The Rewrite

Chapter 10

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"Sirius", Harry breathed out as his godfather finally came around. "Are you okay. You've been out for 15 minutes".

"Harry. I need a pensieve. Bella. She's in danger. Pensieve", his face was as white as snow.

Harry didn't know what to do and gave Ginny a pleading look. "Sirius", she said as she approached him.

"Look at me. Bella is going to be okay. We need you to tell us what's going on". By this point she was crouched down and was holding the man's hand.

"Ginny. She was cursed. She doesn't know what she's doing. It's not her. It's not m-my Bella", he answered with tears threatening to leak out of his eyes.

"It's okay Paddie. We're going to save her. I promise", it was James who spoke.

"I'm sorry Mr Ollivander but I think we need to take a rain check", said Bill politely.

"That's quite alright but you know where I am when you're ready", said the elderly man.

With that James and Charlie helped Sirius out of the shop followed by everyone else.

"Thank you Mr Ollivander", exclaimed Bill. "We'd appreciate if you could keep this to yourself".

"I wouldn't dream of telling anyone lad". Harry gave him a smile at that. "Thank you for the wands sir", he said truly grateful to have his wand back.

Once out of the shop he turned to his mum having made a realisation. "Mum. We need to go and buy my owl. She is vital to our plans".

"Okay", she replied before turning to her husband, "James. I'm going to bring Harry and Ginny to get an owl". She vaguely heard the man shout back, "Okay love".

So Harry, Ginny and Lily walked through the street and eventy arrived at a shop with one very noticeable owl outside. Harry rushed inside with the owl. "I would like to buy this owl please".

"Of course. Would you like to buy some supplies too", the man enquired. "Yes please. Can I have some treats and a cage please", Harry asked handing over his bank card.

"Of course", the man then looked up from his desk. "Blimey. You're Harry Potter. It's an honour. You can have that owl for free".

"Sir I can't let you do that. I am paying for the owl", Harry said. There was a certain stubbornness in his voice which the man must have sensed because he didn't press he matter any further.

"Ginny. Would you like anything", asked Lily in a motherly voice. "No thank you. I'm okay for now".

Ginny would be using Hedwig to send Letters to Harry every now and then so that Ron and eventually Hermione wouldn't get suspicious.

They would still be using their two way mirrors every night as well. Ginny would also be organising a mission for Charlie and Sirius throughout the year.

She was snapped out of her musings when her husband touched her arm gently. "You okay love". She smiled at him before realising for the first time since they had arrived that she wasn't looking up at him anymore.

In the original timeline, Harry had been 6"1 with defined wirey muscles. She on the other hand had been 5"4 and although she was proud of the abs being a professional quidditch player had given her she planmed on being a lot fitter during Hogwarts this time.

They started walking back to The Leaky Cauldron with Lily. They were met there by Bill who was waiting for them there.

"Come on. Let's go home", he said wrapping his arm around Ginny's shoulders.

It was then that a sense of dread started to fill Harry. Bill still considered Ginny as his little sister. To him, she was still a ten year old girl and Harry would have to tell him that she was in fact twenty years old and married.

When they arrived at The Burrow, Dumbledore was there, his eyes graver than Harry had seen them since the Department of Mysteries. Next to him was his pensieve.

It was filled with a silvery substance which on further inspection could be recognised as memories.

"Ah Harry. I'm glad you're finally here". Harry took this opportunity to look around the room. He first saw Ron standing next to the armchair which his father occupied.

Mrs Weasley had taken refuge in the other armchair and both Sirius and James were standing near the fireplace. Charlie was sitting on the sofa with Tonks in his lap. They seemed to be having a serious conversation.

Percy, Fred and George all sat together on yet another couch thick as thieves.

As Bill came through the fireplace he took his place near his father. Lily on the other hand took a place near James.

Harry sat on the sofa near Charlie and Tonks with Ginny next to him. "Okay. We are all here except Amelia", said Dumbledore. "Once she's here we can begin".

As if on cue, the fire roared and Amelia Bones came out. She headed to Sirius and pecked him on the lips. She then wrapped her arm around his waist and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Now that we're all here we can begin", Dumbledore exclaimed clapping his hands together.

"Who would like to begin", he continued. Harry and Ginny shared a look before Ginny raised her hand. "We will".


Ginny was sitting at the front of he Auditorium in the Ministry. She was listening to the love of her life speaking about the dead.

The strength he displayed despite the hurt he felt himself made her love him all the more.

She took her mum's hand to support the woman on the anniversary of the deaths of two of her kids.

That grasp on the womans hand loosened however when Harry started to break down. It broke completely when he ran away in tears.

She sprinted from her seat like a cheetah, determined to get to her husband before he got to where he was headed.

After searching for what felt like hours she finally found him in the 'Death Chamber' about to go through the veil.

"Harry love. Come away from there. Let's talk", she pleaded. He didn't listen and continued his journey to death.

Ginny grabbed his hand. If she had anything to do with it Harry would never go through anything alone.

Death was a weird sensation almost like a disillusionment charm washing over her being. She woke up at The Burrow in her twn year old selves body.

End of Flashback

Bill was convinced that his family didn't look surprised.

"Are we all going to ignore the fact that Ginny just said she's married and travelled in time with Harry 'bleeding' Potter".

"No. Bill, we found out yesterday. We spent months improving our Occlumency shields as well", it was George who spoke.

"Who else only found out now", he asked turning to the oldest of his brothers, "Charlie".

He noticed the younger man sink down in his seat. "About that mate. I came from the future too".

"Anyone else care to tell me something", surely there was no one else. That's what he thought until he saw Sirius Black raise his hand.

"I'm from the future too", he noted with amusement that this made Bill look rather ill. That was until he heard his girlfriend screech next to him.

"What. And you casually forgot to mention this". He winced at the tone the woman had taken with him.

Charlie was glad he had told Tonks in the garden or he would probably be receiving the same treatment as Sirius. Instead he and Tonks headed over to where Percy had conjured some popcorn.

James could also be seen steadily backing away. "You know love. I really don't think this is the time nor the place to commit murder", Sirius pointed out.

Charlie slapped his face. Shut up Sirius. There is a time for jokes. He was joined by most of the rest of the occupants of the room. When he looked around the room next there were some very red faces and Ginny was whispering something to Amelia.

Amelia then pointed her wand at Sirius. Volatilis Lutum. One second later and there were bogies flying around Sirius' head.

She wasn't done there though. She followed the Bat Bogey Hex up with a Stinging Hex and a Jelly Leg Jinx.

No matter how amusing Albus Dumbledore found this lovers quarrel he had a meeting to conduct.

"Excuse me but if you could save domestic troubles for later we really should be moving on", he said worried for his own safety despite being one of the best wizards of he last century.

Amelia Bones was not a witch he wanted to get on the wrong side of. So with a quick swish of the wand she set her boyfriend right and focused her attention fully on Dumbledore.

"That was a basic overview of the situation for those of you who were", he looked at Amelia, "Unfamiliar".

"Now if you would place your fingertips into the pensieve it will show you a memory of Sirius'. I would like you to pay close attention to Bellatrix".

Once inside the pensieve it was extremely obvious why they were paying attention to Bellatrix but it was the niece of the woman who pointed it out.

"Merlin's Beard. Her eyes", Tonks exclaimed. "She's been Imperiused".

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