Harry Potter And The Bond Of Aphrodite

Chapter 1

Chapter 1.

Harry Potter, lay in his bedroom with the light of the moon shining through his window. He just had arrived back at number 4 privet drive. He won the tri wizard tournament but the cost was indeed heavy. He closed his eyes and he could see the same events running over and over, Cedric had fallen and his battle with Voldemort and his return to the stadium, the screams from the people in the arena still echoing in his head.

Then suddenly the screams fell silent and he was at peace. He then noticed someone was in the room with him. He tried to reach for his wand in hopes of defending himself, only to find he couldn't move.

Harry then heard the gentle voice of a women. "Relax, you have nothing to fear from me, Harry Potter."

He then felt a warm and gentle touch upon his cheek. "You poor child, allow me to help you." Harry felt the hand moving to his eyes, covering them. He soon felt a cooling sensation running across his eyes. The hand moved and suddenly things were coming into view. He then saw a familiar figure, her brown eyes and the moon's light making her skin glow "Hermio-" a finger graced his lips.

Then moved to his belt and undid the buckle, forgetting he couldn't move he tried to stop her only to realise his movements still restricted. She looked at him and smiled, her eyes spoke of love and adoration. Not teen love, but something more.

"You were hurt so badly, hush now, I only wish to aid you." Hermione whispered as she continued undoing his pants.

Harry was confused, it was Hermione's face and voice but it wasn't her. Harry then realised what Hermione was wearing or rather wasn't wearing. She had on a robe that matched the color of her dress from the Yule ball, but he could see her body clearly through the material.

Harry felt himself responding to his friend, but he knew Ron liked her and this felt wrong and yet so right.

"I don't understand." Harry said, confused by what was happening. Hermione crawled on top of Harry and as she got closer he was getting a better view of his best friend's body. Hermione kissed his neck hungrily.

She slowly raised up and Hermione was gone, now stood over him was the blonde and insatiable beauty of Fleur Delacour. She looked down on him and the robe fell away and the moonlight illuminated her body.

She smiled and leaned down until her lips brushed against his chest. Harry felt himself throb painfully with the Veela on top of him. The Veela leaned back and smiled seductively, the blonde suddenly started to change her long hair shortened just to her shoulders.

She now took the form of Luna Lovegood and straddled him. "L-Luna how is it possible?" Harry said as Luna started tracing her finger down his chest. Her touch sent shivers down his spine, Harry watched her smiling. "Who are you?"

Luna smiled. "All will become clear, Harry." Luna's hair grew out and turned a fiery red and her chest grew out and soon Harry was looking at the Hufflepuff beauty Susan Bones. Harry looked at her in shock and Susan leaned in, her ample chest pressed against Harry's. Susan smiled and soon she vanished.

He then found himself able to move again, he rose up and saw the figure of a woman standing by the window. Her figure was like that of an hour glass, her hair cascading down like a golden river.

"Hello Harry Potter, I am the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation, Aphrodite."

She walked gracefully to the side of his bed. "Normally, we gods don't meddle in the affairs of mortals but there are times when a unique individual piques our interest." Aphrodite sat on the edge of Harry's bed and touched his arm where Wormtail's knife had cut it and it healed.

Harry looked at his arm amazed, it was like new and Aphrodite frowned. "One who has much love for his friends, the fates have seen dark times are ahead of you, but know this you will have my aid." She kissed his lips and he could feel a sudden racing sensation running through him. Aphrodite broke their kiss and Harry opened his eyes and saw her fading away.

Harry raised his hand. "Wait Aphrodite, what do you mean? What's going to happen."

Aphrodite smiled sadly, "I've already shared with you all I could."

Aphrodite vanished and Harry looked around and saw his room untouched.