Carrying His Baby

Chapter 14

"Evelyn Owen." Professor Flitwick called from the front of the classroom, looking at an owl that was just delivered to him.

I shot up in my seat, eyes growing with fear. "Yes Professor."

"It seems," Flitwick began with a frown, "you've been called to the Headmaster's office."

"Wh…What." I sputtered out, feeling the stares of my classmates all focused on me.

"He expects you there now Miss Owen, so hurry along." Flitwick said, starting to get annoyed.

"Yes sir." I mumbled, grabbing my stuff and hurrying out of the classroom. I could hear the faint 'Ooos.' from my classmates as I rushed down the hall, my face turning red from embarrassment. Luckily the Headmaster's office was not far from the Charms classroom, and I was past the gargoyle, standing in front of the door way in no time.

Never in my life had I been to his office, and up until now I had no plans to. But here I was, about to walk in door and very nervous. I still entered it though, and when I did I let out a gasp. It was sure one of the most interesting rooms I have ever seen. From the trinkets flying around to the glass bottles covering the wall to the Phoenix in the corner, the room was magical.

I heard a soft chuckle from the back of the room, and turned to see the Headmaster at his desk with a smile on his face. He was obviously amused at my reaction to his office, and I quickly became embarrassed. "Miss Owen." He said with a smile.

"Headmaster." I addressed back, trying to sound more confident then I felt.

"Why don't you sit down." He suggested, gesturing to a chair in front of his desk. I nodded and rushed to take a seat, not wanting to disappoint him. When I finally sat down I couldn't help but notice the empty chair beside me, and I was about to ask about it when Dumbledore beat me to the chase. Though this time it was directed at someone behind me. "That means you too Severus."

I spun around in shock, not believing my ears, as the Potions Professor emerged from the shadows and sat down beside me. "Se…Professor Snape." I said with a squeak, correcting myself.

"Miss Owen." He said, not even bothering to glance at me before continuing to speak. "What are we doing here Albus?" Severus questioned angrily.

He obviously was mad at me, and deep down I couldn't stand it. I wanted him to like me. But, I wasn't going to let it show. I instead just focused on Dumbledore as he responded to Severus' question. "We are all hear to discuss Miss Owen's situation." He said as he gestured to my stomach.

I looked at the Headmaster in shock, placing my hand protectively on my bump as Severus responded. "But what does Miss Owen's pregnancy have to with me."

Dumbledore and I both looked at him in shock."You know exactly what it has to do with you Severus." The Headmaster said.

Now it was Severus and I's turn to be surprised, how did he know? Dumbledore proceeded to chuckle at our reaction, taking a moment before he continued speaking. "I am the Headmaster of this school, and I know of practically everything that goes on here. Especially when it comes to my staff."

When I finally cut in I could barely speak. "How… What… Are you okay with it… us?"

"At first I was shocked, but then I realized how good of a couple you two would make." Dumbledore paused for a minute before continuing. "I knew that you were lying when you told me that you weren't being abused that day in the hospital wing. But I was glad when Severus stepped in, even when it was just for detention. I knew from the beginning how similar you too were, especially when it comes to how you grew up. Though your pregnancy took me by surprise, I was more surprised when I heard Severus wanted nothing to do with it." He finishes with a glare at the Potions Professor, and Severus looked guilty at his feet.

Dumbledore continued, this time his full attention on man beside me. "I get it that it might be hard for you to fall in love again, especially after Lily."

I cut in, "Who's Lily?" I asked.

Dumbledore turned to me and said, "I'll explain in a minute." Before turning back to Severus. "But Severus, you need to give Miss Owen here a chance. She wants to be with you, I can see it in her eyes. She is also carrying your children, and I know you have you grieves with them and how you worry they won't like you. But I can promise you yours will."

Severus looked like he was going to say something, but Dumbledore cut him off before he could. "Now don't tell me you can't take care of them because you never had a good Father, because you and I both know that is just an excuse. Miss Owen's Mom passed away when she was young, and you don't see her complaining. All of us in here know it, you're going to be a wonderful Dad. So suck it up and take responsibility for your mistakes!" The Headmaster practically yelled.

I looked back over at Severus to see a tear drip out of his eye, and I immediately got upset. Severus was never emotional, everyone knew that. But here he is, silently crying. "It's just… Lily. She… she would be ashamed." He breathed out.

I looked at Dumbledore with confusion in my eyes, still wondering who this Lily was. He finally decided to give me an answer. "Lily Evans was a Muggle-Born girl who grew up near Severus. In the beginning he helped her come to terms with her magic and she his abuse. But when they got into Hogwarts they were sorted into different houses, Lily in Gryffindor and Severus in Slytherin. As the years passed they both drifted apart and into different crowds, and that was when Severus met people that would later encourage him to follow Voldemort, as I'm sure you know." I nodded my head, hanging on to his every word. "That was also when Severus started making some bad choices, like calling…"

Dumbledore was cut off by the Potions Professor, who's head didn't come out of his hands. "I called her a mudblood. I was being bullied and teased by some idiots from her house, and she tried to defend me. But I didn't want her help, and I stupidly told her to go away by calling her a foul name."

"Severus." I whispered. A mix of sadness, sorrow, and disappointment in my voice.

Severus shot up out of his seat, turning so his back faced the Headmaster and I before continuing. "The worst part was I never told her I was sorry. She never spoke to me after that day, and at the time I didn't care. Hogwarts came and went, I became a Death Eater and she a resistance fighter. I continued to be alone, and she married James Potter, my bully and Harry's Dad. Then, years later, Voldemort broke my promise and killed them." I gasped and stood up, walking behind Severus and putting my hand on his shoulder. He did not shake it away. "She died thinking I hated her, but… but instead I loved her. I still love her." He turned back around to face me, sobs starting to wrack his body as he pulled me into a hug.

I was surprised that he would show this much affection in front of the Headmaster. But, I didn't care. I held him tight anyway, whispering soothing words as tears dripped out of my eyes.

Severus, through his tears, began speaking. I pulled slightly out of the hug, just so I could se his face while he spoke. "I always try to make it right though, in everything I do. That was why, when I found out she died, I went to Albus. I felt a lot of guilt and shame, and he helped me do something about it. I became a spy for the Order of the Phoenix, because I wanted to carry out her mission. But, deep down, I know she'd never forgive me for all of the people I hurt, and then for getting you pregnant. I didn't mean to Evelyn, I truly didn't. You had so much you could do with your life, and I… I took that away." He barely finished though the tears, and I pulled him back into a tight hug.

"Severus, Severus, Severus." I began, still crying. "You didn't take anything away from me. I am still the same person I was at the first of the year. The only thing you did was add purpose to my life. Before I had a hard time with love and believing it existed, but I feel so much love for these children. More then I can describe. Even though pregnancy can be hard, I mean morning sickness sucks, and the soreness can be a pain in the ass. But despite everything else, it is the most beautiful experience I have ever been through. And…" I paused, letting my words sink in.

Still in a bone crushing hug I continued, "And even though I never met Lily, and never will, I know one thing. If she is like you describe, then I know that she would be so proud of you Severus." He proceeded to cry harder into my shoulder, and I just kept talking. "You have dedicated your whole life to giving her justice, so much so that you are risking it every day for her. So, I don't care what you say, I know in my heart that she would be proud."

We stood, hugging, for a couple more minutes, before Severus finally pulled away to look me in the eyes. "I'll do it." He said, and I gave him a confused look. "I'll be apart of our children's lives."

"Oh Severus." I said excitedly.

"I can't promise that I'll be a very good Dad, or that I'll be as attentive as we both want. But I promise you, and the children," he said as he put his hand on my bump, "that I'll be better than our Dads ever were."

He paused for a moment, taking a deep breath before continuing. "I also can't promise you a relationship, especially since I don't have much experience in that department. But I will also promise to at least give it a try, as long as we take it very slow."

"They, I, would love that." I said, tears of happiness starting to come as we hugged one more time.