The Viperoths

Part One - Diagon Alley

Year One: Part One - Diagon Alley

The boy was short with black hair that seemed to go in every direction and his robes dangled just above the ground as he walked beside his father and mother quietly through Diagon alley. He did not speak unless spoken to first as was the way of the family. Age ruled all and words spoke secrets that were not allowed to be discussed with anyone but family.

Hunter Viperoth was a difficult child for his family to maintain. He wasn't like the Viperoth's before him especially not his elder brother who he much admired for his talent in the dark arts of wizardry. Hunter's brother had made it a game to hunt down death eaters for fun right alongside his father Chance Viperoth and he too was quite good at it. In fact, there wasn't a viperoth who wasn't quite good at things but then there was Hunter. He wasn't quite good at anything he was more mediocre at all things even if he knew some magic that not even 7th years knew at just the age of 11 years. Hunter though was still seen as a weakness to the family because his heart was filled with far too much kindness that it off put the demeanor of his family who were seen very often as cold and not the type of people any wizard would dare to cross.

Hunter though was a kind soul one who seemed willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good of anyone whether he be friend or foe but was also an influenced soul by his family history. He had proven it just a few months before today when he was out in the muggle world with his mother and his elder sister Claudia who was a third year at Hogwarts already. His sister wanted to go shopping for muggle fashion and that is when he was separated from his mother and sister and that is when he did the unthinkable crime. It wasn't a dark day, but it was a dark spot in his young wizarding life. He had noticed a man acting strange towards a girl around his age and noticed he was dragging the poor girl away and out of sight. Hunter was always curious and smart beyond his years of course not as smart as his parents would have liked him to be as there was always someone smarter than him and he was reminded constantly by his parents.

Hunter had followed the girl and man more so out of curiously and he watched the struggle and heard the girl crying out for help and so he did what any good-hearted person would do in such a situation. The boy had taken his wand out and lowly whispered the word to himself a word he knew was dark and painful if said right. The man gripping hold of the young girl had fallen to the ground thrashing in pain and Hunter had quite enjoyed the sight of a muggle thrashing in pain before him. His wand was tucked under his robe, but the boy didn't stop his actions he stood firmly just watching the old muggle squirm as he chanted a few phrases to himself. As quickly as Hunter had enjoyed watching the bad muggle roll around in pain he had been stopped by his older sister and disciplined with one fine smack to his face.

The situation was never spoken of again and the girl he had saved was reunited with her mother while the old muggle who tried to kidnap her was never seen again nor would the ministry of magic ever find out what occurred that day. It was as his mother said "taken care of" as Hunter was a young boy who didn't know better and surely you couldn't blame the boy for being helpful although why he would to a muggle of all people had his mother baffled.

His elder sister who had been walking ahead in Diagon Alley told Hunter he had done the right thing in the situation but used the wrong spell. Claudia was a tall girl of 14 who never smiled at least not in front of her family, but she had willingly shown the smile while away at Hogwarts. Her robes were cluttered in the red and black that of a Gryffindor to her parents' distaste as both belonged to Slytherin in their youth. In fact, Claudia was the only member of the Viperoth family to be placed in a house other then Slytherin. That idea made Hunter quite nervous about what would occur if he wasn't placed in Slytherin and had to be around Gryffindor? He heard his sister had quite a hard time dealing with it. In fact, the girl cried a lot about it and even wanted to seek her revenge on the sorting hat by burning it to dust. Although she had tried her second year to do so and of course the hat was magically protected and instead the girl was knocked unconscious for two weeks and didn't remember what had occurred till three months later.

Claudia eventually just learned to live with it and made the best of her time in the Gryffindor house even making a few friends along the way to her parents' distaste. That's where she had gone now leaving Hunter at the mercy of his parents. His mother and father had gazed upon him in a way that sent a flood of fear through his body. He was very aware that the Viperoth family had been connected to the death eaters for years like the Malfoys but not the same. The Viperoth's were loyal to the core to Tom Riddle or Lord Voldemort. It always confused Hunter how he should refer to the man, but he was pretty sure using the name Tom Riddle was not appropriate even if some whisper the name on occasion.

It was normally this day that many new witches and wizards would get a wand, but Hunter had gotten a wand a long time ago and had studied the dark arts with obsession as was expected of a member of the gifted wizarding family. It was this day that Hunter would have the chance to meet other kids just like him, but he wondered if that was possible meeting kids like himself as his family was always secretive and made it clear he should be careful of the friends he chose. Hunter was so lost in his thoughts that he had bumped directly into a man. When he looked up he eyes the mans shimmering blond hair and recognized him instantly as Draco Malfoy the boy no now the man whose family also was well known for the connection to the death eaters.

Draco eyes shifted over Hunter and he felt the same chill of fear he felt when his father looked upon him, but Draco's stare was softer, kinder and something Hunter wasn't used to. He heard the man's voice firm stating.

"Hunter Viperoth is it?"

Hunter remained silent scared to speak to the man. He was a man responsible for the apprehension of Delphini, the man who worked alongside the Potter's and the filthy Weasley's, he was in fact not true to his core for the right cause, yet he was a man Hunter truly admired. It wasn't easy he could imagine to be Draco Malfoy the son of a death eater and he could imagine it wasn't easy to be Chance Viperoth the son of two death eaters. He heard Draco's voice it almost sounded condescending when he spoke.

"so, Chance Viperoth you haven't gotten locked away in Azkaban yet?"

Draco said it with a hint of tease in his voice looking over his former classmate. Hunter looked to his father who tugged at his long robe sleeve and he very well knew what laid under it the mark of a death eater, the mark of allegiance and the mark of a truly powerful oath taken for a truly powerful man. Draco stood their firm with the best posture Hunter had ever seen there wasn't a slouch in sight. Draco was firm and held such sureness in himself, a sureness Hunter was quite jealous of. Hunter kept staring between his father and Draco as his father cracked a small smile.

"why no, not yet, but I am sure if Potter has his way I will be Draco. You know us Slytherin we must stick together even in old age-"

Draco interrupts him staring down the man, eyeing his expensive robes and glancing the man over again as he glances between Chance and Hunter. Draco talks lowly almost whispering as he stares over his former classmate.

"well I know you regret your actions from then Chance. Times were different we all made mistakes in our young age..."

Hunter stares up feeling his mouth gape as he stares over the infamous Draco Malfoy, the Malfoy, the one who refused to identify Harry Potter, the one who helped put into motion the chain of events that would lead to the fall of the Dark Lord. That very man was standing before him and all Hunter could feel was envy, but it was mixed in loathing and hate. Hunter's emotions were mixed he envied the man, but he should also hate him as he should hate Harry Potter, yet the world now is so warm not like the world explained to him during the time of Voldemort and wizarding wars. Hunter watched his father crack a small smile and shake Draco's hand and mumbles lowly.

"yes, well..."

Chance stares down his son and looks over Draco holding the handshake a bit as he stares the man in the eyes.

"mistakes were made we don't need to live in the past. I see your son is starting his six year now must be proud Draco?"

Draco stares down at Hunter and produces a small grin at the boy causing him to shift behind his mother in fear of the older man. His mother wraps her arm around the boy comforting him as Draco nods his head.

"yes, he has his mother's heart and he is a fine wizard as I am sure Hunter will be."

Hunter stares down Malfoy and Malfoy nods his head to the boy and motions off to his son Scorpius standing off to the side. Draco nods towards his son and ends the conversation quickly.

"please excuse me my son seems a bit lost"

Chance finally releases the handshake and Draco brushes by him but stops whispering into his ear.

"I recommend staying out of trouble..."

Draco places his hand on Chance's shoulder and stares him down for a few seconds as he shifts his gaze to Scorpius in the distance and walks away joining his son. Chance stares after him and his wife comments.

"what did the mud blood lover want now?"

Chance glances to his wife and stares over her expensive robes and jewelry. He eyes her dark black hair and piercing green eyes as she remains firm in her stance awaiting her husband's response. He moves gripping her arm as he states.

"hold that tongue love speaking such words in public could gain us attention we don't need"