Harry Potter: The Serpent King

Tea Time


Hey guys! I got a lot of questions about stuff so I will try to answer most of them right now. The reason Bill, also known as William (in case you did not know) is the head of house for the Weasley's instead of Arthur was because this is important to the plot. I won't spoil why though;) The same thing applies to Hermione as head. Now for polls. I will put the poll up now or as soon as the chapter gets up because you have decided for pairings. Someone asked why pairings for a 10-11-year-old. The answer is I need to build up the friendship so it works. One person told me that the raw rat/owl thing didn't work because he was 10 and should have learned about health. I'm sorry for everyone who thought it was rushed. I wanted to set up evil Harry so it would be easier to execute later. Please still help me with corrections because without an actual human it's hard and Grammarly sucks because I don't have the paid version. (NOT SPONSORED!) Last thing: The Dursleys. I kind of forgot about them because I was writing while practicing for a quiz so sorry... I'll make a special part in this chapter dedicated to Petunia's perspective. Thanks for everything guys and girls!



Chapter 5: Tea Time

I was dizzy. I was tired. I was drowsy. And then I was refreshed? I eyes weren't baggy or shutting. I wasn't scowling at the sun. I didn't have that weird dust you get in your eyes. For once, I was happy.
"Mommy! Mommy!" I snapped out of my thoughts. The voice of my sweet Dudlekins.
"What is it, Dudley?" I asked. My voice was much crisper and wavy than normal. I walked towards Dudley's room. What I saw turned me back to my normal self. "BOY! DID YOU DO THIS?!" I yelled. There was a hint of what used to be in there. I suddenly remembered a little toy that my freakish sister described to me once. "Dung Bomb." I whispered to myself. It was all there. The remnants of the fake poo. The familiar odor. It was all there. I tried to remember if anything freakish happened Yet, I couldn't remember anything about yesterday. Nor the day before. I ran down to check the cupboards. Nothing. I went to check the basement. Nothing. I checked every inch of the house. Nothing. I then also realized that Vernon wasn't here either. I went to get a phone but the cables were cut off. It was the boy. He escaped. For the rest of the day, I screamed my head off knowing the little freak bested me.


Leaky Cauldron: July 31st

"Now what?" Harry asked. The two of them were having breakfast at the Leaky Cauldron. Harry was eating a chicken pot pie while his snake was eating a raw cut of lamb.
"Now we must head back. There is a friend that wants to meet you."
"Why did we even sleep here in the first place if we were going to go back anyway?"
"Because I needed to get you this..." The snake slithered back towards their room. "Come. I have a birthday gift for you."
Harry was ecstatic. He never, ever received anything more than a broken nail when he was under the care of the Dursley's. Harry followed the tail of his snake until they got back to their rooms. Tom, the bartender, asked if they wanted their food to go. Harry didn't hear or care about food. All he wanted now was his first ever proper gift. Harry arrived in the room. He immediately noticed his friend pulling out a large cardboard box from inside the closet.
"Ho-how d'you get that?" Harry asked. His teeth were shuttering from the fear of his snake shoplifting.
"You think I stole it, don't you?" The snake didn't even wait for Harry to respond. "I didn't steal it. I bought it with the owl." His mum said pointing at Hedwig. "I put about 200 galleons and a picture of the product I wanted in a pouch. I sent the owl off to the store to hopefully succeed in getting the broom."
"Broom?!" Harry overheard about brooms once in a store. He couldn't believe he now actually owned one of them.
"Yes Speaker, a broom. I hope you enjoy it. No flying it out of school by the way." His mum instructed. Harry was beginning to think that she really embraced the role as a mother he never had.
"But I'm not even allowed to fly a broom in my first year," Harry said. "what will I do with it?"
"You may not be able to fly it in your first year for fun. But you can use it in flying classes." His mum told him. "Now come. Let's pick up some extra food before we leave." Harry and his snake returned their room keys and headed off to London. They headed off to a grocery store near a tube station and bought some food. They then took a tube towards Little Whinging and rode off into the distance.

The Burrow: Same Time

Bill and Charlie couldn't believe he just did that.
"Hey! Cheer up, Bill. At least we don't have financial problems now!" They heard Ron say. The rest of his giber gabber was muffled by Charlie's tears. Bill was showing it, but he was crying on the inside.


"Ahh... Mr. William Weasley," The voice of Dumbledore said through the Floo. "I am calling to discuss, well, family matters."
"Cut to the point Albus. What are you here to discuss about? My break ends soon and I have to get to the Diagon Alley district of Gringotts soon." Bill told him. He was in a rush. Talking to Dumbledore, eating his sandwich, and packing his stuff at the same time. There was a manager at Gringotts that wanted to meet him.
"going to meet the manager I presume."
"How did you know?" Bill asked dropping his sandwich. He quickly cleaned it up and through the bits in the garbage.
"I know because I was the one who set up the meeting. Again, it's about family matters."
"What family matters? Did something happen?" Bill was now scared by the seriousness in Dumbledore's voice.
"Nothing happened. Nobody died. It's just that it's time to claim your role as head of the house." Bill was frozen. How could he become head of the house if both his mum and dad didn't die? Unless Dumbledore was lying...
"You think I'm lying? Don't you?"
"Well," His voice was shaking. "how could I become a head if my mum and dad didn't die? Did they die!?"
"No Bill. They did not die. I promise. Hell, I'll even swear on my magic and life if that calms you down." Bill knew that Dumbledore wasn't lying now. Nobody would swear on their life or magic if they were lying.
"Fine. Then how am I going to become a head of house if my dad and mum are still alive?"
"That's the thing," Dumbledore said. "as Cheif Warlock, I recently convinced the minister that Molly and Arthur Weasley are dead."
"WHAT!?" Bill was going to kill that idiot for messing with his family.
"Calm down Bill. It was for the greater good." Dumbledore was smirking now.

Bill was literally throwing everything into his trunk. 'Now I really need to get to Diagon to fix this mess!' Bill thought.
"It is not a mess William. It is life."
'Dang! I forgot about his mind reading!' Bill picked up his trunk and was about to apparate. Instead of safely landing in Diagon Alley, Bill felt a pain in his head and fell on the floor. He then puked up his sandwich and stained his shirt and the hotel's carpet. As Bill was recovering, Dumbledore stepped through the fire with a kettle filled with tea. "Thirsty, Bill?" He asked while filling his mouth with tea.

"W-what happened?" Bill was confused. On one side, he was mad at Dumbledore for making the minister think his parents are dead. On the other side, he felt like he needed to obey Dumbledore at whatever cost.
"I set up simple apparition wards just in case you tried... Something. How do you feel?" Dumbledore asked.
"Ready to listen," Bill responded in a monotone voice. He couldn't control himself now. His mind was filling with thoughts on how good of a person Dumbledore is.
"what do I have to do?"
"Simply claim your rightful position as head of the house. Do not worry about your job at Gringotts. I will pay you every month. You will get enough to feed your new family for you are responsible for them. I also want a meeting with the one called Ronald Weasley. Oh, and drink this tea every day." He handed Bill a box filled with tea bags that Bill didn't recognize. Bill tilted his head in confusion.

"Don't' worry Bill, You can trust me." That was all Bill needed to know. He thanked Dumbledore and flooed back home instead of heading to Diagon Alley.

End Of Flashback

That was all Bill remembered. He's secretly not been drinking the tea and his head has been clearing. He has fewer thoughts on how good of a person Dumbledore is and more memories being 'uncorrupted' from the effect of the tea. He soon learned that the tea is made with special plants. He was eventually able to stop Charlie from drinking it. Charlie recently came back from Romania on 'Dumbledore's orders.' Bill had to lock Charlie in a room for a whole week with only normal water and three meals a day to get him to normal. He had to lock Charlie in the room so his brother wouldn't inform anyone that Bill wasn't drinking the tea. It's been hard acting as Dumbledore's cronies. He can't go back on that stuff. He's been slowly looking for his parents and finding evidence that Dumbledore is evil. So far, he has found none.
'At least I have Charlie now.'

4 Privet Drive: Same Time

"You think you can just sneak out without anyone's permission?!" Aunt Petunia shrieked. Harry just shrugged. "Don't you dare shrug at me! You will clean up Dudley's room!"
"What if I don't?" Harry was going to try a trick he found out from reading a dark magic book called 'A Dark Wizard's Guide To Manipulation-Volume 1.'
"What do you mean 'What if I don't!'" Petunia was about to burst with rage. The boy comes into her house in the middle of the afternoon and changes into a completely new person. Braver, more courageous, more devious...
"Oh. I didn't know that you were bad in the-" Harry pointed to his head. "Let me explain. By 'What if I don't,' I mean that there is a possibility that I do not want to clean my cousin's room. Is that better?" Little did Petunia Dursley know, Harry was accessing her mind, finding her dirtiest secret.

Petunia was absolutely fuming with rage. she could feel something probing the top of her head but she dismissed it as her anger. "Now you better clean Dudley's room or else I'll-"
"You'll what?" Harry interrupted. "You'll tell Uncle Vernon that you were jealous of my mother's boyfriend? You'll tell him that you were so jealous that you carried him in his sleep to your room so have one night with him? Is that what you'll tell him?" Petunia was petrified. How did he know...

"Fine... You-you, don't need to clean Dudley's room... You don't have to..." She stuttered. Harry just walked off towards his cupboards. He had some talking to do. "Do you know where Vernon is?" Petunia asked in a weak voice as Harry entered his cupboard.
"In fact, I do. He'll come back. Remember to keep his temper in check or he'll be happy to kill you when I tell him your secret." Harry winked. He smirked at the pale Petunia. 'I thought flowers were supposed to be colorful.' He thought.

"Well done Speaker. It must have been hard to access her mind as an 11-year-old." His mum commented.
"Well with a body that weak, the mind wouldn't be that different." In the book he read, it told him that exercising the mind was similar to exercising the body. Normally, muggles (the term for non-magical people) aren't that strong in the mind if they are not strong in the body. The reason for that is because they do not know about ways to exercise the mind against intruders. When Harry learned about Ligilmency and Occulemency, he wanted to learn both. Mostly Occulemency though. He wanted to protect his mind so others couldn't use him like his guardians did all his life.

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