Training For The Ballet, Potter?

Chapter 1

Prompt: "Drarry scene. "What're we doing today?" "Fine, fine. I'm going." ?"

A/n: Received the prompt, along with like 50 others. But I ran with this one. S. I'm working on getting everything from my blog put on my profile. I promise. Just takes time. ~kiz

Warnings: N/A.

Draco Malfoy/Harry James Potter. I don't own.

"What are we doing today?"

"I'm thinking about getting married, want to play the groom?"

Draco stared at Harry in shock, his eyes wide and the book he had been cozied into laid forgotten beside him. What?

Harry was grinning, and looking rather dapper in the dark tux he had put on. His grin was wide, his hair practically perfectly placed with his dark curls and waves tamed and his eyes were that light green they always looked when he was happy.

And, that he was. Elated. Standing at the front of the living room, holding a clothing bag over his right arm.


"Potter." Draco muttered, shaking his head. All their plans were going down the drain and Draco wasn't even - that - upset. A little because he always wanted the big, crazy wedding just to rub it in everyone's faces he had 'bagged' Harry, dreams do come true. Even for 'guys like him.'

"I picked it out myself," he smiled, holding up the fresh clothing by the hanger, "care to change?" Though, he'd take Draco like that. He didn't care. Sweatpants, cropped black shirt and hair in a messy bun... he'd take Draco exactly like that.

"Are you being serious?"

"As a heart attack."

Draco was getting to his feet, now, "I... uh," Harry didn't throw him off guard too often, but this certainly had. "We... right now? Married?"

"As soon as you get changed, if you're going to. I don't care, I'll take you like that."

Malfoy blinked, silent, then he stepped forward and grabbed the tux from Harry, "it better look good." He scowled to hide his blush.

"You'll make it look good." Harry smiled, and wrapped his arm around Draco's waist, giving him a squeeze. Draco laughed softly, leaning forward to give Harry a quick kiss.

One that quickly turned into, his back against the wall and his hands messing up Harry's, for once, combed and proper hair. Draco panted against his lips fingers tugging at Harry's locks.

"I do want to marry you today, Draco, please go change."

"Mmphm." Draco mumbled sucking on his skin before he lapped at the mark with his tongue in a quick swipe, "fine, fine." He whispered when Harry swatted his behind. "I'm going." He untangled himself before taking off up the stairs.

Harry turned to the hall mirror, fixing his hair with a wave of his wand and readjusted the dark maroon bow tie he was wearing. He quickly sent a patronus message to Hermione and Pansy, letting them know they were on the way soon. Draco was going to get the wedding he wanted, Harry had it all planned for him. It was easier this way, and took the pressure off Draco. He didn't want him to be stressed and upset, and he knew after the first week of 'wedding planning' it was going to be a nightmare. So he took care of it himself, well Hermione and Pansy were a huge help.

"Ready to become Mr. Harry Potter-Malfoy?"

Harry looked up at the stairs, smiling widely, "I told you, you'd make it look good."

"You know me quite well," Draco agreed, brushing a hand down the cream and silver colored tux, before adjusting the silver tie.

"I do."

"Better not forget your line," Draco smirked, holding his hand out, "I'm ready."

"Let me soak this up a second more," Harry smiled. Draco tutted impatiently, wrapping his fingers around Harry's hand when he finally gave it to him, "alright, baby, all yours."