Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Notes and A Brief Welcome

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Hey everyone.

So, this is my first fanfic and I'm utterly new to the scene. This fic is going to be completely non-canon.
In fact a few changes.
1.) Tom Riddle/ Voldemort is not crazy and has found a way to regain his youthful looks. He's charismatic, charming, drop-dead fallen angel looks, manipulative cunning, ambitious, has sociopathic tendencies, and is very sadistic and possessive as well.

2.) Hermione is actually half Fae ( an ancient immortal race of faeries that stay clear from humans and wizards alike, they are very rare in population due to a blight that dwindled majority of their population away. The Seelie and Unseelie courts were wiped away completely.) Although, Hermione believes that Grangers are her parents and that her bloodline is from Muggle heritage.

3.) Dumbledore did not die until the trio's last year at Hogwarts. Seven years later, 2005 They have been on the run ever since trying to keep one step ahead of Voldemort and his growing reign. 25-year-old Hermione has hardened a bit, due to seeing much war, death, and depravity.

4.) This will be a dark Fic. I've warned you.

5.) Please Please Please review and feel free to give me ideas/ and or critiques. ! As I've stated before I'm new to this and would greatly appreciate the strengthening of my literary skills.

Also, the first 4 chaoters will be relatively shorter then the rest of the book. I wanted each chapter to kinda set up and explain this non canon world. The remaining chapters will be anywhere from 2,000 to 7,000. This depends on which character's POV we may be reading and also whats going on during the story. I mean does anybody really want to read 5,000 words about HG and TR taking a bath? Well actually I woud read that… I would read the fuck outta it 😉

Chow lovlies.