Ronald Weasley the boy who lived

Chapter 1

Albus Dumbledore and Tom Riddle were huddled around in Dumbledore's office, watching Professor Trelawney's prophesy with great confusion.

"What in Merlins beard is this!" Dumbledore said shell shocked with his mouth agape.

"Hold on Albus, I thought you said this prophesy involved a Harry Potter, not one of the blood traiting, muggle-loving Weasley's! Voldemort shouted while still scratching his head a little.

"Calm down Tom my boy, I'm a little puzzled myself." Dumbledore huffed, his eyes twinkling madly.

"Now what do I do, you've been saying for a year now that I was to go to Godric's hollow next month or so and Kill a Lily Potter who would sacrifice herself for Harry Potter, thus destroying me completely for 10 years!" Tom barked at Dumbledore.

"Not to worry Tom my boy, although this is a pain in the ass, the plan does not change." Dumbledore said as he looked at Tom's expression which encouraged him to go on.

"Although I respect and am quite close to the Weasely's Mother Molly, you will have to kill her, as she will no doubt sacrifice herself for Ronald." Dumbledore said sadly.

"However there are several problems." Dumbledore began.

"First of all Molly has several kids living with her at home, and she just had another kid last month in Ginerva Weasely." Dumbledore said as he paused.

"That is a little my fault, I told her and Arthur to make a girl Weasley, one that would marry Harry Potter, because you know then plan was to eliminate both James and Lily." Dumbledore said as he addressed Riddle's confused face with a full teeth grin.

"Why were you trying to have Harry marry a Weasley girl?" Tom questioned skeptically.

"You know she's a Weasley so she was born with red hair, just Like Lily Potter, meaning we will have another version of Lily and James!" Dumbledore chuckled, ignoring Tom's vomit expression.

"You're a sick bastard!" Tom hissed at Dumbledore.

"Accepted." Dumbledore said simply with a shrug.

"Any way back to the problems Molly has besides Ronald 6 other children living with her."

"So?" Tom said bored.

"You see Tom the original plan after you murdered the Potters I was going to move Harry to his Muggle relatives, I was going to tell everyone who dared question me, that living with his muggle relatives is the safest place for him because of the so-called "wards". Dumbledore said as they shared a hearty chuckle at this.

"How ever I have no idea where to move Ronald and his other siblings after you murder his parents." Dumbledore said as he looked down sadly.

"I don't have to kill his dad do I?" Tom suggested but quickly backed down as he saw Dumbledore's murderous expression on his centuries old face.

"Well you can take them all to the wizard orphanage." Tom said as Dumbledore perked up.

"You're genius Tom, that's it, that is what I will do I tell you what!" Dumbledore said excitedly.

"Well is the session adjourned now!" Tom said now annoyed.

"Yes Tom I still have to talk to a few people, so you can kill the Weasley parents and obliterate yourself in about a month from now." Dumbledore said pleasantly.

"Later Albus I'm going to create a couple more horcruxes." Tom said cheerfully.

"Ah ha, Smart man you are!" Dumbledore chuckled giving Tom a friendly pat on the back as he appeared away.

34 days 12 hours 18 minutes later:

It was October 31st and Tom Riddle had arrived at the Burrow to take out the Weasley parents and himself. Tom was not nervous as he had Dumbledore assisting him under an invisibility charm in case something went terribly wrong.

"Alright Tom

"I'm ready Albus." Tom said calmly as he blasted the homes front door off.

Tom was delighted to already see the Weasely father Arthur there responding to the chaos.

What in the hell is going on h.." Weasley was saying before he was hit with 2 flashes of green light, from Dumbledores, and Tom's wand.

"Good thing he's gone already." Tom whispered as Arthur collapsed in a pile at the end of the stair case.

"Tom I'm going to stun all the older children while you go upstairs that is where Ronald is in his crib." Dumbledore ordered as Tom nodded and went upstairs.

As Dumbledore was stunning the children, who were already sleeping, he saw Molly Weasely holding her dead husband, crying bloody murder.

Dumbledore had to get Molly upstairs, so his lying instinct kicked in.

"Molly Molly, I'm responding to uh.. Arthur's uh.. distress signal!" Dumbledore said scratching his head uncomfortable about how bad his lie sounded.

"He's dead Albus, my Arthur is dead!" Molly cried.

"Oh no I am so sorry!" Dumbledore said as he tried to sound shocked and sincere.

"Molly I am afraid who ever did this is trying to kill Ronald upstairs." Dumbledore said rather aggressively basically directing Molly upstairs himself.

"Not my Ronald too!", Molly screamed racing up the stairs to Ronald's crib, as Dumbledore snickered at Molly's jack assary.

"Kind woman, but I would never trust her in anything besides cooking." Dumbledore thought to himself.

Tom Riddle was waiting outside of Ronald's room, waiting for the mother to come, so he could get this mission taken care of, after a while of waiting, he finally heard the screaming Weasley mother coming in to the room."

Tom hid in a nearby storage closet by the room as she entered.

"Ronald, you ok baby, mama's here!" Molly cried awakening Ronald and he began wailing.

Tom closed the door so he could either kick it down with his foot or blast it down with his wand, for a dramatic and terrifying entrance. As he was deciding which to do he was grabbed by Dumbledore.

"Tom let's do a fake battle, one where it would appear where you won, to make it look like I tried to stop you." Dumbledore suggested.

"What's it matter she is going to be dead anyway, you know what let's do it." Tom said boredly as the two began a cringful fake battle. Both began exploding objects, dishes, and furniture to imitate a real battle's destruction. Tom put his wand away and said Avada Kedavra, Dumbledore pretended to get hit and fell over trying to make as much noise as possible while doing it.

Alas after the painfully stupid fake battle Tom Riddle kicked down the door into Ronald's room.

"Step aside woman I'm here to kill the boy!" Tom hissed.

"NO LEAVE MY RONNIKINS ALONE!" Molly screeched at the top of her lungs.

"I said step aside woman!" Tom once agin said with more annoyance than conviction.


Tom than raised his wand and killed Molly Weasley. He then approached Ron and raised his wand again, he closed his eyes and readied himself for what was to come after this.

"Avada Kedavra!" Tom screamed as expected the curse bounced back Turning Tom Riddle into a pile of nothing.

Dumbledore who was still playing dead on the floor, heard Voldemort destroy himself, so he went to inspect Ron Weasley the boy who lived.

"Alright let's see the scar!' Dumbledore said as he examined Ronald's forehead.

"Oh Dear me!" Dumbledore said as he examined Ronald's forehead.

Dumbledore was expecting a lightning bolt scar, instead Ronald had a testicle shaped scar on his temple.

"Oh Ronald is going to have a rough life." Dumbledore noted sadly.