Not The Only Werewolf

Chapter 3

Chapter 2

My breathing quickened, and I sat down hard on my bed, hands shaking. This was everything I wanted. Ever since I'd found out wizards existed, I'd been desperate to be one. To be able to do such… such beautiful things, such amazing things. It looked so fun. But now the letter had come. And I was faced with a harsh reality. If I went to Hogwarts, where would I go every full moon? I knew that they knew what I was. I'd been a regular with Madam Pomfrey since it started. I was lucky that my brother was four years older than me. I was eight when I was bitten, and he was twelve, so he was already at Hogwarts. He discreetly let Madam Pomfrey know what was going on, and she welcomed me in immediately. But even if she could look after me, wouldn't I be a danger to the other students? What was I meant to do?

Just as my panic attack started to subside, there was a large thump at the window. I yelped in shock, and looked over to see an owl. It was hovering just above my windowsill. I pushed my window open and it flew in, seating itself on the corner of my desk. I noticed it had a letter tied to its foot, so I gently removed it. As soon as it was off, the owl flapped away. I snapped the seal in two, and began to read.

Dear Amaris Cana,

As we are aware of you condition, there have been special arrangements made for you on the night of the full moon. We have one other student with an affliction such as yours joining your year too. On the nights of the full moon, you will both be escorted to an entrance hidden by a Whomping Willow. We have had it planted on the grounds this year to specifically protect the two of you. You will be excused from classes the day before the full moon if you wish to be, and you will have as much time as you need after the full moon to recover. We look forward to having you this year.

Yours sincerely

Minerva McGonagall

My mind was racing. There was another werewolf going to Hogwarts? What was their name? Would they be in the same house as me? I'd never met another werewolf before. Would they like me? Would we be friends? I lay back on my bed, hugged the letter close to my chest and closed my eyes. It was a full moon tomorrow, and I was already feeling the pull. Within minutes, I was asleep.