The Muggle Schoolteacher

Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: New Information

Mayfield walked in the front door of Wilson Law Firm and Attorneys to see Miss Hendrick (Mary) sitting at her desk. Before she could get a word out, Hendrick seemed to know what she was thinking.

"It's good that you came in just now. Ms Wilson is waiting for you in her office with several others that came minutes ago. Do you want me to lead you there?"

"No, I think I can find it." Mayfield replied, getting a nod from the secretary.

Mayfield walked in the side door and walked down the corridor to hear voices emanating from the same room. And low and behold, it was in Ms. Wilson's office. She wondered what kind of people would be at this meeting. She took a deep breath and opened to door.

The young teacher found herself looking into an office with several people, all conversing with one another about things she could not make out.

After a brief moment of silent observance, Ms Wilson stopped talking to a middle aged man and took notice of Mayfield.

"Hello Miss Mayfield. It's good to see that you've come. I feared that you would not show up. Please, step inside and close the door. We have much to discuss." The stern woman said stoically.

Mayfield did just that, though somewhat hesitantly, and walked into the office, which now seemed smaller with more people in it.

"Everyone, this is the person who filed the case, Juliet Mayfield. I've explained everything earlier, so you should know she is the schoolteacher who saw the signs of child abuse."

Wilson then walked behind her desk and gestured to the other people in the room. "Miss Mayfield, these are my associates. The young man to your left is one of my attorneys, Andrew Garson. To your right is a friend of mine, Rupert Newman, and his assistant, Daniel Barton. Even though I told him not to bring anyone untrustworthy to this meeting." She said with slight irritation evident at the last statement.

"I brought him here because he is important to it and has valuable information regarding what we are dealing with." Newman countered. "Plus, he is trustworthy. He has worked for me for the past two years."

"That does not excuse the fact that I told you this was confidential." She snapped back.

Wilson and Newman went at each other like an old married couple, while Barton smirked and Wilson's assistant Andrew shook his head at the banter.

Mayfield looked at the young assistant of Mr Newman with curiosity. He was a man with dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and an air around him that was serious yet playful. He looked like a classic lawyer in his pinstriped grey suit and jacket.

What kind of information could Mr. Barton have that could help Harry though?

"Ms. Wilson, I believe we should focus on the main concern. After all, it's the reason that we are all here." Stated Garson, which seemed to get the two middle aged lawyers to simmer down a little bit.

"Yes, quite right, Mr. Garson." Ms Wilson said. Newman grunted as well. Ms Wilson pulled out a file from a stack and placed it at the front of her desk. She looked up at the still somewhat confused teacher.

"Miss Mayfield, you are probably wondering why I have so many people here about your case and why it is important to not tell too many people about it." She said, then flipping the folder open and running her hand across its contents.

The papers spread themselves into an arc, allowing Mayfield to see what was in it. "I invited the others here to explain young Mr Potter's situation to get as much help as possible regarding your case. Judging by what I have collected, this is much bigger than I originally thought."

Wilson gestured for Mayfield to come forward . She walked up to get a closer look at what her lawyer found. The teacher hesitantly stepped forward and began looking through the papers.

She looked through the first and found it to be a police report from two years ago. Not just any police report, but a report of abuse from 4 Privet Drive.

That was where the Dursleys lived! But why didn't anyone pick Harry up and help him if it was reported? She put it down and saw a similar report of abuse 7 months later than the first. It seemed to have more detail, but then it just stops suddenly and never says if Harry was helped.

"There were several things about Harry Potter that made no sense to me. He is just your average small boy, wears baggy clothing, lives with his relatives Petunia and Vernon Dursley and their son Dudley." Ms Wilson began.

"However, this poor child is being abused by his caretakers, and it is not your standard abuse case. There are multiple things about Harry Potter that make this case different from any other one that I've ever seen.." Miss Wilson said, getting everyone to listen.

Abuse cases were big. While they all had at least a rundown of the situation, sometimes new factors made it harder to finish the job faster and help the victims.

"First: He not registered with any hospital in Great Britain for birth. While that would not be too big of a concern, it seemed that he only got his citizenship in Britain a few days after Halloween of 1981, which was several days after he was placed with the Dursley family. Yet it shows he had lived in Britain his whole life. It doesn't make sense. Where was he beforehand. There are no records of his father, but only of his mother, Lily Evans. Mrs Evans was not recorded to be anywhere for the several years before Harry's placement with the Dursley family. Where was she and her husband?

Second: There are several reports of abuse, but they all go cold as soon as they are found, and are either unfinished or stated to saying that Harry Potter was not in an abusive home. The fact that several reports went unfinished on the same case was quite strange, so I investigated.

There were four families that called in abuse before you Miss Mayfield, and they all said the same thing. That they had never filed a report about abuse and each went on to say that Harry was a delinquent or a troublemaker. It was as if they could not remember at all.

Third: There is no filed papers for guardianship of Mr. Potter under the Dursleys. There was a document stating that they had become his guardians but there was no verification from anyone at child services or by the parents. While Harry is related to the matriarch of the house, there is no files about how he got there.

Fourth: Mr Dursley. The man had been known for his aggressive attitude, and was recorded for having issues regarding racism and sexism. He was also reported once for attacking a coworker. Yet he faced no consequences for his actions, and the report about the attack was almost unfindable.

And Fifth: I had a client at a bank do some digging about the Dursleys and I discovered that they receive money every month from somewhere. The coincidence is that it also began when Harry Potter was placed under their guardianship. I tried to find more information, but all I did was find out that the sender is someone called APWBD. I couldn't find who it was.

So there is someone paying the Dursley family to watch over Harry. But why? Could this be the same person who placed Harry with the Dursleys?"

Everyone listened with shock. They had no idea that this was that serious. It sounded like this was a huge scandal. Cover ups. Destroyed and unfinished info. People forgetting their own actions. Random payments.

Thinking about it was almost too much for Miss Mayfield, who could only think about how horrible it was for Harry. Not only was the poor boy living in hell, but there was coverup as well. Why would someone want a child to be hurt though? It was sickening!

"This is why this needs to be secret. I don't know why, but for all we know, it could be a government situation. This is a major cover up for some unknown reason. That is why I expressly asked my associate." With Wilson now glaring at Newman. "not to bring anyone untrustworthy."

Before Mr Newman could defend himself from the verbal lash, Daniel Barton stepped forward to get the room's attention. "I understand your concerns with me. Frankly I'm just the odd one out that seems strange and suspicious, but I think that I will be a valuable asset to this team." Barton said with confidence. "In fact, I can make a guess on who is behind all this." He stated, getting everyone to look at him with calculating expressions. Daniel looked over to his boss before getting a nod and continuing. Mayfield hoped that whatever Daniel had could crack the case open so they could save her student.

"You see, the reason that I have alot to offer this case is because I was a part of the same society that Harry's parents were in. One that extremely few people know of, as it is kept in secrecy and has been for centuries." He looked over at Mayfield.

"Miss Mayfield, while I know Harry has been in your class for only a month and a half, has anything... unusual occurred around him? Like it couldn't be explained through logic." He asked.

"Well..." she said, thinking about her past month with the emerald eyed child. "There was one time. After his cousin Dudley ripped a homemade toy that belonged to some twins in half, Harry took the toy and about five minutes later I saw him give it back to them, but it was good as new! I inspected it during one of their naptimes, and there were no rips, tears, stitching, or flaws. Even now I can't explain it." She said. It defied all her common sense as to how Harry fixed the toy. It was so odd.

"Well," Barton began."That is because he has a gift. One that only a small percentage of people have. Harry Potter is a wizard." He said, waiting for the looks of disbelief and confusion, which came a moment later.

"Not to be rude." Mr Garson said. "But there is no such thing as wizards." He stated analytically. "Magic does not exist."

Barton smirks and pulled out a wood stick from the sleeve of his jacket. He then said a strange phrase while swinging the stick and turned a pen on the desk into a lizard, which scurried away. Mayfield as well as everyone else watch in shock as the Pen-Lizard tried to get off the desk and out the door, before turning back into a pen.

Barton wasn't finished though. He said another strange phrase and waved his want at Mr Newman. The man then floated off the ground to the ceiling. A moment later, the spell stopped and the man landed on the ground again.

"Is that enough to convince you?" He he said with a smirk.

Mr Garson wondered what the extent of this man's capabilities were. To defy physics was not something to turn a blind eye to.

Mayfield was amazed and terrified by the power that the man before her had. He could make life! He could defy logic! He was out of this world! It was kind of scary.

Ms Wilson had different thought and decided to voice them. "So you are one of these... wizards, correct? Are there more wizards that live in London like yourself?"

"There are, but only because the wizarding society didn't want us." He said bitterly. Mayfield wondered what he meant. Why would they not want a wizard to live with other wizards? As if reading her mind, Daniel spoke up again.

"I am going to explain the wizarding society to all of you real quickly. There are three classes: the muggleborns, the halfbloods, and purebloods.

I am a muggleborn, which means that my family had no pureblood status. My parents were normal people, but I got magic by chance.

Purebloods are wizards that had grandparents that were magical. Many pureblood families have been running for centuries, thinking that wizards should marry only wizards. It makes many of them believe that they are superior to everyone else, even though it has been proven that being a pureblood does not make you a powerful wizards. They are the smallest class, making a small percentage.

Next are the Halfbloods. Halfbloods have one magical parent and one non-magical or muggleborn parent. Halfbloods make up a large percentage of the wizarding population, meaning that they are the largest class.

And lastly Muggleborns like myself. Muggleborns have no magical parentage and are born from muggles. If I didn't tell you all already, muggle means a non magical person. Anyway, we make up a decent part of wizarding society's population.

Despite all this, Purebloods control most of the Wizards society including businesses, courts, legislation, and jobs. Most muggleborns never get jobs, often losing out to purebloods or halfbloods. Making many of us come back to the normal world to seek employment, like myself.

The prejudice got so bad that a few years ago, there a man known as Voldemort, or he-who-must-not-be-named because everyone in the wizarding world is too scared to say a name. This man called for the death of all muggleborns and muggles in London, and tried to take over the wizarding world. He caused a lot of panic in the wizarding world and many thought he would win.

However, he was killed one night. A powerful child somehow released his magic when Voldemort tried to kill him, resulting in the Dark Lord's death. People cheered at the fact that the man had died. They celebrated the baby that defeated him. They all called him the Boy-Who-Lived. He was their savior.

But nobody could thank him personally, as he disappeared. The only person who knew his whereabouts was the Headmaster of the Magical School of Hogwarts. Albus Dumbledore. He claimed that the boy was placed with people who would take care of him, and he would stay safe.

He promised that Harry Potter was in good hands."

Everyone tried to piece the information together with disbelieving expressions in their faces.

Miss Mayfield was unable to form words. So much information was running through her head. It was too much! Wizarding society, Unfair prejudice, Dark Lords, Murder, and Harry Potter, an innocent child, being in the middle of all of it.

"That is alot of information to take in." Wilson said, being the first to recover. "So now we know who placed Harry Potter with the Dursleys, but do you perhaps know how to explain my other concerns from earlier?"

"Of course." He started. "First, the reason people forgot about the abuse reports or why they had different opinions of Harry is because there are spells that can make people forget and even lose memory. It's call 'Obliviate'. It would also explain how Mr Dursley got away with his charges.

And for the sender of the money, it is most like likely Dumbledore. His full name is Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. All his first letters line up with the name of the sender. And he is the only person who said that he knew where Harry was sent. It makes too much sense not to be him. I knew the man was arrogant, but that's pretty sad." Daniel said while shaking head.

Mayfield was confused. This man was a headmaster at a school, yet he condoned child abuse?! It made no sense to her. How could someone who's job is to help children hurt them instead?!

"Can you please describe this Mr Dumbledore to us?" Mayfield asked with anger evident in her voice.

Daniel knew it was most likely for Dumbledore and did not take the attitude personally. "Albus Dumbledore is an old, genial wizard to all. He is the grandfather figure to the entire wizarding society. A protector of the light and helper to all that need him. At least that's what he wants everyone to see.

He is also extremely politically powerful. He is the head justice of the wizarding courts, voter of several house seats due to him holding them by proxy, and is Wizarding Britain's representative in the international caucus of Magical leaders called the ICW. He is also a renown hero for defeating the first Dark Lord known as Grindelwald.

He has a lot of pull from other powerful family leaders as well. He can often get what he wants passed in the lawmaking due to his connections with other voters.

He is a puppet master, and likes to pull strings from behind a veil. He is dangerous too. Anyone who has ever stood against him has faced society backlash or is ostracized by all of wizarding Britain.

All in all, he is nearly untouchable." He stated.

It didn't help with their confidence. This 'Dumbledore' was more powerful than any of them could hope to ever be.

"It seems like this man has more power in this society than many realize." Stated Mr Newman. "He has a foothold in their laws and how the government is run. He can use it to his advantage and nobody would care. He is infallible to them." Wilson had other thoughts though.

"You seem to have a very dark position on Dumbledore. Is there a reason?" Ms Wilson asked curiously.

"Yes. I went to the school that he runs. I was a naive child who thought I could do great things for wizarding society. I studied hard and did well in class. I was part of a house called Ravenclaw, so I had a lot of help from other gifted minds.

After seven years of education, I thought I was ready for the world, but I wasn't. I couldn't find a job at all, just because I was a muggleborn. Since I studied law, I did digging on laws regarding employment, and found something else.

Many laws that subjugated Muggleborns and magical creatures were petitioned by Dumbledore. He signed off on them, and then had a horrid woman named Delores Umbridge call for them to go into motion. He basically forced entire groups of people from the society because we were not 'pure' enough." He said hatefully.

"After that, I came home, worked for several years on my law degrees in normal London, and eventually got hired by Mr Newman. The rest is history." He said with a sigh.

Mayfield was having a difficult time trying to swallow all this. A man who was the equivalent to a wizarding hero was allowing a child to be abused. He subjugated anyone he saw fit and was able to control a whole society. It was like he wanted Harry to be abused.

"So we have to defeat this 'Dumbledore if we want any hope of freeing Harry?" Mayfield asked.

"Correct." Said Daniels. "But the only way we can win is if we take away his power support, or he will have continued control over Harry. Since Harry is a wizard as well, our society's laws have more pull on his life than muggle ones. Harry also would need a new Magical Guardian to politically protect him from Dumbledore. One that either has a family tie to him or is a family friend. And we would need to do all this at the same time so Dumbledore can't fight back."

"So now we have new problems." Garson said, writing out everything for his boss. "We are up against a man who has extreme power in his society. He can make us all forgot about Harry and the case if he finds out. We have to convince an entire society that their leader is not as clean as he states. We have to find Harry new Guardians, both Regular and Magical or just Magical. And the fact that our laws are different than theirs and we are considered inferior to them considering how they treat non magical people. We would have to do all this in a short time as well. " He wrote it all out on a piece of paper, for all of them to see. He also included problems from earlier.

Dursley Family Guardianship

Need of Strong Evidence

Magical Society

Magical Guardian and/or Non Magical Guardian

Albus Dumbledore

Forgetting the Case and Reports

Money Transactions


"I could speak as Harry's lawyer if and when we go to the wizarding courts. I know their customs and laws. Plus I'll be able to get more information on Dumbledore. I will also look for a good time to have it move forward without interference from Dumbledore." Said Barton.

"I can collect the money transactions as evidence to Dursley's guardianship being covered by someone else. We can use it in both courts." stated Wilson.

"I will go and fill out reports on the Dursley family and have them all ready for when we strike." Mr Newman said.

"I will prepare our cases and make sure to get some police informed of the situation so we can make it run smoothly." Mr Garson said. "But we forgot one thing: Evidence."

"No we didn't." Said Miss Mayfield. "I will collect evidence of Harry's abused life. I will make sure it is enough to put any suspicions of faulty claims to rest."

"That settles it." Ms Wilson said. "Next time we meet here is when we have everything ready to move forward. Thank you all for volunteering your time in to help. If this goes well, it will a big payoff in the end."

Mayfield nodded along with everyone else. She was ready. She would do her part and get Harry out of his home. It would be a hard fought battle, but now she had other people there to help in her quest.

'Please hold on Harry. I know I am taking a long time, but please remember I promise that I will help you.'


Harry was tired and hungry. He had not eaten a single thing in the past three days and he felt ready to sleep and never wake up. He was currently trapped in his cupboard. The tiny space that trapped him and held him since he was a baby. Full of spiders and rusted nails, with a single threadbare blanket as his source of comfort.

He couldn't do anything in there other than wait for his Aunt to scream and send him off to do more chores.

Speaking of which, the chores were becoming harder and the number of them longer. For had to be perfect or he got neaten by Uncle Vernon. The food he was allowed to have was getting ever smaller.

It all started since school started. Dudley was receiving bad grades, getting in trouble, and being given punishments. Dudley always complained to Aunt Petunia, who would tell Uncle Vernon, who would blame him.

They believed everything that happened to Dudley was his fault. Uncle Vernon resorted to hurting him more often than usual, especially after he got a paper from Dudley with an F on it. Harry tried not to show it, but he was scared that they might take it too far one day. He was scared that they might just finish him off and not care.

He would never be able go to school again. Never be allowed to read again. Never see Miss Mayfield again. Never see the only person who meant anything to him.

He couldn't control the tears that spilled from his eyes, getting into the cuts on his cheeks that Aunt Petunia gave him with her nails when she slapped him. He wished he didn't have to clean. He wish his back wasn't covered in bruises. He wished he didn't live in a cupboard. He wished that he could be normal and have a family that would love him. A mom that would care about him like Miss Mayfield does.

A family that loved him. That would care for him. But he never got it. 'And I never will' he thought sadly, letting more heavy tears fall. 'Because I'm just Harry Potter.'

Slamming on the door almost startled him, but he was accustom to Aunt Petunia doing it. He heard an assortment of shifts and clicks from the locks on his door. She then screamed out a few demands and walked off, leaving the door unlocked. She wanted him out to do more chores. It was all she ever wanted.

It was all he was good for. It was why he wasn't normal.

'Because I'm just a freak.' Letting one more tear fall before wiping his face and opening his door, getting back to his duties as the slave of the Dursley family.