The Rewrite

Chapter 11

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Tonks was shocked. All these years of her mother saying Bella and Cissy didn't willingly marry their other halves yet she didn't listen.

And now there was proof of Bella's inability to choose.

She was going to save her Aunt if it ended her Auror training. She had always believed in Family first. This time was no different. Actually it was. Her Aunts life could be on the line and she would do anything to stop it.

She could only imagine what Sirius was going through. He had grown up with her.

Dumbledore pulled her out of her thoughts. "Okay. Thank you all for coming. We will pick this up at the next order meeting".

Once they had all retreated from the parlour Amelia spun to face Sirius. "How could you not tell me. We could hace faced it together. I could have helped you".

Sirius got angry at this point. "Don't tell me you can help. You can't. No one can. Especially not you".

Tears threatened to seep through Amelia's eyelashes. Tonks had never seen her this distraught. "Fine. If that's the way you want it then I'll see you at work".

She took a deep breath before managing to get the next sentence out. "We are colleagues. Nothing more". She stormed to the fireplace and flooed away.

Tonks approached her cousin tentatively. "You know Sirius, pushing her away isn't going to make anything better. I've seen the way you look at her and I've seen the way she looks at you. You need each other more than you know".

"I dont know what you think this will achieve but you better get your head out of your ass before she finds someone else. Someone who will let her comfort them".

As she turned to leave, the older man's voice made her stop. "Don't pretend that you and Charlie are going to last. Your destiny is to fall in love with an older man and then die for that love".

She noticed she was crying. She quickly wiped her eyes. "We don't all have to suffer the same fate this time round. You have a choice. Make sure you make the right one".

She then left to find Charlie. She found him talking to Bill. "Charlie love. Can we talk", she enquired her eyes still red.

Charlie looked up at her. "Yeah of course", he answered before seeing her face. "Hey are you okay".

"Yeah. I'm fine. I just need to talk to you", she pleaded grabbing him by the hand. She pulled him up to his room. "Sirius told me we're not going to last. Do you think he's right".

"He is right. But only if you believe it", Charlie mused. "Look at me", he said taking her face in his hands. "If you want us to last and I want us to last, then what reason is there for us not to".

He had always made her feel better. Ever since their first date. He had always been there for her.

She kissed him gently.When hey broke apart he rested his forehead against hers.

"Now come on. Let's go down for dinner", he exclaimed. He was thinking of his stomach like always but she couldn't blame him. He was a Weasley.

They walked down the stairs hand in hand. "So she hasn't binned you then", asked Bill cheekily.

"Haha, funny", the sarcasm was evident in the time travellers voice.

As they sat down Ron could sense something was up with Sirius. "Hey mate", he spoke to Harry. "I think you should talk to him", he said indicating to Sirius.

Harry's only reply was a quick nod of the head.

The rest of the table had quite obviously tried to include Sirius in conversation. He eventually snapped when James asked him to pass the mashed potatoes.

"How can you sit here and ask me to pass he potatoes when my cousin is sitting in a cell in Azkaban for a crime she unknowingly committed", he shouted pushing back his chair.

James however did something Lily had only ever seen him do once. He shouted right back at Sirius.

"You think I'm not worried too. I'm worried. I'm worried as hell. She is an innocent woman sitting in Azkaban. I'm appalled at how shes been treated but there is nothing I can do so I am going to eat my dinner. I am going to eat so when the time comes to save her I won't be dead on my feet".

Lily was beyond proud at the man her husband had become since school but he wasn't finished yet.

"I suggest you do the same. I would rather her suffer but you be ready to save her then you both suffering. Eat the bleeding mashed potatoes and think about the fact that if your godson hadn't been ready then you would still be in that hellhole with her".

This caused Sirius to recoil. "Oh god. What have I done. Amy". He rushed towards the fireplace. Tonks quickly went after him. "Tonks. I am...".

"Sirius. I forgive you. So will she".

Sirius was thrown out of the fireplace straight into Amelia's office. "Amy. I am so sorry. I shouldn't have snapped at you like I did".

"I forgave you ages ago Sirius", she said kindly. "But we can't be together. You clearly have something going on and you have made it clear that I can't help you with it".

"Amy, please", he pleaded grabbing her hand. She however shook it off with tears glistening in her eyes, "Sirius. No. Please don't make this harder than it already is. I love you but sometimes that isn't enough".

She then picked up a case report and left the office purposely. Sirius broke down as he slid down the wall in tears.

"Harry Potter", Ginny spoke into her mirror. Her husbands face appeared in the frame with his signature smile.

"Hey love. I have an idea but I don't think you're going to like it", she spoke.

"You need to befriend Draco Malfoy", she waited for his inevitable argument. "What. Are you mad. He is a slimy sneaky gpod for nothing Slytherin", he argued.

"Let me explain. He is a good wizard despite being a git. If you befriend him, that is one more good wizard we have on our side. It is also one young Slytherin we can save from becoming a Death Eater".

He looked to be considering it, "Okay. Let's do it".

She smiled at her husband glad he liked her idea. "Good night Harry. I love you".

"Good night love".

The next morning, Harry woke to the usual sounds of Ron's snoring.

He quickly went down to the kitchen and grabbed a piece of bacon. He then went back up to Ron's room and waved it teasingly above the boy's nose.

Ron was up in a shot and sprinting down the stairs. They were met by all the Weasley siblings as well as Lily and Tonks at the kitchen table.

Harry started making himself a plate of food just as an owl flew thrpugh the window and landed on Fred's shoulder.

The boy took the letters from the owl before giving him a bit of bacon and patting his head.

He handed them around. Harry recognised them as Hogwarts Letters. As Percy opened his letter a badge fell out.

"Mum. I made prefect", she rejoiced. "Congratulations dear", the woman said with a wide smile on her face.

The twins didn't make fun of him this time as he had become almost like a triplet. He pranked them right back when they pranked him and they had grown to respect him more then he would ever know.

"Well done Percy", exclaimed Harry. "Thanks mate", the older boy replied.

"We'll go to Diagon Alley after breakfast", said Molly. "We can take them if you want", said Charlie indicating between himself and Tonks, "We were going anyway".

"Are you sure you wouldn't mind", Molly asked kindly although the question seemed to be directed towards Tonks more than Charlie.

"Of course Molly. You have been great to me recently", Tonks replied.

Looking at his mothers face Ron knew she was about to say something which would embarrass Charlie.

"What can I say dear. You're part of the family now. Mind you, my son took a while to get on with it", she said cheekily.

Tonks laughed at this while Charlie went extremely red. "It did take a while but it was on my part", Tonks said slyly.

"Well, you're together now so please do not let him be a noble git", George piped up before turning to Bill.

"So when are you going to meet 'The One' Bill boy".

"I am going to be a lifelong bachelor", his brother replied before heading to the floo.

"If you want I can take some money out of Gringotts for you", just as Charlie was about to reply Harry interrupted.

"No it's fine. I have a bank card as does Ginny so we don't need it".

"Okay. Well, I'll see you later anyway", answered the oldest Weasley sibling before disappearing in the floo.

Once dinner was finished, they all went upstairs to get ready. Then they met in the parlour ready to go through the floo.

One by one they went through to The Leaky Cauldron. The group decided to buy their books first so headed to Florish and Blotts.

Harry insisted that Charlie let him pay as Ginny had access to his vault anyway. Eventually the latter gave in and let him pay.

Harry and Ron already had their wands so that wasn't on the agenda.

They went to buy Ron a beautiful owl which Ginny told him, he should call him Pigwedeon.

Next was cauldrons. Harry was determined to put his to good use this time round.

Soon after, they arrived at Madam Malkins and Harry knew who would be here. He and Ginny shared a significant look.

"Ow mother", came Malfoys drawl. Harry was ready to befriend the young boy and so he entered the shop.

"Hello. My name is Harry Potter", he said holding his hand out to Draco.

The boy waited a moment before taking Harrys hand. "Draco Malfoy. Nice to meet you".

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