The Rewrite

Chapter 8

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"So what you're saying is you're from the future and you are here to save our lives", asked Percy.

"Basically. We were a bit confused at the start but then we realised we could save you. We need to train you all in combat. Everyone except Sirius and Charlie".

"Why don't you have to train them", enquired Lily. Harry rounded on Charlie. "Why don't you ask Charlie. He'll tell you".

"How did you know", he asked almost embarrassed at his dilemma.

"You didn't exactly do a good job of hiding it, dear brother of mine", Ginny said with a hint of amusement.

Author's Notes

I will be adding a few Flashbacks throughout the story. They will mainly be of the original timeline and they will not be very often.


It didn't feel right to Charlie. The sun was beating down on his neck as he held his head in his hands and remembered. Today was a memorial for all the people he and many others would never see again, hold her hand, brush the hair from her face, kiss away the hurt.

He missed her. The pain was almost numbing. His collar was choking him now and he could no longer deal with the ache in his chest. In his heart.

She was gone and it no longer mattered what happened to him. His life didn't truly have a purpose anymore.

But she loved someone else. And as he looked at the son they had created together, he was reminded of that painful fact.

He had died a long time ago. He was simply an empty shell of a man who yearned for his love to return. But Tonks would not return. Not for him, not for anyone.

So as he saw Harry Potter head towards the so called 'Death Chamber' he followed. If Harry could change something so could he. He would save the one he loved and attempt to have her love him in return.

End of Flashback

"But Harry wasn't trying to change anything. He was trying to end everything", Charlie finished looking at his brother in law.

"How did you know what the true purpose of the 'Veil' is", George enquired. Charlie looked at his parents for permission. They both nodded their heads, although tentatively.

"I'm powerful. You know how a muggle government has specific levels of clearance which allows you to know things that others don't".

It all began to click for James in that instant. "Your power is like a clearance. The more power you have, the higher your clearance".

"Exactly", he said turning to Harry and Ginny. "When you travelled back in time, you were given the ability to become extremely powerful".

In that moment a realisation dawned on Lily. "Time Travel is one of the most powerful brands of magic. If you go back to when you were underage it gives you massive reserves of power which you can unlock at any time".

Charlie once again took over. "Let me train you both. If you can unlock this power thousands of lives may be saved".

"We'll do it", Ginny replied, speaking for the first time in a while. Harry was suddenly very interested in the power clearance.

"Is there anyway to find out how big someones power reserves are", he asked.

Charlie looked taken aback by that question, "There is actually. The candidate has to take a test".

"What does the test entail", Percy asked. "Firstly, they have to take a blood test to see what families they could have enherited magical power from".

"They then need to take a personality test as your personality effects the type of power you have". Sirius looked confused by this.

"Basically, the stronger your personality, the stronger your magic".

"Finally the candidate will have to take a test which measures how much power is put behind a spell. This will determine how much raw power the candidate holds without including the reserves".

"Once all those factors have been brought into play, you can begin to get an idea of your power reserves".

Harry was intrigued. "I want us all to do it. Then we will know the best way to train each individual.

"You got it Harry", said Fred.

"Oh there is one more thing", Harry spoke. "The order is officially rebanded and I want you all to be part of it. Mr and Mrs Weasley, Mum, Dad, Sirius, Charlie. I want you all to join as soon as possible".

"Percy, I'd like you to join next year. You won't be doing any missions or searching for intel, but both I and Ginny agreed we would like you to listen in on meetings".

Percy looked them both over. He looked like he wanted to say something more but he left it.

"Any questions", he asked.

"When can we join", asked Fred gesturing between him and George. "You can join when you're 16". This answer seemed to satisfy the twins.

With this the rest of the occupants of the room seemed tp sense that the conversation was over and left.

Harry wrapped his arms around Ginny. "I'm happy we don't have to hide it from my family anymore love".

"I know how you feel, I've known my parents for less han a day and I'm already hiding stuff from them".

"Harry, we're going to be alright aren't we", for the first time since they had come back, Harry heard uncertainty in Ginny's voice.

"Of course we are Gin. We're going to be just fine".

They sat there in each others embrace for what felt like hours.

Percy was sitting against his tree thinking. He had always sat there growing up when Fred and George had played pranks on him.

Harry saw the boy looking a bit down so he sat down next to him. They sat in silence until Percy was ready to talk.

"What did I do? You don't want me to join the Order because I could help. You want me to join so I don't repeat a mistake".

"You... You left", Harry said before elaborating, "You were blinded by your job as the junior undersecretary to the Minister. You and your dad disagreed about Voldemort being back".

Percy surprisingly did not flinch. "Harry. Thank you for saving me from myself. Come on. Let's go and prank Fred and George".

Harry paused for a second before breaking into guffaws of laughter.

As they were walking into the house, Percy exclaimed, "You know, I was thinking about giving them something I've created for them".

"What's it called", Harry was curious now. "It's called a Canary Cream". That set Harry off again.

The rest of the day was spent talking to his parents. He told them all about his life. About Hogwarts and the War. The good and the bad.

"Professor Snape didn't like me very much. I think he thought I was you", he said indicating to James.

"This time I'm going to try and get along with him. He could be very useful to our cause".

Lily beamed at him. "Thank you. It means a lot that you'll atleast try".

"Of course mum. I want to right the wrongs I made in the other timeline".

Ron chose that moment to walk in. "Mum said you're welcome to stay here if you want Mr and Mrs Potter",he said politely.

"Please. Call us James and Lily", said James, "Any friend of Harry's is a friend of ours".

"Okay Mr... sorry, James". Lily's eyes twinkled with amusement at the exchange unfolding in front of her.

"And we would love to Ron. Thank you", the older man said.

Not long after they all retired to bed. Harry drifted into a peaceful sleep with the knowledge that his parents were alive and well".

The next morning was a hectic one. The children's Hogwarts Letters arrived and although Charlie had he day off from the dragon reserve, his dad was not so lucky.

James was also organising his and Lily's reintroduction to the wizarding world. They wanted to get their old jobs back so they needed to tell people they had returned.

He was sure that old Mad Eye would hex him into next year if he showed up unannounced.

Harry and Ginny were sitting across from Charlie at the table for breakfast. "Charlie. Why are you back. You can't have come all the way back just to work with English dragons".

"No, I'm not. I'm back because... because I'm in love with Nymph and I need to be with her", he looked at Harry.

"I'm sorry Harry. I know it's selfish of me and it means that Teddy may not exist in this timeline but I've gone through one war without her. I can't go through another".

Harry looked at Ginny who gave him a significant look. "It's okay Charlie. If being with Tonks makes you happy you need to go for it".

Suddenly the floo burst up in flames and Harry saw a glimpse of bubblegum coloured hair. "Speak of the devil".

"Nymph", Charlie said shocked standing up. "Hey Charlie, can we talk", the look on her face said she meant in private. "Yeah sure. Do you want to go for a walk in the garden".

And so they set off into the garden. "I bet you five galleons she's proclaiming her undying love for him", said Ginny to Harry. "Ten galleons says she's telling him they can't be together".

As Charlie was walking with Tonks he felt a strange sense of Dejavu. The last time Tonks had turned up unannounced at his house was when she broke up with him during the summer after their seventh year. She didn't want a long distance relationship so she ended it before she got hurt.

Then she stopped walking and she turned to him.

"The last few weeks with you have been amazing. Do you remember in fifth year when we went on a muggle rollercoaster. That is what it's felt like. It has been exhilarating and all the emotions I felt back then came rushing back".

Tonks was babbling at this point and Charlie felt the need to stop her. "Nymph. Slow down and breath".

She took a moment to compose herself, "I was talking to Amelia Bones about her and Sirius. She told me that if I love you then I should tell you, so that's what I'm doing".

"What". Charlie was stunned. She loved him. A grin spread across his face.

"I know that I left you and I'm sorry but you're going to have to find a way to forgive me because I'm not going anywhere", she said.

"Nymph. I have something to tell you", she looked worried now, "Go on".

"I'm from the future. I'm here to save the world and win you back", he had said this rather fast and Tonks although she had heard it was shocked.

"We'll deal with that when it comes to it", she said before kissing him.

Fred Weasley choose that moment to look out the window. "George. He's getting some", he shouted causing all the occupants of the room to surround the window.

"It's about time", said Molly, "Took him long enough". Lily noted with amusement that money was being exchanged between Harry and Ginny. That amusement was incrase tenfold when she saw the same happening between James and Sirius.

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