Chapter 1

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Petunia Dursley, nee Evans was a perfectly normal person, thank you. She simply hated people who were unnatural, those freaks. She was a perfectly ordinary woman of great repute, and her life couldn't be any better, with a charming and an intelligent husband, and a delight of a son.

The neighbour-hood of Privet drive, was a locality that prized in being ordinary. Mr Dursley, was extremely lucky, so as to say to himself, that he managed to get a pick of a house, thanks to his hard earned money, and they were proud to say that they were a model family. The neighbours were friendly enough, to talk, but Petunia prized control over her surroundings. Her long neck, spent countless of hours spying over from her French windows in the kitchen, looking at their crystal clear lives. She lived for gossip. But what else, was there to do? Being normal could only entitle you only that much.

But the Dursleys had a secret and a fear. Mrs Potter, Petunia's freaky sister was insanely rich. She liked to dabble in unnatural dangerous arts and feared everything about them. They didn't want the neighbourhood to know that Lily, Petunia's sister was eccentric because they would be scorned by the neighbours. She didn't want to even go and ask a single penny from her obnoxious sister because they had...well... animosity, to say the least. Due to certain questionable life choices of one Petunia Evans. The Dursleys simply couldn't tolerate them. Usually Petunia would lord over her other neighbours that she had a sister, who was rich enough to be an aristocrat. But the bitterness was too deep. They would be mocked for not being in Lily's good books, simply for the fact that Lily could even buy up the entire Privet Drive right down to the single leaf. Sometimes things were too deep to heal.

Although Petunia loved to claim she was normal, she was not. She had deep secrets too. Secrets that could potentially ruin her entire life.

Looking over her window, she saw her son and pride. Dudley has watery blue eyes and thick blond hair. eHe was the perfect son, any mother could ask for. Well mannered, charming, playing with younger kids, and calling them for tea parties. He was a gentleman. He could do nothing wrong at all

Little did observant Petunia know, that she was extremely out of loop, regarding her own son.

But things were about to change, on a summer day, that would make her world and secrets come crashing down

Dudley Dursley was not having a good day. Not at all.

It all started off innocently, with a parchment letter that was addressed to him

Mr Dudley Dursley

Second Bedroom, on the left

Number 4, Privet Drive, Surrey

An owl dropped the letter at him and flew away. Dudley could have sworn that the owl winked at him evilly

Shaking, he sworn that he saw too much of the telly, and decided to walk in. The letter angled weirdly at his hand

Petunia Dursley nee Evans was a perfectly normal person, thank you. She simply hated people who were unnatural, those freaks. And now, she was dealing with a freak. Who happened to be her son

"Diddy!" she simpered, "Did you eat? You must be starving." forgetting the fact that he had eaten just an hour before

She saw the letter, and instantly knew what was inside the letter. Her accursed sister and him had gotten their letters, and off they went, learning about magic. Freaks all of them. Damn them, damn their parents, and damn everyone who had made her feel less loved and invalidated

"When did you get this letter? Who gave it to you, Freak?" she yelled at him as Vernon sadistically watching her scream.

Vernon was the stereotypical sadist, who enjoyed watching people suffer. But yet, he did not show one bit of evilness towards Dudley. Because he enjoyed the fact that Petunia's son with the despised man, was becoming more like him. It gave him a weird joy that he was able to slowly influence her son against her. He had leverage, and Dudley was a willing pawn. Petunia was forced to stay with him, because he had evidence to damage her entire life. The life of normality that she had built. Until now

"Well, Petunia." He drawled, "I think, I will be not dealing with the freak any longer. I will claim the house for myself. Both you and your freak son deserve to go out, and never return to my house. Or shall I torture you?"

"Dad!" Dudley yelled. "How can you say that about me?"

"Well, kid." He grinned evilly. "Too bad, I am not your dad and you are no son of mine!" he bellowed triumphantly, as though he was itching to say this out.

As Petunia cried, "NO!" Dudley fainted into a dead heap


Neville Longbottom was a quiet child, who loved tending to his plants.

Neville had a bit of history, but then, everyone did have some, unwanted history lurking behind. On the fact how Lord Voldemort had wrecked havoc across Great Britain, how mysterious young Harry Potter managed to stop him. Neville had suffered a lot in the war, but he chose not to think of it.

Alice and Frank Long bottom were heroes. He was not a zero, he said to himself, but then, insinuating remarks did hurt him, although he didn't show it. He was not a passionate child, because he was not a person who wore his heart on his sleeve. But he did get the spark, when one talked about Herbology. Neville loved the study of magical plants. To him, they represented life, and growth. But they could also be dangerous. In a way, not foreseen. Terrible like the forest fire. Who knew the dangers of hellebore or belladonna as much as him? He could hold endless hours of conversation with a gardener, regarding his plants. Professor Sprout, an old friend of his imposing grandmother Augusta, would occasionally visit the manor. She was never judgemental like the others, about his "lack" of magic. She exuded warmth and friendliness. To him, she was the most understanding person he'd ever seen. Gran might be a nice guardian, but she wasn't his friend. He could talk to her without any fears. Professor Sprout, often told him that he was a genius, and said that he would make a good Hufflepuff. She was determined to nurture Neville, into a Herbology genius.

"Neville!" An elderly woman beckoned him. "Uncle Algie and Aunt Enid are here to see you.". He nodded, and he saw two elderly figures sitting next to the balcony

"How are you, dear boy?" Algie asked with a forced cheerfulness, while Enid rolled her eyes. "Did my squib nephew show any signs of magic?" he grinned.

"Algie. Stop that. I will not have Neville get insulted by that vile term." Augusta bristled, but even he could see that it was a half-hearted attempt. After all, Neville had just crossed his 11th birthday, but no signs were there. She was getting worried, and rightly so. Neville was the heir to the House of Longbottom, and if he was a squib, it was bad news.

He nodded mutely, not wanting to speak anything. He was a simple boy, who never cared about what others said anyways.

"Ah, look at him. He seems eager to accept his faulty genes." She cackled, earning glares from Algie and Augusta and a whimper from him.

"He is just a late bloomer. Give him some time." She said, and Neville nodded

"Maybe I would. But he is 11, and he hasn't gotten his letter yet. Have you, boy?" she sneered

"No, aunt Enid." He whispered

"Look at him, that whelp." Aunt Enid said, sneeringly as Augusta bit her lip

Aunt Enid was a nice person, but the last year, she had become extremely mean towards him, in attempt to draw out his heritage, hoping he would do something rash enough so that he would get his magic coming out

"Maybe, he is retarded, like his parents. No wonder he is a squib." She laughed sickeningly

"ENID!" THIS IS ENOUGH!" Augusta glared at her

"No one has the right to say that." He whispered

"I am sorry." She said, mockingly

"NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO SAY THAT!" He said, and he raised his hand. A bolt of Red energy shot off from his hand, and smashed the window. All were looking at him with awe, and Enid grinned

An owl swooped in carrying a letter with the Hogwarts crest.


Ronald Weasley was invisible

Invisible to everyone in his large family. Except when they wanted to prank him, or when they wanted a house elf substitute.

They loved her, his twin Ginevra. She was the first Weasley girl in seven generations. She was an exceptional talent, because she was the seventh child of the Seventh child. She was the perfect girl what Molly wanted

Ron was invisible. An extra mouth to feed lost in the sea of red heads, he was never noticed. Arthur had to scratch his head to remember about his sixth son. Molly was no better.

Honestly, no one cared. No one cared whether he ate or slept or whether he had been injured. They saw him more as a part of the furniture. Except when they wanted to tease him

Ron Weasley was a plain child. Red hair, blue eyes that were faded, without any life. He looked at anyone who bothered to look at him. He never complained, and he helped his parents. Yet they could never remember him immediately.

Ronald Weasley, was the youngest of the seven children, with his twin being born a minute before him. The Weasleys were poor, but they never compromised on love. Arthur and Molly Weasley could claim that they loved all their children equally. Almost. Brilliant Bill, Cheerful Charlie, Perfect Percy, Funny Fred, Gauche George and Gentle Ginny. But they could not recall him immediately at all. It required them to count and see, about Ron. He was a quiet child. He made himself useful but he never had the fire characteristic of the Weasley clan. He always talked to himself, never bothering to utter even a single word to others. He never tattled on his twin brothers nor his twin. But he was never noticed. Once he was lost, but no one cared about it. He returned a day later, and they didn't reprimand him at all. Almost as if they didn't care about him. For some strange reason, Ron's Grandpa used to hate him, and they followed suit, but never did they show it on him openly. But he knew.

They never stopped Fred and George from bullying him, or Percy taunting him, or Ginny bossing him. Ron was the victim, a fact exploited by everyone.

He was a silent listless child. The light never seemed to fall on him. Every achievement of Ginny was celebrated. Every prank on Ron by Fred and George were laughed out as innocent pranks, not bothering to ask him if he was fine. Ron had never disobeyed in his life. When he did once, the punishment was severe enough that it was blood curling. He had never dared to raise his voice after that.

"Mum! LOOK!" Ginny screamed as an owl twittered above the windows, dropping a letter with the Hogwarts seal on it.

No one noticed that there was another owl, which dropped a letter to a pale listless red headed boy

"Oh Ginny!" her mum cried, "This is wonderful. I must prepare a big feast!" she sang. She hugged Ginny and went into the kitchen, muttering things that Ginny would love to have for dinner

"I am sure you will have fun, dear!" Arthur exclaimed. "My baby daughter! All grown up." He wiped his tears

"One toilet seat coming right up." George mock saluted her, as she good naturedly punched him

"What about you, Ronnie?" Ginny asked in a high falsetto as the ruckus got over. "Did you get a letter too?" she sneered

"Do you expect anyone to take in the boring pathetic creature?" George said, mockingly and rubbed his hair, patronizingly

"Aha!" Fred exclaimed, "Someone wrote Ron a letter." He said, and tried to grab it. Ron held on to it, firm, unwilling to let go his first ever gift, but Fred was too strong

"Mum!" he screamed. "Ronnie has gotten a Hogwarts letter!"

"Oh!" she said, and she murmured to herself, unaware that they were listening to her

"Ron, who, Not Bill, or Charlie..." and Fred cackled, "See, even mum, doesn't remember you!" and they laughed, unaware of the hurt

Molly saw this, and frowned, at them. With a perfunctory glance at him, she said "Congrats! I'm so proud of you." but those words were said without any real meaning in them

Second hand wand and robes were got for him, while Ginny received a new wand, and a pet too! Special they said to her, but what was he? Why did they intentionally or unintentionally neglect him?


Luna Lovegood was an odd girl. Odd enough even for the "oddest of folk, wearing pyjamas like robes" according to the local village.

"Daddy!" she exclaimed, "Did you see the Crumple Horned Snorcack? Because I think I saw one."

"Where Luna?" her dad asked, equally excited

"I am asking you, daddy!" she sighed, and waved to the boys who were sniggering at her

"I will go and fetch some water." Xeno said. "You stay here, ok?"

She nodded, and bent to pick up some radishes to braid in her hair

"Loony Lovegood!" they cackled at her, and she smiled at them

They came near her and started teasing. "Loony Lovegood has radishes!"

"Loony is a lost cause."

"Loony is a loser."

"I think, you have a nargle infestation that I have seen in very few people." She said dreamily

"Loony is crazy!" They giggled and pushed her

She fell, with a bump, and she began to cry, and they began to laugh

Their laughs ringing in her ears, made her angry. For the first time in her life. She raised her hand and a blue bolt arched out, throwing the boys down with a strange force.

They grew scared and then they ran away crying.

Overhead an owl swooped by and with it had a Hogwarts seal in it.


"Is this compartment free?" a timid voice greeted Ron. He looked about and saw a fat boy, unsure of himself and his surroundings

"Yes." Ron said and felt a spark of kinship

"What is your name?" Ron asked

"Dudley." He said, "And yours?"

"Ron." He said. They sat in silence gazing at each other

Ron eventually broke the silence and asked, "Are you new to this?"

"Yes." And Ron said, "Don't worry, I'll help you."

This simple act of kindness made Dudley weep

"Hey, there is nothing wrong, right?" he asked concernedly

Dudley began to explain. About how magic had ruined his life, took away his "Father". How his mother barely looked at him, and the accident that rendered her in a coma. He was forced to attend because his mother wanted him to save him away from his "father". Dudley also explained how he was forced to meet his relatives. Lily and James Potter along with their progeny, who had made insulting comments about him and his parentage.

"So you are related to Harry Potter? The boy who lived?" Ron asked


Soon Neville joined them along with Luna, by knocking on to the doors and asking, "Can we join you here?"

"Sure." Dudley welcomed, and Neville grinned

"He must be feeling lonely." Luna said and pointed towards Ron. "Don't worry, I'll be there for you."

Soon enough, three unexpected group of visitors ended up changing the entire destiny of these four.

The first to come in was a bushy haired girl. She barged in, thinking that the compartment was empty.

"Sorry, about that!" she grinned, feeling not at all sorry. "Didn't realize that it was empty."

Four pair of eyes glazed at her oddly as she sat down, whistling a tune

Neville continued on, "You must be a muggle-born eh, Dudley?"

"Yeah, I guess. Mum was scared of the term Magic, and called me a freak. Magic had ruined my life." and he gave a self conscious sob.

They did not know what to say, except Hermione piped in up and said, "Then why did you come here? You seem to be a person who whines about his life too much. Best you drop out."

"You shut up!" Dudley said, and grew angry. "I was talking to my friends, and not to you."

"Well, that's very rude of you. Don't you think?" she huffed.

She didn't see Ron coldly glare, and she continued, "Anyways, I am very excited to come to Hogwarts, and I learnt a few spells myself. Isn't that cool? Knowing that you are a real witch." and she continued on.

The four rolled their eyes and laughed together. Though for Luna, it might have been the Bimbleeirs making her roll her eyes.

Two people barged in one more time, with the Boy who lived came in, along with Ron's sister.

"Mione!" Harry greeted her, and Ginny grinned. "What are you doing with filth like him?" he said, and pointed towards Dudley.

"Shut up, Potter." Dudley said, slowly

"What is your last name, now, Dudley?" he said, mockingly and Dudley looked ready to burst in anger.

"You leave him alone!" Luna said. " Don't be mean towards him."

"So says a girl who wears Butterbeer corks as her necklace." Ginny said

"Ginny!" Luna whispers hurt.

Ginny sneered. "I don't associate with Oddities like you."

"You shut up, Ginny." A cold voice was heard. She spun around and gasped

"Ronnie!" she said, in mock hurt, "You've never been mean to me. Wait until the twins heard this. You will be so much in trouble."

Ron glared at her, and Harry said, "Who are you?"

"I am Ronald Weasley, Ginevra's twin."

"Ginny!" Harry exclaimed, "You never told me you had a twin."

"Nice to meet you." Harry said, and extended his hand.

Just then, another set of visitors came in.

"Potter!" Malfoy sneered. "Fancy finding you with these." he pointed out Ginny, Neville, and Ron.

"Malfoy." Harry sneered back, "You have gormless idiots for your body guards. How much more worse could life get?"

"I smell mud here." Malfoy said, looking at Hermione.

"You take that back." Ginny, Harry, Luna and Neville said together.

"And what do we have here." he said, looking at Ron for the first time, "Another Weasley! Father said that they breed like rabbits, and have far too much red hair."

"At-least I don't support the Dark lord like you." Ronald said.

Ginny too joined in, "You are a rich pompous brat."

Petty insults continued to be traded. They were about to exchange fists, when an adult came in.

"Is there any problem?" he asked.

"None." Malfoy said and went away.

"But still , we do have problems." Luna said, "These three people came in and insulted us."

Ginny and Harry glared at Luna. They mouthed her the word Snitch and left.

"I am professor Samhain, and I will teach you defence against Dark arts. You are all first years right?" he asked friendly

Prof. Samhain was a cheerful man who looked pretty young. He was a German, but he lived in England throughout his life. He had certain talents...

The talk he had with them, changed their lives forever.

Soon, the sorting came.

AN 1) This is an AU Fic where Harry lived on Voldemort attack, and the reason will be explained a little later

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