The Rewrite

Chapter 1

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Harry and Ginny Potter were very much in love, and Kingsley Shacklebolt acknowledged this as he looked down at them, from the podium at the ministry. Harry Potter was the saviour of the wizarding world, and as they celebrated today, the fourth anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, he watched the man's radiant smile as he looked at his wife. He was an amazing husband and auror.

Harry on the other hand was thinking about all the people celebrating him, as their saviour when it was his fault that their relatives and friends were dead.

He felt Ginny squeeze his hand in support, and was reminded of how lucky he was to have her by his side. He hated celebrating this day. It was the day he had lost so many beloved friends. Ron, Hermione, Remus, Tonks, Fred and so many other people no longer had a future, to look forward to. Teddy was an orphan, and George was a shell of his former self.

It pained him to attempt to think of this day four years ago, as a happy day when he thought of his next destination, after the ministry tribute. The Graveyard. He had replayed heir deaths in his mind so many times, that he was used to seeing his best friend die, in front of him.

He was pulled out of his thoughts, by a tap on the shoulder by Ginny. It was his turn to take to the podium to speak. As he stood up he attempted to feign happiness. Upon reaching the podium he still didn't know, what he was going to say. In the four years since becoming the saviour of the world, whenever they had asked him to do a speech he panicked. He'd choose fighting Voldemort, over making a speech any day.

"Hey", he started "I know I'm meant to be dead pleased, that our world is no longer under threat of attack, from Voldemort". this was followed by a round of gasps from the audience "I understand the havoc he has wreaked on our world, but a wise man once told me that fear of the name increases fear of the thing itself, so I'm going to call him Voldemort, because as you all know I was a witness to his death, and I assure you that he will not return" Harry took a deep breath and composed himself "Today is meant to be a happy day for all of us, so in honour of those we have lost, I would like to have a moments silence".

Those in attendance bowed their heads but Ginny could see that her husband was about to break down in tears, so when he ran off she went after him. She searched for what felt like hours but was in actual fact 10 minutes. She found him in the Death Chamber, in the Department of Mysteries. He was about to go through the veil. As he went through the veil she grabbed onto him, and felt herself being pulled through as well.


When she woke up she observed that death looked exactly like The Burrow, so she decided to go downstairs. That was until she walked past her mirror, and realised with panic that she looked exactly like her ten year old self. She realised when her mum walked in to tell her to come down for breakfast, that she probably wasn't dead. But it couldn't be time travel. Everyone knows you can't travel back more than a few hours.

She shook it off as simply a coincidence, and left her room. As she walked at a steady pace down the stairs she thought about the events of this morning, she walked straight into the back of Percy. "Sorry Percy", she said. He being his pompous self replied "You really should be more careful Ginerva", while pushing his glasses up his nose. As he began to walk away she finally plucked up the courage to ask the question, she was dying to know the answer to. "Hey Perce, what's the date". "It's the 3rd of July 1991". A sense of dread washed over her. She was back where it all started.

Then a thought struck her. If she was here maybe Harry was too. She had to find him. But it could wait until after dinner, as her mother hadn't made a Molly Weasley worthy meal since Ron and Fred had died. So she went down to the kitchen, and dug into the food that her mother had made, and appreciated it all the more. When Fred and George came downstairs she vowed that she would find Harry, and they would make sure they all survived this time.


When he woke up he felt around the bed? only to find himself fall out with a bang.This wasn't his and Ginny's bed in Potter Manor. As he looked up at the ceiling he noticed it to be quite close to his face. He felt a feeling of despair fill his being. He was back at the place he swore he would never return to. The Dursleys.

This was confirmed by the sound of heavy footsteps, as his whale of a cousin walked overhead and the sound of his Uncle shouting at him, to come and make breakfast. "Boy, make breakfast for your cousin, he's a growing boy who needs to eat". Harry knew better than to argue and replied "Yes Uncle Vernon".

As he stood at the stove making bacon and eggs he thought of his predicament, and wondered if Ginny had come back too. If so he had to find his wife, and find a way to save their friends, when given an opportunity for a second chance, so he ate his breakfast, packed a bag of essentials and left. He decided to go to Mrs Figgs house and use her floo, to get to the Weasleys where hopefully he would see his wife and best mate, if they had truly gone back in time.

When he arrived at Mrs Figgs house she tried to get him to have some chocolate cake with her, but he needed to get to Ginny so he politely declined, and asked if he could use her fireplace. She looked shocked. "Can I explain the next time I see you Mrs Figg. I'm in somewhat of a rush". She accepted his excuses, and allowed him to use the fire.

He arrived at The Burrow and was met with a sight of pure beauty. There sat his Ginny with her fiery red hair, and a smile to match. He took in the rest of the scene and next spotted his best mate Ron Weasley, with a game of wizards chess and a look of concentration on his face. He looked up and saw Harry. "Who in Merlin's name are you". Harry only smiled in reply.

"Hi I'm Harry Potter". "Prove it" came Ron's reply. So Harry did the only thing he could think of and lifted his fringe, to reveal a lightening shaped scar. "Bloody hell, you are Harry Potter, I'm Ron Weasley", he said putting his hand out in greeting. Harry took his hand and shook it firmly. He then turned to Ginny and hugged her. He whispered in her ear."We need to tell him". This was met with a nod of the head. Keeping up the act he said, "It's nice to meet you...". "My name is Ginny".

"So what are you doing here", asked a curious Ron. "Well I can't tell you that until you do something for me". He looked hesitant before replying, "What do you want". Harry looked him straight in the eye. "Don't let your mum kill me in shock. I also need you to trust me for my second request".

"Sure what do you need me to do". Harry looked thoughtful for a second before replying, "I need you and all the rest of your family to learn the art of occlumency". " I don't know what that is but of course I will", Ron said "But for now lets play chess".

They played chess for 2 hours before Mrs Weasley came in, to get Ron and Ginny for dinner. When she saw Harry she exclaimed "Well hello dear who are you". Harry sensing his opportunity to get her to like him stood up, held his hand out and said, "Hello ma'am my name is Harry Potter". She took his hand and pulled him into a hug. "Well it's a pleasure to meet you love would you like to stay for dinner". "Are you sure. I wouldn't want to intrude". Harry of course wanted to stay with the family, who had adopted him in the other timeline but didnt want to seem too eager. "Of course I am dear, come on, Ron and Ginny will show you to the kitchen".

When they were all seated at the table, and Harry had introduced himself to everyone, he decide to bring up the elephant in the room. "I know you are all probably wondering why I'm here, but I can't tell you until you all learn the art of Occlumency as what I have to tell you involves Ginny, and may endanger her if in the wrong hands".

"What is Occlumency", asked Mrs Weasley. Mr Weasley on the other hand went pale. "Occlumency is a brand of magic which can block someone out of your mind". Now it was Mrs Weasleys turn to go pale.

"Will it protect my sister", asked Fred. "If it's done right then yes". Fred turned to him with a determined look in his eye. "Well. We better get to work as soon as possible because we are going to have the best Occlumency shields ever".

Ginny had never seen her brother so serious. It warmed her heart that it was his protectivemess of her that caused it.

"Bill and Charlie will be arriving next week as Bill has got a job in Gringotts, and Charlie in a Dragon reserve near London, so we will be seeing a lot more of them". Harry and Ginny shared a look as Bill was going to return a lot sooner than last time and Charlie hadn't returned at all in the last timeline. "So we will insure they have strong enough Occlumency wards, for your secret as well as buying a book about the topic for us all to use",he continued. "Thank you sir", Harry replied.

"Where are you staying Harry", enquired Mrs Weasley. "Well I was staying with my aunt and uncle but we can't stand each other so I left. I think I'll stay at The Leaky Cauldron". Harry hoped that Mrs Weasley would offer him a place to stay, as it would help him progress his friendship with Ron, and him and Ginny would be able to plan the circumstances they would need, in order to save their friends. "Oh you poor dear everyone deserves a loving family around them, so you are welcome to stay with us if you wish", said Mrs Weasley like the loving woman she was. " I would love that if you're sure". This time Fred broke in "Harry we already". This was followed by George continuing his sentence "consider you as part". They finished together "of the family".

"Ok then I'd love to stay. Thank you Mrs Weasley". "It's a pleasure dear, now you need to eat you're skin and bones, and after dinner Ron will take you to his room".

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