The Rewrite

Chapter 3

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Never before had Albus Dumbledore been so worried. Harry Potter was no longer at the residence of Petunia Dursley. This was bad. Where was the boy. He needed to speak to Arabella.

A few minutes earlier

Why was his instrument acting like this. The only explanation was that Harry Potter was no longer a ward, at his relatives house.

Back to the present

He floo called Arabella, as if the boy had come to any harm he had no time to wait for a reply, to a letter. "Arabella", he said as he stuck his head in the fireplace. "Oh Albus, what a lovely surprise". "I wish I could say that this was a social call, but alas it was not to be". "Why, Albus what's the matter". She could sense that her old friend was extremely troubled. "Harry Potter is no longer with his relatives, and I have no idea where he is". Arabella had to stiffle a chuckle at this. "But Albus that is old news, he used my floo two days ago to get to the Weasley's house". She heard Albus breath a sigh of relief, upon hearing this news. "My god Arabella, you could of told me, you nearly gave an old man a heart attack, now I must be off to make sure Harry is ok". He cut off the connection.

Charlie Weasley was eating breakfast with his family, for the first time in years. God had he missed his mothers cooking. When Harry and Ginny came down at the same time, he knew it was time to confront them. "Harry, Ginny I want to talk to you after breakfast". "Sure thing dear brother of mine", replied Ginny. "You have been spending way to much time with Fred and George", said Charlie chuckling. Fred and George both looked up from their plates, and said in unison, "Hey, we are extremely mature dear brother of ours". This caused everyone to laugh.

After breakfast, Harry and Ginny followed Charlie outside. When they arrived at the lake and sat down on the blanket Charlie had conjured, Ginny's curiosity got the better of her. "So Charlie what do you want". He looked between the two of them and then answered "I know your secret, don't worry, I won't tell anyone because I have a secret too". Then he walked away, leaving them to their thoughts.

After a few moments deep in thought, Ginny came to a relisation. "Hey Harry. If we went through the veil and are here now, what if the same thing happened to Sirius. What if he travelled back in time and he's reliving his time in Azkaban". That really put Harry thinking. "If you're right we need to get him out now. We can't wait until my third year ".

With that they set off towards The Burrow. As they walked through the backdoor of the house, Harry saw a sight he was not expecting. Stood in front of him was Albus Dumbledore, however he didn't have his customary twinkle in his eyes. "Harry, you had me worried". "I'm sorry sir but I'm not sure I know who you are". "Oh of course my dear boy. My name is Albus Dumbledore. I am the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry". "Well it's nice to meet you sir", Harry replied. "Harry if it's ok with you I'd like us to have a private conversation perhaps in the parlour", Dumbledore enquired. "Yes of course sir".

The two of them made their way through to the parlour, where Harry sat on the sofa while Dumbledore at in the armchair, closest to Harry. "Harry my boy I would like you to return to Petunia's home, for the summer". "I'm sorry sir but it can't do that, I can no longer consider that house my home". Dumbledore's features contorted into a look of despair. "Harry my boy I respect your decision, but you have just put yourself in grave danger". "I understand that you're worried, but there is something I have to tell you, which will probably change your view on things".

"Ok and will you tell me this now".Harry was apprehensive about telling Dumbledore, without Ginny so asked "Sir if you don't mind I'd like to have Ginny here, as it involves her as well". "Of course. Now if you don't mind would you go and get her".

Five minutes later Harry came back in with Ginny. They both sat down on the comfortable sofa. When they were settled Ginny began, "When we woke up three days ago, it was the 2nd of May 2002. We went to the tribute to the dead from the second war, against Voldemort. It was the fourth anniversary of his defeat". If Dumbledore wasn't paying attention before he definitely was now. "Impossible". It was Harry who answered this time, "I thought so too sir, but having broken down while making a speech I went to the death chamber. Ginny followed me and ended up going through the veil, with me".

"I thought the veil was used for executions", exclaimed the man who looked older than ever. "Sir Ginny had a theory about that. In the other timeline Sirius Black, who is innocent, was thrown through the veil. What if he was sent back in time too". The professor thought for a moment, before replying, "Perhaps, if so do you have any proof of his innocence". Harry and Ginny looked at each other, before they set off into a shortened version of the events of the 31st of October 1981.

"Wow, that is a lot to take in".Dumbledore looked incredibly stressed. "Sir, there is one other thing I know about the prophecy, and that is the reason so many people died the last time. I thought that isolating them would save them, but instead they weren't prepared for the war", Harry started, "So this time I want more control over the war effort. I want you to reband the order now, I want you to try to get Sirius out of Azkaban and I want you to start an investigation into the ministry. Amelia Bones should be able to help you with that although my last request has to wait until next year". Dumbledore looked to be contemplating this before answering, "I will be able to do that, just give me a few weeks and as for your rat infestation I will go and capture the rat now".

"Thank you sir. I look forward to hearing of your results". With that Harry stood up, signalling that their conversation was over. He led Dumbledore to Ron's room, to capture Pettigrew. He was surprised to see Ron laying on his bed, when they entered the room.

"Hi mate can I talk to you outside". "Yeah sure", said Ron, "What's up". "This is hard to tell you because we barely know each other, but you know your rat", Harry started not looking forward to this conversation, "He sold out my mum and dad to Vol...You-Know-Who. He's an animagus. His real name is Peter Pettigrew, and he told You-Know-Who where we were hiding". Ron looked shocked to find out he'd had a dark wizard as a pet for the last year. "Take him I never want to see that rat again". Dumbledore couldn't have timed it better, as he walked out of Ron's room, with a cage with a rat in it.

Mr Weasley came back from work that night, with news about Pettigrew. "Peter Pettigrew is being held in a holding cell at the ministry, waiting for his trial. However it is the belief of Madam Bones that he will plead not guilty, meaning that it will go to the wizengamot". "But that's a start isn't it", said Harry, "It's better than nothing". "Wait Harry, there's more, his trial is tomorrow. It seems that the wizengamot want to get the trial over and done with. They are getting less and less support of the way Sirius' case was handled, now that people know he was sent to Azkaban without trial".

Mrs Weasley then called them all in for dinner, and sent them to bed afterwards because the next day promised to be a long one. That night was not a good one in terms of the amount of sleep Harry got. He was so worried about all the things that could go wrong. What if the found Wormtail not guilty.

In the morning Harry put on his dress robes, which had his family crest embroidered onto them. He also let Mrs Weasley try some hair potion on his hair, which amazingly got it to look respectable, at the very least.

Mr Weasley had gotten them a Ministry authorised portkey, to use to get to the trial. So at 11:30am they all touched the portkey so they would be on time for the trial, which was scheduled to start at 12 in courtroom 10.

They all took their seats in the visitors section of the courtroom, with Ginny sitting next to Harry, holding his hand for support. He didn't care who saw them anymore. He was just grateful to have her. As if she knew that he was thinking of her, she squeezed his hand. When he looked up and their eyes met she communicated to him wordlessly, that it was going to be ok. Harry looked around the visitors section and noticed some familiar faces, most notably Tonks and Remus Lupin. With any luck they would get together in this timeline, and Harry would have his godson Teddy again.

"All Rise". Surprisingly Amelia Bones was sat where Harry had expected Cornelius Fudge to be. He didn't have time to wonder why though, as Sirius was led in and handcuffed in the closer of the two seats, in the middle of the courtroom. He was closely followed by Peter Pettigrew.

"Peter Pettigrew. Do you plead guilty or not guilty, of the murder of thirteen muggles and being a Death Eater". "I plead not guilty of both charges your honour". Harry's heart dropped into his stomach. "Do you swear to tell the truth in front of the Wizengamot, or do you wish to be subjected to Veritaserum Mr Black", said Madam Bones not even acknowledging Wormtail's presence. Maybe it was just Harry but he definitely sensed something, between his godfather and Amelia. He looked at her the way he knew he looked at Ginny.

"I wish to be subjected to Veritaserum Madam Bones". "Very well, Auror Moody please subject the serum. Three drops will suffice". Mad Eye Moody walked towards Sirius, and dropped the liquid into his mouth.

"What is your name", asked Madam Bones.

"Sirius Orion Black", he replied.

"What happened on the eve of the 31st of October 1981", she asked.

"In order to tell my version of events I need to go back, to around 6 months beforehand"

"I will allow it", she replied.

Sirius then explained how he was meant to be secret keeper, but decided that Peter should do it instead.

"So we have established that Peter Pettigrew was the secret keeper. What happened in the street where those muggles were killed", she enquired.

Sirius once again explained in great detail how he went to the street to confront Peter, only to be tricked by the rat.He told of how rat shouted at him, and them fired the reducto spell, at the walls around the street.

"We have all witnessed today the most publicised case, in the history of the Wizengamot. As a reminder to members of the Wizengamot, it is Peter Pettigrew who is on trial today". Everyone was reminded that the rat was still here. He had shrunk back into his seat while Sirius had been talking, and was completely forgotten about by now.

"Does anyone having heard all the evidence need any time, to think their decision over. If so raise your hand now". No one raised their hand. "If not then we will vote. Those who believe Peter Pettigrew to be guilty of both charges raise your hand now".

As Harry looked over the Wizengamot he felt his worries wash away, upon seeing that only three people didn't raise their hand. Those three people were Lucius Malfoy, Cornelius Fudge and Bartemius Crouch Snr.

What followed was undoubtedly one of the best things Harry had ever heard. "Peter Pettigrew, based on a majority you are sentenced to five years in Azbaban, for being an unregistered animagus and a further 25 years, for being a death eater", said Madam Bones.

Harry knew he was the center of attention for many of the reporters present, including Rita Skeeter, but he didn't care. He turned to Ginny and wrapped his arms around her. She been here for him on one of the most difficult day so far, in this timeline and for that he was forever grateful, to her.

"Sirius Black you have hereby been cleared of all charges. If you would join me in my office in 15 minutes we will talk about the compensation, which the ministry no doubt owes you". Sirius simply replied "Yes ma'am". The occupants of the courtroom took this as their cue to leave.

Sirius was uncuffed and he made his way straight to Harry, yet another clue that he was in fact from the future. "Harry you are so big". However there was a hint of something in his eyes, that suggested he already knew how big Harry was. "Sirius we know your secret we have the same one", replied Ginny. This was met with a fleeting look of something, between relief and shock, crossing Sirius' face.

Tonks walked over at that point, putting an end to the conversation. "Cousin", said Sirius, "The last time I saw you was when you were still in the cradle". Yet again their conversation was interrupted by one Charlie Weasley, who was followed closely by Remus. "Nymphadora", said Charlie, "Long time no see". "Hi Charlie how are the dragons going". Their conversation took off from there.

Harry and Ginny turned to look at Sirius and Remus, who were both stood looking at the retreating pair, open mouthed. "Close your mouths, you're going to catch a fly", said Harry breaking the silence. "Sorry", said Remus, clearly breaking out of the daze, "It's just, she let him call her Nymphadora".

"Well I best be off to see Amelia", said Sirius "I'll talk to you soon Remus". "I look forward to it". They gave each other a manly hug, and Sirius began to leave when Harry called out to him, "Hey Sirius, don't wait too long. She won't wait forever for you to be ready".

Upon getting to Amelia's office Sirius suddenly felt very nervous, to see his old love, one to one. Harry's words kept racing through his head. Did he know something about Amelia, that Sirius didn't. Now wasn't the time, to think about that. They were just two friends, discussing how much money one friend was going to give the other friend, in apology for being wrongfully imprisoned, for 10 years. Yes this was going to be a casual conversation, between two friends.

He was waiting for Amelia in her office, for just over two minutes when she walked in, a sly smile on her face. "Hello Sirius". 'Screw friends', he thought before connecting his lips to hers.

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