Harry Potter: The Serpent King

What Is A Name?

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Chapter 2: What Is A Name?

"I'm a what!?" Harry screamed. Harry just came upstairs to talk with the mysterious snake he found. At first he accepted that he could talk to him, but now he's saying that he, Harry can talk to any snake? That he, Harry can cast spells to make people fly or make himself turn into any animal of any species, including magical ones. "I'm not a wizard! Wizards don't exist!" Shouted Harry. "They're just tales or story characters! Not real people!"
"You must trust me Speaker. Think about it, if you're not a wizard then anyone can talk to snakes. But you don't see anyone going around and speaking with my kind." The snake said.
"Well I guess that's true... But I still don't believe you. Maybe I'm just special. Maybe I was taught how to speak snake by my parents and the knowledge is still in my head!"
"Your parents had to be magical as well, or you wouldn't be able to talk to me. Only direct descendants of the slytherin family can speak the language of parseltongue. Have you ever done something odd? Let's say run really fast or jump super high?" The snake told Harry.
"Well... There was one time with Dudley," Harry replied. "but I just thought it was adrenaline or something that got me to the top of the roof."
The snake made a face that Harry guessed was him laughing. He now realized how stupid that sounded. Adrenaline could do amazing things, sure. But allowing you to get to the top of a three floor school roof was not one of them.
"Okay... So I'm magical and part of an ancient family known as the Slytherins? But that doesn't explain how you know about all of this. Were you like their family pet or something?" Harry asked.
"Me? A pet?! Never! I simply know all of this because I am magical as well." The snake cringed.
"So can you make things fly and shoot sparks out of your mouth or something?" Harry eagerly asked. He was excited that he met someone he could talk to. The Dursleys were not an option for nice chit chat friends. But the snake he found was another story. The snake was special. He told Harry he was special too. He now had a friend. He loved a feeling of having a friend. Especially a magical one. The closest thing he had as a friend was someone who tried to talk to him at school. Dudley must have seen the poor kid talking to him because the next day the kid came to school with a black eye and a missing tooth.
"I cannot do magic like you humans can. Each species of magical creature can harness magic in different ways. You humans can harness a magical core that allows you to project your magic out of a stick, while my species of snake can do this..."
The emerald green snake started changing colors. It first turned black, then blue, then yellow, then into a rainbow of colors. "Impressed yet Speaker?" The snake asked. All Harry could do was nod dumbly. Harry stared at the color changing serpent. He was more than impressed. He was amazed.

"What else can you do?" Harry asked his new friend.
"I can also turn invisible." Suddenly, the snake vanished. Harry was scared for a second. Was it all a dream and he was it a reality? But then he remembered what the snake said. The snake was simply invisible. Harry laughed with joy. He loved his new friend.
"I can also change my body temperature and can use my venom to paralyze any creature with the weight of an average human being." Said the snake whilst reappearing.

"Do you have a name?" Harry asked his snake.
"What is a name Speaker?"
"Something people call each other by. My name is Harry. You can call me that instead of Speaker." Harry explained.
"What do you mean, Speaker?"
Harry sighed. "I can't just keep calling you snake forever. Are you a girl or a boy?"
"Female." The snake replied.
Harry was thinking extremely hard. He never had the task of naming something before. Once his uncle bought a hamster on Harry's birthday. Thinking it was a gift for him, Harry immediately went to his room (The cupboards) to think of a name. When he came out, Dudley was already playing with the hamster and had already named him 'Dudley 2.' When Harry tried to reclaim 'his' pet, his uncle started scolding him for trying to take Dudley's hamster. "I'll think of a name later." Harry said breaking out of his list of horrible memories.

"You said something about a stick earlier. What did you mean? What was the 'stick' that you were talking about? Is it a wand? How do I get one? Is there somewhere I can learn how to use my wand?" Harry was getting eager again. He wanted to use magic like his snake friend.
"Calm yourself Speaker. I shall explain everything I know. How old are you and when is your birthday?"
"I'm 10 and my birthday is on the 31st of July. Why?"
"10?! You don't look like any ten year old that I've seen. Must be from all of that abuse. I saw you getting whipped when they thought you brought in all those spiders. If your turning 11 in a week, then you should get your letter to Hogwarts soon!" The snake exclaimed.
"What's Hogwarts?" But by the voice of the snake he could tell it was a place that would help him train his magic abilities and his magical core.
"Hogwarts is a school of witchcraft and wizardry! You'll be able to go to Hogwarts soon and learn how to control your magical abilities!"
"But my uncle and aunt would never let me go to Hogwarts! They already call me a freak! What would happen if they realized that I have to go to a school that trains magical people!" Harry's hope was shot down immediately. There was no way Vernon or Petunia would let him go to this 'freak' school.

"We would first have to go somewhere known as Diagon Alley to get your supplies. Don't worry, I will make sure you accomplish your trip to both the Alley and Hogwarts; even if I have to paralyze your guardians." Harry was amazed by how much his friend cared for him. His new buddy would do anything to get Harry to Hogwarts. "Although I'm pretty sure I won't be able to affect the two fat ones. I do believe the midget elephant won't be as deadly as the purple faced one. We just need to wait for the purple one to be out at this place called 'work,' we the paralyze the skinny one. I carry the antidote for my venom in my fangs in case I bite someone or something by accident. I'll give her the antidote when we get back from shopping and she won't know that we were gone. Simple!" The snake plotted.
"What about Dudley?" Harry asked.
Harry sighed. "The pig."
"Ah yes, the pig. He would definitely tell the purple gorilla about our plan."
"You could scare him with your magic. He gets really scared whenever I do something weird..."
Harry and the snake plotted all night in Harry's tiny bedroom. Soon, at 11:55, their plan was ready. If everything went perfectly then they would get to Diagon Alley on time to get his school supplies. In only one week, thing will change. Big time. At 11:59, Harry fell asleep. At midnight however, that's when the snake slithered away to find his friend...

Backyard of 4 Privet Drive; Midnight

"Did you have any trouble getting here?" The emerald snake asked the other.
"No problem at all. Although I must ask, we didn't we meet at the planned time?" The bigger snake asked.
"A human who closely resembles a pig caught me slithering towards the meeting zone. He was planning to use me as a prank. Unfortunately for the pig, the receiver of the prank happened to be a slytherin." The emerald one said.
"The young slytherin is a sad sight. Starving. Barely getting enough to eat. He's being abused by the big one and punched by the smaller one. He says there his only family he has left. I don't believe it. A slytherin would never marry a muggle or half-blood! Never!"
"Let me guess, you want me to help deal with them so he can come and live with us." The big snake said.
"We can't do that. I can sense the hatred in him. If we just kill the humans, then that would just unleash his anger. He would be consumed by the darker parts of his soul. If he's destined for darkness, then we must let the darkness take over slowly." The emerald snake answered.
"I completely agree, but we have to deal with them. By the way you talk about them, they wouldn't let this Speaker to Hogwarts or even Diagon Alley?"
"Me and the Speaker have already made a plan to get to the Alley. We need you to get some resources." The emerald snake started whispering a list of magical items. "Will you get them?"
"Of course. When will I be able to meet the Speaker. I am excited to bond with him." The big snake said with excitement.
"Soon." The emerald snake answered. "Just get the resources first." The big snake nodded and slithered away. It had a scorpion stinger like tail and big black scales pointing upwards like a porcupine's quills. It's thick hide could probably deflect most curses, jinxes, hexes and charms while it's head had a pair of glowing eyeballs. It slithered back into the forest. Searching for the equipment his future master would need.

Headmaster's Office; Same Time

"Albus!" Moody cried from the fireplace.
"Yes Alastor?" Dumbledore answered.
"We've gotten a report that the Deadleyecondra has moved it's location."
"Where!?" Dumbledore asked suddenly intrigued.
"Some street called Markson Road. It was spotted by some muggle police officer at night."
"Markson? That's close to Privet. Could the snake be trying to get to the Potter boy?" Dumbledore asked. He knew that when Tom attempted to kill Harry Potter, that some of Tom's powers have transferred to the young boy. Dumbledore couldn't be certain but could Tom's parseltongue transfer to Potter? Suddenly he got really scared of the possibility that Harry could control the Deadleyecondra.
"Doubt it. If the snake did know about Potter, which I doubt it does, why would it be specifically after him? It's never actually seen the Potter boy. It wasn't even alive when You Know Who was still a thing. It's only 9!"
Suddenly, the doors to Dumbledore's office swung open. Running down the hall was the shadow of Quirinus Quirrell. "Albus! The Dark Lo-"
Dumbledore shot a silencing charm at Quirrell.
"What was that about? Something about the Dark Lord? Albus! What are you hiding?!" Moody shouted. Glass objects around the room were shaking by Moody's screams.
"Nothing Alastor. It just seems that Professor Quirrell has information about the rare Dark Lotus flower. It's a special breed of plant Sprout's been breeding. The plan is that the petals could be used in some potions once dried." Dumbledore replied as calm as ever. He shot a quick glare at Quirrell but then returned to his and Moody's conversation. "I must go now, Alastor, goodnight."
"Goodnight to you to Albus." And with that the face of Moody disappeared into smoke. Dumbledore reversed the silencing charm and asked Quirrell a simple question.

"What is it Quirinus?"
"I sent him the note. He's heading to the mountains in the west cost of Scotland." Quirrell said in a clear, strong voice.
"Perfect. On your way now Quirinus. You must be back by the start of the year."
"Of course Dumbledore. Do you have the bait?"
"That is my business Quirinus. But yes. I have the Stone," Dumbledore said. "I'll send Hagrid to retrieve it at Gringotts when he goes to get Potter. Best be off now."
"Of course." Quirrell said summoning his suitcase. Then, in a swift step, Quirrell walked out towards Hogsmeade. Dumbledore waited a moment. Then he started talking.
"You can come out now Professor." Dumbledore smirked. He knew Minerva Mcgonagall was listening to his and Quirrell's conversation.
"You won't get away with this you-you monster!" Mcgonagall yelled emerging from her cat form.
"I'm afraid I already have Minerva."
"I'll tell everyone, Pomona first!" Minerva screamed. "She'll help me stop your wicked ways!"
"You must forget that memory charms exist, Minerva." Dumbledore said in his calm yet serious voice.
"Don't you dare you mon-"
"-OBLIVIATE!" He shouted. The shadow of Dumbledore's voice echoed through the halls.

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