Harry Potter: The Serpent King

Story Begins

Hi! So I've been using this fun little website to read some extremely interesting stories! My favorite category so far is Harry Potter. I plan on writing my own FanFictions because I've been gaining so many ideas for my own stories. This is going to be my first FanFic that I've ever written so if it's bad it's all my fault. I'm planning on writing more in the far future so stick around! If you like then please favorite. Also I know that these things don't happen in the Harry Potter universe but this is my tale. I plan for Harry to get a little dark as he finds out how evil and manipulative everyone are. If you don't like that type of story then don't read. But please, give it a shot. -Jello

I do not by any means own Harry Potter or it's extended universe.

Harry Potter: King of Serpents

Chapter 1: Story Begins




It was a marvelous day. The sun was beaming through the baby blue sky. It was on of those days where most children would go frolicking outside to have fun with friends. Sadly, young 10 year old Harry Potter wasn't one of those lucky children. Poor Harry was vacuuming the living room on that lovely day. To Harry, going outside just to bask in the light was a luxury vacation. 'At least I have to remove the weeds today.' Harry thought as he stared out the clear window he just washed.
"Boy!" His stupid uncle yelled as he entered the living room from the outside world. He was purposely stomping harder then necessary to stomp of dirt from his shoes for his 'slave' to clean. "Seeing it's such a lovely day outside; I thought you could enjoy some nice time-"
"-Playing outside?" Harry asked hopeful.
"Nah," Vernon responded. "but you can make our rooms! Think of it as a summer gift or early birthday present!" His stupid uncle starting laughing thinking it was more funny then cruel. "By the way, little Duddykins left a little gift for you in the washroom, so clean that up as well!" Vernon sneered.

Harry slowly made his way up the stairs once he finished cleaning. When he entered his obese cousin's room, he saw that Dudley's bed was a complete and utter mess. Harry started with the once white but now brown sheets. Shoving them into the washing machine with all of Dudley's stinky clothes Harry found all over his room. Next he started working on scrubbing the floor until shiny. Once the sheets completed their washing cycle, Harry put everything back and vacuumed any extra crumbs or dust that was in his room. Next was his uncle's and aunt's room. Normally Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia would never let anyone else (especially Harry) into there room. But as his uncle said 'It was a gift.' It took about an hour to finish cleaning the second room. As Harry started walking out of his uncles/aunts room towards the washroom to fix what he expected to be a cracked toilet or a pipe full of- well, a- you know what I mean. What he didn't expect was to hear someone crying for help.

"Help me! Ssomebody! I can't get out!" The voice cried.
Harry kept on listening for the voice. Harry logically concluded that it was coming from the washroom so it was an obvious prank from his cousin. "Haha. I see what you did Dudley. I'm not falling for it."
Nothing came out from the washroom but voices.
"Come on Dudley! I know it's you! You can't fool me! Now come out you fat pig!"
"Thisss pig you talk about... He trapped me here with some sspiders and lizards." The voice said.
"What do you mean-?" Before Harry could finish, he heard some wailing in the washroom. He rapidly swung open the door. As the door was creaking to a halt, it released a cluster of spiders and two lizards. Harry could already hear his uncle's thundering scream accusing him of bringing these 'pests' into his well-kept house. But the thing that stood out was a snake stuck in the toilet.
"Help! Speaker! I'm sinking!" The snake hissed.
Harry must have been dreaming. 'Snakes can't speak!' He told himself in his head. 'The Dursley's have finally driven me mad!'
"Speaker! This isn't a dream! I shall explain everything if you help. Plea-"

The snake started sinking. It was about to die. Dream or no dream; Harry had to react fast. He quickly jumped towards the toilet and pulled him out cautiously in case it would bite him.
With the soaking snake gagging for air finally in his cold, wet hands, he realized how insane he was. 'I just pulled a drowning snake out of the toilet because it said it would explain why I'm so crazy.' At this, Harry pinched himself then slapped his face. It wasn't a dream.
"You said you would explain. Is this a prank or am I mad." Harry asked the talking serpent.
"This is reality young slytherin. This is all real."
Before Harry could ask anymore questions he was interrupted by a vile scream he identified as Aunt Petunia when she finds a nest of arachnids and reptiles in her perfect suburban household.
"Boy! Come down here this instant!" Yep. He was right. Thundering scream accusing him of releasing this wildlife in his house even though he most likely new and was in on the Dudley washroom prank.
"Lookss like your needed down there Boy." The snake giggled. "I'll be waiting for our little talk."
Harry reluctantly dragged himself downstairs to face the hell that is Petunia and Vernon Dursley. Including the high probability a few beatings from Dudley. but hey! Beggars can't be choosers.

Meanwhile in the headmaster's office...

Dumbledore was fiddling with one of his fancy peacock quills. 'They may be stupid show off animals, but they do make extremely nice quills.' He thought. The reason for Dumbledore's fidgeting was because he recently gained some useful information regarding an escaped snake. It was Deadleyecondra. One of the most dangerous snakes in all of England. The informant told him that the last time it was seen was when a muggle reportedly saw an 'unholy dark creature' in Ashridge Park. Dumbledore reported his most elite Aurors and other trusted wizards/witches to be careful handling it for the less mature Dealeyecondra's venom is much more potent to protect itself in it's young stage. The Deadleyecondra is a very deadly species of snake. Definately in the top 10. The only species stronger are the basilisk, a couple of extinct serpents and other deadly snakes kept in captivity or being carefully monitored. The serpent was supposed to be moved to a secure area where the speceis would harm no one no more.

The Deadleyecondra has an acidic venom that it can spit. It could burn anything it touches, from skin to steel. It was dangerous. If you survived the acid, the actual venom would kill you in 2-3 hours without proper treatment. It's void black scales repel most spells, jinxes, charms and curses. The end of it's tail is like a dagger tipped with it's acid venom. It strikes like a scorpion. Fast and deadly.

Suddenly, the headmasters fire flashed.
"Albus." The fire placed called.
"Alastor." Dumbledore answered. Still not facing the fire. The headmaster asked another question. "Have you found anything else about the snake? The exact location of the serpent perhaps?"
"It still must be close to Ashridge. It can't get far from slithering everywhere." Moody growled.
"Does the minister know about the reptile?"
"Very well then. Have you wiped the memory of the informant? Or did he head into hiding once more."
"He's been obliviated. He's not going to remember giving us the information. We should've put him in prison for everything he did. I mean, he would deser-"
"Pettigrew was revealing the location of James and Lily on my orders. We needed the prophecy to start going before Tom learned too much. The Potters died for the greater good of our kind. They would be happy to die if they knew about our plans." Dumbledore explained without even one slight strain of sadness in his voice.
"You mean your plans." Moody corrected.
"You could say that." Dumbledore said as he turned his chair to face the fire. With on flick of his wrist, the fire extinguished. Dumbledore turned back to his desk and dunked the peacock quill into the jar of ink. The blue and green quill hovered over a piece of parchment. Ink was dripping from the tip. Dumbledore dropped the quill onto the parchment, splatting it's ink over the piece of yellowish paper. Then Dumbledore started writing. Just as Dumbledore finished his last sentence, somebody walked into the large office.
"Quirinus. It's time to put the plan into action. I trust you've already made journey plans?"
"Of course Albus."
"Then perfect. Here, make sure to let him know I want to make a deal." Dumbledore said as he handed the professor the letter he was just writing. "Make sure he chooses you. If he wants somebody stronger, make him choose you. Persuade him."
Quirrell nods, takes the letter and leaves. 'My plans are falling together.' Dumbledore said to himself. 'Just one more year and I win.'
Outside the office, Quirrell was walking towards his office. But before he entered, he took a glance at the note because why not. Quirrell entered the office and placed the note on the desk. He busied himself with packing all of his belongings his the magical suitcase that he didn't notice a certain cat watching through the window, reading the note.

We have the child


This was a short chapter. It's just an intro into my story. By the way, it's pronounced Dead-lie-con-dra for those wondering. To clear things up, no. The snake Harry saves is not the Deadleyecondra. It's just a regular garden snake that Dudley found. Please give me any advice or constructive criticism. I'm not (Or at least I try not to be) one of those people who just take criticism, constructive or not, and just say there wrong. So... To the next chapter I guess!