Carrying His Baby

Chapter 4

After that fateful Detention about a week ago it seemed that my life's excitement decreased, and of course I was not speaking a word about what Professor Snape told me. To be honest, I don't even really know what he told me. Did he mean that he was abused, and in what way? I highly doubt he knows how I am abused, but maybe he does. There was also the question of why did he tell me? What made me so special that he decided to tell me his secret? I don't know.

I tried to ask him though. Every night that I go to detention I bring it up, and every time he silences me with the threat of extending my detentions. I am just left with more questions. Classes haven't been that different either. Snape reveling his secret seemed to make him act no different to me during school hours, if anything it seemed to make him hate me more. Every little mistake I made in class was a reason to ridicule me in front of my peers. I was more of a target now than the Weasley Twins, which was saying something.

He did though partner me up with Cedric for the year, and since he is the only peer of mine that has willingly talked to me in a long time, I was pretty happy about it. It was a couple days after we were assigned together that Cedric first suggested that we work on our potions project outside of class. That came as a shock to me, and I was really was unsure that he actually wanted to do it until sure enough we met for lunch that Saturday afternoon. We worked on the project some, but the hours spent together were mostly us talking. Cedric talked about his family and I talked about my brother. It was the first time I laughed in I don't know how long, and I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it.

We were actually heading back from lunch when we saw almost half the school crowded around a poster outside the Great Hall. We both looked at one another with concern and started rushing over. We were half way there when Ernie Macmillan stoped us. "Cedric!" He exclaimed in between exhausted breaths.

"What!?" Cedric replied with concern.

"The Triwizard Tournament!" Ernie said with a goofy grin on his face, "The sign up date and when the other schools are coming has been announced!"

Cedric laughed, "I'll be there in a moment Ernie."

Ernie nodded and ran off, leaving Cedric and I standing there awkwardly. "The Tournament huh." I said with a smile on my face.

"I guess, the rest of my House really want me to enter." He said, not meeting my eyes.

I turned to him, and purposely caught his eyes with mine. "What do you want?" I asked.

"Honestly, I don't know." Cedric mumbled, turning away again.

I also turned away, so both of us are once again looking at the swarms of people fighting to catch a glimpse of the poster. "You don't always have to know." I said softly, and I swear I saw him let out a small smile from the corner of my eye.


Sure enough about a week later almost the entire school stood outside waiting for Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. I stood next to Cedric in the crisp fall air.

Beauxbatons came in a whirl of blue and frills. All of those girls came out of their flying carriage with thin silk dresses and already drawing stares from Hogwart's male population. Cedric was no exception. When I looked over he was already head over heals for a brunette. I elbowed him hard in the elbow, and he turned and looked at me with questioning eyes. I made a gesture to the Chang girl from Ravenclaw who was staring at him from across the Court. She hadn't stopped looking at him since we had got here. He blushed and it seemed like the brunette was forgotten. I smiled, I had never played match maker before, but granted I had never had any friends before either.

After the girls had gotten out of their carriage the headmistress stepped out. She is a bigger, richly dressed, woman who is as tall as Hagrid. Hagrid seemed to notice it too, I saw him blush when she went over to him to give instructions on how to care for the flying horses. That made me smile, and when I looked up at Cedric to see if he saw it I smiled even more. It seemed as though Cedric had never left Cho Chang's eyes. They didn't even look away as Dumstrang's ship emerged from the sea.

I saw it though. Once the Beauxbaton's carriage had flew away, Dumstrang's ship seemed to just come from the sea. It was even more amazing than the Beauxbaton's arrival. The men got of the ship is an elaborate, marching style. The Dumstrang boys seemed to have the same effect of the female population of the school as Beauxbaton did of the males. The females were giggling and ogling at the muscular men walking into the school. I was not one.

As I observed my classmates, Cedric seemed to have looked away from Cho long enough to observe something else. He elbowed me and when I looked over at him he gestured over by the entrance of the Dumstrang ship. I glanced over and saw something that twisted my stomach into knots. This creepy looking, old, dark haired wizard had walked out of the ship behind the students, I assume he was the Headmaster. But that was not what made my heart sink. My heart sunk because of the fact that I seemed to have caught his eye.

It was almost as if he saw me the second he got off the boat, and when I looked over and he met my eye it seemed he wouldn't let it go. He licked his lips, looked me over, and sent me a wink. My face grew red and I looked down at my feet, and when I looked back up he was still staring at me. I felt a weird since of flattery mixed with a deep sense of disgust. A feeling I have felt all too well thanks to my Father.

Cedric seemed to notice my pain because without even looking at me he grabbed my hand and escorted me back into the school. I turned around one last time to see the disgusting man again and when I did I caught the look of Professor Snape from the corner of my eye. A look of jealousy.