The Rewrite

Chapter 2

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After dinner Harry and Ron ascended to the top of the house where Ron rounded on Harry "What's going on with you and my sister".Harry was shocked at this outburst. Clearly this Ron was more perceptive than the other one. "Ron, I can't tell you that until you learn Occlumency". "Ok, I'm sorry mate its just she's my little sister, being protective is my job, can we just play some chess or something".

They were just finished setting up the pieces, when Ginny walked in and asked them to come swimming, with her. At this point an owl flew through the window, to Harry. He told them he'd follow them, downstairs. Once they'd left he took the letter, from the owl and sat down on the comfy yet vibrantly orange bed. Clearly this Ron loved the Cannons, just as much as his Ron.

Dear Mr Potter,

I am writing on behalf of Gringotts Bank, to congratulate you on your marriage and discuss your inheritance, as a result.

Therefore I would like to meet with you and your significant other, to go over your assets, investments etc. If you are available to meet me at 10:30am tomorrow, please arrive at Gringotts at 10:15am.

Your Sincerely,


Harry was shocked to see that him and Ginny were still married, in this timeline. He needed to talk to her, so he got changed into his swim gear, and headed off down the stairs. Upon reaching the bottom he saw Mr and Mrs Weasley talking, in the kitchen. Now was as a good a time as any to ask them, about going to Diagon Alley.

"Sorry to interrupt but I just got a letter from Gringotts, asking me to be at the bank at 10:15am tomorrow, to discuss my inheritance" Harry started "There is a catch though. I need to take Ginny with me". Mrs Weasley looked a bit apprehensive at this, but her husband shut her down before she could ask why. "And you can't tell us why until we learn Occlumency". Harry seeing how understanding Mr Weasley was being decided to kill two birds with one stone. "Hey Mr Weasley as I'm going to Diagon Alley, would it be ok if I took Ginny into muggle London, while I'm at it. She can help me pick some new clothes". "Of course Harry I need to go to Diagon Alley anyway so I'll go with you" replied Mrs Weasley, "Now go and swim".

At that Harry sensed the conversation to be over, left through the back door and took off at a sprint towards the lake. When he arrived at the lake his eyes rested on Ginny, and he took a minute to take in her beauty. The way her eyes and hair perfectly complimented each other, the way her eyes squinted when she smiled, the way she looked at her family with such love, without wanting anything in return. He soon realised he had been staring and jumped in, making an extremely large splash.

He swam his way over to Ginny and grabbed onto her waist. "We need to go to Gringotts tomorrow". This got her attention and she turned around to look at him. "What", she replied. He resolved that his best option was to be completely honest. "We are considered married and Griphook wants to talk to us about my inheritance". "Oh ok but for now lets not worry about that. I want to splash you". The next thing Harry noticed after that was that his hair was really wet.

They played in the water with Ron for an hour, before going inside. By the time they were all completely dry it was time to sleep. Harry and Ron said goodnight to Ginny, and left for Ron's room. Looking around the room Harry wondered how he had slept in this room, for so many years, with the bright orange walls and sheets.

That night was the first night in four years that Harry didn't dream, of Ron's death. He had his best mate back, and this time he was going to make sure it stayed that way.

The next morning Harry woke up at 6:30am, and went to the bathroom to take a shower. While he was showering he got the smell of bacon frying. Knowing his best mate to well he counted down from three, then heard Ron sprinting down the stairs.

Once his shower was done he went downstairs to eat his breakfast. Mrs Weasley was as kind in this timeline as she was in the last, making him piles of food. Harry decided pancakes was the way to go.

At 10:00am he finished his breakfast, and they all lined up at the fireplace. One by one they all went through, to The Leaky Cauldron. Harry was met by a lot of stares from the punters. As he approached the barrier to Diagon Alley, Tom the bartender grabbed his hand in gratitude, for banishing the Dark Lord.

Once they had managed to untangle themselves from Harry's fanclub they continued on. As they walked through the Alley, Harry felt a wave of nostalgia wash over him. A large number of these shops were destroyed, during the war. Ollivanders, Floreans, Madam Malkins. They were all gone. This time they were going to survive the war.

They got to Gringotts at exactly 10:15am, where they were introduced to the goblin, who takes care of the Potter Family affairs, Griphook. "Hello Mr Potter, do you have your wife with you". "Keep your voice down Griphook please, if this information falls into the wrong hands, it will put Ginnys life at risk". "Ok sorry sir if you and Ginny would follow me we can begin". Harry and Ginny followed the goblin to his office, where they were met with all too familiar news.

"Mr Potter as a married man you are now an exception to the underage wizardry law, you are considered as an of age wizard, as are you Mrs Potter". "So what does that mean for my inheritance" enquired Harry although he already knew the answer. "Well as you are married you are now able to remove items from the Potter Family Vault, there is over 700,000 Galleons in that vault, there are deeds for three houses, all the jewellery your mother owned was placed in that vault before they went into hiding and they also left their wedding rings in there". Harry pretended to be surprised although he already knew this. He and Ginny had wore those rings, when they got married, in the other timeline.

"Would you like to see this vault", asked the goblin. "Yes please, Griphook". Griphook led them to the vault, and let them have their privacy. Harry and Ginny looked through the items belonged to his parents, until Harry came across something very familiar to him. "Ginny, the mirrors that my dad and Sirius used". Harry could tell that this discovery was going to be vital for their mission.

They then took some galleons, got them exchanged to pounds, and left the bank. Their next stop was Madam Malkins, where Harry bought some black robes with silver lining. He got his family crest embroidered onto it. He also got Mrs Weasley a gorgeous set of robes, for her troubles in taking him in which he would give to her, when they met up at Florish and Blotts at 2.

Once they had gone to Floreans for some icecream, they went into muggle London, to look for some clothes that fit. The first shop they went to was a men's fashion shop, where he bought 3 button up shirts, 3 pairs of dress pants and a pair of dress shoes. He also bought a muggle suit, per Ginny's request. They also went to a unisex shop where he bought 3 polo shirts, 7 t-shirts and 2 tracksuits. He also bought 4 pairs of jeans and he bought a beautiful patterned dress, for Ginny.

By the time they had finished their shopping it was time for them to return to Florish and Blotts, where the Weasleys bought their book about Occlumency.

They all went back to The Leaky Cauldron,and from there went through the floo, back to The Burrow. Once they had all arrived Harry and Ron took all the bags upstairs, and Ginny helped Molly make lunch. When the boys came back down there were sandwiches, for everyone. They had all stuck in to the food when they heard the floo erupt in flames, and out stepped a muscular and very scarred, Charlie Weasley. The one brother of Ginny's he had never met, during the other timeline. He was quite tall, with a healthy amount of muscle. "Charlie", said Mrs Weasley, "We weren't expecting you, until next week". Charlie was in the process of hugging his siblings when he replied, "Yeah I know, but I wanted it to be a surprise".

Harry was rather worried about this development, as he and Ginny hadn't even changed an important event, and already there were possibly catastrophic changes to this timeline. "Well it is a lovely surprise Charlie", said Mrs Weasley. "I'm not going anywhere this time, mom so no need to not get emotionally attached to everyone this time". "I'm glad I finally going to have all my boys, under one roof".

"So this is the famous Harry Potter", Charlie said holding his hand out in greeting. Harry took his hand, and the two shared a manly hug. "I've heard good things about you Charlie". When Mr Weasley came home through the floo, and Percy and the twins showed their faces, the entire family sat in the parlour, and caught up. Charlie told them stories about the scars, that his arms were riddled with.

"Mother, do you know when our Hogwarts letters will arrive", asked Percy. "Percy dear they usually don't arrive until August", replied his mother. "Yes, I am just rather nervous about getting prefect". Percy's obsession with rules was never going to change, so the fact that he was worried about getting prefect did not surprise Harry.

They all decided to attempt to start learning Occlumency, for an hour before they all headed off to bed. Harry and Ginny were already Master Occlumens, so they decided to go upstairs and try out the mirrors, they took from the vault. Harry went into Ron's room, and Ginny went into her's.

Harry then said "Ginny Potter", into the mirror to which Ginny replied, "They work, we can use them when you go to school". Harry hadn't even thought about going to Hogwarts, without Ginny. "Hey Gin, we'll figure it out you know". "Yeah Harry I know". Harry suddenly felt a warmth spread through him, and he said the words he hadn't said, since they had come back here. " Gin, I love you". "I know Harry, I love you too". With that they shut off the mirrors, and drifted into a peaceful slumber.

Downstairs with the rest of the family, Mr Weasley was reading the book out loud, to the rest of them and they were following the instructions, to practice their meditation. Harry had told them to do meditation for a few nights, and after that he would use Legilimency on them, to check their wards.

This was the calm before the storm, for the Weasleys. Charlie could feel it, but tonight was for him, and his family. He could worry about it later.

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