Carrying His Baby

Chapter 13

"Everyone knows Cedric." I whispered to him at breakfast the day after the ball.

Cedric looked around, taking in the stares of kids currently sitting in the Great Hall, before saying, "Ignore them."

"It's hard to ignore them when they are everywhere I turn, and besides I am pretty sure there's some nasty rumors going around about me that are hard not to hear. It's not easy being a teen mom Cedric, but you wouldn't understand." I snapped back.

Cedric looked annoyed, but I didn't care. "Hey guys." Cho said as she sat down beside Cedric, grabbing his hand.

"Perfect timing Cho." Cedric said under his breath while he glared at me. I stuck out my tongue at him, causing him to roll his eyes and look away. I snickered at his reaction.

Cho ignored our childish fight, instead changing the subject to something safer. "Have you thought about what you are going to do for the second task Cedric? After all, it's only a couple of weeks away."

This seemed to do the trick, because Cedric's frown quickly turned into a smile when he looked at Cho and started talking. "I actually figured out the egg a couple days ago." He lowered his voice before continuing, "Turns out you have to put it underwater. When you do you hear a mermaid singing about how I will have to go underwater to find something."

"Well how are you going to go underwater Cedric?" Cho said, hanging on to Cedric's every word. I rolled my eyes at the disgusting amount of affection.

"I did some research, and I could do a bubble head charm. It would act as a muggle scuba mask, letting me breath normal air." Cedric responded, looking excitedly into Cho's eyes.

"That sounds wonderful." Cho marveled.

"You should tell Harry." I said, interrupting Cedric and Cho's romantic moment, which caused both of them to look at me in shock. "Cedric, Harry told you about the first task, and this morning I overheard him saying that he hadn't figured the egg out yet. It would only be the right thing to do, give him at least some advantage."

Cedric's face formed a small smile, and he started nodding. "That's a great idea Evelyn!" He exclaimed, and I beamed. I guess everything was okay with us again.


"Miss Owen! Miss Owen! Miss Owen! Please wait up!" Rita Skeeter called to me as I was walking through the hallway. Cedric had just left me to see Cho, and the hallway was completely bare. There was no one to get me out of this one.

"What?" I said, annoyed, as I spun back around to face the pig of a woman.

"Well," Rita began, out of breath from running to catch up to me, "I was hoping to interview you for this weeks column."

"Why?" I said, tapping my foot impatiently.

"You are the first Hogwarts' student to be pregnant while in school for the last couple of decades, and that is a whole lot of juicy drama. Drama that my readers would want to hear about. Besides, parents want to know what is happening at their kid's school, and you provide just that." Rita said excitedly.

"Why would I want to do that, what is my benefit?" I questioned, starting to get angry.

"Well," She began, "you would have the chance to clear up some of the rumors I heard about you on the way here. There are some nasty ones after all, and then you don't have to make any more pregnancy announcements. Everyone would already know."

I was about to turn her down and walk away, but something stopped me. She isn't wrong, it could clear up a lot of rumors. I could say that I will not be announcing the Father, and I could specifically say who it is not. I could defend Cedric.

But how do I get her to write what I want? She has had a history of telling lies before, and her writing one that would create more rumors.

What if I negotiated with her and got her to take my exact statement instead of some phony one? That would definitely work.

"I will do your article," I began, causing the reporter to squeal in excitement, "but on my conditions." Rita nodded, and I began my requirements. "First off, I want you to write down what I say exactly. No magic quill or lies, just what comes out of my mouth."

"Second of all," I continued, "I will not tell you who the Father is, and you can't include your speculations in the article. Please respect my privacy and the Father's privacy. Lastly, paint Cedric and I in a positive light. So no hurtful lies or rumors, understand?"

She nodded her head and said, "So when do we begin?"

"At least the whole column isn't all about you. Half of it is about the Gamekeeper Hagrid." Cedric said to me one morning at breakfast, looking at the article Rita Skeeter interviewed me for.

"How bad is it?" I asked, doubt and reluctance in my voice.

"I still don't know why you agreed to talk to her, you know what she's done before."

"Just read me the damn article already." I said angrily.

"Okay, if you wish." Cedric said, unfazed by my reaction. He proceeded to make a big ordeal of clearing his throat before he began reading. "Evelyn Owen is the first teen to be pregnant at Hogwarts for decades, and I know a lot of parents have questions about how this happened. I, Rita Skeeter, have sat down with the teen to provide an insight for readers everywhere on the situation."

"Where does it talk about the Father?" I injected, bitting why lip and praying that the woman held true on her promise.

Cedric shot me an amused look before continuing. "Evelyn herself told me that she would not be disclaiming the Father of her children, that it was a private matter. She did though tell me that the Father was not Cedric Diggory, her best friend and rumored love interest. I don't know about you readers, but do you believe her? Write me your opinions and we'll discuss it in a future article. As always - Rita Skeeter"

"That bitch!" I exclaimed louder than I probably should've, earning me several stares from fellow classmates. "I just did the interview so I could tell her not to write about any speculations about the Dad! But she tricked me! When she told me she wasn't going to write about it in this article, she meant that she was going to write about it in a future one!" I put my face in my hands. "How could I be this stupid!" I mumbled. "I should've never trusted her! I was just so fead up with all of the rumors!"

"Hey, Evelyn." Cedric began, putting his hand on my upper back. "You had a moment of weakness. You were tired of the rumors and tried to stop them, that's perfectly normal. Now you know that you shouldn't trust people like her ever again."

I looked up at Cedric, a small smile on my face. "You're right." I whispered.

Cedric laughed, "Of course I am! Just make sure you listen to me next time, okay?" I nodded. "And when the next article comes out we'll be ready, always remember that."

"Okay." I said, now beaming. "We can handle anything."

"Damn right, now get back to eating. I don't have all day." Cedric stated, mouth full of food. I laughed, she had nothing on me.