War and Relationships

The Beginning of Everything

So this is my second story which honestly came out of no where. I am extremely excited about it since it's nothing I ever considered in writing and takes place in Marauder-era. I will probably take longer to update this one than Trials of a Brave Heart since I'm throwing around a few ideas but am very dedicated and will keep readers updated about where I'm at. I also know this first chapter is short but it separates things nicely and I wanted to keep it like this. I also have some chapters already lined up so I will be updating on at least a weekly basis until further notice.

Also just a breakdown of the timeline. This chapter gives an introduction based when James and Adeline are quite young. The next chapter however jumps to when they are in fifth and fourth years respectively and then it will jump again to their seventh and sixth. From then it will progress on its own. I will however spend a fair amount of time explaining the events as they play out following this beginning chapter. Just thought it would be helpful to let readers know!


Euphemia Potter stood looking out the kitchen window which looked out onto the sprawling yard of Potter Manor. She watched as her son gave flying lessons to her daughter, who was only a year younger than him.

"At it again are they?" Fleamont Potter asked as he came into the room and went to join his wife by the window. "That's every day so far since they've been home."

"Yes, well with James having made the team, Adeline is pretty keen to make it this year," Euphemia replied as she kept her gaze on the two children.

"Addie sure doesn't like to let James do anything to one up her," Fleamont chuckled as he went over to make tea for him and his wife.

"Sometimes I worry James will lead her into trouble though," Euphemia said with pursed lips.

Fleamont chucked again. "Darling, Addie is much too good for that."

Euphemia smiled in response and turned to face husband.

"That or she's just smarter than James and gets away with it," she countered. "We get a letter nearly every week from the school outlining James' antics, but we are yet to receive one about Adeline. And they are much too close for me to believe she's not just as mischievous."

Fleamont came over and gave a cup to his wife who then went to sit down at the dining table. It was still early enough in the morning that the sun was only just peeking over the tree line. The children had woken up hours before and eaten a quick breakfast before heading outside where they had been for the past two hours. Euphemia had heard the children wake and got up herself soon after, but by the time she arrived downstairs, the house-elf had already helped the children pour their cereal and clean up after them as they ran out the door. Her husband instead had had a lie in since it was a day off for both of them from the ministry.

The couple was then interrupted by a tapping at the window as Euphemia turned to see their owl Artemis with the post. Fleamont had already stood to collect the three envelopes Artemis held in her mouth before Euphemia could do it herself.

"Ah, this one is from the ministry," Fleamont announced as Euphemia frowned. "It's a summons," he continued which confirmed Euphemia's suspicions.

"It's our day off dear," she sighed as she knew it didn't matter.

"Yes, but there has been another disappearance," he explained as he came over to kiss her forehead before walking out of the room.

Euphemia looked down at the remaining two letters and recognized the Hogwarts seal. She got up and opened the back door which was off of the kitchen.

"James! Adeline! Your marks are in from Hogwarts," their mother exclaimed as the children quickly dismounted from their brooms and rushed towards the house.

"James! Wipe off your boots! You already make enough mess for poor Garrick to clean," Euphemia chastised as she referred to their house-elf.

James obligingly went back to the door and took off his boots without a second thought before re-entering the house. Despite his mischievous nature, James did always obey and respect his parents, much to their liking.

Both of their children were very close with their parents, despite the long hours Euphemia and her husband were used to working at the Auror Office. It had been a difficult sacrifice to make when they had decided to have children, but Euphemia and Fleamont were dedicated to their jobs and in turn spent most of the daytime hours during the work week at the office. It had become much easier when the children started attending Hogwarts, but both parents tried their hardest to show their children just how important they were to them. In turn, both Adeline and James understood the responsibilities of being an Auror and what that meant for their parents. Both were actually quite boastful of their parent's professions as they were inherently proud of what their parents did.

"How did you make out Adeline?" Euphemia asked as her daughter had been the first to open her letter.

"I passed all of my classes! However, I might have done better in History of Magic," she answered as she passed over the letter for Euphemia to read.

"Ah, well Professor Binns actually taught when I was going to school, so I can understand the situation," her mother reasoned.

James then tore his own letter open to reveal similar grades as his sister.

"Well, I guess this calls for celebration that Adeline is able to carry on to third year and James onto your fourth," Euphemia said provokingly.

"There was doubt?" Adeline asked in mock insult.

"Of course not dear," Euphemia reassured. "Why don't we head out and celebrate with a fancy dinner in the city?"

"Will dad be able to come along?" James asked as the children had already guessed their father had been called into work.

It was a common enough occurrence.

"I'm afraid not dear," his mother answered as both of the children's faces fell. "But we can collect Sirius and have him stay the night," she suggested.

The Potter's always took every opportunity to take Sirius out with them or have him stay over. It broke their hearts to see the treatment that boy endured in his own home under his insane, blood supremacist mother. Another, more personal factor was that the Potter's had at some point intended to have more children, but two ended up being the maximum two auror's found possible to handle.

So, from the day James had introduced Sirius Black to their family, Euphemia had grown to love the boy as her own.

That night Euphemia spent the evening at a nice Italian restaurant with her children, which they usually frequented when there was cause for celebration. Sirius had excitedly joined them and brought along an overnight bag in order to stay the night. It was also helpful that since the birth of Adeline, Fleamont had argued that the family should have a muggle car so as to not have to apparate with two small children. The common presence of Sirius made having a car even more practical as it was extremely difficult to side apparate three children.

Fleamont did end up joining the family since the restaurant was close enough to the ministry and Euphemia had sent him an owl with the good news. It ended up being quite the lovely evening as the boys were surprisingly on their best behavior and spent most of it asking Fleamont about details from the odd disappearances that had been happening. It sometimes worried Euphemia of their keen interest in auror affairs, but at the same time she prided herself on her son's aspirations for following in his parents' career paths.

Euphemia also watched her daughter who lit up every time her father spoke, especially due to his gifted ability for being an excellent story-teller. She was sitting in-between Fleamont and James and talked of nothing more than her goal of making the quidditch team this year. In return, James and Sirius both beamed at her as they had both made the team this past year and were helping her to train. Euphemia also thought that playing quidditch in their third year was reason enough for concern, but she was also very proud of her children's efforts which is why she remained silent on the matter.

As they all sat around the table, Euphemia also took time to just enjoy the moment. As cliché as it sounded, even in her own mind, she knew times were changing. These disappearances were nothing to be taken lightly and they had just opened a covert investigation into them. She also knew that her children were getting older by the minute and were growing to be more and more independent. She was fiercely proud of her children, Sirius included, but she wasn't quite prepared for things to change as all three of them seemingly threw themselves towards their futures. Euphemia knew that one day it would have all changed and that made her heart both gleam and ache.