Four Broken Boys

Chapter 24

"I don't know what you two were thinking!" McGonagall yelled. "Have you any idea how appalled I am!"

She glared at both of them angrily.

"Never in my entire career have two students fought like this!" She slammed her hands down on her desk, making them both jump. "And from my own house! You two are an embarrassment to Gryffindor!"

McGonagall turned her back to look out the window and took a deep breath. Lily opened her mouth to say something when James elbowed her lightly, giving her a look that plainly said 'not now'. McGonagall turned round and they both instantly straightened.

"Mr Potter, tell me your side of the story." She said calmly but menacingly.

"Well, I was getting out the carriage and I slipped and fell down." James began, reddening. "And Eva-I mean Lily made fun of me... So I errrr... Might've pulled her down."

Lily opened her mouth once again but was silenced by McGonagall.

"What happened after that."

"She pulled me down when I tried to get up and hit me with my shoe." James finished with a glower at the girl next to him.

"Miss Evans, your side of the story." McGonagall demanded.

"Well professor, when James jumped out the carriage I laughed at him along with everyone else, but he pulled me down." Lily began with a flick of her short, red hair. "Then, because I was angry at him professor, I pulled him down when he tried to get up, and then he kicked me."

"Then she wrestled me!"

"He got mud in my hair!"

"It was all her fault!"

"It was all his fault!"

"Evans, Potter!" McGonagall shouted again, making both mouths snap shut. "Have you no shame?"

They both looked away.

"Miss Evans, I expected more from you." She spoke as Lily looked down sadly. "And Mr Potter... I don't expect much from you but... You sank a lot lower."

"Both of you!" She added when she saw Lily's satisfied smirk. "Now, both of you will have detentions every night for two weeks and fifty points will be lost each." She said over the outrage.

"But professor!" James protested. "That's too much! Why!"

"Please professor, I'll do anything!" Lily pleaded.

"Silence both of you!" She yelled. "Because you two have not an ounce of shame you will serve your detentions together!"

James and Lily didn't say anything since they'd never seen McGonagall so angry.

"You will both sit here and because of your childish behavior you will miss the feast and the sorting." McGonagall said in a much calmer tone, conjuring a plate of sandwiches and two wooden chairs.

James opened his mouth to protest again but Lily kicked him with a glare.

"I shall go write to your families." She said as she left the room, locking it.

James and Lily glared at each other. James hungrily grabbed a sandwich and, while still glaring, bit into it ravenously. Lily mirrored James' actions but more dainty and polite, a sudden change from the violent wrestling from earlier. They stayed that way.

"Black, Regulus."

Regulus took a deep breath and walked up to the stool attempting to displaying a confidence he did not own. He sat down and just before the hat covered his eyes he could see the hopeful look on Sirius' face and, out of the corner of his eye he could see his cousins, grinning. The hat covered his sight in darkness.

Ahhhh, another Black.


Let's see, well, Slytherin would be easy, your family have been in that house and done extremely well.


Do you not want to be in Slytherin?

Well, I do, kind of.

I see, you want to please your family but also keep your brother close.


What do you say about being in Slytherin, great house.


You will exceed.

I guess if it can't be helped...

You want to be in Gryffindor.

I don't want Sirius to be mad.

You need to show him that Slytherin can be a good house.

Okay then, put me there.

"SLYTHERIN!" The hat shouted to the hall.

Regulus stood up and saw Sirius' face fall as he focused his eyes on the floor. From the Slytherin table everyone cheered and Bellatrix bore a satisfied smirk. As he walked he tried to catch Sirius' eye but he'd turned away. He was congratulated when he sat down for 'taking the right path' unlike his brother. Regulus had no idea why he felt some regret.

Peter and Remus eyed Sirius warily during the feast. He was picking at his food with a glum expression and didn't seem quite aware of the world around him. Peter opened his mouth to say something and Remus gave him a pointed look which he ignored.

"So how was your summer?" He asked.

"Shut the fuck up Peter!" He snapped, somewhat quietly. "I don't want to talk about it."

Peter shrank away in fear and the harshness of his words. Remus instantly became angry at this.

"Just because you've had a hard day doesn't mean you need to take it out on Peter!" He said angrily. "There was no need to lash out on him like that!"

Sirius' eyes and face softened into a look of disappointment in himself.

"Oh Merlin I'm so sorry." He whispered. "It just came out, I'm sorry Peter."

Peter smiled understandingly. "It's ok, people do stupid things when they're mad."

"And thanks Remus for putting me in my place." Sirius smiled at him.

Remus grinned. "If James were here he'd tell you to eat your food."

"He's such a mother I swear." Peter rolled his eyes.

"Wait a second, where's James?" Remus asked. "Where's Lily?" He added, looking either side of the table.

"I know McGonagall would probably have them a lecture but it can't have taken that long." Sirius frowned in thought.

"Maybe she made them miss the feast?" Peter suggested.

"She did look really mad."

"Was hilarious though." Remus said with a snigger.

"Can we tease him?" Peter asked with an evil grin.

"Anything to embarrass Potter." Sirius' grin matched Peter's.

McGonagall came back after the feast had taken place to find that James and Lily were now locked in an argument.

"I wanted that one!" Lily shouted.

"No you didn't!" James yelled, holding a sandwich tightly in his hand.

"You know I only like lettuce with bacon, you took it on purpose!" Lily yelled while making a grab for the (now squashed) sandwich.

James held it out of reach and laughed at her desperate attempts to grab it. Lily furiously hit him on the arm.

"POTTER, EVANS!" McGonagall yelled.

They both turned round with equal faces of shock.

She sighed in experation and signalled for them to be dismissed, too annoyed to waste her precious time on these awful students. James ran out the room and down the corridor.

James crept into his dormitory, in an attempt to go unnoticed his friends. But he couldn't if he tried because they were all sitting on their respective beds, grinning.

"Well that was a spectacular idea Potter." Remus said dryly, followed by the laughs of his friends.

James glowered at them and gave Remus a half-hearted shove. "Sod off." He muttered to Remus' laughter as he fell back.

"Did it hurt when she hit you?" Peter asked with a smirk over Sirius' roars of laughter.

"WITH HIS OWN SHOE!" Sirius shouted in between laughs.

James sat on his bed grumpily as his friends rolled around, clutching their stomachs, mouths open in laughter. Muttering angrily, James turned off the light and brought his red and gold duvet up to his chin. He shut his eyes tight with a scowl as his friends continued their teasing.

AN- ok I know James and Lily sound really immature, but they're literally twelve, so basically still kids