Hogwarts Mystery Stories


Welcome to Hogwarts Mystery Stories!

These are stories that focus on the game Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. If you arent playing it, you need to start.

My MC's name is Alana Jordan. She is the older sister to Lee Jordan in my game. In canon it isnt confirmed if he has siblings, but I thought it would be fun for Jacob and my MC to be his siblings. Hopefully Lee appears in the game when Alana becomes a sixth year.

These stories are mainly one shots and will revolve around Alana and her friends. Some stories will strictly be about her. Some will be about her and interactions. And some will be just about her friends and their situations.

As always, J.K. Rowling owns the wonderful world of Harry Potter, and Jam City owns the characters of Hogwarts mystery. I only own Alana, and my imagination.

Hope you like!