Harry Potter: The Serpent King

Shopping Trip

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Chapter 4: Shopping Trip

"Welcome to Diagon Alley!" His snake said. Diagon Alley was an absolutely stunning place. It had street vendors selling goods, cramped two or three story floors with beautiful display cases. There were fireworks and flares spiraling around the sky. "It's beautiful!" Harry said. It was a sight to be seen.
"We should go. From the rumors I've heard of, it can get really full. Come on. First, we have to get some wizard money. Do you have a vault key?"
"No. What do you mean by vault key?" Harry asked without tearing his eyes off the flashing sky.
"You must have a Gringotts vault key! You need money from your bank account!" His mum screamed. "You're birth parents couldn't have left you with nothing!"
"Can't we get another one?"
"I suppose. If you're willing to prove what family you come from." Harry looked at his mother with confusion. "You must give the goblins blood."
Harry wasn't even surprised by the fact that goblins run the wizardry bank. He wasn't even shocked or scared that he needed to give them blood. DNA is the best way to see what family you're from. Right? 'I wonder how they taste...' A part of him wondered. Harry was shocked that he'd ever think about the taste of a mythical creature. 'But I did eat a whole owl the other day... No! It can't be! How did I even eat it without getting sick?' He thought. 'It was tasty... No! Stop it!' He argued with himself. He could feel multiple stingers piercing into his miserable thoughts. Changing them to happy ones. Corrupting them into how they should feel. 'No.' Harry thought to himself. 'I actually enjoyed killing that owl. I enjoyed eating dead mice, birds, and even dogs! I enjoyed it... I-Yes. You did enjoy it. Don't think about it too much.' By now they were walking towards the bank.

"Mum... Why did I kill that owl?" Harry asked. His face was blank. As he thought more about the owl; he started enjoying the memory. Killing the owl because it was useless. Because it didn't come on time. His 'mother' however, was frowning.
"It seems that you have a rare case of Infectious Corruption Syndrome. I've only heard about it in legends and fairy tales. It is said that only ones who possess a serpents eye can see an aura of darkness. This aura is the infection at work. It is described as 'getting a shot but the fluid in the needle is some kind of venom.'" His mum said. "But you should not worry, Speaker. We will worry later. We must first see if you can get your family vault key."

This was part of the snake's plan. Since her friend told her that the Speaker may be a Potter, she has been finding a way to see if he truly is one. This was a simple and flawless way. Goblins would never get something so important wrong as a family blood-line! 'If the boy is the famous Boy-Who-Lived then it would explain the staring...' She thought.

They approached a large marble building with golden letters spelling 'Gringotts.' As Harry started marching up the white stairs, he saw a strange creature he assumed to be a goblin. The creature opened the large glass doors for Harry, then bowed.
"Remember. Tell them that your original vault key was stolen and you need a new one. Tell them to close the magical properties on the old key." The snake said.
Harry nodded. He then walked up to the large counter. "Do not be afraid of them, Speaker. They can sense your fear. It's best if you show them respect and kindness but you should also be strict and stern at the same time." Once again, Harry nodded. He rung a bell that he guessed would call a goblin. He was right.
"My name is Grimborn. What do you want." The goblin asked. He smiled inwardly as soon as he saw the scar. 'Harry Potter all alone. Too easy.' He thought. The goblin's wrinkly face and white hair scared Harry at first. But soon he gathered himself and spoke. "Hello Grimborn," Harry spoke in a stern yet gentle flowing voice. "I request a new vault key to be made for me. You see, it has come to my attention that it has been stolen."
Grimborn frowned. Harry Potter knew more about magical financing then expected. "Well, then Mr..." Grimborn had to sound like he was being played.
"You may call me your customer for know. I would also like to disable my other key, please."
"Of course my customer. Come this way. I will bring you to a creation chamber where you can make a new key." Grimborn grinned. Surely the Potter boy didn't know how they make the keys.
"Remember, stay calm." His mum said as they were walking through the hallway. There were many doors. Some were offices, some were lounges, some were even kitchens.

"And here we are. The creation chamber! You do know how to create a key? Do you?" Asked Grimborn.
"I know the general concept. I don't, however, know the process. Please explain and instruct me through it." Harry was excited. He was going to own something. Something valuable.
"Very well then, customer, You must first wash your hands in the cauldron." He pointed at a bubbling cauldron with pink smoke peaking out of the top. "Make sure your hands are thoroughly cleansed. That's it. Now dry them off with this special towel."
Harry did as instructed to. He dried his now pink hands on the towel. The towel was rough and scratchy. When he was finished, his hands were no longer pink.
"Now you have to prick your finger on the key mold." Harry pricked his finger. "Now make sure three drops of blood land in the pot." Exactly three drops fell into the copper pot. "Perfect. Now I will combine the metals together..." The goblin started mumbling to himself as he poured in different liquids and ingredients into the copper pot. A metal spoon magically began to stir and combine the liquids.
"Mr. Potter,-"
'So he is a Potter...' The snake thought while inside Harry's shirt.
"-here is your vault key. You now have access to the Potter vault." Grimborn started scratching his teeth together. The boy was smart. Too smart.
"Thank you Grimborn. Thank you for your help in creating this key and disabling the old one. I promise to pay you in the future." At this Grimborn smiled. Maybe this Potter was better than the others.
"Thank you, Mr. Potter. You now have a meeting with Ragnarok about your vault."
Grimborn led Harry to the meeting room and gave him a fluffy seat to sit in. "He will be with you shortly." Harry nodded and waited about 2 minutes before another goblin showed up. This goblin was a little taller and bulkier than the last. Harry guessed it was Ragnarok.

"Hello, Mr. Potter. Grimborn informed me that you just received a new key. My name is Ragnarok and I am here to aid you as I am the vault manager of the Potter family." Ragnarok said. "I have brought your statistics if you wanted to view them." Ragnarok handed Harry a piece of parchment. He read it and heard an angry hiss from his mum.

Potter Family Trust Vault Statistics:

Estimated Worth: 63,492,490 Galleons

Harry gawped at the amount. 'That's only the trust vault.' Harry thought. 'I can't believe there are more vaults.' Harry scanned the list of properties and companies he now owned with wide eyes. But his eyes changed into a mix of fear and anger when he reached the bottom of the page.

Monthly Donations:

Weasley Family-Current Head: William Weasley-700G Donated Every Month

Granger Family- Current Head: Hermione Granger-100G Donated Every Month

Patil Family-Current Head: Alexi Patil-200G Donated Every Month

Johnson Family-Current Head: Laura Johnson-100G Donated Every Month

Longbottom Family-Current Head: Agusta Longbottom-CANCELLED

Dumbledore Family-Current Head: Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore-200G Donated Every Month

Registered By Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore of Dumbledore Family


Harry left Gringotts with money in his bag and a large frown. He was lucky that he could remove the monthly donations. But he was still mad. Whoever this Dumbledore person was. He was accessing his account without Harry's permission and he was donating money to other people Harry never heard of. But Harry started brushing it off. That was the past. Let their asses get kicked into hell for what they did. Harry didn't care. As a first-year Hogwarts student, Harry needed to get a lot of supplies. He picked up a mediocre cauldron plus all the first and some second-year potion ingredients. He went to Flourish and Blotts to buy his textbooks, some wizard novels and even some advanced guides that his mom suggested. "The stronger you can get in the first year, the better." She said.
Harry then went to Madame Malkins and got 6 pairs of robes that change color at your command. He also got some non-magical people clothes just in case.

Harry grabbed some lunch and an ice cream cone for dessert. He then was told to visit the pet store by his mother.
"Choose an owl."
Harry was confused. "To eat!?"
"No. A post owl will be useful in the future. Better to get one now than later."
Harry chose a snowy owl he named Hedwig. He knew that this was also a test of resistance that his mum wanted to try on him. The last stop was at the wand shop Ollivander's.

"Welcome great Harry Potter." A voice said behind him. "Looking for a wand I see..."
Harry and Ollivander sorted through many wands until...
"Ah ha! Let's see if this will work..." He handed Harry a wand. "Holly, 11 inches, nice and supple..." He was mumbling to himself. "Pheonix core..."
By now Harry had picked up the stick. He waved it around like the others expecting it to not work...


"It works! Mr. Ollivander! It works!" Harry called.
"And so it does... Interesting..." Ollivander mumbled.
"What's interesting?" Harry asked.
"Well, you see, this wand is... Let's just say the brother of the one that made that." He said pointing at Harry's scar.

Harry left the wand shop smiling with his new wand. The reason why he was smiling was that he had the brother wand of his parent's killer. He read in one of the advanced books that he bought that brother wands have a tendency to connect with each other. As long as he had this wand, he was immune.
"Speaker. There is one more item I want you to find. Books on serpent magic." She could tell that Harry was confused. "Serpent magic is a type of magic that only ones who speak our language can perform. By learning these spell, you will gain a great advantage in combat. You might be able to find some in Knocturn Alley." His mum said pointing her tail at the entrance to the darker side of the shopping district.

Harry walked towards Knocturn Alley. It was basically Diagon but much less enthusiastic. There were no lights. No fireworks. No joy. Harry walked into one of the multiple shops in the district.
"Welcome to Dark Arts: Crafts & Supplies-Wait! Get out of my shop you little kid. Think you can just browse things then tell your parents?" The shopkeeper then heard a hiss from inside the child's shirt. The kid nodded and started-hissing? Impossible. "I-I'm sorry..." The shopkeeper shuddered. "Welcome to my humble st-store! Anything you find, you can keep!"
Harry knew he was scared. He was scared of his abilities.
"Tell him you'll pay full price for anything you buy. You don't want them to plain out fear you. You want them to fear you with respect."
Harry said nothing. He stared at the pale shopkeeper. Finally, he spoke.
"I'll pay for anything I buy, sir." Harry said.
All the shopkeeper could do was nod and shake. Harry searched the shelves for anything of interest. He found books on dark magic that he placed in his bag. He found some rare and dangerous potion recipes with their ingredients. He also bought that. Finally, he found 2 books that he asked the shopkeeper about.
"The-these are just bo-books w-written by some lunatics. They just have squiggles instead of actual words."
Bingo. Harry found the books he was looking for. Books that only a parselmouth could understand. Harry paid a total of 32 galleons, 3 sickles, and 1 knut. Harry told the shopkeeper to swear to the gods that he would not reveal anything about this day, he even paid him 10 extra galleons to make sure. Finally, Harry left for the Leaky Cauldron to register a room and to eat a nice warm feast.

Hagrid's Hut: 10:34 PM Same Day

Hagrid was sipping his tea while feeding his boarhound when he got a knock on the door. As he opened the large door, Fang the dog started barking wildly.
"Relax Fang. It's only Dumbledore." Hagrid told the dog.
"Aww... Hagrid-What are you drinking?" Dumbledore asked.
"Just a house mix of herbs I found in the forest. I ran out of your the tea that you always bring me."
"You can't seriously drink that vile thing, can you? Here," Dumbledore said as he conjured about 200 tea bags. "You know you have to use this tea."
"I don't understand why I have to drink that all the time, Dumbledore," Hagrid said.
"It's just a health measure that I have put in place. Hagrid, I've come to ask about the boy. How is he?" Dumbledore asked.
"Oh! That's the problem. I didn't see him at the planned spot. You know. The one in the middle of nowhere. You told me the Dursley's would be there."
Dumbledore was practically fuming. He bribed the Dursley's to bring Harry there. What happened?
"Dumbledore? Dumbledore? What's wrong?"
"Hagrid," Dumbledore said keeping his composure. "you have failed your only mission. Your punishment is to drink more of my special tea. You have a new task to. Befriend Potter and make him drink as much of your tea as possible. Understood?"
"Yes, Dumbledore."

Dumbledore walked back towards the castle, pondering on his thoughts. Of course, he will need to make more loyalty tea. He will also need to check on Potter's bank to see if everything is normal. He couldn't believe that Potter would cause so much trouble. Too much trouble.

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