Harry Potter: The Serpent King

Welcome To Diagon Alley!

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Chapter 3: Welcome To Diagon Alley!

4 Privet Drive

It was July 30th, 1 day before Harry's birthday. It was time to put the plan into action.

"What is it dear?" Petunia asked. His husband just received a letter inviting him to a business meeting all the way in Liverpool. Why would he go? There was a promise of £2,000 to anyone who participates. Harry and his friend giggled evilly as Vernon went to pack his stuff. The bait worked...


"What is that?" Harry asked. The snake had brought home a bag of weird and particular objects.
"These are the magical items I was talking about. We have a small container of Floo, we have the transfiguerer, and we have the dream dust!" Harry was piratically gleaming with excitement.
"Where'd you get them?" He asked.
"I have a friend."
"What does this do?"
"It's the transfiguerer, it can turn any small, non-magical thing into another small, non-magical thing. In this case, we can turn a piece of paper into an official document!" Harry grinned. It was time...

End Of Flashback

As Harry's uncle drove away to Liverpool for a fake meeting, Harry strategically placed a dung bomb in Dudley's room while he was sleeping. He then proceeded to lock his door with a golden padlock that would only open if you gave it blood. Petunia was still downstairs when she heard an explosion followed by a horrible smell. "What is that!?" Petunia asked herself. She walked upstairs to see Dudley's unconscious body along with a thick greenish-brown mud on the floor.
"BOY! DID YOU DO THIS?!" Petunia screamed. She ran down towards Harry's cupboard. She was expecting to find Harry when she slammed open the cupboard, not an emerald snake. Immediately, the snake lunged at the skinny aunt and paralyzed her. She could still see and hear everything that was happening, but she couldn't talk. "Hiss hiss hiss hiss." She heard. Petunia didn't even have to guess who was talking. She could see with the back of her eye that it was none other than Harry Potter.
"Thank me later. We still have to get the body upstairs." Harry nodded. He started heaving his paralyzed aunt upstairs and into her room. He then closed her eyelids and tugged open her baggy mouth. He then proceeded to dunk a memory potion and a sleeping draught down her throat.

"There," Harry said to his snake. "She won't remember any of this. She'll just think she was sleeping this whole time." Harry was pleased with himself. Not many 10-year-olds could perform such a feat. Vernon was driving his way to a fake meeting, Dudley was unconscious from the dung bomb and would probably stay like that unless a gas mask miraculously appeared on his face, and Petunia, well she's sleeping. Harry walked into the dining room with his snake on his shoulder to see a barn owl sitting on the table.
"You're 7 minutes late." He said to the owl. He then whispered something to his snake.
"Dinner is served, friend," He said in parseltoungue. "Save some for me..."
Harry was smiling maliciously as his snake tore apart the bird. He then started feasting on one of its legs without cooking or heating it at all. The bird's blood was running down his chin. His shirt was stained with blood. He felt good. He was in control. He had the house to himself. Once Harry finished eating, he grabbed the letter and started reading.

Dear Harry Potter

4 Privet Drive,
Cupboard under the stairs.

You have been invited to join Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

You will find everything you need at Diagon Alley. To get there, proceed to the Leaky Cauldron on...

"You're going! You're finally going! The plan worked!" The snake hissed.
Harry was crying at this point. His eyes were strained and red, his fingers were trembling with excitement and his face was covered with tears of joy. "I wish you were here mum and dad..." He whispered out loud. He could swear he heard a response.
"I'm here for you, Harry." It was the first time the snake said his actual name.
Without even thinking on what was going to come out of his mouth, he stifled two words... "Thanks, mum."
"Is that a name?" The snake asked.
"Yes," Harry cried out. "I mean no!" Harry was know blushing deep crimson. Drops of blood were still coming from his mouth. "I mean... If you don't mind... Only for now!"
"I do not mind Speaker." Now Harry was giggling, chocking on his own tears. Soon, both Harry and his 'mum' were laughing out loud. "I will bring some food for our meals. You must rest. We go to Diagon Alley tomorrow on your birthday."
Harry loved his snake. He really treated Harry like a child; in a good way. Caring for him, feeding him, laughing with him. He didn't even feel guilty for calling the reptile his mother. He loved his snake like a son loves their mother. He waved his "mum" goodbye and headed over to the fridge where he took a dozen or so cookies and walked off to watch the television.

Outside: Same Time

"Mum? The kid really is a train wreck." The black snake sneered.
"You should not treat your future master like that! You shouldn't even be out in the day! The neighbor is suspicious. I think she is a witch, or at least a squib." The emerald one said. It was glaring at its friend with rage.
"I can see that you're mad."
"Mad? You don't know how mad. At least you're in the shadows. Lord knows what would happen if that witch/squib saw you!"
"I could see his aura. It's getting overwhelmingly dark for a ten-year-old." The black snake said in a serious tone. he was attempting to change the subject. "Didn't he tear apart that innocent owl with a little too much gusto? He didn't even have a sign of regret on his face."
"I'm not trying to get him to turn dark! We don't need another disgrace to the slytherin line."
"He's not even a slytherin." The black one shot at the smaller snake.
"What do you mean? Only slytherins can speak the language of parseltongue."
"My species was specifically bred by slytherins! I would be able to tell if he's a slytherin or not. Plus, I did some digging and found out that the scar he has was a mark from when he survived the killing curse. His full name is Harry Potter." The big snake let that fact sink in. It was common knowledge that all Potters were sent to Gryffindor. The enemies of slytherin. "When that Mouldywart hit him with the spell, he must have accidentally transferred his parseltoungue ability." The black snake hissed. "Either way, we'll find out if he's a slytherin at Hogwarts. A slytherin would get sorted into slytherin no matter what. An actual Potter on the other hand..."
"I get it! He might be a Potter. We are still obliged to serve him. Even if he's a Potter."
"True, true. There is no going back now. He's already been absorbing our powers. That nasty bird would kill any normal human. But with our snake powers rubbing off on him... Oh yes! I brought the boy some mice. Thought I'd go introduce myself." The black snake said grabbing hold of a plastic bag leaking with blood. It started slithering off towards an open window when the emerald snake blocked him off. With her yellow cat-like eyes, she glared into the other snake.
"Not so fast! We made a deal. You'll meet him tomorrow when we return from the alley. Then he'd already experienced enough magic to except another serpent as a friend."
"Or as a dad!" The black snake joked. The green one was still glaring daggers. "Joking! Just joking. At least give him the mice. I spent all morning collecting a variety and seasoning with some human herbs.

At six o' clock in the morning, Harry dosed his aunt with another sleeping draught and went downstairs into the kitchen to find a whole feast set up for him.
"How did you even set this up, mum?" Harry asked as he took a seat at the very front. "You don't even have arms!"
"Just because I don't have arms doesn't mean I can't set up a meal, Speaker." His mum hissed. "You must try these mice. A friend gave them to me."
Harry immediately started to feast. He was shoving the mice down his 10-year-old throat. His mum started to join in on the feast and started gobbling down a raw chicken leg. After breakfast, Harry put on a hat, sneakers and some sunglasses before leaving the house. He even covered his scar with makeup as his mother advised to. He didn't know why but he obeyed. When he stepped outside, he could immediately feel a blast of humidity and warmth. The sun's rays were beaming across the horizon as it rose up towards the sky. His mum told him to go to Ms. Figg's house and wait behind the bushes. Again, Harry didn't know why but still obeyed his emerald snake. Ms. Figg had an extremely well-kept house that the Dursley's were always jealous about. One of the reasons they even let Harry get baby-sited by Ms. Figg was to make friends with her and hopefully learn about her lawn care tricks and secrets. Harry waited and waited and waited some more until finally, Ms. Figg decided to step out of her house and go do her daily cat food shopping trip.
After 2 more minutes, it was time to go. "Now Speaker! We must move while she's gone!"
Harry walked towards the front window and let his snake slither through. She then unlocked the window allowing Harry to slide on in. Harry snatched a match from inside his pocket and slashed on the fireplace. Red and yellow sparks flew out of the red tipped stick until it finally caught a flame. Harry threw the flaming match into the fireplace along with some paper to fully ignite.
"Why are we even doing this?" Harry asked. "I mean, I trust that you have a plan but why do we need to ignite her fire specifically?"
"You will see" His mother hissed. "Now grab a handful of this Floo powder and heave it into the fire. Then stand into the flames and yell Diagon Alley as clear as possible. Try not to breathe in the smoke."
Harry was scared at first but remembered there must be some kind of magic in the Floo powder. He threw a handful in and stepped inside.
"DIAGON ALLEY!" He yelled with his mother grabbing on to his shoulder. In a second, Harry was swirling and turning around in a green spiral. Then he started to see color. He was in some kind of shop. He walked out of the fireplace to inspect his new surroundings. He saw some grand glass doors and immediately used them to leave the crabby old market. He exited into a cramp alleyway like shopping district of color. Fireworks and stripes filled the blue sky. It was marvelous.
"We're here Speaker! Welcome to Diagon Alley!"

Another chapter finished! Thanks to my friend for proof reading. You can tell that Harry is slowly becoming more and more dark. Calling his snake friend his own mother, killing an innocent post owl and eating raw animals with no regret. (Actually the post owl was late so...) I will give the snake a proper name but for now it's mom. I'm going to stick with shorter chapters because there easy to handle and balance with my school work and friends. I will say this now. Ginny and Hermione aren't options. I have plans for them as characters I'm also still waiting to see if anyone doesn't want there to be romance. So far it's yes for pairings but you guys can change that. Another question. Should I start a new story while writing this? Let me know. Bye guys and girls.