Broken Crown


You set the scene.

She was sprawled on the floor, scarlet blood dripping down her forehead onto her bruised chin, her eyes dry and her skin rough; her breath came in short, shallow breaths that barely supplied her body with enough air; her elbow screamed in pain every time she moved.

She tried with all her soul not to look at the body slumped on her left.

No, no, the book was gone, she would die if the book was lost, and she gripped her hands and grappled on the floor, pretending she hadn't accidentally brushed the shoulder of a body, the body- but her heart was screaming and her brain was struggling, what alternatives do I have, and she opened her mental floodgates of guilt and fear and horror and prepared herself-

She saw it, then, the maroon, hard cover of an A5 sized book with the title pressed in gold along the stitched spine, its yellowed pages aligned to perfection. But a hand was wrapped around it, not lifeless like hers or the man's to her left but white as porcelain and alive, angry, livid-

She looked at his eyes, dark and empty and calculating, and he looked back, his face as devoid of emotion as his heart; he watched her and she watched him as they were enveloped in the silence, on the last compartment of the train, windows wearing sharp edges of glass, doors hanging off their hinges- his jaw clenched as he approached her.

She stopped breathing.

His leather shoes, deep, rich black, polished and varnished, stepped on the rubble and shoved away the leg of a body in his path-

He placed a kiss on her forehead, light and delicate and barely there, and his lips came away drenched in her blood, the crimson in alarming contrast with his pale skin.

He walked away as she desperately tried to push the words past her burning throat.

You set the scene.

AN: What's! Up! Bitches! It's me. I'm old as fuck now, and I don't write as often because uni and existential depression are taking up my time, but every now and then I get a minute or five to myself. I've been writing this on-and-off since... 2014? Wow. I felt like it's about time to start kicking some of it out of my folders before another laptop of mine breaks down and deletes everything (which happens often). Anyways, this one's a bit weird. It started off weird, and kinda got weirder. Now, before you go ahead, here's a few warnings- there's a lot of swearing, violence, and mention of narcotics, and maybe lemons? Lemons? Does anyone still say that? I don't know. But so far, this is one of my more intense pieces. If any of these things don't strike your fancy, here's your warning! If you're cool, I'm cool.

Anyway! Hope you've enjoyed these few hundred words, cause you got a few thousand more coming your way. At some point. Ha.