and got their attention.

"Hello everyone. My name is Miss Mayfield, and I am your new teacher. Please follow me into the classroom. You are welcome to sit wherever you like." She said as they walked in to the class with her students following.

She stood in front of class and noticed that some had gone in pairs or groups, while others remained alone. She wanted to get these kids to make friends and be happy, so she would try to pair them up or group them later on. She grabbed her clipboard and walked up to the front of the class.

"Welcome to your first day of school. I will be teaching you your alphabet, numbers, reading, drawing, music on some occasions, and how to make friends.

The first thing I like to do is to get everyone to meet one another and try to make some friends, so I will call on you and will hand you a tag with you name on it. You will stick it to your shirt so people can learn your name easier. Then we'll play some games so you can get to know each other. Does that sound good?"

She got alot of yes's from her class, while some groaned, especially two boys in the back.

"Alright so lets see here." She said as she grabbed her clipboard and the nametags.

"Andrew Baylor?"

"Here" a boy in the front said. She walked over to him and gave him his tag.

"Chelsey Bensons?"

"H-Here." A quiet voice said near the side of the class.

Miss Mayfield smiled and walked over to her and handed her tag the tag with her name on it.

"Dudley Dursley?" She called out, trying to remember what was the answer to the Dursley question was from earlier.

"HERE!" A voice yelled out from the back getting everyone's attention, then snickering like it was a joke.

Mayfield kept a straight face and handed the tag to Dudley, who proceeded to look at it dumbly before putting on upside down. She could tell he might be a problem this year.

She went through several more names until the answer to her questions was right in front of her.

'Harry Potter? Now I remember! The so called 'delinquent' for the Dursley family.' she thought to herself as she read the name.

"Harry Potter?" She called out.

There was a brief pause in the room. It seemed like it was longer, but only a few second passed until a small hand was raised.

"Here." Said an almost inaudible voice.

Juliet Mayfield turned her head and was unprepared for what she saw next.

A young boy, who looked much too small to be a kindergartner. He had several glaring features that made him stick out like a sore thumb.

Sparkling green eyes that were so destroyed yet so hopeful, hiding behind partially broken glasses.

A rat's nest of dark hair that looked like it had never seen a brush.

And clothes that swallowed a thin frame that hid underneath, judging by how small his neck and collarbone was. They were obviously too large for him and were probably second hand clothes.

Nevertheless, Mayfield smiled at the young boy and walked up to him. She wanted to see how this so called 'delinquent' actually behaved, as she was becoming more skeptical of that story the more she learned about the boy. When she got closer to him, she noticed how he seemed to tense up and started to contract in on himself.

Another possible note for the future.

Harry was scared. She asked for Harry Potter and he knew she wanted him to say 'Here' like everyone else. But what if he was too loud. Or not loud enough. Or he messed up.

While she seemed really nice, he knew that's how things usually went. Everyone loved Dudley and other kids, but him, he was just a freak.

It was getting tense and if he didn't say anything soon, then she might repeat herself, and he knew how Aunt Petunia was when she needed to repeated herself.

Harry raise a timid hand and built up as much courage as he could muster from his thin frame.


The teacher turned to his direction and walked towards him with her long jacket flowing behind her dress like a cape.

She was coming in fast. Was she gonna punish him?

Harry tucked in alittle bit, afraid of the pain that might follow in a moment. He waited there as she grew nearer, her eyes focused on him.

She was right above him now.

What was she going to do.

Harry could only close his eyes and prepare for a slap that was to come.

"Here you go Harry. You have a lovely name by the way." Harry opened his eyes to see Miss Mayfield with a genuine smile, holding out a little tag for him, with his name written on it.

He hesitantly grabbed the tag and looked at it to see that it was stylized with flowers.

Lily Flowers.

He loved these flowers. He wanted some in the garden, but his aunt said she would never plant them for reasons unknown to him. Then she slapped him for asking about them.

Harry remembered where he was again and looked at Miss Mayfield, who was still above him with a smile directed at him.

"Thank you, Miss Mayfield." Harry said quietly.

"Your absolutely welcome, Harry." She said back.

She walked away, leaving Harry to put on the lovely name-tag. He place it on the left side of his giant shirt and couldn't help but smile.

Maybe this year wouldn't be so bad after all.

Miss Mayfield finished passing out the tags then beckoned the students to the far side of the classroom, where play mat was, with toys lining the walls.

"Are we going to play with toys right now?" One of her students asked excitedly.

She shook her head. "No. Not yet." This caused many of the young children to whine a little. "We will be playing with them later, but first, I wanted to get all of you to play a game. I want everyone to get to know each other, so please sit in a circle on the playmat." Her students complied, but some complained more than others, mainly the young Dursley and his friend Piers Polkiss.

'I can only imagine how the rest of the year will go with them.' Mayfield thought to herself.

Juliet saw that they were all in a circle and smiled. She saw that Dudley and Piers were trying to sit next to Harry for some reason, but he moved away from them. Obviously, the smaller boy was uncomfortable around them.

Many of her students were now conversing with one another, even those that were alone earlier where talking. She hoped to help as many of these children as possible make friends.

She was still best friends with her childhood class partner from 1st grade.

Mayfield pulled out a bowl of sweets from her desk and walked over to the playmat. The sweets in the jar seemed to get everyone's attention, and she laughed to herself. Alittle candy was all it took sometimes.

"Alright. Now settle down. This candy is for the game. All you have to do is say your name, something about yourself, and your favorite color. Then I'll give you a candy."

She stood above all her students with the candy in hand and smiled at them as she went around their circle

"Now lets start with Andrew." She said as she gestured to the young boy, obviously excited about going first.

"Hi! My name is Andrew. I like to ride my trike, and my favorite color is red."

"Very good Andrew. What kind of candy would you like?"

"Can I have a licorice?"

Miss Mayfield smiled at the boy before handing him a wrapped piece of licorice. The boy proceeded to rip it open and eat it in several fast bites. Mayfield knew he would be the energetic one this year.

"Now, how about Garrett?"

Said boy was alittle more plump than Andrew but had a big smile on his face. "Hello. My name is Garrett and I like to eat cereal with my dad in the morning. My favorite color is yellow."

"Good job Garrett. Now what candy would you like?"

"Do you have M&Ms?"

"Yes I do." She then handed to boy a wrapped brown bag of little M&Ms, which he ripped open and ate, one at a time.

"Ok. Now, how about Dudley?" She could tell if she didn't call on him soon, that he would explode.

"Finally! My name is Dudley. I have to live with my freak of a cousin Harry, and I like the color brown, cause it's the color of chocolate cake that I eat all the time. Now I want a chocolate bar!" He said proudly.

Mayfield could see that his parents spoiled him from a mile away. He was loud and demanding, yet their nephew was tiny and quiet.

She brushed the comments in her mind away. It would be unprofessional to say such things out loud. She handed Dudley a small chocolate bar, which he opened messily and ate in one bite, causing chocolate to get all over his face.

Mayfield ignored it for now and turned back to the circle.

"Now how about... Harry. Harry would you like to go."

Said boy was surprised that he had been called and got flustered. He shifted the glasses on his eyes and looked up

"U-Um, My name is Harry. I-I live with my Aunt and Uncle, and my favorite color is green." Harry looked alittle scared, wondering if he did it wrong.

Miss Mayfield simply smiled at him. "Well done. Now, which candy would you like Harry?"

"U-Um, I don't know. I've never had one before." He said quietly.

This caused the children in the circle to start whispering amongst themselves.

"He's never had a candy before?"

"Everyone's had candy though."

"Maybe his parents don't like candy."

"Didn't you hear? He lives with his Aunt and Uncle."

"Maybe he doesn't like candy."

'Man, some of these kids are quick-minded.' Mayfield thought to herself. She walked over to Harry and gave him a small piece of chocolate in tin wrapping.

"Here you go Harry. Try it and tell me what you think."

The small boy looked at the candy and unwrapped it slowly, pulling the corners and peeling the metal wrapper off it, leaving it in one piece.

He looked at the small piece of chocolate with awe and put the whole thing in his mouth in one go, as if afraid it would be taken away the next second. The chocolate slowly melted in his mouth and the flavor seeped onto his tongue.

Harry's green eyes lit up and his face said it all. Miss Mayfield gave the tiny boy a sad smile.

It was like it was his first time eating chocolate.

The more she looked into it, the more the dots connected in Juliet Mayfield's mind.

After the game, the day seemed to go faster for her students. Many drew pictures at the desks while others played with the toys.

She watched over her students and noticed at all times that two stuck out.

Dudley Dursley and Harry Potter.

Dudley would take toys from other children or rip their drawings. Then he would try to blame Harry. Miss Mayfield had none of it, and would have to send Dudley to the corner, where he would try to get away, causing Miss Mayfield to have to watch him so he would not think he could just leave when he wanted.

He antagonized other students, especially shy ones like Chelsey or Harry.

Speaking of Harry.

The boy was quiet. He walked as if he were going to break egg shells and was usually tucked in on himself.

He cleaned up after other children when they left messes.

He gave up a toy instantly when another child wanted to play.

He took Dudley's insults and did nothing to stop the other boy.

He would put himself in the corner when he thought he did something wrong.

Miss Mayfield had to explain to him several times that cleaning up wasn't his job, or that he could play with the toys when they were allowed to. And that he didn't need to put himself in the corner.

Miss Mayfield just learned more about the small boy the more she watched.

Especially during recess.


All the children went out to play. Some went to the jungle gym or swings while others went down the slides or played tags.

But Dudley Dursley had other ideas.

The chunky boy started messing with other children while they were playing and took another kid's ball before throwing it over the fence.

Then he and his friend Piers tried to blame it on Harry, who was under a tree, reading a picture book.

Miss Mayfield sent them to the benches for what they did and told them to sit there. They kept trying to escape or glare at Harry in the far corner of the playground. She was forced to watch them so they didn't walk away or go after the smaller boy.

Sadly, she was distracted when another child needed her help getting a friend out of a slide. She walked away and help for all of two minutes.

When she looked back at the benches, the boys were gone, and she knew immediately where they went. She turned her head to the corner of the playground to see them pushing Harry around.

She marched right over to them to stop the fighting when she saw it.

They pulled Harry's oversized shirt in an attempt to get him to let go of the book. When they did, they revealed what was under.

A bruise. A large bruise, the size of a grapefruit next to his spine. And ribs that protruded out of his thin frame.

Miss Mayfield was horrified. The note said that he got bruises from 'hurting himself', but judging by the size and placement, it didn't look accidental to her. That and how skinny the boy was. He was literally skin and bones.

She knocked herself out of her stupor and she separated them again. Mayfield scolded Dudley and Piers on their behavior, before sending them into the classroom for what they did.

—-flashback end—-

She was knocked out of her thoughts when she heard the familiar dinging of the school bell.

Miss Mayfield stood up from her chair at her desk and clapped her hands to get everyone's attention. "Alright everyone. Your first day of school is over. I hope you enjoyed it. I will see you tomorrow. Don't forget, we are going to start our alphabet charts soon." She then walked over to the door and opened it to let them all out.

The students all exited the classroom, talking about how much fun their first day was, all except one.

A little Harry Potter.

He walked up to her timidly and shifted his broken glasses as he looked up.

"M-Miss Mayfield?" She looked down at the small boy and gave him a warm smile.

"Yes Harry?"

"Thank you for today. It was fun. The most fun I've had in a long time." The green eyed boy smiled and it almost was enough to break Mayfield's heart. She smiled and put a hand on his shoulder. He tried to cover it but he flinched when her hand made contact.

She caught it instantly but didn't say anything.

"I'm glad you had fun Harry. And remember: If you need to talk to me about anything. Anything. Just let me know. Okay?"

Before Harry could respond a loud shrill voice interrupted their little moment.

"Boy! Come now! We have to go home this instant! Dinner needs to be started!" That must be his Aunt.

Harry ran off before Mayfield could say anything else. She closed up her door and decided to follow secretly.

She wanted to cement her findings about the small child and his home life.

She followed them to the where the aunt was parked and saw Dudley was there as well. She hid around the corner of the building she was behind in an attempt to here what was going on. She knew she shouldn't listen to a private conversation, but in her mind, children and their safety came first.

She heard yelling but couldn't make it out, so she looked around the corner to see the woman grab Harry by the arm and yank him into the van.

The woman got in the front seat and started the car. As they pulled out fo the drive way, she seemed to look at her son before turning to Harry.

Miss Mayfield couldn't make out much, but she could see enough.

Through the tinted back window she, could see it. The aunt slapped her nephew as they drove off, leaving the teacher to connect all the dots.

She walked away and went into her classroom once more. Stepping over trash and toys, she made her way to her desk and pulled out a piece of paper and pen.

She wrote out everything she knew.

Harry Potter:

Small: Underweight and Under-height. Possibly malnourished

Poor clothing: most likely Dudley Dursley's hand me downs.

Skinny: Very thin and skin and bones.

Attitude: Quiet and Timid. Well behaved

Behavior: Cleans up when not asked. Gives up toys instantly. Flinches under contact. Punishes himself. Doesn't try to fight back. Didn't say anything when Dudley tries to pin blame on him. Had odd reaction to candy, as if it was his first time.

Bruises: Large Bruise on back. Size of grapefruit. Possibly more on his body.

Family: Lives with Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin. Aunt and Cousin as of now treat him poorly. No info on uncle.

She put her pen down and looked at what she had. It made too much sense. An idiot could see it a mile away.

It was the only thing that made sense.

How had anyone not noticed. He was so small and innocent.

Harry Potter, the delinquent of the Dursley family, was being abused.

"Now slow down, Juliet. Lets not get ahead of ourselves." Mayfield told herself.

'After all, It's been one day of school. That, and abuse is a huge accusation to put on a family.' She thought. 'The evidence is pretty high, but lets not jump to conclusions. One false move, and your life, your job, could be over.'

She leaned back into her chair and thought about the hopeful emerald eyed child. When he smiled after getting his name tag. When he first tried the candy, and his face lit up with happiness. When he said thank you after the first day and told her it was the most fun he had in a long time. It was enough to break Juliet Mayfield's young heart.

'But I will have to watch the child. The more I learn, the less I like what could be going on.' She thought seriously.

"No child should live an abused life." She said out loud quietly to the messy and empty classroom.

—-At Hogwarts—-

'Well, it seems young Harry is going to school.' Albus Dumbledore thought to himself. He read the report about Harry starting school at a muggle elementary kindergarten class.

Miss Figg didn't have much else, other than that the boy was still under his abusive home.

'I will have to pay attention to his teachers. It would be against my interests to let anyone know about his home life.' He thought as he grabbed more of his precious candy from his bowl.

He leaned back in his chair and popped a lemon drop in his mouth, not noticing the glare he was getting from his Pheonix familiar, Fawkes.

'It shouldn't be too hard to keep it under wraps. They are muggles after all. What could a muggle do to a wizard?'