The Muggle Schoolteacher

Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Gringotts

Harry found himself engrossed with the surroundings as he walked by them. People wearing strange, old age clothing and pointy hats, puffs of smoke and sparks emanating from pots inside stores, and owls frolicking through the air without chains holding them down at all.

It was all amazing to the disguised little boy. He wished he could run around and see more of it today, but Mr Barton told him they were going to go to the bank first. He absently wondered if a bank in the wizard world was cooler than one from the regular one.

They passed by people quite closely, as the little alley was not very spacey. Harry felt a little claustrophobic, reaching up and gripping onto the older man's hand tightly, making sure to not let go. While the wizarding world looked amazing, Harry didn't want to be lost in it.

Daniel noticed and only smiled down at the boy. "It will be alright Harry. Remember, I'm here to help you." He saw Harry's uncertain expression falter a bit, but he could tell the child was still nervous. 'I suppose the best move would be to get him out of this crowd's traffic.' Barton thought to himself.

They pushed through the crowd. Harry continued to look around at the amazing environment, making up more questions in his curious mind. Barton spotted what they were looking for and nudged Harry, who was listening on a conversation about new brooms from other kids.

"We're here Nicholas." Harry looked up at the use of his fake name and saw what Mr Barton was talking about. Before him stood a snowy white building. One that stood above all the others around with strength and power. Compared to the little shops, it was definitely the most amazing this Harry had seen so far.

As the two walked up to the building, Harry read the big words in gold words written on the building.


They entered through the bronze doors and were met with another pair of door, although these ones were silver in color, and shined with luster.

Harry saw two strange people at the front of the second set of doors. They were short, but taller than him by a few inches, and were wearing red and gold uniforms. He got a closer look and saw they had scrunched up faces, sharp little teeth, and large pointed ears. Barton noticed Harry's look of confusion. Harry had never met any magical creatures in his life. "Those are goblins Harry. They, along with the rest inside, run the bank. I trust you to not say anything bad about them, as they are very important allies to have." Harry nodded, although their outward appearances still discomforted him.

Harry looked past them and read the words on the silver doors, taking his mind off the goblin guards.

Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn.

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there.

Harry found the little message to be spooky and wicked at the same time. He understood what it meant, and he would make sure not to leave with anything that wasn't his on accident.

Daniel placed a hand on Harry's shoulder, getting the young child to look up at him. "I will need to release the glamour on you now. If the goblins see you with a glamour, then we would be kicked out instantly. Don't worry though, you will not be given a second glance with so few wizards around. Most of them don't like to come to Gringotts very often, so your identity is safe." Harry nodded, happy that he wouldn't be stormed by people that wanted to thank him needlessly.

He watched carefully as Daniel pulled out his wand. He said a strange phrase that the tiny boy couldn't understand and waved it over him with intent. Harry felt a warm tingling sensation brush over him, and it was gone the next second. He didn't have any mirror on him, but he could see his once again black hair dangling over his vision.

"Now." Barton said, getting Harry's attention. "We have a job to do." He said with a smile. Harry smiled back at the man.

He and Barton walked passed the goblins and to the door, though not before Harry told the two goblins to have a nice day. Had they stuck around, they would have seen the goblins look at each other in confusion, having not expected that kind of respect before, from a child no less.

Harry looked at the inside of the bank with wonder. It was amazing!

Goblins shuffled by, rolling wagons of shiny items and coins. Rows of long tables stood high, with diminutive goblins sitting at them with work in front of them. The money loving creatures filed through papers as the Lawyer/Child duo walked by to the information counter.

Barton looked up at the goblin who sat high above him. "Greetings. My name is Daniel Barton and I have with me..." He looked around, making sure that no other wizards would hear him. It wouldn't do to be caught now. "Harry James Potter" He finished out.

The goblin too a moment and looked down at both of them with scrutiny. He squinted his eyes at the young child, who curled in on himself at the evil look. "What business do you or Mr Potter have with Gringotts today." The teller asked, looking at the man with a sneer. Barton ignored the goblins distaste for wizards.

"I request a vault check under the names of Potter, as well as a blood, magical, and medical test for Mr Potter." The goblin gave Barton a glare.

"What relation do you have with Mr Potter?" The teller asked with a look of disgust. "I am his attorney." Barton answered flatly, knowing that goblins don't liked to be lied to in any way.

The goblin looked down at Harry. "This requests must be agreed upon by the owner of the vaults and Mr Potter must agree to all tests. Do you accept, Mr Potter?" He asked with a growl.

Harry found the goblin a bit scary, but he felt he could trust Mr Barton. If Miss Mayfield did, then so could he. Miss Mayfield was there for him "Y-Yes Sir."

The goblin raised an eyebrow at being called 'Sir', but waved it off. "Very well. I shall call a goblin to help you with your requests." The goblin said, not loosing his earlier distaste.

Harry looked up at Barton as they waited. He pulled the man's sleeve to get his attention. "Mr Barton, what is a magical test and a blood test?" Daniel smiled at the curiosity.

"Well, the blood test will help us determine if you're who we say you are, and to look over any close family on the records. The magical test will help us see if you have any problems with your magic, such as bad magical growth or bindings." Harry nodded at the answers, but it brought more questions in his young mind.

"What are bindings?"

"Well," Barton began. "Bindings are like magical restrains. A long time ago, children had very volatile magic, so many families would place bindings on their child's magic so that it would not harm anyone, including the child. They would later release it when the child's body could handle the amount of magic it had." His informative smile faltered a bit. "Sadly, many child now a days don't need bindings, as their magic is not strong to the point that it is dangerous at a young age. Volatile magic meant the child's magic was very strong. The only bindings that are used nowadays are on criminals or to slow magical growth." Harry nodded once more and thought about what he heard.

If magic was getting weaker, then that meant that something wrong was happening. There had to be a reason magic was getting weaker. There was always a reason.

His thought were interrupted by a pair of goblins walking up to him and Mr Barton. "Greetings." One of the goblins said with a snarl. "My name is Griphook, and this is my associate Bloodfang. We will take you through the Vault records of the Most Noble and Ancient House of Potter, but before that, we must make sure to go through the tests you have requested. We best not waste time, so follow us."

Harry looked up at Barton, who nodded, and they both followed the pair of well dressed goblins. They walked down a cream colored hallway, not knowing where the two goblins were taking them at the moment. Goblin buildings were somewhat strange in the wizarding world.

"First off." Griphook started. "We will be doing a blood test, as to make sure that you are truly Mr Potter." Bloodfang opened a door and showed the two into the room.

Harry walked in to find himself in a large room that resembled a science class. There were vials and beakers sitting patiently on the stone tables, cauldrons, pots, and stirrers hanging on walls and shelves, and a cabinet off to the side that was filled with strange liquids and ingredients. The room was lit with many lamps hanging on the walls, giving it a yellow-orange look from the light.

"Please come here Mr Potter." The goblin, who Harry identified as Griphook, asked with a gruff voice. Harry timidly walked towards the left side table and waited patiently next to the goblin, who was grabbing a pot and placing it in front of the child.

Harry felt someone grab his shoulder. He almost flinched at the touch, but kept it in, and looked up to see Mr Barton looking at him with a firm smile. In relieved some of his nervousness.

The other goblin, Bloodfang, walked up to Griphook and handed him a vial full of a reddish purple liquid. Griphook poured the strange liquid into the pot and turned to the tiny child behind him. "I will need a sample of Mr Potter's DNA. Blood is the best option, as it will hold all of his biographical data." Harry nodded and brought his hand closer to the pot.

Griphook handed Harry a small knife, which the boy looked at for a moment. He looked at himself in the shiny reflective surface and blinked several times before putting the tip at his finger and slicing open his index.

Barton noticed that Harry didn't flinch from the pain at all. It didn't sit well with him, knowing how much pain tolerance Harry has, and how he got it.

The purplish liquid began to bubble and froth, making Harry nervous. He backed up several steps and waited for the incoming explosion, making sure to get behind Mr Barton's leg.

The cauldron suddenly stopped bubbling, getting a curious look from the hiding child. Griphook and Bloodfang walked over to the cauldron and looked into it. The goblins nodded to each other and got to work. Bloodfang opened a drawer in the stone table and pulled out a long piece of parchment. Using the sharp claw of his finger, he cut the paper off at a long length and slammed the drawer shut.

Bringing the paper that he cut over to the table, he placed it down flat next to the cauldron. Griphook picked up the potion filled pot and precisely poured the purplish liquid onto the paper.

Coasting down the paper, he poured evenly and precisely, getting an impressed look from both Harry and Mr Barton.

Finishing his job, Griphook watched as the liquid formed words on the paper and dried instantly. Looking over the paper with his fellow goblin, they knew they were not being fooled by their client.

Griphook turned to the two wizards. "You may now look at the results of Mr Potter's test." Bloodfang said.

Daniel looked down at the little clinging child and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry Harry, the first test is over." He then pulled Harry forward with a gentle nudge and brought him up to the long parchment.

Harry hesitantly looked at the paper. He was too afraid to pick it up, opting to just reading where it was. He was shorter than the goblins, but the table was low on them, giving him the ability to read the parchment.

Name: Harry James Potter


Father: James Charlus Potter (Deceased)

Mother: Lily Camellia Potter nee Evans (Deceased)

Aunt: Petunia Tulip Dursley nee Evans

Uncle: Vernon Dursley

Cousin: Dudley Dursley

Grandfather: Charlus Nicholas Potter (Deceased)

Grandmother: Dorea Potter nee Black (Deceased)

Grandfather: Joshua Evans (Deceased)

Grandmother: Camellia Evans (Deceased)

Daniel looked over the information. Harry most likely had more family in the wizarding community, but this blood test wasn't to see all that, it was simply to prove who Harry is and any of his close family.

The next tests will be much more extensive and exact.

"As it does state." Griphook stated. "You are who you say you are." The goblin growled at the small child. "We will now be moving onto the magical tests. This test will be conducted in here as well.

He gestured and the two wizards followed him to the other side of the room. Bloodfang pointed to the ground, where there was a strange circle on the floor. It had symbols surrounding it, making Harry wonder if it was like what Mr Barton did to the door before they left.

"Stand in the center Mr Potter." Griphook commanded. Harry took cautious steps and made his way to the center.

He looked over to his guardian, who gave him a nod and smile, pushing away some more of his concerns. Bloodfang placed a scroll of parchment at the end of the circle then took his place opposite to the fellow goblin. Across from each other at Harry's sides outside the circle, the two began to chant in their native language.

Neither wizards understood what the goblins were saying in Gobbledygook, but Harry felt a tingling at his fingers and toes, which pushed upwards towards the rest of his body. The runes on the circle began to glow, getting a surprised reaction from the boy inside center.

Harry was concerned by the feeling and the glowing symbols, but the look Mr Barton gave him assured him that this was suppose to happen. The feeling traveled up his arms legs and into his chest and stomach. The tingling vibrated throughout his whole body. It didn't hurt, but it was uncomfortable to the small boy.

The feeling traveled into his heart and head, making him feel lighter than air and heavier than a rock at the same time. He wanted the feeling to stop. It was strange and made him feel like he was going to be crushed by it. He just wanted it to stop.


Suddenly, a burst of energy pushed through the room, knocking away the three other occupants. The runes stopped glowing with the interruption. Harry dropped to his knees and began coughing heavily. Despite just being knocked to the floor, Mr Barton hastily got up and ran over to the distraught boy, catching him as he fell slowly to the floor, checking over the boy for injuries.

The goblins were in shock. They had done a magical test many times, but the reaction from this child was by far the most volatile. They had never seen so much pent up magic before.

Griphook grabbed the scroll at the end of the circle, that was now glowing faintly, and opened it.

"Harry are you alright?" Barton asked the emerald eyed boy. Harry looked up and nodded slightly. "I-I'm s-sorry. I -I d-did'n't me-mean to hu-hurt anyo-one...I-I'm so..." After those words, Harry felt himself grow a little more tired, wanting to shut his eyes and let his heavy eyelids drop. Harry was out the next second

Daniel smiled at the sleeping child, knowing that the boy was at no fault for the outburst of magic or the fainting. Harry had discharged so much raw magic, of course it would take its toll on him. He could practically feel it in the walls and on his clothes right now. He would let the boy rest for now and wake him in a little while.

"Mr Barton." Griphook yelled out to the young wizard. "This is something that you would wish to see." Holding the now opened parchment scroll with shock on his face..

Daniel hoisted Harry into his arms and gently carried the sleeping boy with him over to the dumbfounded looking goblins.

Griphook placed the new parchment on right side table, letting Mr Barton get a full grasp of what he's dealing with regarding Harry.

Harry James Potter


Godfather Bond: Sirius Black

Godmother Bond: Alice Longbottom

Imprinting Bond: Remus Lupin

Magical Enchantments:

Magical Binding on Magical Core, Created by: James Potter and Lily Potter October 12, 1980 (60% Block, 100% of Block Broken on October 31, 1981 by Tom Marvolo Riddle)

Magical Enhancement, Created By Lily Potter July 31, 1981

Magical Binding on Magical Core, Created By: Albus Dumbledore October 31, 1981 (90% Block, 50% of Block broken by Harry James Potter)

Magical Binding on Enhancement Magic, Created By: Albus Dumbledore October 31, 1981 (100% Block)

Magical Binding on Imprinting Bond, Created By: Albus Dumbledore October 31, 1981 (100% Block)

Magical Leeching, Created By: Tom Marvolo Riddle October 31, 1981 (Leeching 45% of Unblocked Magic)

Daniel looked in horror at the list that affected the tiny child on his shoulder. Not only did Harry have several blocks on his magic by Dumbledore, but he also had some sort of leech on his magic. He wondered who Tom Marvolo Riddle was, trying to put the pieces together in his mind. Not only that, but Harry's magic was also actively trying to break a block. 'Could that be connected to what just happened?' He thought to himself

"We have one more test to complete." Griphook stated, more softly than before. "The medical exam will not only tell us of any ailments Mr Potter has, but we can also fix any problems in his system, including these blocks." Barton looked at the goblins to see that they were looking at Harry without anger or distaste. Even with their sour looking appearances, he could tell they had a bit of empathy for Harry regarding his problems.

Bloodfang walked to the door and opened, gesturing for his fellow goblin and the child holding wizard to follow.

They walked out and made it past the white walled corridors, reaching areas that were more warm and inviting. The stout goblin lead the group into a room, which revealed to be a room that looked eerily similar to a hospital room in the muggle world. The major differences between the two were the lack of muggle technology and replaced with many strange gadgets and blades.

"Lay Mr Potter down on the bed. I will contact a healer to come in and assist with his medical exam." Bloodfang stated, walking out of the room with the door closing behind him.

Barton walked over to the white sheet bed and placed the small boy down on it, making sure to leave Harry in a comfortable position. Griphook watched the whole thing with curiosity. He found their relationship strange.

"Are you really Mr Potter's attorney?" Griphook asked with a suspicious look on the young wizard. Barton, confused by the question, looked at Griphook. "Of course I am." He said professionally.

"You treat him with a high amount of care, as if a wolf would care for its pup." The goblin stated. "I have seen how you look at him and how you treat him with gentle movements. It is not hard to notice." Barton looked at the goblin with a smile, finding it comedic that he would be talking with a usually angry goblin about children. "I do not have any children as of now, but I do have one on the way. But... I couldn't imagine the thought of my own future son or daughter being harmed the way that Harry was. Harry is an amazing child who deserves a better life, so I intend to make sure that the hardships he had will be all but forgotten, even if he isn't my own.

For the first time in forever, Griphook found himself smiling at a wizard. He found most of them to be awful, but then again, there was always a few that didn't fit a status quo.

The door burst open to reveal Bloodfang, alongside another goblin, and by the looks of it's white medical dress and apron, a female. "I am healer Moonfall, and I am here because of the need of medical examination and attention." Barton nodded.

"Yes, Harry has many problems that need to fixed, along with his magic."

"Well," The female goblin said with a smirk. "It's a good thing you called me. I specialize in magical healing, including damages to the magical core of wizards. Now where is the brat." The goblin said with a snarl. She saw the boy on the bed and walked over to the child with a brisk pace, completely ignoring the older wizard.

Taking out a rod from her apron, which reminded Barton of a security metal detector, she moved it down from the top of his head to the tip of his toes, not missing a single spot on her way down. She stopped and pulled the rod to the side and looked at it with patience, as if it were going to blow up.

Suddenly, a long piece of paper began to come out of the baton like a receipt. The uptight healer grabbed the paper and looked it over with precise intent, her eyes widening several times through the whole thing.

Finally finishing, Moonfall ran over to a door on the far side of the room and opened it, revealing a walk in closet of bottles and vials. The beady eyes of the goblin darted around, grabbing several bottles and putting them in her apron before sprinting back to the group without a step wasted. "This boy is definitely in for a treat. He has incorrectly set bones all throughout his body, low functioning organs due to internal bruising, and several bindings on his magic. Can you give me the list of what you found in the magical test?" She asked, but it sounded more like a demand. Griphook stepped forward and handed her the scroll, letting her go to town on the new piece of information.

"Well." The small goblin said with a growl. "This will take several hours to complete, and I will have to call in several other healers to help me removed this 'leech'." The goblin then grew a nasty smile. "And trust me, Mr Wizard, none of this will be cheap. Though I'm sure that Mr Potter has enough to cover it." She then snapped her fingers and several new gadgets along with the bottles she collected floated around her. "Now Out! I'm sure you don't wish for me to mess this up!" The three nodded, quickly exiting the room.

The two goblins and attorney got of the room just as Moonfall's magic sparked the door to slam on them. "Come with us, Mr Barton." Bloodfang stated, ignoring the anger of his fellow goblin. "We shall take you to a waiting zone." Barton nodded, still trying to piece together what just happened.

As the three walked through the goblin occupied area, the two goblins found themselves conversing over the situation of their client, making sure to speak in Gobbledygook so their tag-a-long didn't understand them.

"Bloodfang, of all the healers in Gringotts, why Moonfall?"

"Griphook, she is the best for the job out of any other healer."

"But she is also very ludicrous with everything she does. She is very unconventional"

"I understand, but if anyone will help Mr Potter and his extreme situation, then it's her. Besides, she's a better healer than Deathwish."

The goblins began to laugh at the inside joke. Daniel Barton just watched the two converse with confusion, wondering how the treatment would turn out for Harry and hoping that boy was going to be okay.

(End Chapter 8)

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