Stoned In Love



Thanks to a prompt from SaintDionysus, I give you my entry to Strictly Dramione's Summer Lovin — Back to Hogwarts, Writing Fest. This is for you, my friend x

Prompt: Awkward Reunion Dramione. They haven't seen each other since the battle and run into each other in a sex shop in Amsterdam, followed by taking in The Netherlands' favourite greenery.

As always, the biggest thanks to my amazing Beta, LaBelladoneX

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~ coyg_81 x

Chapter One



Hermione woke slowly, her head thumping in pain, as she lay half on a pillow and half off the side of the bed. She could feel the drool from her mouth running down her chin and across her cheek. Opening her left eye slowly — the other squashed into her soft pillow — she tried raising her head a little to take in her surroundings. Her mouth felt like the Sahara and every muscle in her body ached. Groaning in pain, she managed to look around the room she was in, not recognising the large four-poster bed she was currently stretched out on, or the decoration.

Fuck! What the hell happened yesterday? Where am I and where are the girls?

Panicking slightly, she pulled herself up, resting on her elbows and took stock of the surroundings. This wasn't the same hotel she, Ginny, and their friends had checked into two days ago. Light from a side lamp next to her showcased the room in a soft, warm glow. Heavy dark gold curtains were pulled across the windows in front of the bed, so thick they blocked out all light, not giving a clue as to the time of day. A seating area and small fireplace were to the right of the windows. And she guessed the two doors to the right of the bed were an en-suite and a walk-in wardrobe. Flopping back down, she stared at the ceiling, trying to get her erratic thoughts under control.

Okay, Hermione, go back to Thursday and start from the beginning.


She, Ginny, Pansy, Katie, and Angelina had arrived in Muggle Amsterdam on Thursday evening for Ginny's hen weekend, and had partied hard. They'd drank, they'd danced, they'd placed euros into strippers' thongs, they'd laughed their heads off smoking Amsterdam's finest greenery in small cafés — taking in all the sights and delights the infamous Red Light District had to offer.

Hermione was sure she must have lost half her liver function over the last two days. She'd never drank so much before, but after the last few shitty months she'd had, she'd been more than willing to let her hair down this weekend. And it seemed she had. The last thing she remembered was Ginny daring the four of them — in their drunken, stoned stupor — to enter the largest sex emporium in The Netherlands and find the tackiest, most outrageous sex toy they could. Later on, she would have to guess which girl bought which toy. If she got it wrong, she'd have to buy that girl a drink.

Upon entering the massive three-storey building, the four ran off in different directions with only an hour before they had to return to Ginny with their chosen toy.

Hermione had walked into the self-love aisle, blushing furiously at the different dildos and vibrators on display. Every size, colour, shape, and texture was available here although she couldn't imagine how anyone would experience pleasure with some of these 'toys'. They looked more like torture devices than anything else.

Not sure Ginny would want a vibrator, Hermione had stepped around the corner, bumping into someone. Looking up, she'd come face to face with the man she thought she'd never see again.


Oh, fuck! Her heart rate sped up. Suddenly she was wide awake sitting up quickly, terrified to look across the bed, scared shitless of what she'd find.

She'd bumped into the last person she'd expected to see — Draco 'Slytherin Prat' Malfoy. She couldn't remember why she'd left with him, or anything else from that point on. Rubbing her knuckles into her eyes, Hermione took some deep steadying breaths, trying to get her frenzied thoughts under control, willing her brain to focus and remember.

Turning her head to the left, she let out a little squeak of surprise at the blond bastard lying there facing her, his bed head locks going in all directions and falling across his bright grey eyes, a playful smirk spreading across his face as he watched her.

"No!" Hermione exclaimed. "Fuck! No, no, no, no, no," she repeated, throwing back the covers and jumping from the bed before realising she had no clothes on. She screamed in shock at her nakedness and quickly dived back under the covers, pulling them up under her arms and turning furiously to the wanker next to her.

"Malfoy! What the fuck?"